Mandarin Flash Cards

Some of you might know that B and T goes to Mandarin class apart from their daily school. They really love their Mandarin lessons. Sometimes they sing  Mandarin song at home.. Mommy just go lalala pretend to understand.. At the class, whenever they can memorise a Mandarin word in Chinese characters, they get to bring … Continue reading Mandarin Flash Cards

B’s School Trip

Tomorrow Bella has a school trip!! Her day out without mommy.. Gosh!! B and her classmate will be going to a fire station!! Hehe.. I think that's cute! When I told her babatok, of course, knowing her babatok, he will come out with ideas on how to make things / trip / toys more educational … Continue reading B’s School Trip


Getting the girls to read nowadays is not as easy as before. There are so much distractions like the tv, ipad and even the phone. It has becoming quite difficult to get Bella and Tasha to lie down in bed and listen to bedtime stories anymore (or is it because mommy fell asleep before them?? … Continue reading Read!!

Tasha’s First Few Steps

Tasha turned 10 month old a few days ago and she has started to walk without aid. We are just so happy and we want to share her first few steps with you!! A toddler and a baby learning to walk in the house!! I'm quite sure there will be more casualties at home!! Haha.. … Continue reading Tasha’s First Few Steps

Lazy Mommy Recipe!

Hi all!! Gosh, my husband is not around this week. He's currently attending a United Nation workshop in Beijing for a week. So, I'm left with my two girls running around like a circus. Haha.. Tiring but I'm having fun.. a mommy-kinda-fun. Yes, I miss having him around. It makes me feel more appreciative towards … Continue reading Lazy Mommy Recipe!

B is Turning 2!!

Hi all.. Today is B's 2nd birthday!! MasyaAllah.. Time flies really fast. My baby girl is already two years old.. (Or 2 ers yold, according to Bella..! Haha..) Alhamdullilah, I am really blessed having her and Little Tasha in my live. They are my source of joy and happiness and occasionally makes me crazy. But … Continue reading B is Turning 2!!

Flash Cards

Hi all.. I would like to share what I have done and still doing for Bella and Tasha.. Of course we, the parents wants the best for our children. Here is something that we are doing for both our girls.. and that is the usage of flash cards!! Children's brain is like sponges. They can … Continue reading Flash Cards

Growth Spurts

Today I wanna share something with mommies out there.. it's about growth spurts. Some of us may or may not realize this is happening to our baby. But for sure, it is on going!! Growth spurts is a time where baby grow physically.. (isn't that obvious?!) Well, our baby is actually growing everyday but at … Continue reading Growth Spurts

Busy B!

Missing Bella? Here she is.. Busy! Busy! Busy! That's her new hobby!! We take her 'drawing' skills a notch higher! She's allowed to draw on the wall!! 😉 We painted a segment of her playroom in matte black.. and get her some washable crayon.. walllaaaaaa... Now she's one happy toddler!! P/S: Dont worry mommies, you … Continue reading Busy B!