The Logic of a 3 Year Old


This cheeky girl… really has her own way of stealing her mommy’s heart. Always smiling and teasing and really turning my world upside down (read: crazehhhh!)

Last week, she asked me whether I bought a present for for like the day before that… Trying to be sensible, I said “Mommy can’t be buying you present everyday. Mommy will run out of money, then we don’t have money to buy food and clothes”

Then this 3 year old girl innocently said… “Mommy, maybe you should buy new money. Then  you will have moooooore money!”

How I wish this life is a simple like that..


12 thoughts on “The Logic of a 3 Year Old

  1. Dr Halina… sama la dgn anak sy. He asked me to buy new tractor toy then i said “mamy tiada duit dah. Habis ” . He replied ” adaaaa… dlm dompet”. I said ” duit tu untuk beli susu awish nanti”. Guess what?? He said..” ok jap. Tunggu dady pulang, suru dady beli duit.” Pecah perut i ketawa. dia ingat semua benda boleh beli trmasuk duit…. 😂

  2. I remembered vividly my daughter’s loud voice in the supermarket…mama,bila kita kaya kita beli ni ya.The days before I told her we had just enough money to buy food.We were not rich to afford pricey toys.

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