Mandarin Flash Cards

Some of you might know that B and T goes to Mandarin class apart from their daily school. They really love their Mandarin lessons. Sometimes they sing  Mandarin song at home.. Mommy just go lalala pretend to understand..

At the class, whenever they can memorise a Mandarin word in Chinese characters, they get to bring back the flash card for that word.. So far, Bella has these much of cards..

I’m very proud of her considering I know none of the words!! Haha.. every time we do revision at home, she will correct my pronunciation 😀

Every. Single. Time!!

And last week, for the first time… Tasha got her flash cards!! Woohooooo!!

I know it’s only two but at least she memorise those two words!! My little Tasha can memorise two Mandarin words!!! *happy tears* And this kiasu lady (a.k.a mommy) keep testing her at home, just to make sure she really memorise the words, not just by luck!! Hahaha..

Mommy is so proud of you, Little Tasha!!


16 thoughts on “Mandarin Flash Cards

  1. Dr, can you post a video of you testing those two on those chinese alphabets? Would looove to watch that! 😀

  2. Doc..sama cam anak saya..dia pegi mandrin kintergdn..selalu bla sy ajar..dia yg betulkn .yg x tahn ayat dia…ibu..ibu slh tu..sebt btl2..hehhh

  3. Alhamdullilah… bagus b & t bijak. sy yg baca ni pun excited nk tgk pelajarn mereka sterusnya!! hope they will come is this video!!

  4. Hi,

    I would like to sent both my kids same as bella n tasha to mandarin class as well. Can u tell me where is it? Or recommend any good one? Googled but cant fine plus we thought want to sent them when they r a bit bigger but saw ur kids doing well and we thought y not..

    Thank u..

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  5. DR. I wanna ask u something…

    – is it your kids went to mandarin class everyday?
    – and how long their daily school hours every day? (is it the whole day or just half day only)

    Thank you Dr halina for answering my questions

    1. Miss Dorsett Pink.. They used to go to Mandarin daily for 1.5hrs in he evening but now we only send them 3 times a week to give extra time for Iqra class as well. They have morning school until 1pm. Then nursery/ iqra’ class until 4pm, then mandarin from 4-5.30pm. Yes.. And in top of that, Kumon after maghrib! Yes, they are super busy 😘 but they enjoy all the activities..

  6. Looks like you gonna have a great mother-daughters bonding when you’re now officially their lovely-students…nice doc!

  7. I am learning mandarin currently, its very difficult to pronounce the word with 100% correct tone and memorize the character. Will they sit for HSK test once fluent?. Happy for them…

  8. I really proud when malay people interested in chinese.. I am a mandarin lecturer in kolej profesional mara beranang.. Thumbs up to tasha and bella.. Keep it up.. Goodluck B and T.. 😘

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