Lazy Mommy Recipe!

Hi all!!

Gosh, my husband is not around this week. He’s currently attending a United Nation workshop in Beijing for a week. So, I’m left with my two girls running around like a circus. Haha.. Tiring but I’m having fun.. a mommy-kinda-fun. Yes, I miss having him around. It makes me feel more appreciative towards him.. Thank you, S for helping me with the kids.

Since I’m alone, well, not really because I have a stay-home-kakak who is helping me with the housework (no, I don’t call her my maid because she’s more like my family. Kak Yah has been with my family since I was 8 month old and now she’s staying with me!) She is definitely a great help but still it’s always me and my husband who does all the jobs with Bella and Tasha. Anyway, that’s not the point, I just wanna share with you a lazy-mommy recipe that I just discovered for Tasha.

I know it looks not so presentable.. Hahaha.. but it taste super yummy and packed with nutritions.. Guess what is that? Thats actually avocado and banana puree. Not need any cooking skill, just an avocado mixed with banana and smash it together. Avocado is very creamy, yummy and a little buttery with the sweetness of banana.. Memang sedap!

Avocado contains a lot of monounsaturated fat, omega-3 fatty acid, all the vitamins, potassium, folic acid and all the goodness thats needed for a growing child. I just don’t know why I didn’t serve this to Bella when she was younger..

Tasha loves it!!

Oh.. and guess what I discovered a few days ago…


Tasha’s first gigi!! Yayy!!!

Hahahha.. Yup, I giggle like a small child when I noticed her gigi.. finally!!

Till then,


43 thoughts on “Lazy Mommy Recipe!

  1. Yummy! All my children’s first solid food mesti mashed avocado + breastmilk. After a month baru I added bananas like you do, Dr. Memang lemak berkrim, sedap. Avocado good for skin too, aite? πŸ™‚

    1. Dr.Halina…my son (6mos) dh start solid food. Normally he ate pear puree.a few days before i tried to gave him bubur nasi+chicken/potato/brocoli (konon2 nak bg balance diet la ada carbo+ protein n so on) but he refused to eat.mmg tutup mulut so worry abt this…xkan dgn formula milk at nursery n direct bf at home cukup utk pmbesaran dia?pls help me…

  2. My niece is currently one year five months. But she can’t eat solid food. Once she ate, she will vomit back the food a few minutes later. That’s why her mum still make porridge as her main food.

    1. Avocado dan pisang dlm kategori xperlu dimasak,cara pemilihan pisang jgn pilih pisang yg muda,it can makes ur baby sembelit,amek yg btoi2 msk,avocado sy dh lupa cara nk knal yg ripe cmne,u shud goggle on internet πŸ˜‰

  3. sounds yummy…according teacher S, my son selalu sibuk tgk food bella kat u hv compilation of easy recipe for toddler? we all dah tak de idea nk tapau apa dah for his school lunch. tks!

  4. Avocado and banana are a good combination,memang sedap,tried it before wif ma dotter when she is 6month old,now 13 month already πŸ˜‰

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