Marry Me, Mommy..

Good morning!!!

(Or afternoon or evening or night.. whenever you are reading this!)

See, I said I will try to write more often.. Here’s another story πŸ˜‰

Kids have different perception about marriage and love.. or maybe it’s just my kids.. The other day.. Hubby brought the girls to visit me during oncall. Just a short visit before they go to sleep. I guess Tasha was missing me that night. When I met them..

T : Mommy.. I miss you.. I wanna marry you…!

B : You cannot marry mommy Tasha, a girl must marry a boy. Mommy is a girl. You have to marry daddy like me..

Hahahhahah… B told her daddy previously that she wanted to marry daddy!! And her daddy agreed until B is 28 years old! Clingy daddy! Hahaha..


To them, being married is probably just a way of saying they love you.. or they are missing you.. Such pure and innocent hearts. I hope our girls will still wanna ‘marry’ us when they are teenagers! Hahahahahah..


27 thoughts on “Marry Me, Mommy..

  1. Hahaha..same case with my clingy son..he said he wants to marry me. When I told him he must marry some other girl he cried!
    So i guess I’m married to him until he’s 26 or so lah..:):)

  2. …she need your time. She sees that her dad will always find/make time to see you no matter how busy he is. Thats what she meant by ‘marry her.’..I guess

  3. Salam doc. Just wanna to ask. Is it not possible to ask about Dr SMS experiment’s result when he was on space. Sbb dah tanya 2x kat instagram Dr Sms pasal tu, tapi my comments were deleted. Huhu. Just wonder. πŸ˜€

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