Tasha is Unwell

Tasha is not well since middle of last week.. She was ok initially until the weekend where she turned  super clingy like UHU glue. She only wanted me to carry her. I literally spent the weekend carrying her around. She’s not eating well. Only half of her usual milk. And a a few sips of Dutch Lady chocolate milk.. and mangoes!! Yes, mangoes. Haha.. Rice, porridge and all, she doesn’t want..

I suspected it was only viral fever and usually viral fever is self-limiting and it will heal by itself after 3 to 4 days.. but her fever persisted until day 5 and in the morning of the fifth day, she had nose bleed.. Literally a ball of blood clot obstructing her right nostril when she woke up from sleep.

So, what did mommy do?

I freaked out, of course.

Me: OMG! You think Tasha has dengue?? *cry a river*

S: Maybe it’s just the weather. Kan panas skarang ni.. or probably because high pressure from sneezing, then her small vessels break. Don’t panic..

Me: You think so?

S: It’s ok. We’ll go check her blood after this.

Me: (mumbling sambil doa) Please Allah, take away her illness. I’ll take her place. She’s a little girl. This is too much for her *drama queen is back!!*

So, we went to the hospital in the afternoon. To draw blood is another drama.

Initially the plan was mommy hold Tasha while my colleague, Dr Kogi draw her blood. But I was a such pain in the a**! Haha.. I kept asking her, “is it ok?”, “can you see the vessels?”, “you think get get blood in one shot?”, “can ah?”

Hahaha… I will slap myself too, you know!!

Since I had too many questions, my husband took over.

It was a success, single attempt. *Of course kan Kogi!! Haha..* ” Thank you for bearing with me😀

Later, the blood result came out. It doesn’t look like dengue. Phewwwww…. InsyaAllah, it’s just a viral non-dengue fever. Alhamdullilah..

Today I’m at home. Took EL. Hubsy has events in Putrajaya and JB, B is at school, the kakak that help me at home is also unwell. So, It’s just Tasha and mommy today. Hope she gets better..


Chicken Pox!!

Yes.. Both B and T are down with chicken pox!!

Well, I may write here “down with chicken pox” but to be honest, they are not “down” at all!! They are up and about, super active and cling to me like gam cap gajah!! Haha.. Alhamdullilah…

Last week, B had 3 spots on her face. No fever, just mild runny nose. Well, kids who stays in nursery are bound to have runny nose, right?! So, I didn’t actually take note about the runny nose. Even when there the spots on the face appeared, I still haven’t got any clue!! (doctor mommy here!! Hahaha..) I thought maybe it was just an insect bite, (or even scarier.. mosquito bite!!) So, I started to spray the whole house, and put mosquito repellant all over the place I can!! Until.. it turned into a vesiculopapular rash..

Papule = raised lesion on the skin

Vesicle = fluid- filled cavity

Therefore, vesicopapular = raised lesion on the skin which contains fluid!!

I know that spells T.R.O.U.B.L.E!

I mean.. chicken pox!

I immediately separated B’s stuff from T’s.. like their dirty clothes in separate laundry basket, towels hang far apart, no more sharing water tumbler, cutleries and lalala coz the virus, Herpes Zoster can spread via two routes..

1) air-borne respiratory droplets i.e. sneezing, coughing, runny nose..

2) Vesicle fluid: …. remember that skin lesion containing fluid!!

That dot.. is highly contagious. It will spread the virus if you have direct contact with the fluid inside it. That’s why I tried to separate their clothes and all…

But 3 days later..


T has the same lesions on her trunk! Hahaha…

I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry.. but I’ve decided to take it in a very positive way.. it’s good that both of them had the chicken pox at the same time.. easier to manage!!😀

I’ve consulted my good friend, Dr Zahilah Filzah from doktorbudak.com , according to the expert, antiviral (i.e. acyclovir) only works if it’s given within 24hours of the appearance of the vesicles (Za, correct me if I’m wrong!) if it’s later than that.. there is no scientific evidence that shows the antiviral works. So, forget the medicine, we treat symptomatically only.

What does that means?

That means.. fever medicine is your child is having fever, calamine lotion to help reduce the itchiness, drink a lot of water, try to maintain good oral intake and hand washing is very important to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus.

We were supposed to go to Sabah with my husband because he had an event there but all our plan got cancelled because of these two girls with dots on their body.. Haha.. And I’ve sent the kakak who stays with us balik kampung because we thought we gonna be in Sabah -_-

Here I am having the best time at home taking care of these two angels, being a full time housewife.. even if its only for two days🙂

Please excuse me, I’ve got a pile of clothes that needs to be iron, grocery shopping and preparing for dinner..  before my husband comes home. Phewww…

*salute to all stay-at-home-mom*


Panic Mommy!!

On a telephone conversation with my husband:

Hubby: Bella demam. She drank only 1oz milk this morning. Makan pun tak byk.. Coughing still..

Me: *panic button pushed* OMG!! We must bring her to the doctor!! *in a high-pitched tone*

Hubby: We are doctors, aren’t we? *blur*

Me: *gulp* Lupaaa!!! I was totally in my mommy mode. Forgot I’m a doctor.. Hahahha..

Hubby: ….

Now I Know Why B Got Fever..

Confirmed it’s teething!!! Haaaa… Patut pun dia demam!!

Two days ago I saw her upper teeth tapi sebatang jer.. on the right side. No wonder she has been biting me like mad!! Huuwwaaaa…

Yes I have tried all your petua given in my previous entry.. the worst is suffocating her with the boobies.. laaagi dia gigit ok!! It just doesn’t work!! Psychology, yes, sometimes she listens, sometimes not.. her gum much very very very itchy.. Poor Bella.. Maybe after this you’ll read my entry titled “Putus” pulak😥

I’m not gonna write ever again about Bella tumbuh gigi..😀 Promise!

Ok.. ciao😉

Little B’s First Fever!!

Maybe some of my Twitter follower knew that B had high-grade fever a few days ago😦 For a doctor, fever is easy to treat.. simple and straight forward.. I know what to do.. But!! When my own child has fever.. I was SAD and WORRY!! That was my first “mommy reaction”. I prayed to God to just let me have the fever instead of Bella. She doesn’t have to go through this. She is just a baby.. (again, my emo mommy moment!!)

She was OK the whole day, very active and eating well, until about 10pm, I noticed her whole body was really hot (insert SAD and WORRY feelings here). Normally, if someone has fever, a doctor would have check the temperature straight away.. but me, emo mommy went straight to my husband mengadu Bella is feverish and busy worrying about her.. After a lengthy talk about how worried I am, then my husband said “What’s the temperature?” Gulp. Lupa nak check!!

I took her temperature using ear canal thermometer.. she was 38.6’C *almost fainted!* What?? Why? Then I look for any signs of infection (doctor mode is ON!)

  • Cough and runny nose.. checked!!
  • Skin.. checked!!
  • Ear, mouth (tonsils).. checked!!
  • I listened to her lung (yes we have stethoscope at home).. checked!
  • Tummy feels soft.. checked!!
  • Urine colour looks clear.. checked!!
  • Last time vaccinated was almost 3 weeks ago.. impossible for her to get fever now.. checked!!

So what’s wrong with her?? Almost blaming her play school dah at that time😀 I double checked with her teacher, she said all her babies were well.. so, checked!!

Then she said, maybe teething kot.. usually teething demam malam…

Owh ye ke? Heheheh.. So, that’s the culprit… Blame it on teething!! Hahaha…

OK, the most likely culprit recognized.. Now I have to bring down the temperature as most of you have already know.. high-grade temperature can cause a child to have fit!! It’s called febrile fit..

So what to do when you have a febrile child in front of you?

Remove all clothing that can make her warm.. I only left Bella in her diapers.. This is to allow heat to escape from her body. Keep the room cold (air-cond on!)

See, she doesn’t look sick at  all!! Happily playing and babbling to us.. Trying to chew the thermometer..

Then I took a few ice cubes.. and added with some water.. and cover her with cloth soaked with cold water. That is actually not advisable to do anymore as immediate drop in temperature can also cause fit in children. So I only put the cold cloth on certain areas like the forehead, underarms, neck and groins. And constantly check her body temperature..

Do not leave the cloth at one site for too long as it actually trap the heat inside her body.. What you should do is just lap, lap, and lap.. After half and hour on lap-ping.. I took again her temperature and it has dropped to 38.2’C.. and mommy feels better😉

After that, I feed her with more milk because fever cause increase in metabolic rate,  and of course she will be hungry. As long as she is drinking milk or water, I should be happy..

That is Bella enjoying she ice-cold sponge bath..

After almost 4 hours of frequent intermittent sponging, fever still hasn’t subsided.. we decided to give her Paracetamol (PCM) via suppository. I just don’t want to disturb her sleep to give her the syrup version. Besides, the suppository supposed to work faster than syrup PCM… and her temperature slowly cools down after that.. but Bella didn’t had a good sleep that night. She woke up quite a few times, feeling disturbed by the temperature probably, and demanded continuous feeding.. I was just glad she still wants to drink. That’s a good sign..

The next day, there were only low grade temperature but otherwise she is a happy baby. Slightly tired because she didn’t have a good sleep the night before. Owh, and yeah, didn’t go to school of course!! By evening, her body temperature is back to normal🙂 Alhamdullilah..

That was our first experience with Bella having fever (fever jer.. symptoms lain tader pun.. :D) Semoga Bella dikurniakan tubuh badan yg sihat, dan sentiasa dalam lindungan Allah SWT..