This Morning…

Mommy is on leave. Daddy is around. This is what we did… Lazying by the pool.

This is Bella trying to escape her swimming practice with daddy.. She just stayed under the shower for a looongggg time! So clever!!

But she can’t escape for long!! Daddy knows her tricks!! Hahaha..

And the pool is empty on Monday morning!! Yay!!

And Tasha is sunbathing in her sleep suit..

And mommy.. I’m the supervisor / managing director / photographer / lifeguard (for the kids pool only!!)

Love, XO

64 thoughts on “This Morning…

  1. You have a beautiful family! Ive read on Google they nicknamed you the Malaysian cinderella!!! And they made me believe it hehe you sound so like it!

    Ive an instinct Tasha’s going to grow into a pretty girl! She has got the features!

  2. I love part “And mommy.. I’m the supervisor / managing director / photographer / lifeguard (for the kids pool only!!”…. yes, a mummy always has a long list of duty πŸ˜€

  3. Ur such an inspiration Dr halina..since the day u got married till now, still the bubbly hot mummy…n a nice person..keep it that way..u are ur family are so blessed , alhamdulillah…

  4. dr. halina. i don’t like your new blog theme. the photos so big. payah nak curi2 tengok kat ofis.. haha.. btw, really enjoy reading your blog.

  5. tengok tasha rasa macam nak baby lagi..pulak pulak yg kecik skali(3 tahun ) skrg jadi makin manja.tapi bila pikir balik penatnya menjaga yg 3 orang ni…sekali lagi pikir nak ramai anak…tapi takot gemokkkkkkk…..skrg body dah ok dah

    1. betul tu, anak itu rezeki, anak lah jugak yang akan mendoakan kita setelah pergi menghadap Ilahi. itu lagi penting πŸ™‚

  6. MasyaAllah…She is so adorable! Dah ada iras macam minah Arab rupa dia!

    I’m sure Jiddah and Jiddu are so proud of her…XOXO Tasha!

  7. Mommies always had their roles behind the scenes.. Not because we are camera shy, it is because we want to capture the moment, at the same time manage everything going smoothly. πŸ˜‰

  8. Salam Dr.,

    Bella dah potty-trained ke? Does dhe wear diaper while swimming?

    Ps: agreed with you, anak2 adalah rezeki. I got 5 already. Life is hectic n enjoyable .

  9. minat sngt sngt sngt sngt both of u DR… πŸ™‚ xsabar nak tgok turn Dr b’dua kat Romantika.. tp yg xbestnya, sya smbung stdy n tnggl hstl… so, no Tv… uhuhu xdpt nak tngk bla turn Dr. nnt… πŸ˜₯

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