Random Rantings..

I stumbled upon the viral video “Hantaran 15K”

I have to agree that weddings are super expensive nowadays. I may be wrong but only mas kahwin is our right (mine was RM80!! Haha..) If both sides are spending about half of the cost, isn’t it more logical to lower down the hantaran to help ease the burden on your future husband? After all, you are gonna marry him anyway. If he is in debt, you are too! Married, remember?

I found two sides of the story. Not judging anyone. Whatever done is done.

One little note to my girls out there.. Getting married is not about the wedding. It’s about life after marriage. You will realise that your man loves you when he wakes you up for prayers. You will realise that your man loves you when he tells you to solat with him. And that is because what is more important is your afterlife.

Be independent.

And don’t always look for the right person. Be THE right person to find your right person.

I’m sorry if I ever hurt anyone..

Allah knows best.


20 thoughts on “Random Rantings..

  1. suka bila doc rajin dah post..mcm hari2 dok cari ur update semata2 nk rsa motivated n happy.lau boring sya rjin p ‘selongkar; ig doc..hehe..lpas windu

  2. Hmmmm…. Depend on undertsanding between girl and boys and also explanation both families. If they redha insyaallah all rezeki will be come soon after your marriage. Just prays and believe with your Allah

  3. Hii doctor!

    I know this is random. But how do you deal with someone soooo negative? Honestly I really dislike negative vibes in my life. But i don’t know how to handle those kind of people. 😦 sometimes when they see other people trying something new, they just have to say out something condescending. I dont really get these kind of people.

    1. Im a type of person that keeps negative person away from me. I really dont like negative vibes. I will just walk away from that kind of people.. Haha.. Seriously I do..

      1. But what if the person is living with you a.k.a your housemate? Haha sometimes I just wish to live inside a cave alone 😅 Okay a cave would be an overstatement, no shopping malls around!

      2. Tell that person straight.. Tak faham jugak.. Silent treatment.. Malas nak cakap.. Hahahaha…

      3. Hahaha okayy! I will try to muster my courage and talk to her! 😁 Thank you dr halina, keep on spreading positive vibes ❤️❤️❤️ Love you!

  4. Salam Doctor. That is such a good quote from you! I never thought of it like that ‘Be The right person to find your right person.’ I’m going to fwd this to all my friends. Thank you.

  5. Assalammualaikum Dr Halina.. I can’t help but agree with U that the “afterlife” is more important …I used to be in a marriage 5 years ago ..at first it was perfect…i have an adoring husband, loving mom & dad in law…noble siblings… but little did I know that Allah nak uji during our 2nd year.. I got pregnant, alhamdulillah…but then i suddenly noticed that my husband wasn’t that affectionate anymore.. at first , I thought it was only my hormones …but his weird behavior was so obvious..he seldom spend time at our home n always gave excuses to be in malacca most of the time (where he was an army officer based there). Finally, we got into a messy divorce (I found out that he had a mistress n they got married along the Siam border not long before our baby was delivered)..my heart was crushed..shattered into million pieces..But I managed to overcome my sorrows n move on..I kept telling myself, “Life has to go on”.. But deep down inside, i still kept that hatred.. Blaming him for what had happened over the years…I even blamed God for turning my life upside down.. Although I’ve found a new man now.. I still can’t overcome my fears..phobia of betrayal… but lately i’ve been “muhasabah diri” n I realized that maybe there was a “hikmah” behind all this misfortune…I learnt to be a “better” person…a more obedient slave to Allah (although not that pious..InshaAllah I will someday)..I thank Allah for every breath that I take…I thank Allah for blessing me with a beautiful daughter and supportive family…I thank Allah for what He had planned for me…my past, present and future…Like U said, Allah knows best…

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