I’m on a mission!!

Mission #1 To take lots of OOTD [#drhalinalookbook] for MyAdinda

Mission #2 To turn my husband into #instagramhusband

Hehe.. who else gonna help me with my OOTD, right? He is the only one available for me 24/7. Besides, he promised to do anything and everything for me. Well, he didn’t exactly say that but that’s what marriage is all about, right? Haha..

So, today he helped me with the camera..


OK cantik.. it would be nice kalau nampak kaki..


Yup, almost there, S…

Then I suggested we tool a close-up details of the gorgeous dress.


Tasha pulak photobombed this picture..

And from the back…


Not bad at all!! Hehe..

This gorgeous Medhuri Saree from KupadioKL is available on MyAdinda . This is one of KupadioKL’s Raya collection. The colours is gorgeous. The beadings is too pretty and the sleeves comes with a zipper. Yup, that is important for raya because we still have to do the dishes even it’s raya, right?? My advise is, if you don’t mind the curves, stick to your own size but if you prefer a slightly loose version, get one size bigger. I’m wearing L size.

This pretty dress is currently on 10% discount here only until today midnight! Discount also applicable for other KupadioKL Raya collection!

OK, gotta do more OOTD. Happy shopping!!


9 thoughts on “#instagramhusband

  1. The closes up one mcm x berapa bagus…
    too sexy … nampak aurat …

    Blh try hang pd patung kot utk promote..

  2. Cantik baju & kombinasi warna, nampak manis & elegan. Cuma, kena fikirkan jenis tudung apakah yang lebih sesuai supaya aurat lebih terjaga inshaAllah.

  3. Dear dr halina, kalau pic close up tu not so nice..i can see your b**b..and also nmpak your bra’s pattern.kalau labuhkan tudung skit, baru lah lg manis..sorry doc..

  4. Maybe u can choose bokitta in voila maxi size. I think this one is voila. Not nice as i can see your bra’s pattern:)

  5. salam sayang doc!..ye la doc…foto closed up tu mmg npk x berapa bagus pada pandangan public..labuhkan tudung ye doc..

  6. allahu..maaf ckp la..saham akhirat yg terpalit pada pemakai,penjual,pembeli sume2 tu same mcm arak lh..nk crik duit pn bia lh jual bnd yg berkat utk dpt rzki yg berkat, ank yg berkat sume yg berkat…

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