The Deadly Question!

Me: “Do I look fat? Am I fat? Do you think I’m fat?”

Silence. Then he giggled..

Me: “I’m serious.. Do you think I’ve gained some weight?”

He giggled..

Hubsy: “Pls dont ask me silly question..”

Me: “But S, I need your honest opinion.. Do you think I’m fat..?”

Giggled and giggled and giggled.. Still no answer..

Me: “I promise I tak marah.. I just wanna know…”

Giggled and giggled..

Hubsy: “Please dont ask me that kind of question..”

Giggled again..

Smart move!!

Gentleman.. If your partner asked you the deadly question..

Rule #1) Do NOT answer with a YES.. (What were you thinking?? Β )

Rule #2) Do NOT answer with a NO either!! (Hahah.. You must be mad!! )

Either way, you are in trouble. Just try your best to distract her! Good Luck!


18 thoughts on “The Deadly Question!

  1. Sometimes i kesian kat golongan hubby.. Ckp benar pon salah tipu pon salah.. Tp giggling his way out of the question seems to be a smart move coz it is a tricky question haha

  2. cakap tak mesti kita tak caya kalau cakap ye nanti marah baik diam je para hubby kan ekekeke nak amek hati bini la kekdahnye tu πŸ™‚

  3. Hahah done that question to my hubbeh.
    He said …” i tatau la sbb selalu dah selalu tgk tu yg tak perasan gemok ke kurus, tp hari tu kan kwn i ckp nmpak kurus so betul la dia ckp ..” heh still xpuas hati dgn jawapan yg diberi. πŸ˜›

  4. if i ask my husband…he will says ” sy x suka awk kurus…gemok kan lg sikit “….cemana tu….rasa dh gain almost 5 kg dr sblm kawin….die nk gemook lg…confuse $^&*^$=+:&%$##@@%*…

  5. my husband always said “please dont ask me this kind of question again??” but there is alwaysa time that ” yang, perut abg boroi tak?” what should i answer? hahaha

  6. Actually,I prefer my husband to be honest with this kinda question. In a way, he takes notice of certain changes especially to my physique.
    I’ve once asked him this before I got pregnant.
    He denied all the way, of course, but I realised I’ve gained that much weight after he told me my butt was meaty than usual and he kept on grabbing it each time we went to bed!
    I started working out after that and made it toner. Haha.
    Great entry, Dr Halina!

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