B’s Chinese Name..

I’m post call today. A little bit cuckoo head.. didn’t sleep much last night..

Earlier today, while I was chilling at home after work, I got a phone call from Bella’s kindie teacher. She was just calling me to ask about few things, and one of it is whether Bella has Chinese name.. (Bella goes to Chinese kindie btw..)

I was errrr… surprise! Didn’t think of that when we register for her birth cert! I asked her laoshi (teacher in Mandarin, forgive me if my spelling is wrong) why she needs extra name. She said just for fun, for writing purposes…

Then I got excited. I immediately thought of a name… I was so close to tell the laoshi that Bella’s Chinese name is Zhang Ziyi ! Hehehehe..


But I didn’t..

But Zhang Ziyi’s face in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon appeared in my (cuckoo) head..

I tried to think straight. So I told the laoshi that I will figure it out tonight.. and guess what, another Chinese name appeared in my (cuckoo) head!!


Mulan…! Bella’s Chinese name will be Mulan!

Of course I didn’t tell that to her laoshi.. πŸ˜…

When my husband is back, I told him about figuring out Chinese name for Bella… and of course I told him about my brilliant idea.. Zhang Ziyi and Mulan πŸ˜„ He was speechless, probably amazed with my thinking ability despite lack of sleep. He suggested we ask our Chinese friends who really knows about Chinese name πŸ™„

OK fine.

Here is B’s video for her daddy when my husband was away travelling last week.


8 thoughts on “B’s Chinese Name..

  1. Or mayb ur side or ur hsbnd ade chinese blood than it wil alot easier to create a name. As what i did for my 3 sons..my mom was chinese muslim, so basically we just use her surname ‘Lau’ & created name that may suite both malay & chinese..
    My eldest name- Ahmad Mikhael εˆ˜ε˜‰ε„„ (Liu Jia Yi)
    Second son-Ahmad Malique εˆ˜ε˜‰εˆ© (Liu Jia Li)
    Youngest son-Ahmad Mukhreez εˆ˜ε˜‰ζ£‹ (Liu Jia Qi)
    Just sharing my ideas 😊😊

  2. So nice the teacher asking you first… for my son teacher just translate so he end up with Ya Dang (did I put it right) for Adam.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. Salam Dr halina..if u dont mind me asking ur opinion on chinese n malay kindergarten..im just wondering about the reason or advantages dat some of parents would sent their children to chinese kindergarten..bcoz im now making decision on the best kindie for my son nxt year..thanks in advance..😊

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