PD Ostrich Farm

Remember I posted this up on my Instagram?

Last weekend was super fun!!

My husband insisted we go for a quick holiday. The girls needed a break from the city life!! Hahaha.. yeah, right! So, we decided to go for a short getaway in PD. 

When we arrived there, my husband asked me to check out this place called “PD Ostrich Farm”. I was like…”Seriously there’s ostrich in PD?” So, I googled…
It was nearby to the hotel that we stayed, somewhere in Teluk Kemang.. After checked in, changed the girls diapers, then off we go to the ostrich farm…
My first impression..
“Hmmm… they could do better with the deco. Let’s give it a chance first..”
This place looks like kampung houses style, but with deco here and there. It gives you the kampung vibes.. Nice for a change..
We were greeted by ducks and geese (in a gated area, of course!!) and goats!! (I proudly fed the goat myself with my own bare hands!! That was part of my proud moment of the day!!)
Then there was also baby chicks and ducklings in their houses.. Oh my God… Bella went “Mommy, mommy I want baby chick!!” she actually wanted to bring it back!! She promised she will feed it, bathe it and sleep with the baby chick!! Hahaha… Dream on, Bella 😉 And Tasha, as usual, she’s quite cool and calm..
There was also donkeys which were trained to take photograph with visitors. That means, they won’t kick you with their hind legs when you come near them 😉
That’s T watching the guy bathing the donkey..
And check this out!!! Haha..
She must have gotten it from her mommy!!
Except that Tasha looks super cool and mommy looks like chicken! Haha..
If you’re wondering where’s Bella..
That’s her favourite…
Too much of drama when we wanted to go home. She actually wanted to stay with the animals there.. Haha.. Don’t even think about it… balik!!
Is it worth going? Yes, it’s good for children.. very educational. And they get to pet and play with the animals. Much better than seeing on Youtube!!
How do you find it.. Go google PD Ostrich Farm!

31 thoughts on “PD Ostrich Farm

    1. ha’ah.. i just realised i don’t have any pics with ostrich!!! hahahhaha… memang tak ambik pon!!

  1. Adorable bella!she’s really brave compare to me..me is 23..n scared with all animals bergerak yg besar than semut n nyamuk..haha..really want to hear Tasha speak actually…wonder how she n bella sembang2…hihi

  2. thanks doc.. pernah pergi dulu once masa study.. tapi tak terpikir pun kat situ utk bawa anak2 jalan.. skrg dah ada list lah =)

  3. Dr, ada 1 tempat di Seri Kembangan nama Farm in the City, saja la bgtau if Dr berminat nak bawak B & T…konsep petting zoo so leh bagi makan dan pegang semua haiwan…memang best bawa budak-budak… =D

  4. Doc, I think you should consider buying a cat for Bella as pet 😀 It’s gonna be super great. Well yeah she loves animal obviously so having a pet is kinda a great learning process too kan 😉

  5. Assalam Dr…It’s been awhile didn’t vIsit ur blog. Miss ur updates so much….Went there a few years ago…must repeat since we have small toddler again. Good exposure for kids. Riding an ostrich was fantastic moment..

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