33 Years

Today, April 5, 2013 marked the 33rd year my parents were married. And yesterday was my mom’s birthday and this year is extra special. After more than 30 years of teaching, now she’s no more going to school!! (She’s a teacher, y’all) She’s officially a pensioner!! My dad is really happy he finally has my mom staying at home with him. I can see it from his eyes that he is genuinely happy about it. “Abah dah suruh maa berenti kerja laamer dah, finally pencen pun..” he told me yesterday.

I’m just plain happy for both of them.

Marriage is a lot of work..

Wedding is fun, honeymoon phase is a.w.e.s.o.m.e. but marriage is really a lot of work! You’re juggling your work, daily house chores, children and husband every single day. If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, you’re killing yourself slowly inside because you barely have time for yourself.

Whenever I see an old couple walking together holding hands, I really envy them. I want be like them. Even after soooo long, it’s still the same person they are walking with, same hand they are holding and they never get tired. Isn’t that sweet?

To me, marriage is about two people committed themselves to each other, sharing the same desire to spend their lifetime together, and willingness to be there for one another. In Al-Quran, it’s clearly stated “They are clothing for you and you’re clothing for them..” (Al-Baqarah, verse 187). Like our clothing that covers and protect our body, couples defend each other’s honour. They protect and enhance each other’s beauty while shielding that which must be hidden, according to Allah’s rules.

To maa and abah, Happy 33rd Wedding Anniversary. May Allah granted Jannah to both of you. Thank you for being there for each other. Thank you for giving us, the children a good example of what marriage is all about. We love you both!


Last Weekend in PD

After Bali, we were in PD for a short while because my husband had to attend an event there. And again, this time he brought along his little entourage!! Hehe.. Mommy, Bella and Tasha and my parents. We stayed in a resort by the beach and our room in exactly above the sea water. Bella and Tasha doesn’t seem too excited about that somehow.. Haha.. Mommy yang over😀

There’s a small pet farm at the resort, which is good for children. Since in KL she only sees chicken as nuggets, I think it’s a good idea for her to get to know how a real chicken looks like!

That’s Bella impressed by the chicken. Babatok, her grandfather is in-charge of chasing the chicken since that seems to be his forte. Hehe..

Another Bella’s favorite toy-stuffed animal, now in real life!

She likes rabbit the most.. she kept chasing the rabbit round and round the pet farm..

and kept feeding them with long beans..

Owh.. and here is Tasha. Since she’s not yet running around chasing the animals.. Here’s her picture on the bed..

The next morning, daddy woke us up early in the morning to bring us on a boat ride. On our way to the jetty, we saw this…

Peacock’s butt!! Haha.. yup, we’ve seen the front too often.. now we change view😉

Here’s us on the boat with my mom and my youngest brother..

And Bella got to know another new sea creature..


So, in this trip, we have covered rabbit, chicken, turtle, peacock and crab!! Haha.. Good for Bella!!


Bella On Her Two Feet :)

For the past one week, Bella has made a tremendous achievement in her development milestones. She is now able to walk on her own, without support..!

Yay!! We have been waiting for this moment so that we can carry her less😀

MasyaAllah.. since then she never stop walking.. Hahahha..

It’s fun to see her trying to make baby steps and balance herself at the same time. We had a good time laughing at her and feeling proud at the same time.

Now, we can dress her up in dresses a lot more than before because I personally think baby looks nicer in dress when they are able to walk🙂 Hence, before this you always see Bella in pants coz I think it’s easier for her to crawl and move around..

Here’s Bella getting ready for buka puasa at her jiddah’s house..

Looking a bit like makcik here.. Hahahha…

Bella Balik Kampung…

Yes Bella is away from us now.. she’s in Seremban with her mamatok and babatok for the school holiday!! Not for long, only 3 days🙂 She left us yesterday and insyaAllah coming back to KL tomorrow. As hard as it is for us, it’s good for her to learn to adapt in different environment..

Our house is so quiet right now, just me and hubby watching our fish in the aquarium..

Green vege for B!

My parents live in a gated-community.. They really love the idea of having the house without a gate.. until Bella came along.. Hahahha… Bella belum pun pandai berjalan.. baru jer mula merangkak last week.. but the new gate is up!!

The funny thing is, the gate tu ketot jer.. only slightly taller than B! Hehehe.. They can still enjoy the view and Bella will still be safe running around in the house compound…

They are all prepared for little B y’all!! Hahaha..

That’s B with her beloved babatok..

Oh.. and check this out.. green vege for B!!

That’s spinach with  sweet potato for B’s breakfast!! The colour is really scary.. Hahah.. Lucky B still wants to eat it despite the angry looking colour!!😀 This is part of my plan to teach Bella to eat vegetables.. I really don’t want her to be a picky-eater.. So far it has been a success. Even her teacher at school said B loves to eat!! Hahaha..That sounds very familiar.. exactly like me during my pregnancy😉

B’s Busy Busy Day!!

Today is a very busy day for B.. She entertained mamatok and babatok who came and visit her late morning..

Then off to her music class with mommy..

Hang out at the Starbucks while waiting for daddy to pick us up..

Later, swimming with daddy..

Had dinner around 7pm..

and this is what happened at 7.30pm..

Busy B!! Poor little Bella…

Our Wakil to a Wedding..

We have a wedding to attend today with my parents.. unfortunately B’s daddy is having an event in KL and mommy had a bad oncall last night.. So, both of us couldn’t make it.. So, we sent our little wakil to go with my parents..

Thanks B teman mamatok dgn babatok😉