Growth Spurts

Today I wanna share something with mommies out there.. it’s about growth spurts. Some of us may or may not realize this is happening to our baby. But for sure, it is on going!!

Growth spurts is a time where baby grow physically.. (isn’t that obvious?!) Well, our baby is actually growing everyday but at these certain times, the growth spurts (hence the name)

What happens during this growth spurt?

Usually during these times, babies will need more milk than usual, especially the breastfeeding babies, sometimes it can go up to hourly feeding..! They will treat the breastfeeding time like all-day-long-all-you-can-eat-buffet!! No worry mommies.. it’s only temporary πŸ˜‰ Babies can be supercranky at this time, during breastfeeding, they will latch and unlatch to you.. why they do that? Because they want more milk. But don’t worry, not to freak out. Don’t supply them with formula, increase frequency of feeding will actually increase your milk production. Or if you’re lucky, there are some babies will just sleep for a long time after feeding, that’s because growth hormone is taking its action during our sleep. And they will still grow..

So when does this happen?

Bad news!!

It usually happens 5 times in your baby’s first year of life!!

1st-3rd week,Β 6th-8th week,Β 3rd month,Β 6th month andΒ 9th month of life..

Good news!!

It only lasted for about 3 to 5 days!! πŸ˜‰ Not too bad, right?!

I think Tasha is going through this phase now.. No, she’s not the sleep type, she’s more of the i-want-more-milk type, almost every 2 hour… That’s 12 feedings a day!! Definitely she’s having a 24/7 milk buffet!!

and she loves to sleep on the chest after feeding..

And Bella will happily sit in Tasha’s carrier, pretending she’s a baby..

So cheeky!!

43 thoughts on “Growth Spurts

  1. perasan gak ada masa2 anak sy tbe2 jadi camni…rupenya growth spurts…keep on writing doc coz give me lots of info…yr life juggling with 2 toddlers same like me…sebab sy mmg nga kelam kabut ngan 2 budak pompuan kecik yg sentiasa ada projek brsama…ni br 2, kalau 10 nant camane…yehoooo

  2. Really doc?! Thats explain y!! Hmmm my 30weeker is now 3month 25days adjusted, is more awake and may i say she’ll milked like every 1hourly & same with tasha after milk she would want to sleep on my chest or shoulder…tq for the info.. Growth spurt..hehehe

  3. Geram tengok Bella…nak cubit pipi montel…selalu tengok dekat swimming area tpi segan nak tegur bella…naughty girl : )

  4. Anak saya pon…fully BF..ibu dah macam petrol station…tp x berak more than 6 days, p klinik nurse gelak je, dia kata normal…tp x boleh lebih 1 week la

    1. kalu fully breastfeed, its actually quite common baby tak buang air. paediatrics usually allows up to 2 weeks. but need to rule out any other problem first. might need to do abdominal xray if indicated.

    1. mmg lar aktif.. tp lagi baik lar dia aktif dr tak aktif.. budak nak membesar kan.. cuma kita kena lebih berjaga2 lar..

  5. Hai Doc, saya cuma nk tau, Doc simpan tk darah tali pusat utk anak2 Doc..setahu saya ia nya baik utk dikemudian hari? Apa pendapat doc kebaikkan nye?

  6. doc,
    anak2 sy mmg suka tido atas dada…mmg bby bfeed camtu kot ek. rasa bonding kan doc? tp bila si kakak yg berat 20kg masih nk baring atas dada……lemas dibuatnya….hukhukhuk… πŸ˜€

    dh nmpk tasha makin berisi dan bella makin jd spt mommy dia..huhuhuhu πŸ˜€

  7. Salam doc.wonder whether u’v set sleeping time for baby tasha.coz im facing the same problem. dulu masa baby 1st we managed to train her, coz time to dia seorang.manage to keep the house super senyap. now, dh xboleh.huhu..dh bawak adik masuk bilik pun, adik nye still xnak tdo n end up sleeping at 1++ am.pengsan..huhu

  8. your blog inspired me a lots doc…& i love to read it…i can say everyday i will check your blog whenever i online..(during my babies asleep) then i will rush on my lappy…or during my hubs do his job i will inter-frame ask him to open your blog which i’ve bookmarks…haha bella just like my daughter same age too..n so do tasha with my 2nd baby………my hubs always said why you like doc halina blogs so much…well i said i adored her writing and she is the icon too being a mother of two hahaha

  9. sama la dr.. my son now dah 33 days fully bf, esp night time asyik nak bf je lama lak tu.. hoho ngantuk la dr..saya dah macam burung hantu..

  10. anak saya pun penah lalui growth spurts dulu..masa tu saya tak tau pape sangat..kesian anak saya..lapor je..bagi susu trus tido..hmm..tapi yang pasti, semua ibu-ibu kena banyak membaca mengenai baby sebelum melahirkan..untuk elakkan ibu-ibu stress dan panik masa pantang..(saya lar tue)

  11. doc, sebelum ni doc pernah gtau bell minum susu s25 kan..? just nak confirm sbb anak sy da enter 1yr but still bf, tp da stat campur fm cuma tak tau nk bagi susu pe…yg sulung sy bg pediasure sbb berat badan susah naik disbbkan susah nak makan…hope doc blh bantu…tq

  12. salam dr… thnx for this info. my baby girl now is having it… dulu bleh set time every 2 hrs, now.. as per demand… i’ve to stay always next to her more often..oh ye, betullah, she’s at 3rd week now..pas kenyang,tdo on my chest, mata pejam, tp mulut senyum2 sorang2… ihihiikss…senyum kekenyangan la tuh πŸ™‚ p/s i love ur blog so much, keep on writing dr…. πŸ™‚

  13. Very true, my 4th week newborn in going through this phase. He wants milk all day long and often gets cranky during breastfeeding. I was thinking he got cranky because of fin

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