The Birth of MyAdinda

I used to play Fashion Design World game on my iPhone.. You know, where I get to open my own boutique, make clothes, shoes and accessories. Hehehe.. I was really into that game. I even woke up at 3am just to check on my boutique! Hahahah… I know, a thirty-something still playing that kind of game!! *facepalm*

Then I stopped, it started to make sense that I’m a slave to the game. LoL.

But now, the game comes into reality. Me and my friends are working on MyAdinda. An online shopping portal for modest fashion. Oh my.. I can’t believe the amount of work and energy that I have to put into it! Hahahah.. Much more than the game!! Part of our team is in Dublin, Ireland and they are working on bringing European designers to MyAdinda and starting to run  a warehouse based in Europe so we can cater the modest fashion market there (with less shipping cost of course!) And part of us are here based in KL.


Alhamdulillah, we have Mariah Idrissi, H&M’s first hijab model collaborating with us so far and more to come InsyaAllah..

Today, MyAdinda is two weeks old! We are still learning, improving and expanding. If you are a potential vendor interested in expending your business, you can email us at

If you are just like me who loves to shop… you can find us at

Please πŸ‘πŸ» our FB page. Follow us on our Instagram and Twitter.

Gosh! My Fashion Design World game is finally becoming real! Hahaha.. Dream big!!

P/S: Expect to see OOTD on my IG from now on! 😝


9 thoughts on “The Birth of MyAdinda

  1. Tahniah Doc! FYI I’m among the lucky 200 registered myadinda customer. love the active wear coz i don need to wear separate arm sleeves. Keep it up Doc!

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