OK.. What a great response / argument / debate / fight on my previous entry before.. Thank you!

Seriously, thank you for all you feedback. Whatever your believe is, I’m sure, we as a mother always want the best for our children. Whatever your decision is.. to vaccinate or not, I know you think it’s for the best of your children. And we, as doctors, our job is to educate the public as much as we can. Hence, I invited a credential pediatrician herself, and also a good friend of mine, Dr Zahilah Filzah to help me with the vaccination issues.

There’s no better time to introduce to you to my pediatrician colleagues webpage with the intention to help mommies out there in regards to our child’s health problems.. A new blog called www.doktorbudak.com (isn’t that cute?!) It’s actually a blog where you ask and the pediatricians answer.. It’s like an online consultation page but of course it will never replace the need for your child to see the doctor themselves if they are unwell. It’s available in both English and Bahasa Melayu. And they also have Twitter account @doktorbudak . How convenient!!

The New Straits Time had an article about this upcoming paediatrician blog on the news yesterday. Please make full use of these enthusiastic pediatricians in helping all parents out there, mommies..


15 thoughts on “www.doktorbudak.com

  1. Doc blh x share ceta doc mcm ne xperience doc breastfeed for d first time? Doc ada alami sore nipple x? How u prevent it? Masa mula2 susu kan kuar sikit, bella n tasya x nangis ke? Doc x terasa nak campur n bg susu formula ke? Saya mmg kalau blh xnak campur nak fully BF jer tapi bby asyik nangis , x puas minum susu. Susu saya x byk. Tlg doc share mcm ne doc handle semua tu plus sore nipple plak dah.. Lg sakit. Saya takut saya kalah je dgn formula. Pls doc. Tlg saya. Saya baru 4hari bersalin

    1. 4 hari bersalin memang susu blum byk lagi.. Yg keluar cuma colostrum. Give it one or two more days.. Then nanti breast pun bengkak sbb penuh dgn susu. Drink a lot of warm water, horlicks. And rilex. Stress will reduce milk production. Let you baby suck the nipple because that will further stimulate milk production. Enjoy this moment. Breastfeeding your child is the best moment you’ll have btwn you and baby..

  2. salam doc..sy tertanya2 bolehkah seseorang mengalami alergi kpd buah2an?fyi,bibir sy akan bengkak setiap kali makan buah rambutan..tp sy suka rambutan…

    1. I have never heard of someone allergic to rambutan. I guess its possible kot.. Especially the dirta on the outside of the skin..

  3. doc, baby saya terkena cirit birit. cuak sgt. umo 5 bln. dah x sbr dia nk mkn. saya bg isap kurma. bila pergi rwtn klinik yg ke2..doc tanye ada bg mkn benda manis? terus saya bgtau kurma. now bg mkn ubt benti poo-poo yg klinik 1st bg. kurg sikit tp blm sembuh sepenuhnya. masih lg risau sbb dah smggu dah. ada cara lain nak sembuhkan cpt2?

  4. Alhamdulillah selesai dgr wacana minda ttg vaksin tadi. 2 kertas-kerja dibentangkan oleh doktor manakala sesi forum turut menampilkan ustaz yg mengamalkan pengubatan Islam.insyaALLAH sedang cuba menulis ilmu yg dpt td sambil bergelut dgn 2 putera kecik hehe..si abg ambil handout td utk tgk gmbar, si adik ambil handout utk makan2, koyak2..

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