Buhbye Pigmentation!!

Hi all!!

Do you know about this?

The latest product by Zofea Beauty. I just received this one a few weeks ago.. and currently using this in preparation for raya! Haha..

It comes with two different serum and facial soap. One serum is for day time, that is the Brightening Serum Phytocelltec and contains liquorice and vitamin C for brightening effect and sun protection. (Having said that, you still need your sunblock E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y!! Do NOT forget that one!!) And Brightening Serum Photo Stem Cell as the night serum, packed with anti-aging products. God please delay my aging process, ameen!

Do I like this serum or not, I like the fact that these serum is absorbed quickly into my skin. Day serum feels lighter than the night serum.. I think the night serum is slightly heavier, probably packed with more contents than the day serum. After all, skin renewal happens at night, so it’s totally understood that night cream is always richer than day serum..

Any one of you tried this before? Please share your experience with me!


18 thoughts on “Buhbye Pigmentation!!

  1. Ive never tried this. But hydrogen & carotenoid is a strong antioxidant right? I am taking those now in hope to delay my ageing process.

  2. Owh my god!! Sk ii under israelis product jg ke doctor halina?..seriously,I dont know about it..almost 3 years I guna sk ii..frow now I need stop it n try another product..huhu..buhbye sk ii..I nk try product by zofea beauty jglah..

  3. Which retailer you bought your set from doctor? And how do I ensure I get the genuine products? as there are a lot of them selling this on Instagram 🙂

  4. Dr halina skin mmg dh cntik… Dri dlu lgi ble dr pkai sswk lgi brtmbah cntik.. N gebu.. Je Hehe u nmpk mcm 23 always

  5. Assalamualaikum Dr Halina.. Yes, saya pun pengguna Zofea Beauty.. But, maaf andai saya bertanya.. siapa ey pengasas Zofea Beauty?

  6. Salam doc…im shikin from @nuhayra and we are selling shawls..been adore you doc…really hope that i can present you our shawls..may i get your postage details doc?

  7. Assalamualaikum dr. Dr i really hope you can reply this.. I have a question, is it suitable for 21 years old lady to start drinking skin white kawai collagen?

  8. Assalamualaikum Dr. Saya nak tanya if pakai product ‘Secret skin white kawaii’ tu bila kulit kita dah okay then nak stop ada effect apa2 tak? Saya nak try tapi kulit sensitive. Takut kalau kulit effect bila dah pakai then berhenti. Looking forward for your feedback. Tq.

  9. Asslamualaikum Dr.

    Pardon me for dropping this unpleasant comment right here. But I would like to raise my concern to you regarding you being the official face of this beauty product.

    beauty product which gives instant result is well known for having side effects in the long run.

    It’s crazy that suddenly just so many beauty products are in the market and Malaysians being Malaysians simply buy especially when they see their idol being the one promoting it. And these products never ever give a list of possible side effects. All they tell are instant results of using their product. Ironic isn’t it?

    I’m sorry to say but I disagree and think that it’s unethical for you as a medical professional to be involved in promoting these kind of stuff.

    Even if u have been using it and it works on you, I really think you should keep it to yourself and not be the prime face to promote this kind of stuff.

    A well known Malaysian plastic surgeon once advised us to keep our distance from all these kind of products, for the reason i’ve mentioned above, and u of all people should be most aware of.

    Please protect the integrity of the medical professionals and the health of Malaysians.

    May all of us be guided to the straight path.

    Apologies again.

    Thank you

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