And Here’s Little T :)

You watched B in my earlier post?

Here’s Little Tasha, currently at 7 month plus.. Still in the process of learning how to crawl.

Like her elder sister, they move backward first πŸ˜‰


53 thoughts on “And Here’s Little T :)

  1. ohmai. tasha! so adorable. just like ur mumuuy n ur sister πŸ˜€
    doc, last two months i had an accident. i had to undergo two major surgery. at that time i wish the anesthesist was you. aha. tp mmg tak lah kan pasal saya dkt gh melaka. πŸ™‚

  2. Well doc… since that she is more like daddy, i can say this i guess… “Tasha is a handsome girl!!…”… wee…. i love watching this. Makes me wanna have another one… my Fareeq is already a big boy… no more baby smell… huhuhu

  3. salam dr…maaf lari dari topic.. dari mana dr beli cupboard black & white tu ya? and mind to share the colourful carpet too? thx dr harlina for your sharing..

      1. Hi!

        I realized that you have been using Glenn Doman’s method for your child? Have you seen any progress to your kids especially Bella?

        Can she read without seeing the picture? Because some sites say Glenn Doman is just another scam and it is actually designed for brain-injured baby.

        I used flash card for my baby too. Flash one card in one second. But its too early to tell whether she can read or not since she is only 11 mo. now.

        Where did you buy the posters? Mind sharing the site?


    1. Setuju..setiap post dr halina dia suka tp tgk gak..tiap post dia kondem..busuk punya org..ayooo…

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