Tasha is Unwell

Tasha is not well since middle of last week.. She was ok initially until the weekend where she turned  super clingy like UHU glue. She only wanted me to carry her. I literally spent the weekend carrying her around. She's not eating well. Only half of her usual milk. And a a few sips of … Continue reading Tasha is Unwell

Chicken Pox!!

Yes.. Both B and T are down with chicken pox!! Well, I may write here "down with chicken pox" but to be honest, they are not "down" at all!! They are up and about, super active and cling to me like gam cap gajah!! Haha.. Alhamdullilah... Last week, B had 3 spots on her face. … Continue reading Chicken Pox!!

Panic Mommy!!

On a telephone conversation with my husband: Hubby: Bella demam. She drank only 1oz milk this morning. Makan pun tak byk.. Coughing still.. Me: *panic button pushed* OMG!! We must bring her to the doctor!! *in a high-pitched tone* Hubby: We are doctors, aren't we? *blur* Me: *gulp* Lupaaa!!! I was totally in my mommy … Continue reading Panic Mommy!!

Now I Know Why B Got Fever..

Confirmed it's teething!!! Haaaa... Patut pun dia demam!! Two days ago I saw her upper teeth tapi sebatang jer.. on the right side. No wonder she has been biting me like mad!! Huuwwaaaa... Yes I have tried all your petua given in my previous entry.. the worst is suffocating her with the boobies.. laaagi dia … Continue reading Now I Know Why B Got Fever..

Little B’s First Fever!!

Maybe some of my Twitter follower knew that B had high-grade fever a few days ago 😦 For a doctor, fever is easy to treat.. simple and straight forward.. I know what to do.. But!! When my own child has fever.. I was SAD and WORRY!! That was my first "mommy reaction". I prayed to … Continue reading Little B’s First Fever!!