B’s School Trip

Tomorrow Bella has a school trip!!

Her day out without mommy.. Gosh!!

B and her classmate will be going to a fire station!! Hehe..

I think that’s cute!

When I told her babatok, of course, knowing her babatok, he will come out with ideas on how to make things / trip / toys more educational for the kids! My father is very good at that. When I was still schooling, he made me and my siblings write essays everytime we went for a school trip / vacation or anything. Come to think about it, it does help us with memorising, language and writing skills. Those were the days.. This time, for Bella, he suggested us to pre-educate her before her trip. He suggested us to buy some toys or books that is related to the trip (in this case, a fire truck sounds good!)

We rushed to the toy shop and got this for B..

A toy fire truck and a little storybook of fireman (in a shape of fire truck!!)

Hahahaha… Mommy yang over reading this book over and over again to her.. and B was like.. “Mommy, I’m watching Nemo, can we read this later?”

What??? *kiasu mommy mode on*


31 thoughts on “B’s School Trip

  1. You can make a scrap books/ diaries for little B. Take pictures and stick them on it. You can draw her palm on the side and write the details bout the trip (time/date, venue etc.). Since, she’s still small I’m sure she can’t write properly yet, so you can write on her behalf but draw her palm as a prove that she has been there! I think that’s really cute and memorable things to do! It’s really nice as you collect more and more, you can see how much she has learn and how much she has grow! Thank you mommy! I am doing that on myown now as I am studying abroad and travelling here and there. Haha. I will do that to my future kids! InsyaAllah. Hope you guys have a good time. Hugs.


  2. Its good to be a mommy kn doc.
    Every moment yg jadi pd ank2 was very priceless!! ^_^
    Mudah2an sy pn blh jd mommy yg baik utk ank2 sy kelak. InshaAllah…
    Peluk cium B and T for me =))

  3. mesti bella konfius kenapa maknye belikan toy bomba tu hihihihihi 🙂 tapi takpe nanti dah balik lawatan baru dia faham kenape maknye belikan kan 🙂

  4. Oo no wonder lah u have good writing skills doc. Dah dipraktikkan since your early childhood rupanya 😉

  5. My 3 yo daughter loves firemen and firetrucks..she keep singing rumah terbakar panggil bomba bombaa dtg berlumba2 .saw an ambulance pon die cakap bomba bomba..few times bila i ckp pasal heaven n hell , she replied mommy…takde bomba ke dtg tolong org kena bakar dalam neraka tue…ayaiyaiiii

  6. Yang saya nak baca kat sini is mommy’s comment…hahaha..mommy is sooooo overrrr excited…sampai saya yang baca jawapan jawapan doc pun terikut sekali aura excitednye tu…tergelak sorang sorang….paling best bila doc cakap teacher sent pic bella tido dalam bus tu…hehe

    1. stiap kali baca blog Dr.halina mesti senyum,,kadang2 hampir setiap masa cek emel kot2 ade post baru from Barely Supermommy..:)

  7. saya tergelak baca part last sekali… “Mommy, I’m watching Nemo, can we read this later?” hahahahhaha.. B B gigit nakk comel sgt nihh

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