Lately on Barely Supermommy..


There’s too much spam comments on my blog. What do I do? Should I put up approval permission before each comments? (Seriously?) It will be tiring. I don’t have time to approve every single comments..

Any advice? -.-

And thank you for the good response on advertisement blog entry. I will reply to you as soon as I can. Time is just crazy jealous of me. I will, InsyaAllah.. Be patience with me please..

And here’s Tasha being cheeky..

Much love.. X

22 thoughts on “Lately on Barely Supermommy..

  1. Agak ah. I follow follow up comments on posts I’ve commented on and quite funny la ada yang puji genericly then promote blog sendiri la haha. Funny la to me yg bukan owner blog ni. Sian you, mesti slight OCD headache tengok spam bersepah

  2. Assalamuaikum…
    dr.boleh x share satu page about hepatitis?? u story about motherhood life…it funny and i njoy…first start blog pun sbb baca story yg dr tulis…best sgt…
    hope dr xkan berhenti menulis…

  3. I personally think U just need to add…errr i forgot the term…but it’s like keying in numbers/alphabets based from a picture(s) just to prove they are not robots. Usually spammers are using software/website (i would say robots) to spam your comments column.

    Just my 2cents again 😉

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