Lets Go To M, Mommy..

Yesterday, Bella told me, “Mommy, lets go to M. I think you, me, daddy and Tasha should go to M”. Alright, this is challenging.. I don’t even know what place is she talking about. So, I asked her some more.. “What’s M?”

“Urrmmm.. It has ice cream and nuggets. All my friends go there..”

Can you guess?

Then I showed her this logo..

“Is this your M, Bella?”

“Yes mommy!! Yesss! You are so smart”

(I like the compliment part!)

Yeah, she is asking me to bring her to McDonald!!

Whoever introduced her to McDonald…


17 thoughts on “Lets Go To M, Mommy..

  1. dr.halina

    kanak-kanak belajar dari ape yg dilihat….mungkin tiada siapa yg ajar tp ‘M’ adalah satu huruf yg bella pelajari…
    (go go bella)….
    kanak-kanak sgt suci dan berterus terang…

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