2014 Is Here!!

Dear BarelySupermommy readers..

May 2014 brings you success, joy, wealth, good health.. and most importantly… happiness!!



26 thoughts on “2014 Is Here!!

  1. Happy New Year to you too. Happy Belated birthday dear, B’s neat freak n T’s laid back is copied frm their beloved parents. I’m your silent reader be it FB or blog. Just wonder what is that brown thingy behind B?

  2. Husna, u r right. Thw brown thingy is Dr SMS’s arm. Can see the sleeve behind B. It looks weird at first.

  3. Happy new year to everyone especially to you Dr. Halina. You’re my idol! Keep on blogging because I would never missed reading you mumbling. x) Hugs to Bella & Tasha! xoxo.

  4. YaAllah! Smlm sy mimpi lg jumpa Doc n famili. Siap dtg umah doc n photoshoot lg dgn fam doc. Bella n Tasha masa tu sgt behave, senang ja bw gambar..
    time gmbr tu sy dukung B n doc dukung T.. Ya lawaknyaaa doc Halina x bagi saya duduk sebelah Dr Sms.. Hhaa!!! Xtau naperr..

  5. Happy new year doc…Baca kisah hidup doc rasa beruntungnya doc…Berbeza dgn saya…Nasib selalu dirundung malang..Allah tempatku berpaut 😦

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