Pantang Day 45!!

Acah jer, I only pantang until 44 days!! No day 45!

So, today I’m officially free!!

Guess what I did today?

Running on the treadmill πŸ™‚

I have to do this.. I can’t be gaining 5 kg for every child I gave birth to!! Kalu anak 10, nak add lagi 50kg ke?? -.-Besides, fitness is definitely an issue. It was quite tiring during my second pregnancy as compared to the first one. I definitely have to work on that.

Dieting is not an option because I’m still breastfeeding. Tasha needs her nutrients. So, compromising her meal is a big N.O. I don’t believe in those commercial supplements that claims you can lose weight. Most probably you’re just losing water. Besides, again I’m breastfeeding, no funny drugs should go into my body. The only option that I have is exercise!! And liposuction!! πŸ˜‰ But I’m scared of any surgical procedure..

So, back to square one.. Exercise!! Dgn hati yg cekal (dan berat and malas!!) I forced myself to run today..Β it has been a while since I last run.. Lucky I still remember what button to press on the treadmill πŸ˜€

I run for 2.87km in 25minutes today!! Yay!

(Somehow I just couldn’t finish until 3km, already half dead by that time)

I cheated a bit. I didn’t run the whole 25minutes, I slowdown on running quite a few times.. or shall I call it “power walk” πŸ˜‰

So, wish me luck mommies.

Who wants to be my trainer? But you must train with me ok!!

Love, X

45 thoughts on “Pantang Day 45!!

  1. Scared of surgical procedures? Err.. And I thought you’re a doctor? LOL!

    Keep it up!! You’ll lose that weight in no time! Afterall, I’m sure you wanna look your best in tv. Camera adds 10pounds u know!

  2. Brape dah berat u? Hmm i baru ada sorang anak baya Bella… N im just 29y.o… But berat after post-pregnancy >20kilos!!!! Crazy number! Me too dont believe any supplement yg boleh kurangkan berat… I started to do the aerobic… Tp on-off larr… Camne nak consistent ni! Anyway good luck ye mommy! πŸ˜€

  3. All da best dr ! Hahaha already half dead huh.. its okay, jgn paksa diri, da kire gempak dah tu almost reach 3km in 25 minutes πŸ™‚

  4. Salam Dr, sy nak request something.. boleh tak Dr tulis blog tentang checklist (barang2 or minyak2) yang perlu ada sebelum menimang cahaya mata? Sbb sy tgh pregnant 3 bulan..first child..hehe…

  5. Hi Dr. Halina! Why don’t you try Zumba? It’s more fun! If you can’t attend classes, you can get DVDs and workout at home πŸ™‚

  6. Dr!!!!! u really should try ZUMBA. its definitely fun and u’ll burn a lot of calorie at the same time. i mean a lot..seriously. just search for ZIN (zumba instructor) near your place and go for it!!

    1. Yup… nabila… i couldnt agree with u more… i tried zumba since november last year.. with no strict diet… ive lost 4 kg already. Not that much, but its better than gaining ayy? My zumba session 3 times a week.. u have fun while sweating, saper xnak kan?… whatever ur on, gud luck ya?

    2. heheh πŸ™‚ me zumba-ing too n yes, like u mentioned, it is really fun and it burns a lot of calories! Plus, we have a lot of friends that will make us move non-stop πŸ˜‰ Macam burung la kan, terbang banyak2 in a group, they’ll fly stronger n faster πŸ˜€
      See you at Cyberjaya 27th April 2013 πŸ™‚ Zumba with TAMARA πŸ˜€
      (luckily I found one of ZIN near to my place)

    1. im a student and i do zumba 5 times a week. everyday. i joined the class. instructed by licensed zumba instructor. its exclusively for ladies and u can actually wear anything u want without having to worry about exposing your aurat and what so ever. its like excercising in a fun way. u dnt even realised that u r excercising.haha

  7. Doc,
    5kg is the magic number,I hv accumulated the same too for each child :-(,but now dah slowly turun semula.
    u may want to consider yoga as well since u r still BF,the fat is still required by the body.
    Its amazing what it can do to the body, consider 4-6 times a week.

  8. ya doc nak start tu agak sukar…once u dah start sayang plak nak tggal…caiyok u can do pun tengah try menurunkan berat badan utk get pregnent…

  9. salam doc, sy cadangkan doc ambil Alpha Lipid SDII.. Ia bagus utk menurunkan berat badan.. dlm seminggu bleh trun 3-5kg.. ia juga bagus bg sape2 yg breastfeeding baby..xder effect ape2 pd baby.

  10. Doc boleh *baca dengan nada chearleader pakai skirt pendek sambil angkat kaki*
    I don’t know how i did it, but lepas pantang I lost all pregnancy weight plus another 2kg. Wah.. Macam time nikah dulu la.. For this 2nd baby don’t know yet. But, I’m not Barbie cutting more likely macam mak-mak yg kita love to cudle tu. So must work hard nanti. May My story inspire you & vise versa

  11. tak rasa mcm doc pantang je…cepatnya 44 hari…kalau ikut cara pantang org tua, mmg boleh hilang pregnancy weight. Caranya 5.30-6 pg bertangas, 6-7pg bertungku, 7pg mandi n berbengkung. Makan kena jaga, minum hirup, jgn teguk…1/2 gelas air panas suam setiap 40min……repeat tangas and tungku waktu ptg. I did it well during 1st baby n mmg slim gila..antara rajin dan malas new mommies jarang nak buat…good luck to you doc..dlm setahun ni elakkan makan berlemak, berangin n minuman berais utk kesihatan rahim…petua org tua..

  12. I can be a stretching trainer with you hehe, I only take folic acid during pregnant, I avoid many drugs coz I want to get prreggy late πŸ™‚ now I take supplements :))but I love stretching

      1. Dr ni comel lah. sempoi je buat orang lain tergelak dgn keletah Dr. should I use the word keletah??? heee… macam kanak2 riang ria plak… πŸ™‚

  13. maybe you can try zumba dance or any dance..for me running is quite boring..hahhaa..there are a lot on u-tube, with the energetic music you’ll sweating gler2 body shaping training also..good luck

  14. I love to read ur story here. Humble n simple life. Like me, was 2 months now after delivered my baby boy. So far, I just consuming HERBALIFE. For exercise, I just did house keeping, cleaning, washing, cooking…bla,bla..(sama je kan cam exercise, xdan nak g jogging sejak Ade baby nih. He he).alhamdulillah my last weight was 67kg n now 54kg only for 2 months. Simple je doc, just take good nutrition for our body. Healthy breakfast with Herbalife and meal as usual no skip OK. Melantak je ikot food pyramid tuh coz we breastfeed our baby. Yg plg best kan doc, Herbalife teamix. SUperb!! Energetic xtentu pasal. I siap g jengjln ngn baby only both of us without the busy daddy. Best pulok jln2 ngn baby sendiri ek. That’s my life for sharing. By d way doc. Again, I love ur blog. Easy n unbored to read. (Eh ade ke word `unbored` ~hurm..hentam jela.)..hehe

  15. Hey , you can just loose weight without using any cents..just take small meal each time , but that small meal contain carbo,veg,protein…small amount each time..chew it longer,so you won’t craving for more time hunger came,..again feed yourself the similar manner…it works for me and my patients..with no exercised..because u exercised enough with those girls..ho..ho..I lost 9kg in 2 months…great huh??fazura is trying the same method…try your best not to take wheat..because now you know that recent fake wheat(genetically modified)contained gliadin..linked to obesity and diabetes…too bad for americans..thanks to Allah, we still got rice to eat..I eat rice (small portion each time) 6x per day..each meal around 5-7 teaspoon je…but the most important chew it until it lost its taste then swallow……anyway..all this sunnah Nabi lah…ha..ha..sume org bleh buat….tummy pun flat gile…

    – pjot-

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