Why Instagram Why..

Have you heard.. Instagram is changing its game. Its not gonna be a chronological anymore. They will follow FB marketing style. Thanks to FB who bought over Instagram (and I’m being cynical here 😏) They will come out with a new algorithm “based on the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting and the timeliness of the post” That is what exactly their statement was.

Basically that means we can’t see all our friends on our timeline. It all will be filtered. I don’t like that. I wanna see my friends 😤 Real life friends. What if  other people don’t care about my real life friends and he / she doesn’t get many Likes.. that means I will not get to see his / her Instagram photos. Other people might not care but I care!

Eh emo..

Anyway, there are many petitions going on to protest about what Instagram is doing right now… especially from Instagram-based business company.

On the other hand, I might have caught a new social media bug called “Snapchat” Hahaha.. OMG I’m still 16 deep down inside 🙈 I knew about this yellow-ghost-shape logo has been around for a while but I never bother to check on it..


It functions like Instagram. I can post photos and 10-second-video in a chronological way and it will be deleted after 24hours. Great idea. I like it 😉

How I got trapped into this? It’s because I kinda have this girl crush (see! I told you I’m 16!😘  Hahahha..) with this fitness model. Yeah, I’m really into this fitness thingy right now. I’m struggling to keep motivations sometimes so I follow this girl on Instagram (Her name is Paige Hathaway by the way..) She is so inspiring and humble. Go check her out if you are interested. I don’t want to put her photo on my blog because most of her pictures are “menjolok mata” 🙈 and of course there will be people commenting here and there (It’s just impossible to please everybody anyway..)

Anyway, yeah, I look up at her because of how determined she was to get where she is right now. I pray to Allah to give her hidayah and embrace Islam one day.. InsyaAllah..

OK, back to my Snapchat story.. Yeah, I opened a Snapchat account because I wanna follow this Paige girl. Hahaha.. Just for her! I wanna see how she trains at the gym everyday, what she eats just to inspire me to do the same.

And now… I have fallen into this Snapchat trap! Posting snap videos here and there and it’s kinda addictive.

Ohh, by the way, FB tried to buy Snapchat for 3 billion USD… but Snapchat people refused. Thank you Snapchat! Otherwise FB will dictate what we see on the social media!!

So, who is on Snapchat?

I’m HalinaMY in Snapchat world.. See you there! 😘


9 thoughts on “Why Instagram Why..

  1. Yaah, me too. When i installed snapchat i be “oh Allah, how to use this thingg”. And now, Its kinda addictive . hahahaha

  2. Dr, i totally can relate to your story! I have a girl crush on my zumba instructor hahaha. But it helps tho, with my weight-loss prog. Wanna be fit and healthy like her. It feels so great when she acknowledges my progress. But unlike you, I can’t reveal who she is sbb dia org KL, nnt malulah i! Anyways, great job Dr!

  3. Hi doc, I think you should go and check out Sarah Stage’s IG (not sure if she still has snapchat), I think you would love her.

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