Tasha’s First Few Steps

Tasha turned 10 month old a few days ago and she has started to walk without aid.

We are just so happy and we want to share her first few steps with you!!

A toddler and a baby learning to walk in the house!! I’m quite sure there will be more casualties at home!! Haha.. Wish me luck!!


31 thoughts on “Tasha’s First Few Steps

  1. clap clap. good gal!! πŸ˜€
    doc, mau tukar tajuk jap. i’m pregnant (still early 5w). tadi doc scan tp still tak nampak kantung baby. so i nak tanya, boleh tak i ambik supplement iron-folic? ada effect tak nanti?

    1. Dear, folic acid is very important in the first 3 months of pregnancy…n it is recommended to start taking folic acid even when one is planning to get pregnant πŸ™‚ hope this answers ur question πŸ™‚

  2. Cute bella!!! Rupe ur hubby la dr…by the way, cepat bella jalan…my baby 9mth still panjat2 hehehe…hopefully soon will be my baby turns πŸ™‚

  3. Dr halina blog lg byk2 psl tasya n bella.. Owh dr blog la psl tasya punya tido mlm mcm isit 1 long stretch ? Dr ajar diorang start tido pkl brpa? N feeding during night time brpa kali? Rindu la dr blog n share experience dr mcm zaman dulu2 tu

  4. *out of topic*

    Dr. Would you mind to share with us what do you think on walker for babies. Is it medically advisable to/to not to use it or depends on parents practice in teaching babies to walk? Since i’ve seen Tasha in the walker from you IG. Thanks and regards.

    1. Last week anak sy br kene selsema n batuk.umur 1thn 1bln.dr pesan suruh share dgn kwn2 kalau under 2thn xbole mkn ubat batuk or selsema n boleh bawa maut.di kwsn perumahan sy dr tu ckp thn ni je 3kes kematian sbb ubat tu.dr just bg ubat mata utk dititik ke hidung.better pergi jumpe dr check.yg kes kematian tu sbb derang pandai2 g farmasi beli ubat.

  5. Bgsnya tasha.. X give up wpn duk jatuh byk kali… Smangat juang dia tinggi..! N she is soooooooooo comel hoccay…!

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