Why Anti-Oxidant?

OK.. this is a super mega major late entry!! I promised to you I’ll write about the extra skin care regime I’m consuming orally.. it’s this one!!

Manja tak? Hahahha…

I’ve been taking this supplement for almost 6 month now.. and I like it. I was just a consumer until the supplier find out about it and put my face on the advertisement!! Hahah..

First of all, what is anti-oxidant?

Anti-oxidant is a natural compound in our food that helps neutralises free-radicals in our body.

*nerd mode on*

Free radicals are the “bad guy” and anti-oxidants are the “good guy”. A free radical is an atom with at least one unpaired electron in our body cell. Since it has lost an electron, it needs to stabilise itself by ‘stealing’ an electron from a nearby molecule.

Where does free-radicals come from?

Easy.. I found this from the internet..

Basicly, it’s all around us, in our environment!!

Now is the part where you should ask me.. “Is that my problem?”

My answer is “Yes, it is our problem!!” Haha.. This is because whatever the free radical touches and ‘steal’ the electron (please refer to the paragraph above!!), it will damage it!! (because one of the electron is stolen, remember?)

As an example, if the free radical touches the DNA, it can cause mutation that can lead to many diseases like cancer…

Do you get me?? It’s like a chain reaction, the more things free radical touches (and steal the electron!), the more cells will get damage.. until, it binds to… ANTIOXIDANT!!!

Taddaaaaaa…. Get it?!!

Thats why antioxidant is important!!

So basically, anti-oxidant is important as an anti-aging, anti-inflammatories, and it helps to boost the immune system.

To all the vain pots (and that includes me..) you must be wondering.. how does it helps with the skin, right? Easy, if you have healthy skin cells, you will have much less problems with pigmentations (hence the whitening effect and indirectly anti-oxidant will function as a sunblock!), fine lines and acne.

Get it??

Haaaaa.. that’s why we, mere mortals need anti-oxidant!

So, why I choose this oralΒ anti-oxidant supplement?

It’s mainly because of the quality. It’s pre-packed into small sachets. If your anti-oxidant is in a jar, it will get destroys over time every time you open the jar. (Remember the free radicals in our environment?) So, pre-packed is to ensure the quality of the anti-oxidant is maintained!

Besides, it claims that it has so much anti-oxidant with super fruits and what not.. They just sounds good to me!! Haha…

and this one whole box will last me for 2 months πŸ™‚

After 6 months of using it, I noticed my energy level is better.. and that means I needed less coffee everyday to keep me energised all day. Less frequent attack with flu symptoms, I believe it does help to build up the immune system as well, even if I fall sick, I recovered quite fast without antibiotics and my skin is less dry in general.

There’s a long list of the benefits of this product that comes with it if you bought this, and you will see, basically what it does is it helps to regulate the cells (whatever cells in our body) to function better.

Bear in mind, all anti-oxidant supplements must be taken continuously.. that is because the free radicals are also continuously produced in our body!! *duhh..*

OK, enough of this long lecture. Thank you for attending my science class today!!


156 thoughts on “Why Anti-Oxidant?

  1. Doctor, please share with us readers your skincare regime too!
    I want a glowing flawless skin like you but idk which products are recommended.
    Thank you doc! May Allah bless you and your family!


  2. Dr halina,saya juga minum Secret skin white,and it helps me a lot,my period pain is gone..sgt gembira Dan bahagia,thanks to you because u write it in the blog about this anti oxidant. I luv u doc..

  3. doc…u skake it or just mkn macam tu je? sbb ade yg kata klu mkn n kemam mcm tu je lagi berkesan…is it true? which one yg u prefer πŸ™‚

  4. Tq doc. It’s like a physics + bio lecture. But u make it sounds easy to understand. Aha. If pregnant is it safe to consume?

    1. from my professional opinion, i strongly suggest you defer any supplement / medications during first trimester of pregnancy unless indication / ordered by your gynae..

  5. Assalamualaikum, doc… I’m 19. Is there any side effect if I consume try this supplement?

  6. Sy start minum SSW masa dr mula2 tulis pasal ni di blog even x detail. Reason nk try sebb dia bg energy bukan semata2 untuk kecantikan kulit saja. Now dh kotak ke 3. Preggy woman bole consume. Satu lg sebb reasonable price RM170 ada 60 sachet n last fr 2 months so per month x sampi 100. Mampu milik!!!!

  7. Doc… i confuse la…Takut la nk minum benda2 mcm ni..Takut affect buah pinggang or ade side effect lain…is it really safe? Kenapa doc x consume je natural food yg contain antioxidants? Kenapa doc sgt konfiden utk mkn supplements mcm ni? I teringin jugak nk consume supplements mcm ni tp dlu my doc ade ckp.semua supplements ni xberguna sbb byk akn hilang dlm urine and byk side effect. Dia ckp lg bagus mcm natural food. Tp lg prefer amik supplements je sebnanye. So nk tahu la pendapat doc…why doc konfiden utk amik supplements ni semua???

    1. natural fruits makan jugak.. tp tak larat lar nak makan 4kg of blueberries hari2 to get enough anti-oxidant supply..

      1. Dr. My skin very darker on only open area like face.. Is any way to get my skin colour same as body…

      2. i don’t think you’re answering mila’s concern. She and many others are concerned on how safe are these supplements to be consumed. When and if patient’s are admitted to the ward, if the physician finds out that patients are consuming these so-called “supplements”, they are asked to stop immediately.

        there are no studies to support the benefits and prove no side effects on long term consumption of these products.

        I do not understand why you are advocating something based on testimonials and not proper studies..

  8. Salam Dr, may I ask if it is safe for G6PD Deficient to consume this? I know, I tried to ask suppliers but they all seem clueless. I really want to make myself healthy but like you said, tak larat jugak nak consume natural products banyak2 kan…thanks in advance…

  9. Salam Doc. I have been a loyal follower to your informative blog. I found out about the kawai collagen and another product called Zofea beauty, which is supplied by the same company (if I’m not mistaken). Zofea beauty is a so-called natural breast enhancement product. I have been in dilemma in so many years since I was a late bloomer and I still am, I am a flat chested lady, haha, and I am getting married in few months’ time. So, is it safe if I consume this product, containing rich in pueraria mirifica…? I am worried about the adverse effects, concerning if the herbs may mimic estrogen which is one of the risk factors for breast cancer…. I highly appreciate if u can answer since u are in medical line, who else would people like us (the community) depend on if it’s not the doctors. If u can’t answer, can u suggest me any website or blogs for reliable reference…?

    1. I read about that product too but I’m a bit worried abt the oestrogen content. There’s no study about the level of oestrogen content in that supplement. I chose not to take it..

  10. If ambik suplement mcm nih kene minum air putih/masak byk..baru ad/nmpk kesan!! Goodluck πŸ™‚

  11. Salam Dr Halina.thanks so much for writing this.honestly i’ve been waiting for this entry for quite sometime.hihi.as u said, super mega late entry? πŸ˜› btw, i started consume Secret Skin White Kawaii Collagen in March..decided to consume it because of u! πŸ™‚ n because of the great results, I decided to become an agent..long story short, for those who are interested to get thia superb supplement, feel free to sms/whatsapp me at 0134742456..also visit my blog http://nadia-liyana.blogspot.com for testimonials..TQ!!

    1. me myself ada fibroid dalam Rahim..it was 5cm masa pregnant 6 months..last month baru check blk and now it’s 1.8cm Alhamdulillah..dah amik Secret Skin White Kawaii Collagen since March..so insyaAllah takde side effect utk org yg ada cyst and fibroid..like Dr Halina said, its not a hormone supplement..sms/whatsapp 0134742456 to order! http://nadia-liyana.blogspot.com

  12. Hahahahaha so many questions that they boggle my mind. Jenuh nak jwb tu doc. Still, this is a great post and I am tempted to try. It is true the free radical are as bad as cancer. They gonna drag our skin down. Better do something before da haggard.hehehe. Thanks for sharing.

  13. wanna get ur skin regime like dr halina?? Dont know where to get it? Dont worry im selling it and its very good supplement for ur health.. Rm170 per box last 2 month woth 60 sachet.. WHATSAPP me 017 7807792 for fast respond..

    1. whitening is when you have a healthy skin (which what antioxidant does!) and no pigmentation. but how it whitens it.. I haven’t come to that chapter yet!

  14. sya tgh survey supplement2 aper yg tbaik utk mkn…emmm, so supplement ni dlm list survey… semoga dimudahkan…

  15. hi DrHalina..msa ni sya mengandung 18 minggu sebelum tu sya memang mengamalkan meminum secret skin white kawai collagen ne tpi stop kan buat sementara waktu ne memandangkan saya pregnant. soalan sya boleh tak secret skin white kawai collagen ne diambil semasa mengandung? mohon penjelasan dari Dr,terima kasih..

    Date: Sat, 31 May 2014 10:53:22 +0000 To: n.majeedah@hotmail.com

  16. Assalam dr..

    May u n family be blessed with good health from Allah..

    Regarding health care regime that u consume daily, I would like to suggest u to try VIVIX, high end product of Shaklee that contains high anti-oxidants with anti-aging mechanism at cellular stage.

    Made from 4 main natural ingredients which are muscadine grape, purple carrot, elderberry n japan knotweed.

    It helps to protect n repair DNA cellular, boost up cell energy, support cardiovaskular health, support heart, joint n mind health, anti aging, antioxidants protection n some more.

    Contains 150ml in each bottle, it taste like berry syrup. Only one tea spoon daily, so it can last for 1.5-2 months.

    Kindly let me know if u like to try it.

    Thanks for reading. Take care:)

    Amirah rifhan 017-9091921 arazuhari@gmail.com

  17. Yup yup, very well said and well explained tentang anti-oxidant and free radical. Terima kasik Dr! πŸ™‚ Selain collagen SSW ni, Antara natural source yang mengandungi natural anti-oxidant ialah extract biji anggur. dan kalau tak larat nak makan anggur banyak2 sekali dengan biji2 dia, and also kalau tak larat nak bancuh powder mcm SSW ni, boleh try Vita-E Complex dari Shaklee… Mudah sangat, telan je sebab ia berbentuk kapsul.. bonus for anti-penuaan dan good skincare supplements.. ini sekadar cadangan dan pilihan… terima kasih! πŸ™‚

    Fara, 0192390107

  18. thanks for sharing doc =) Just wanna share 3 Antioksidan Terbaek dari Shaklee :
    Vitamin A, Vitamin E dan Vitamin C yang tidak boleh dihasilkan oleh badan dan perlu diambil daripada diet harian

  19. Tqvm dr.halina for your lecture. I also consume this. Do far i think it make me feel energetic.

  20. Mohon follow. That’s was a very good explanation in a very simple way. I’ve been consuming the same supplement for 2 months now. New scars are gradually fading. Even if I did not really follow the ‘pantang’. Which is we have to give up caffeine to make it work at its best. I’ve tried to give up caffeine cold-turkey, seriously not even a single bar of chocolate however it only last for one month. I just realize it was a bad way to stop caffeine. Haha. Caffeine is bad. Really. Owh, how much I regret to be a fan of nescafe during my teenlife…

  21. May I add.. TQ. Scars fade bcoz the body is in constant renewal. The scars that does not go away, that’s bcoz that renewal process is disrupted. & correct me if I’m wrong but I think youthfulness has something to do with the protein turn-over in our body, which regenerates & replaces our body cells (high renewal = youth, slow renewal = aging). Eventually as we grow older, the regeneration slows down – I don’t know if we can stop that. But maybe we can take care of our body so that it maintains in good shape, so the body won’t have so much to repair.

    The field is called “regenerative medicine”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vFQJpxabQ4#t=340
    Hope I get it right!

  22. Also, many people praise doctors for curing them. But really, I think it’s mostly that regeneration – which repairs damaged cells to good healthy cells – that heals your body. So thank Allah SWT first! Doctors can only treat, but Allah SWT cures. I LOVE regenerative medicine, I think it’s almost magical.

  23. Good post. I learn something new and challenging on blogs I stumbleupon on a daily basis.
    It will always be interesting to read through content
    from other authors and practice something from their websites.

  24. Salam..dr..sy adalah salah seorang pengguna dan pengedar NUTRIFRESH APPLE STEM CELL drpd BCI company..please feel free to visit our website Biocareer company to know more about our product..its totally different berbanding other product in market now..if you want to see our testimoni you can visit my fb yiendeli…tq doc…sorry for ganggu you…:)

    Sent from my Xperiaβ„’ smartphone

  25. salam doc.. juz nk tahu.. u always consume at nite ke, or ade rutin tetap cth time breakfast? beza ke dr segi kdr penyerapan oleh bdn kalo kite amik pg n mlm? coz penah baca supplement cmni better amik during perut kosong.. what ur opinion doc? tq in advance..hihi

  26. salam doc..sy nak tanya, kalau dalam pantang boleh teruskan consume supplement ni tak? or kena tunggu habis berpantang dulu baru sambung balik? TQ πŸ™‚

  27. going to try..since hb is getting lower with current pregnancy..knowing that doc is consume this product..confident sikit nk amk also..thanks doc for sharing..

  28. hye doc. takpe ke kalau saya consume this and at the same time saya juga ada consume supplement high vit c (radiglow). takkan side effect ke?takut terlampau tinggi vit c in body.

  29. salam, dr , nak tanya untuk ibu yang menyusu boleh tak minum produk ini? sya risau ada kesan yang x baik pada baby. Tq

  30. Salam doc, juz to ask. Is it good to reduce oily n acne skin? Because I have been tried many products but not suit with my skin. Thinking to try this bcoz I tgk positive review from consumer tp need more clarification lg bout this product. Hehe anyway this is my first time drop comment here after 3yrs been ur silent reader. Xx

  31. As Salam..hi doc..doc..nk tye..btl ke klu mkn supplement kne stop mnum coffee..nescafe..tea..pndek kate yg berkafein..supplement x bleh absorb..sy mst hr2 mnum nescafe..bleh doc suggest waktu terbaik tuk mnum nescafe dan mkn supplement..doc mnum sumthin yg berkafein gak ke..bleh share doc..tq

  32. salam doc. i really hope u could help me ease my curiosity that ive been having in my mind since i start consuming the skin collagen supplement. ada org kata masa amek this supplement xleh minum milo and kafein langsung but there are times when i want to drink them. how yea doc? how are ur recomendations regarding this? please please doc huhu…

  33. Oh my..very very good and understandable article! Thumbs up! Quick question doc, according to our weather, which SPF number is more suitable and effective for our skin, is it SPF 24, SPF30 or SPF50.

    Thanks in advance doc

    Regards and salam ramadhan to u and ur family! XO

  34. Salam Dr, will this product make one put on weight? Ive consumed other products that have collagen but stopped due to my body weight increasing after a few mnths. Tq.

  35. Salam dr halina, it’s very informative and easy to digest! :D, very2 good explanation as we are not in medication line. love it!! I pun plan nk consume la this produt.. hiihi..

    1. Salam Nurzalwani…saya agent Secret Skin White Kawaii Collagen..what you experienced is normal..some of my customers pun mcm awak..you’re having a healing crisis..drink a lot of plain water 3 litre per day ya..jerawat akan mengecut..teruskan consume, anda akan nampak hasilnya nanti πŸ™‚

    1. Salam Nudra, maaf mencelah..sy agen sah Secret Skin White Kawaii Collagen..n mmg sy sendiri consume produk ni..sblm ni mmg ada mslh dark circle yg agak teruk..tp Alhamdulillah dgn pengambilan konsisten Secret Skin White Kawaii Collagen dark circle sy dah memudar n improved sgt..sms/whatsapp 0134742456 to know more..visit blog sy http://nadia-liyana.blogspot.com for more testimonies πŸ™‚

  36. Assalamualaikum Dr halina..
    Suka sangat baca blog dr..bercerita pasal secret skin kolagen tu sy dh ambil 1 bln dh ok dan berbaloi2 tp sedihnya sy dh terbeli produk tiruan dr so sad..ingatkan takde jual yg tiruan..
    So kena hati2 membelinya sbb sekrg dh ada yg tiruan..

  37. ops..mcm mana nk tau produk tu ori o tiruan?blh share x?sy dh cnsume br 3hr n yes muka nampak merah sikit..lau x pucat je..*myb sb da displin minum 2.5L air..mcube utk 3L..hehe..tq doc..ur blog really inspired me..love u doc.hope ur still keeping blogging n share info

      1. Hye nadia sy baru je beli kawaii ni…tp 1 botol ade hologram, 1 lg xde hologram…mmg mcm tu ke ape ye?

  38. Salam Dr halina… untuk pesakit cyct n endometriosis boleh consume product sswkc tak?? Dan nk tau product nie boleh lose weight x?

  39. Salam Dr.

    Saya ada baca pada bhgn komen yg doktor tak advice to take zofea beauty secret. So does the same advice goes for secret bust up?


  40. salam… mcmana nak tau produk tu ori or tiruan ye… baru2 ni saya ada beli 1 jar tapi dlm nyer ada serbuk bkn sachet… adakah ini new packaging?

  41. If you have been feeling tired and rundown lately, and seem to be gaining weight for no apparent reason, then it is time
    for a change. It’s conceivable to accomplish this objective the
    conventional path moreover through an equalized eating methodology and exercise.
    The science behind Adiphene consists of 12 of probably the most power fat preventing ingredients known.

  42. dr.. saya ada beli secret white yg paket dan dlt skali yg kapsul. saya dpt jenis kapsul yg wrna putih. saya ad tgk kt 1 blog yg dia punya bkn kapsul tp tablet bulat wrna merah? mmg ad 2 jns kew dr? sy tkut beli yg xori.. mcm mana nk tau ori kew x?

  43. assalam dr,
    mak sya penah mgidap kanser usus . skrg alhamdulilah dh sihat . skrg dia pakai beg buang air besar. dh enam thun berlalu. it safe to consume this?

  44. Assalam dr.Halina..actually i’ve been seraching thid ki d of product quite some time…yet not even one i try sbb takut side efect but looking at this kena pulak medical doc yg consume..i feel confident nk try….tp will it make me put. On weight doc? I penh dgr collegen ni boleh buat tambah berat badan sbb selera makan akan bertambah….is it true ?tq

  45. Assalam dr.Halina..actually i’ve been searching this kind of product quite some time…yet not even one i try sbb takut side effect but looking at this product, kena pulak medical doc yg consume..i feel confident nk try….tp will it make me put on weight doc? I peernah dgr collegen ni boleh buat tambah berat badan sbb selera makan akan bertambah….is it true ?tq

  46. assalam dr, nak tanya, kalau sachet dia warna yellow ori ke? and kenapa packet warna silver rasa lain compare to yellow? tq.

  47. Assalamualaikum Dr.Harlina..
    Sy br nk mula ambil kawaii collagen ni.. br beli tadi..hehehe
    dr pembacaan sy.. kita kene berpantang utk minum minuman kafein, milo, coklat.. sy memang kurang minum kafein dan sebagai ganti.sy minum vico or milo.. klu dh mula pengambilan kawaii collagen ni.. sy x boleh langsung minum apa2 berunsurkn coklat la ye..
    boleh tak Dr. HARLINA bg pendapat. ..

  48. ingredients in secret skin white all goods but only pearl powder…is it safe for our body coz got calsium.We know that calsium is not dissolve in our body.Need yuor reply…thanks

    1. pearl powder bagus utk bdn sbb mengandungi kalsium. sama mcm minum susu. susu pun kalsium. kat dlm wikipedia pun ada sebut pearl powder bagus untuk osteoporosis

  49. Hi doc, I really want to know, how to take the supplement, cause the agent that I bought it through said just take the powder. And is there any food or drinks that i cant take when taking this supplement? Appreciate the reply very much. Thank you

  50. Salam doc,

    I baru beli set kawaii ni. I’m not fancy with kolagen tapi memandangkan u ambil kawaii ni, i confident sikit utk ambil juga.

    Tp fyi, i’m lymphoma free for 2 years. Is it safe?

    Pls reply doc and thanks!

    1. Salam doc..sya nk tnya b4 ni sya ad buat laser hair removal..if i take this supplement….produk ni boleh aktifkn hair x?..sbb ad collagen kn..

  51. Hi how can i Purchase this product i want to sell it in my country as well what is the cost in US$ please Whatsapp me @ +18683856167 please thank you I really need this product

  52. Assalamualaikum Dr.Halina..

    Thanks a lot for sharing this useful info..after made few research and read on your blog, today I will start my 1st consumption on this product..by considering that I really need supplement due to my hectic life as research student..hopefully I become more energetic after this..hahaha

  53. Assalamualaikum. Saya da lama pakai kawai ni. Tp akhir2 ni jerawat naik teruk di bahagian muka. Tp mmg x dinafikan kulit saya mmg makin cerah. Saya kena tukar produk lain ke?

  54. For ALL skin lightening injections pills and capsules,Collagen whitening supplimentsetc…Please Whatsapp@+18683856167 Glutax injections from as low as -$60US -$70US-$80US and more– Wholesale prices also available

  55. Can I get this Item shipped to the USA??? If so please share the link to the website where I can purchase please Thank you!

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