Breastfeeding Tips

God knows how long I have been delaying to write this down. Finally I’m doing it.. under coffee influence, of course 😊

Adam and Noah are already reaching 9 month old in 1 week time. The previous entry about my breastfeeding journey was about 6 month ago, the boys were only 3 month old back then.. and alhamdulillah, I’m still breastfeeding them. If you asked me before, whether I have the confidence to feed twin boys up until this far, I would say no, I don’t think so.. Breastfeeding is not easy, so much we mommies have to learn and the most important thing, is not to give up. It’s not just us to learn, we must know that our baby is also learning. So, don’t give up and encourage your baby to do the same too.

I would like to share with you the knowledge I got from this nursing guide book during my confinement time..


I take this book seriously, its full for highlighted points and sticky notes! 🤓


The most common questions that I have been asked probably 756 times, is there any food that can help to increase milk supply? According to the author, Alicia C. Simpson who is also a breastfeeding consultant, there is a class of food called lactogenic. These are the types of food  that can increase the production of milk… Different people reacts differently to these type of food, that is why some work others and some don’t. Up until now, the mechanisms behind most lactogenic food and herbs are still unknown.

Here’s the list of food according to this book..

  1. Barley & malt : yes my mom was right about this. Scientifically, barley has beta-glucan that is proven to increase prolactin levels. Prolactin is our hormones that in-charge of producing milk in our body. My mom made me drink loads of Horlicks (I have no share with Horlicks company) because of the malt content and barley drink during my time breastfeeding Bella, and yes it works for me.
  2. Oats : also can increase our milk production because of its beta-glucan content. I have read somewhere that the best of oats to increase milk production is the steel-cut oats & rolled oats. NOT the quick oats. So, choose the correct type of oats of you think this is a good options for you. What I usually do is, I make overnight oats. I add some banana, chia seed, hemp seeds, peanut butter and almond milk together before bed, keep it in the fridge and have it for my morning snacks. Thats my meal at about 10am, yes I eat a lot. Hehe..
  3. Other whole grains: Barley, oats, whole wheat, brown rice.. all these are whole grains thats rich in beta-glucan. Unfortunately I’m not a brown rice fan. So I dont really take it.. and, white rice has little to no beta-glucan. It is not proven to have lactogenic effect.
  4. Moringa: to be honest, I have never heard of moringa before. It’s available in powder and leaves form. I’m taking moringa dried leaves and make moringa tea. It’s lactogenic effect comes from its impact on the anterior pituitary gland. It increases prolactin level as early as 48-hours after taking them. In layman term, our milk production will increase after 2 days. I am still taking moringa tea until now. For me, this works really well and literally it has very little calories provided you don’t put so much sugar / syrup in your tea!! This is definitely my favourite.
  5. Brewers’ yeast : Please don’t ask me what is this is Malay, I have no idea. But it taste bitter. Not my favourite thing to eat. I used to put this in my overnight oats (because I don’t know any other way else to eat this one). Haha.. A gentle reminder, in some babies, it can cause gas and fussiness however I did not observe any “kembung” episodes on my boys when I consumed this brewer’s yeast.
  6. Fenugreek : In Malay, its called halba. We used this a lot in our cooking. I believe this is the most well-known lactogenic out there. It increases our prolactin levels. Almost all nursing tea will have fenugreek as the main ingredients. One thing you have to know is fenugreek also can cause gas and bloatedness to our baby because it is passed to them thru our breast milk.  I used to consume fenugreek tea before, Noah had no issue with the tea but unfortunately Adam had a bad “kembung” episode until he had difficulty in passing motion. So, I stopped immediately, and he is back to normal after that. So, no fenugreek tea for me anymore…
  7. Milk thistle : I have no idea what milk thistle is. I have seen this at the pharmacy sold as supplement but I personally have never tried this.
  8. Papaya : surprisingly this fruit is also a lactogenic but if you are in your confinement, I don’t think your mom / tukang urut will allow you to eat papaya because it is ‘sejuk’. Hehe.. I have no personal experience with this, but you can try!!
  9. Fennel : usually used as an adjunct herbs with other lactogenic food, I have seen this inside nursing tea and nursing cookies.

Those are some of the commons lactogenic that is available in our country. I hope this is helpful to all mommies out there. The food that I am still consuming until now is moringa tea and oats. By all means, if you are a cookies fan, give it nursing cookies a try. I have very poor self control. Once I have cookies in my hand, I will just finish the whole jar at one go… so, no cookies for me. Haha…


Moringa tea brewing..

Other tips thru my experiences..

  1. Drink a lot of water. Milk’s main ingredient is definitely water. How are we gonna make milk if we ourselves were dehydrated. Just drink, bring water to work, keep a bottle anywhere easily reachable for you. Nowadays I drink up to 5L a day just to keep myself hydrated and make susu! Just don’t ask me how many times I have to pee. Haha… I will do whatever it takes to make sure I have enough milk for the boys.. 😀
  2. Pump regularly even if you are a stay-at-home mommy, even more if you will be away from your baby at work. Why is this important? To make more milk, our boobs need to be emptied after feeding. Empty boobs will give signal to our brain to make more milk (brain doesn’t make milk but brain releases prolactin, a hormone that tells our mammary glands a.k.a boob glands to make more milk). During the first three month, I used to pump after I feed my twins. I know I won’t get much, probably 0.5oz. I know its very deceiving but in long term run, trust me, you will have more milk, in shaa Allah.

How much my boys consume milk everyday?

Now they are drinking about 5oz per drink, usually at 5-6am, 10am, 1pm (after lunch, like us who drinks coffee after meal..) 4.30pm and 8pm. That is 5 servings of 5oz and I have to of them… So I need 5 x 5oz x 2 babies = 50 oz per day, on top of their lunch and dinner meal! How can I not work hard to pump susu to feed them. Haha.. I have no excuse.


Do I still drink coffee during breastfeeding?

Yes, I consumed less coffee when they were younger because our babies will still be affected with the caffeine effect, it is pass to them via breast milk. They can get easily agitated and difficult to fall asleep if the mother consumed coffee. I noticed that in both Adam and Noah when they were younger. Logically, the younger the baby, the less caffeine that we mommies should consume because their internal organ (liver and kidney) is not efficient enough to get rid of the caffeine from their body. As they get older, their internal organ, liver and kidney functions better. I really cant find the article about this but I have read about it somewhere before.

I hope, by sharing my knowledge, I can help  you mommies with your breastfeeding journey. I might write another entry about pumping milk, in shaa Allah. If you have any other things to share, please feel free to comment. I will try to reply any questions from you.

Thank you, X

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    1. its true for both my babies. so i tak mkn pedas sgt for the first 6 month. so seksa tak buleh makan masak lemak cili api 😆

      1. Ive been rooting for your post doc! Finally. Hahaha..

        Thank you for the knowledge. I still breasfeed my 8 months old baby.

        Hopefully i can get phd in breastfeeding.😂

  1. Finally ! Tq dr for sharing 😊

    For the overnight oat, blh ke minum sejuk2? Sbb ada org kata lepas bersalin kena pantang minum sejuk until 1 year? And tea pn xblh minum nnti masuk angin 🤔. Or depends pd badan? Or lepas minum tea blh take anything yg menyebabkan badan buang angin? 😅😅

    1. heheh.. saya minum aje. saya tak berpantang sgt. kalau org tua2.. diorg suruh minum panas.. so awak buleh lah masak oats tu..

      1. hahaha same here. saya pun minum je sejuk2. gynea saya ckp tu semua myth je. besides malaysia ni panas =p

    2. kalau based pada nutrition & gynea, boleh jer minum or makan sejuk-sejuk. But depends pada badan individu. Ada orang akan rasa tak sedap badan bila minum air sejuk, ada orang OK je

  2. Tq bg tips dr.. Saya tengah cuba positifkan diri saya. Pam kat office dapat bawak balik 12oz, demand anak 24oz.. dah korek frozen, tgl sepaket. Hopefully my supply will increase asap! 😫😫

    1. takpe… usaha ye mommy. i swear memang kena rilex masa nak pump. kalau tak memang takde susu. and drink loads of water…

      1. we hv similar prob right now, tp still try hard to meet her demand.may ALLAH ease our bf journey.tq dr for your tips , really at the right time.

  3. Minum air sejuk bole kurang kan susu ke doctor?but then even baby kte kerap susu do we still need pump? Even x rase berat or bengkak?

  4. Thank you Doc sbb tulis entri ni! I’ve dm you in ig psl ni, tup2 tak sangka Doc tulis dlm blog. Appreciate it much!! Love youu Doc! Btw, moringa tu daun kelo dlm bm. Salu mak sy buat masak gulai. X sangka pulak nama eh glamer betul dlm bi. Hahaha!!! 😀

  5. Thank u for this writing doc… dah lama tunggu.. really made my day.. coz hari ni i mc sbb cirit birit so that i have time to read this..hihi.. love you.. cant wait for the breast pumping entry!

  6. thank you dr. for sharing. a much needed post for me now. even though im a housewife, i find it important to have stocks too for when times i need to do other things around the house or (nauzubillahiminzalik) emergencies like admitted to the hospital etc.
    i’ve been mixing formula since the first week and now baby is just 3mo. i am trying to pump more bit ould only squeeze in two sessions, i would direct feed th baby mostly at night, and during the day bottle feed alternate with fm or bm.
    ive been slacking in eating anddrinking water so my supply has been pretty low
    so when i read this, i surely can try some of the ideas. i have yet to give up,in fact im targetting this month’s fm is the last to buy. i really believe i can produce more, it’s just that i gotta try more( during confinement my milk supply is a lot because there’s extra hands and i get to pump and drink and feed more)

    hopefully i can do itttt.

    1. i feel you.. actually SAHM pun susah nak pump sbnrnyer.. nak cari masa tu payah.. ppl think kahi senang nak pump.. but.. when you are at home, takde org nak relief you pegi pump. kan!! when im at home, i pun susah nak pump sbb byk sgt keje nak buat.. and to have let down reflex, nak kena rilex pulak.. bila i pump while lipat baju, i dont hv let down reflex sbb tak rilex.. all the best ok. in shaa Allah usaha yg baik tu Allah tolong..

      1. yes! no relief tu betul. bila kerja lagi senang nak buat jadual. sam with a toddler lagi complicated nak curi masa utk pump, but i’m gonna try anyway. nak jugak try full bfeed the second baby ni. hopefully next post you’ll explain on let down reflex, tried reading on it but still wasn’t too sure what it is exactly. (is it the tingling pain in the beginning of feeding or pumping?)

    2. I’ve been waiting for this post since ur previous post dr halina.. N glad to read this.😊 My baby is now going to be 5months n alhamdulillah i still get to fully bf him. Im also SAHM, so its true very difficult to find time to pump during day bcoz my baby usually dont sleep for long hours during day time, plus have to do all the house chores . So what i do, i make sure to pump first thing in morning to make my milk stock.

  7. Dr, nak tanya. Kalau nak pump dengan kerap, macamane dr cuci breast pump tu? Setiap kali lepas pump, cuci dengan warm water atau sabun atau lalukan air sahaja? Keringkan dulu before guna atau mcmane. Any tips supaya mudah utk pump dimana2.

  8. Assalam doc, thanks for sharing. Really helpful of coz increase my oxytocin. hehe.. btw, kat mana doc beli moringa tea and brewers’ yeast?

  9. Hi dr..
    Sy EP Mom..(exclusive pumping)..😊😊ank sy refuse direct feeding myb sy introduce botol susu awal sgt..saya ok je even die tak mnyusu direct tp sy still dpt bg die susu badan..cuma nk tnya pndpt Dr. susu akn cepat kering ke klo kite xbg ank mnyusu direct..ank sy skrg ni dh 10 bln..☺️☺️

    1. Sy EP dulu masa anak first sbb anak taknak direct feed (inverted nipple). Mmg lama2 susu drop. So sy pggl bf peer consultant dtg rumah ajar direct feeding. Beliecve me, i were never imagined yg sy akan dpt direct feed. Rupanya bf ni mmg perlu ilmu. InsyaAllah boleh. Try cari bf consultant yg boleh ajar kita face to face hands on. All the best 😊

    2. Hi, me EP juga…. all my kids (3) refuse untuk direct feeding sebab sy introduce botol. But alhamdulillah i can bf them till setahun 9 bulan (anak 1 dan 2). Now tgh strugle bf anak no 3. Still EP. Lately ni susu drop sebab always skip pump. When i need to travel and outstation a lot, it is difficult for me untuk pump 2 or 3 hours sekali. Ape pun tq Dr Halina for the tips.
      For me, barley, lobak putih help me a lot untuk increase susu untuk anak no 1 and 2. But now x bekesan sgt. Sekarang tgh baru consume (1 week) kurma merah and longan… alhamdulillah betambah susu sikit. Will try moringa tea pulak after this.
      And one more thing, bf kali ini sgt2 mencabar because kulit atas bibir saya kering sgt2. Sampai luka dan pedih. almost 2 bulan dah jd. Still pain sampai skrg. Ada yang kata sebab kekurangan air. But i minum almost 3+ litter air sehari. Nak minum lebih lagi susah. Kdang kala during my lecture saja, i pi toilet 2 3 kali… Anyone ada idea x kenape kulit kering di atas bibir hingga luka dan mengelupas?

    1. Assalam dr..just wanna ask where can we find tat moringa leaves?

      And how do we know the types of oats? Is it mentioned somewhere on the packaging pack?

      I have 4 i m still bf my bongsu lil girl 4 months old.

      Tqsm dr for ur sharing❤️

  10. Assalamualaikum my dear doctor harlina, pass 4 months i do pumping session at work but the quantity i got per day is 90 ml which is my baby demand per meal. day by day with load work my susu drop 40ml per day which i pump at work place only. once sampai rumah i do direct bf and mix fm. when my baby turns 5 months. i decide to stop pump and just give direct bf to baby when come home. my question is there any possibility or chance my milk would increase if i start pumping again?

    1. you can take some medicine to increase milk supply. go see your doctor.. and pump regularly… i cant promise but usaha itu penting 💪🏻

      1. Thank you so much dr! I am really appreciate it. Will try! Got some spirit there. Love you.

  11. Doc, i’m worried about bln puasa nanti. My experience with my firstborn, production dropped tremendously during puasa month but luckily she has start with solids. With my newborn i risau tak cukup nanti and mengantikan puasa sebulan is my last option 😅

  12. I mmg makan biskut jacobs yg ada oat tu during pantang..susu mmg byk..smpai xmuat peti and freezer..alhamdulillah..since dh move to more jacobs..susu still byk tp xsebanysk masa duk kat the end..i mandikan our Yousof ngn susu tu

  13. Salam Doc, im fully BF to my baby, now dah 6 months tp her weight only 5.2kg. bila pam, 3oz je per bottle. trying no formula at 1st sbb ingt nk fully BF tp since berat dia x naik byk kena cmpur jgk. dah nak give up sbb susu x byk..take supplement,milkbooster tp susu stil x byk..sedihnya

    1. takpe.. campur kalau perlu. breast milk pun bagi. thats what happen to me masa Tasha dulu. she was underweight. her paediatrician asked to supply her with high calorie milk. the suggested S26 high calorie for prem. lama2 Tasha dah tanak breast milk.. im sure you hv tried your best. mak mana yg tak nak yg terbaik utk anak diorg kan…

  14. Assalamualaikum doc…saya ada dengar orang cakap yg brestfeeding mom tak digalakkan minum teh…boleh mengurangkan pengeluaran susu…betul ker?…

  15. As salam doctor Halina…
    Sye ibu yg berumo 40y. Anak last sye nie lelaki. Zulfadhli Uzma nmanyer…
    Utk anak yg last nie sye nekad utk menyusu hingga umo 2y.
    Tp smase umonya 1y 7m susu sya drop dgn teruk. Sye xdapat ikut demand bby mse itu 3x3oz/day.
    Last option sye cari ibu susuan utk anak sye ini disbbkn bby tolak semua fm & berat badan menurun dr 7.9kg kpd 7.8kg.
    Alhamdulillah…dgn bekalan dr ibu susuannya & hasil mengepam sye setiap hari 2oz paling byk, berat bby skrg dh naik kpd 8.3kg last check klinik january’18 lalu.
    Sye masih mengepam walaupun mengais setiap hari.
    Doc, it’s possible if now I take like your suggestion oats & barley to increase my milk?
    It’s not bcause im 40y & my milk production bcome so little…

  16. Hi doctor. My baby is currently 2 weeks old now and i am facing breast milk supply problem. I will DL my baby most of the time and will pump 1-2 times per day. However, i am able to pump 50ml for left breast and only 10-20 ml for right breast. My gyane has provide me the medicine to increase the milk supply but it doesn’t works for me. Therefore i need to top up formula after breastfeeding my baby. Can please advise how to increase the milk supply on my right breast? Thank you!

  17. salam doc. selepas melahirkan anak saya mengalami masalah untk bf, selepas berurut sya hanya dpt pam dlm 30 ml. itu pn secara x konsisten, adakalanya kurang drpd tu. selepas 3 minggu, sya minum air kunyit susu sya drop abis. sampai 1 tahap susu tak keluar, mcm2 mknan saya cuba termasuk ubat dr doc di kk. adakah ianya normal? ini anak pertama. kawan2 lain boleh berkongsi pendapat?

    1. Salam sis 😊 actually dlam pantang mmg normal kalau pam dpg x smpai 1oz. Sbb perut baby pn sgt kcil so bdan blum hasilkan susu byk. Bdan ibu hasilkan susu based on demand baby. Tu sbb kita galakkan kerap df msa pantang.
      Air kunyit mmg bleh jd milk killer sbb kunyit agak pnas so ada ibu yg akn drop. Sama mcm jamu2 lain.
      Makanan2 actually xbantu banyak dlm BF. Yg utama konsep demand vs supply kena jaga. Klau boleh df so df kerap. Kalau x then kena pam setiap 3jam.

      1. saya setuju dengan puan fatien. makanan memang membantu. tapi kalau tidak kerap df dan pump. susu tetap tak dapat meningkat. so pump dan makan kena selari.

      2. setuju dgn fatin..pernah berhadapan dgn masalah ni ms pantang anak ke 2 sy pam susu dpt sikit jer, emosi tak stabil jd stress tgk hasil pam..susu mmg drop anak umur 2 mgu sy topup dgn fm…jd masa berpantang anak ke 3 sy langsung tak pam dan buat stok..apa yg sy buat hanya DF baby ikot demand dia sbb nk merangsang pengeluaran susu..lps habis pantang br la sy buat stok susu..alhamdulillah setiap kali pam dpt la byk hasilnya..

    1. i have heard of it. the science behind it is kita try nak mimic baby’s feeding pattern every 10 mins bagi suction. my problem with power pumping is its time consuming. saya tak berapa rajin nak pump every 10 mins for 1 hr. i rather pump 3hrly regularly.. so i cant really comment sbb takde pengalaman. theoritically it should work..

  18. dr.. air masak just bagi lepas makan je ke. sebab anak saya suka minum selang seli susu n air. so xleh nak bajet brape byk yg dia minum sehari.
    p/s : anak sy since umur 1minggu stat susu FM. sy xde rezeki nak bg breastmilk. 😥

  19. Salam doc..such an inspiring post..I feel you doc,bkn snng nk susukn ank..I hope that I’ll be able to produce more..when having a bb again.mybaby is just 9 mnts..still bf walaupon da campur fm.definitely my star post for future reference..
    Thank u doc 4 ur tips..

  20. Salam doc. Thank you for the sharing. My baby now almost 5 month. Alhamdulillah susu sentiasa cukup. Its just my baby starting from 3 month berat tak brapa nak naik. Naik dlm 200 g je. Bmi still ok. Sikit lagi graf nak cecah line kuning. Is it because my food ? Atau baby aktif ?

  21. I have twin just 2 month old age.. its really hard for me to bf both of them..i try my best..but i need to take care both of them i just prepare fm just in case..i felt so guilty 😖 because i manage to give exclusive bf for my first baby but not for the twin..i don’t have enough preparation/stock for them…. I’m going to start working in a month time.. I’m very sad..

  22. Dr, anak saya dah setahun tapi berat 6kg je. susu badan, makan banyak tapi berat x cantik. Perlu ke campur FM? Tq.

  23. Assalamualaikum Dr

    Thanks for sharing the good tips for bf especially for twins..Really make my day 😘. Saya selalu rasa down takut susu not enough for twins.. Cant wait to your next blog on pumping sessions

  24. I have two boys (44 & 23 months old), both are still breastfeed. Yes, the eldest even sudah go to tadika but still nenen. & i do consume nescafe everyday. So far milk production is alhamdulillah. Enough for them. I dont have any milk booster. Maybe because I’m a housewife, who always have them by my side during milk time (direct-bf). Until now they’re still direct, never give bottle. I want to ask if anyone know how to wean off the eldest? He’s reaching 4yo but still direct-bf.

    1. Jangan bagi terus. If betul nak wean off. Like my 1st son. Wean off at 2y11m. Apa i buat? I memang hentikan terus and seminggu je camtu dia dah ok. Then on dengan fresh milk je.bagi dlm cup

  25. Very inspiring! saya dlm pantang and soon akan start kerja… now nak kena start pump…
    Jgan jemu menulis Dr… ramai menunggu…
    Thank you for the tips!

  26. Hi doc! I have a few questions to ask. I have a son age 1 year 7 months old and i still breasfeed him whenever i am with him, usually at night n weekend lah..bcoz he also drinks that i am warded due to some health issue, so i have to take antibiotic drip n doc suggest me not to bf him in the meantime bcoz the med will directly go to my blood n become milk la kan..but when i discharge nanti, how long the med will stay in my body doc? Or can i bf immediately after discharge? Bcoz i’ve pumped out the risky milk already in the hosp..Just wanna know how long the effect of the med will stay in my body so that it would be safe to bf again..thank u in advance😊

  27. Salam doktor.
    1) Pernah cuba susu + kurma (rendam smlmn + buang biji) blended?
    Sedap. Dan semua org kata ini antara resipi tambah susu.
    2) Doktor dh ada preparation utk bulan puasa? Nak sgt tau klu ada tips menyusu + berpuasa. Menu bersahur + berbuka + sepanjang malam paling best nak tau.
    Terima kasih 😊

  28. Salam doc.. May i ask when actually can we introduce babies to fresh cow’s milk? And let’s say after successfully bf for 2 years which one is better to continue with fm or fresh milk is fine in terms of its nutrients & all?

  29. Assalamualaikum saya skrg 5 bulan..dia suka minum susu dr breast sblh kiri je..kalau bg sblh kanan mesti dia tolak..ada x cara utk bg dia minum dr kedua belah? Ini baby pertama saya..

  30. Salam Dr.. berapa minutes Dr selalu pump for each session? Thought lagi lama lagi bagus. But heard somewhere last few months paling lama 30minutes je. Xsure kesahihan..

  31. reading this make me feel so rindu nak susukan baby lagi…i have stop bfeeding now my son dah almost 2 years. i stopped quite early for my 3rd baby sbb i consume pil perancang yg mmg buat supply i drop like takde terus. but i just have to take the pill sbb i dah czer 3x..

  32. Hai, saya ada 3 orang anak lelaki. 5,4 and 1 y-o. And biasa buat EBM stock untuk tinggal bekerja. Memang hati kena kering betul sebab gigih buat stok banyak2. Sampai boleh beli freezer baru just untuk simpan stock EBM. Sehari sempat 2 to 3x pam kat office..kwn2 mcm kagum jer tgk production banyak even bulan puasa. Saya consume ESP. Saya pernah jugak try2 herbal tea. Tapi pahit la. Semestinya nak yang sedap2 jer and hasil awesome. ESP ni not only to increase breastmilk, plus kulit mak2 pun tambah gebu and energy booster. Saper nak beli dari saya, bulan ni 3 orang pertama akan dapat 1 free item! saper nak bagi kan?

  33. Alamak dr… camne ni… sy mmg hari2 minum kopi/ nescafe… xleh nk stop 😅 caffein mom sgt … ni paling mncabar rasanya sbb ngantuk kt ofis bila bangun malam menyusukan baby…tu yg minum gak kopi 😞

  34. Ya Allah doc..u remind me. My 1st & 2nd bf journey. Jarak depa 1 tun, dedua df sorang sebelah. Mmg to done nak pum kat rmah. Apa2 pun syukur sbb di kurniakan susu badan yang cukup

    Cyaiyokk doc..saya doakan terbaik buat si twin

  35. salam dr, my son got g6pd deficiency and now he already 2 weeks , the problem is my bf is not enough for him, anak sulung and i don’t have any pengalaman at all . your post so much help me , can you share some tips how you manage your time with your twins ? because i know u still stdy rite . same goes with me. at the end of this month i’m going to uni to take exam.

  36. Dear Dr, I would like to ask, I am just married for 2 months ( married on March 2018). Is it normal at this stage I am still not pregnant? my menstrual cycle is not normal (I meant, i pernah tak period for 2 months, then suddenly period, but that happened only 2 times so far. other than that, i just having a problem of period tak teratur. Currently i am consuming folic acid for almost a month (i dah makan 30 biji! 🙂 ) After that i still having a symptom of early pregnancy but after a dozen of upt been tested, it still negative. and previous month, i dtg period. is it maybe we are putting so much hopes? do you have any suggest of what type of food should i eat? and is it overweight may lead it towards this?

  37. Oh wow hats off to you, mommy! (also – 5L? I can barely drink up 2/3L!) Your kegigihan is truly inspiring, Thank you for sharing your journey and tips.

    PS: you can add brewers yeast when baking cookies or no bake lactation balls, it adds somewhat nutty flavour – I personally love it.


  38. Salam Dr Halina. Thanks for the great tips. Bulan puasa ni susu saya drop so i’m looking for milkbooster. Read about moringa and searched it at an organic shop. But the shop didnt have moringa leaves. Instead, they have moringa seeds. Saya beli n makan. Boleh ke Dr? Or do u think i should try moringa leaves instead? Thanks Dr for ur advice. Really appreciate it.

  39. Salam doc. Inspiring story! I can’t imagine having twins… haha. I breastfed my daughter directly (she rejected bottles from the start. we tried many brands but all were rejected). before she was two, i’ll go home from work every 3 hours to feed her. so it was direct feeding all the wayyyy until she was 3 years and a half when i decided enough is enough 😛 now immagine if there’s two of her… #pengsan

    but on the bright side, she’s very close to me and we developed a very healthy bonding.

    my milkbooster was just by eating & drinking A LOT! hehe oh, and horlicks & mango lassi!

    happy breastfeeding doc, chaiyok!

  40. Hi Dr. Halina, my name is Alia. I’m contacting you on behalf of Mega Bloks / Fisher Price. We would like to connect with you on a project. Can we get your contact number / email address? Thanks!

  41. This is great! One thing I’ve been trying to confirm… can you increase your milk supply after it becomes “established?” My son just hit 7 months and he seems to be eating more (he takes some solids now too). I pump at work and I’d love to increase my supply if possible!

    1. can! i still can increase mine whenever i need it. i will have to pump regularly (3-4hrly) and i will take moringa tea. by 48hr, i will have more provided i drink enough water..

  42. Assalamualaikum Dr. Harlina.
    Tq atas perkongsian yg sgt berguna. Sy skrg tgh susukan baby twin jgk, dua2 boy, Hazim dan Haziq.
    Mereka baru 4 bulan dan sy dah topup fm semenjak dlm pantang sb kuning baby tinggi.

    Skrg sy dh blh kurangkan bg fm – sekadar 1x kat taska dan max 2x di rumah.

    Harap2 yg berjaya susukan twin lebih lama walaupun dan topup fm.

    Utk milkbooster, sy ambil overnight oat jgk..skrg chia seed hbs stok so rs x keruan sgt..hehe

    Semoga kita semua dipermudahkan urusan menyusukan baby hingga 2 thn..

    Kagum dgn semangat dr.!

      1. Assalam ada bby prem 32 week. Lately susu mmg drop .mmg fully bf..xpenah formula milk..risau tkut susu xdpt supply utk dia .mcm mne xnk bg susu drop..mmg x pam pom..sbb derect feed..tq dr.

  43. Dr, boleh ke saya tengah mengandung, tapi masih menyusukan anak pertama. anak pertama saya baru 8 bulan. dan fully breastfeeding.

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