Meet Aamina..

Hi all..

Bella received something wonderful yesterday.. a gift from Super Muslim Kids.

Meet Aamina, people..

Aamina is a Muslim doll (who wears tudung!!) that can sneeze when you press her nose, then she’ll say “Alhamdullillah”.

If you press her right hand, she can recite Al-Fatihah and Al-Ikhlas with translation in English. Left hand, she’ll give salam, Bismillah, the syahadah.. Both right and left foot also will teaching our children (and ourselves!!) something!!

That’s Bella discovering Aamina. Not just Bella was impressed with her, I also played with the doll!!😀 It’s really a good quality, educational doll. And apparently there’s also a muslim boy version of this doll and his name is Yousuf. My husband dah suruh I order dah Yousuf.. I think he’s also impressed with the doll! Haha..

Thank you Afifah from Super Muslim Kids for introducing this to us. Whoever is interested in this doll can email Super Muslim Kids at or you can check their FB page.

The reason I’m sharing this with you because I think this is a good fun educational doll for our children. It’s not easy to find toys that teach children to recite AL-Fatihah, not even Bismillah. So, why lose the opportunity, right?

So, no more Dora for Bella. Aamina is her doll now..