Tasha Is 1!!


Time really flies. Tasha is one year old today..

MasyaAllah, God gave us this cheerful, bubbly little girl to our family. I have no words to describe my feelings towards this little angel. When we first had Bella, I thought I have given my all to her. All my love that I have inside me, all for Bella. Before Tasha was born, I was worried I could not give Tasha as much love as I had for Bella.. simply because I have given all to B!! To my surprise, I was wrong.. the love just grow and grow and grow.. and I equally love these two girls so much, not even an ounce less between these two.


I guess that what mommies do, right?

To love..

Happy birthday Tasha!!

I love you more than you ever know..


35 thoughts on “Tasha Is 1!!

  1. happy birthday T. Dr, now you can have more and more babies. Your babies are all adorable and pretty like you Dr. 🙂 Send my regards to your girls. And again, happy birthday Tasha love!

  2. Time really flies. Happy 1 year birthday Tasha. May you become a child who is not only good in countenance but also in character. Amin. XOXO to Tasha frm Auntie Nora.

  3. Happy birthday tasha! Hampir sama tarikh dengan aunty rahima lah,selang satu hari je.semoga tasha menjadi anak yang cemerlang dan solehah.;)

  4. alaaa comelnya… masyallah !! geram.. doc blog la psl how u juggle as a mom, dr and a wife.. i nak tambah lagi sorang.. seriously.. i mmg nak anak i gap dekat but then im so wooried i x terlarat.. and also share wz us how u jaga both of them.. x jeles ke

  5. assalamualaikum doktor..happy birthday to ur luvly daughter…sy bangga dengan doktor malah sy suka bc apa shj dr blog doktor,keep it up…dengan kata2 doktor dlm mna2 blog yg doktor post telah memberi perangsang,semangat, n idea dlm menguruskan rumah tangga walaupun sy belum ade rezki dr Allah lg…thankzz so much doktor n i’ll pray for u n ur family bahagia selamanya until end…amin..insyaAllah..

  6. Happy Birthday Tasha… Dr Halina, saya nak tanya kat mana Dr belikan telekung comel utk Tasha n Bella… Thanks Dr

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