Baby B’s First Plane Ride

Dear all,

We’re back from a working holiday trip in Maldives!! My husband had to give a talk to a university there, me and Baby B came along. It is Maldives, who’s gonna refuse, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰ There’s a reason why Maldives is called ‘heaven on earth’.. It’s because it IS heaven on earth.. Well, not the I have seen how heaven looks like but the view is breathtaking.. It’s a shame I’m not well-versed with my camera (I only know ‘auto mode’!! hehehe..) The ocean is crystal clear. You can see beautiful corals and fishes from above. I managed to catch a glimpse of black tip shark swimming below the restaurant when we were having dinner. Apparently there is over 1100 islands in Maldives and only 200 are occupied. The population there is about 350,o00 (only!) There are about 900 resorts in Maldives and one island only have one resort.. I got these facts from my husband, if it is wrong.. then he is to be blame ๐Ÿ˜€

First thing when my husband told me that his wanted to bring the whole family (me and Bella!) to Maldives, my first reaction was.. yay!! But after that then I realized, is it safe for my 2 month old baby to ride a plane? The pressure in higher altitude is different from on the ground. Will she has ear ache during take-off and landing? Even we, as adult sometimes feel discomfort in our ears during taking-off and landing. So, as an overly-cautious parents (that is the hazard of having doctor parents, in our case, it is even worse because both parents are doctors!!) I did a mini-research, asked around, did some readings.. just to make sure it is safe for my little Bella to go for a plane ride.

Apparently my worries are reasonable ๐Ÿ™‚ Changes in air pressure from ground to higher level may cause discomfort to baby’s ears sometimes can be painful too. What you can do for your baby is to let them suckle on something like a bottle of milk, or even just your finger. This is because the act of suckling, yawning, chewing, intermittently opens up the Eustachian tube toย prevent damage by equalizing pressure between the middle ear and the atmosphere. Babies will feel more comfortable (and not crying!!) during taking-off and landing where the change of air pressure occurs.

What I did for little Bella, I fed her both during take-off and landing. Even when she was asleep, I woke her up and feed her. It is so easy because she is on breast milk, ready-made and always there ๐Ÿ˜‰ Both journey, to-and-fro, she didn’t cry at all. Quietly sleeping in her bassinet and both parents also slept soundly at their seats ๐Ÿ˜€

Baby B was well-behaved during the plane ride. I believe at this younger age it is a lot easier to bring our baby to travel. Once they are more mobile and running around, it should be more challenging..

Till then, lots of love from Bella and mommy.. XO

19 thoughts on “Baby B’s First Plane Ride

  1. salam..saya suka baca blog DR. even saya tak pandai communicate dalam B.I and tak paham sangat english..
    wahh..seronoknyaa dapat jadi seperti baby B.
    mcm tu saya kena study hard laa kalau nak pergi oversea..haha..XD

  2. saya tolong jawabkan yer.. selalu kalau nak travel ada baby request nak bassinet dan selalu akan dpt row depan yg memang boleh letak bassinet.. my mom brought me to new zealand when i was 11 days old.. alhamdulillah tak apa2.. i have no doubt that baby B will be ok too.. and she is, right.. it is so good that you got such an oppurtunity to go to maldives with your family.. i jealous tau!! wink wink..

    Halina, memang at this age senang lagi nak travel bawa baby sebab baby asyik tido je.. my babies bile dah start 6 bulan.. kurang tidur susah skit nak bawak travel.. even in the car.. so end up dok rumah lagik senang.. and bile dah start crawling huhu.. kat mana aje baby nak crawl.. terkejar2 la.. and sometimes tak sempat buat kerja rumah to make sure baby is ok tak jatuh etc..

  3. assalamualaikum dr harlina..
    saya peminat setia dan suke baca blog dr.halina, smmgnyer dr sgt friendly dan x sombong..harap dr dan baby selalu ceria dan bahagia yer..

  4. cik anisa, now everybody can fly…Air Asia tag line..kumpul duit jee…tapi kalau nak belajar kat sana lagi best…….Doc, bestnye cuti kat Maldives…jealousnya… baby B lebatnya rambut, mesti doc bnyk kencing waktu pregnant..hehehe…take care…

  5. wow!! maldives!! i wish i will be there 1 days! ๐Ÿ˜€ Bella was a superstrong babies..insha-ALLAH..everthin’ gonna be fine doc! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. assalamualaikm dr harlina..

    alhamdulillah,that’s a great tme 4 ur fmily..
    including ur cute daugthr,adik sophea isabella,rght??
    hope 2 see u,adik bella..hehehe..
    adik bella:i really admred ur prnts’s succss..
    hpe 2 see u(dr harlina) in hspital slyang one day..
    myb during my clinical years..

  7. Assalamua’laikum Dr Halina, Bb B n Dr Syeikh…wahh, bestnya dpt p maldives! tgk pics of maldives pun dah speechless…just wanna share a bit of my experience taking my bb on a plane 1st happened when he was 3 1/2 months old.our family members were worried but we just prayed to Allah that everything will be ok.Alhamdulillah he slept n breastfed berganti2 throughout d journey…lepas setahun lebih & bbrapa kali naik flight baru realized that feeding n sleeping really help bb to b comfortable, walaupun time dia kena selsema..Alhamdulillah, natural cure…

    1. Saya baru balik dari Maldives

      Rm152 je return flight airasia AK

      n saya tito FREE lak di kerusi airport

      Thus JUMLAH kos cuma below rm5 RATUS termasuk makan & fridge magnet ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Hi I just read your blog. I will be flying wth my 2M old on long-haul flights pretty soon. Was just wondering if you brought a car seat and stroller with you on your flight

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