Breastfeeding The Twins

Hi all!!

Adam and Noah is already reaching their 3 month milestones. Time really flies.. They are already smiling and cooing and being just adorable.. you know, before they start to be mobile and move around and you have to child-proof the whole house again… To be honest, I think both Adam and Noah are quite easy babies. They are not fussy especially Noah.. (Adam always want his frozen mommy’s milk heated up to the right temperature!! That little boss! ๐Ÿ™„ย )

I believe many of you agree that breastfeeding is tough. It is not easy. Please do not believe the poster that you see in the obstetric ward which has the picture of a pretty mommy with long, shiny hair with the perfect boobs feeding her baby in her toned arm.

Real life is not really like that..

It is more like, one mommy with a tight bun on her head (because somehow breastfeeding makes her feels heat-y, sometimes sweaty with her saggy boobs feeding her baby in her flabby arm!! We mommies have to admit, our boobs have evolved from the Entertainment Department to F&B Department. That is motherhood!! (Don’t worry, all can be fix later once you are done with having little babies ๐Ÿ˜œย there’s always push-up bra for emergency situations!)


Left Noah, Right Adam

The first two month of Adam & Noah’s life, alhamdulillah I managed to fully breastfeed them. Sometimes both at the same time, but personally I prefer to feed them one at a time. When doing tandem feeding (that is both at a time) of course you are trying to safe time but I don’t feel the connection with the boys. I don’t know who to look at! Haha.. when I look at Adam, I feel guilty towards Noah.. When I look at Noah, I feel bad not looking at Adam… I can’t choose. Haha.. #momsguilt

So, I only tandem breastfeeding when both of them wants milk at the same time.

3-hourly feeding is definitely no joke. The first two month, I only got out from my house for 3 times (only!!). My goal is just to feed them, and make them chubby ๐Ÿ˜ Especially Noah who was slightly smaller than Adam. Whenever Noah cries, I will rush to feed him. Haha.. yes, I was that kiasu. My husband and my mom were definitely a great help. My mom stayed with me for almost 3 weeks after the delivery, I had C-sec delivery, remember? It took a while until I can move around and carry the twins myself, they are pretty heavy to carry when you just had an open abdominal wound.. trust me. When my mom went back to her house.. it was just me and my husband. We have a kakak at home to help with other house chores like the laundry and cooking. My husband likes to take care of our children ourselves. Yup, thats Bella, Tasha, Adam and Noah. Hehe.. Life was hectic but we were happy. So blessed, alhamdulillah..


Anti-clockwise : Bella, Adam, Noah, Tasha

When the boys reached 2 month old, I started to introduce bottles to them. I need more milk to build milk stash. I have been pumping milk after I finish feeding them. Even if its 0.5oz, I still keep it in the fridge. When I reached 3oz, I stored it in the freezer. Slowly I managed to accumulate bags and bags of storage, from 3oz to 4oz and now I’m at 5oz. I read books and articles on breastfeeding and finally get to know better about lactogenic food. Lactogenic means food that will increase your milk production. I will share that with all of you in my next entry, in shaa Allah..


Left Adam, Right Noah

If I had to describe my life for the past 3 months in one word.. it is..ย blessed. Yes, my eyebags are beyond help but the joy of having them is priceless.


P/s: Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation is a great help for the eyebags btw ๐Ÿ˜‰

16 thoughts on “Breastfeeding The Twins

  1. Hi, Dr. Halina. Thank you to you and your husband for sharing tips on taking care of your kids especially your twins as I’m currently pregnant with twins. Please keep on writing (and posting pics and tips on your Instagram!).

  2. Wah.. best nye.. cmne ye nk bg baby terima susu ibu yg dibotolkan.. dh try mcm2 botol msih refuse lg botol ๐Ÿ˜ž

    1. Nadia, i also had the same problem with my daughter 3 years ago.. Finally, i just sent her to babysitter with few ebm stocks.. On her first day at her babysitter’s house, she refuse the bottle until 5 pm, then finally she drank the milk. But on the next day, she already understand that her mommy was not around, so by hook or by crook she has to drink the bottle. Alhamdulillah, she get used with the bottle after that even when the mommy was around her.. hehe

      1. But, from that incident, i’d learned something. Actually, the baby should be trained using the milk bottle since confinement period – The ultimate time is after 30 days she/he was born. Maybe, for a start, someone (could be daddy or helper ) need to feed the baby using the bottle, while mommy is having her ‘me time’.. After quite a while, i think baby would get to use the bottle easily without confusing between a real nipple and fake nipple.. hehe

  3. Dr Halina and husband, u will never imagine how much is your life stories and never ending tips are helping us, the Malaysian mothers out here. Please IG-ing more tips …May Allah bless you and your husband more and more…aameenn

  4. Thank you Dr Halina. Semoga Allah memberi kesihatan dan kelapangan masa kepada Dr untuk sentiasa memberi ilmu dan tips mcm ni. Tak sabar nak baca next entry.

  5. Hi Dr. Halina, please share more about breastfeed journey ya, my milk getting drop now dunno why. Thank you Dr. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. assalamualaikum Dr.Halina umur baby saya 4 bulan 6 hari (same age with your twins ๐Ÿ˜Š) ada tips tak banyakkan air susu ? saya makan ubat warfarin buat masa ni. thank you

    1. Pump regularly.. everytime your baby feed sblh, you pump pagi sblh. And drink a lot of water.. if you think you cant drink anymore, try drink a little bit more!! Hahaha.. im serious!

  7. Assalamuailakum dr halina, i like the your parenting style on how u jage and educate anak2. All anak2 jage by u n husband or you send them to parent or baby sitter. Im working mother and wanted to raise my own child. Im still in dilemma. Need your point of view.

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