Meet Aamina..

Hi all..

Bella received something wonderful yesterday..ย a gift from Super Muslim Kids.

Meet Aamina, people..

Aamina is a Muslim doll (who wears tudung!!) that can sneeze when you press her nose, then she’ll say “Alhamdullillah”.

If you press her right hand, she can recite Al-Fatihah and Al-Ikhlas with translation in English. Left hand, she’ll give salam, Bismillah, the syahadah.. Both right and left foot also will teaching our children (and ourselves!!) something!!

That’s Bella discovering Aamina. Not just Bella was impressed with her, I also played with the doll!!๐Ÿ˜€ It’s really a good quality, educational doll. And apparently there’s also a muslim boy version of this doll and his name is Yousuf. My husband dah suruh I order dah Yousuf.. I think he’s also impressed with the doll! Haha..

Thank you Afifah from Super Muslim Kids for introducing this to us. Whoever is interested in this doll can email Super Muslim Kids at or you can check their FB page.

The reason I’m sharing this with you because I think this is a good fun educational doll for our children. It’s not easy to find toys that teach children to recite AL-Fatihah, not even Bismillah. So, why lose the opportunity, right?

So, no more Dora for Bella. Aamina is her doll now..


43 thoughts on “Meet Aamina..

  1. Kalau anak saya dapat patung ni lagi suke kot sebab nama pun sama cuma ejaan lain sikit Ameena. Pendekatan yg bagus bagi anak- anak muslim.

  2. That’s my name DrHalina hehe..but mine-Aminah๐Ÿ™‚ soo impressed!gonna checkout Yousof๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for sharing!

  3. doc, last nite i was dreamt about u n ur family.. Omaigod..!!! Can.believe kan..
    u asked me to take care of bella n tasha, i duno where u went..
    the story is, when i babysittng ur daughter,i noticed that they are so ohsomeee!!!
    ur husbnd pun ada kat sana..
    pastu kan, ur hsbnf bw kitaorg jalan2 dlm keta, he drive, i carry tasha n bella duk kat depan sblh dady dia..
    time kami jalan2 tu, bella nanyi lagu little2 star tau.. Auuuuu, so cute what!!!!
    then, when i carry tasha that moment, dia sgt la lembut (masi baby kot)..
    wow! Sangat2 happy dpt jupe u, dr sms bella n tasha dlm mimpi.. Wlu.dlm mimpi pon jadi.. N i noticed, dr sms is really2 loved, sayang u dr.. Honestly..๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. doc, already open fb nk nengok price aminah tu…for me expensive to buy for my 2 girls…but i’m trying to get it coz by yr explanation aminah sgt bgs utk education kanak2…hope i’ll get it for my girls

    • they can share. it’s ok. it’s like an investment for the future. hope they like the doll like how Bella loves it!

      • doc, just now everything must buy 2…percayalah doc coz kalau skang mmg da pandai berebut…dl masa adik under age 1 yr, she’s ok…but now da blh men tarik2 nak barang padahal adik br sethn sebln, kakak br nk msk 3 thn….jd sy korek2 mana yg blh n now im ordering it…tggu barang samapi je skali ngan softbook….xpela investment for the future….kena pastikan dieorg men elok2 coz like mainan kakak dl smpi skang adik blh main & same to clothes adik pn da blh sarung baju kakak yg dl…mebe gods know y giving me 2 daughters now…but same like u still planning for football team…but can u sharing here (sy sakit bersalin lama sgt, mgkn ada cara yg memudahkn spy sy xgerun utk ada anak ramai…hehe)…anyway tq doc

  5. Alhamdulillah, produk sebegini lh yg kita inginkn. Produk yg bkn hanya utk dijadikn bahan permainan. ttp, utk pembelajaran. Tahniah, doc! sbb dh dpt yg trbaik utk your daughter…

  6. Macam-macam jenis mainan ada sekarang kan. And this Aamina & Yuosof doll definitely a steal. Kalau x baca blog doctor, x tau pon wujud. hehe. Thanx for sharing. Will consider buying for my unborn child.. =)

  7. Sikit masa lg Bella pula jd “Aamina”….. Dia suruh Mommy n daddy picit2 idung tangan kaki dia bagai, pastu dia baca amcm Aamina baca๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. saya berdoa agar bella akan menjadi anak yang solehah dan menjadi saham akhirat buat kedua ibu bapanya.

    . “Apabila mati anak Adam, putuslah semua amalannya kecuali tiga perkara: Sedekah jariah, ilmu yang dimanfaatkan atau ANAK SOLEH yang mendoakannya.” H/R Bukhari, Turmizi dan an-Nasaii.


  9. owh i tot nobody sell this item.You know guys my friend order direct from the owner of this doll in UK.Owner ni bgtau dia sebenarnya reka anak patung ni utk anak2 dia belajar since kat UK xde sgt islamic doll and tak sangka doll ni jadi pujaan ramai.Sape nk order bleh sms/whatsapp sy di 0134763164 atau leh PM thru fb page or my blog : InshaAllah will try to ask my fren to get the best price for those who really interested.๐Ÿ™‚

  10. as-salam
    i found tht unbelievable parents in Msia mostly speaks english wt their kids…whts wrong wt out own bahasa melayu ? my child half asian proudly speaks malay & we r living in Aust proudly wt out bahasa melayu
    yes english is important but we are malays tht shld not forget to teach our generation our own heritage ie bahasa melayu & adat2 melayu

  11. i cari amina ni since last year!!!!! happy sangat dah tahu kat mane nak beli. Dan i dah beli dah pon!!!!!! i is seronok!

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