KL Bird Park

On Deepavali Day, both me and my husband were free and jobless for a day.. So, my husband decided to bring the children out to the Bird Park near Lake Garden.. Yay! I love family outing. It is so nice to get to bring the girls out and let them enjoy nature. Well, it's KL, where to find trees and birds and all? So, Bird Park is definitely a good idea..
We left after feeding Tasha for lunch, and let Bella has something light at home first..
We had lunch at Hornbill Restaurant outside the park.. good food but not pedas enough. Hahaha.. I think the made it to cater the tourist tastebud πŸ˜‰
Bella was bored while waiting for the food.. and Tasha was ready to eat the menu.. After we had our lunch, off we go into the 'jungle in the city'..
B super excited seeing a peacock.. she actually chase it around until the peacock disappear in the bushes..
Kesian burung tu kena kejar dgn Bella..
Observing some exotic birds.. What excites her was the owl..
Bella really enjoy playing with the chics.. She insisted to hold them.. Mengamuk-ngamuk refused to come out from the show room…
She bugged her dad to lift her up until she finally get hold of the chic herself..
And she kissed it!!
Memang berani.. She loves the chic so much and not letting go… Hahaha.. poor chic!
And that's Tasha, doesn't really understand what she's looking at but giving us her best I'm-really-enjoying-this face.. I guess she's having fun looking at the birds flying around their big cage..
And Bella, kept wanting to touch the parrots.. No fear at all! Mommy yang takut dia kena patuk..
Anyway, we had fun at the Bird Park. Something different than our normal routines.. Should do this more often πŸ˜‰

47 thoughts on “KL Bird Park

  1. brave B! hehe..love to see her chasing the bird, kissed the chick..no fear at all! and Tasha behave so well! good girls! =)

  2. waaaaaaaa…doc, burung oke lagi…anak buah sy jumpe biri2, berkejar2 nk pegang…da dapat pegang, bole pulak belai2…siap ckp, cute nye~~ apakah?waa…kids nowadays..lol~

  3. comel sangat bella dgn tasha ni..really love both of them..never missed reading ur blog doc. u and ur husband are my inspiration for me to succeed like both of you…

  4. lol bella looked like as if she is squeezing the chic. was she? what a brave girl, most kids i know will always try to stay whenever they saw animals/bird near them (even mascots too :p )… Bagus lah Dr. Halina..you taught her since kecil lagi to be a animal lover πŸ™‚ p/s:love reading the description in each photo ^^

  5. Haha don’t eat the menu no matter how starving you are. Insist them to cook faster. haha *joking*
    Anyway, both of your little girls are cute. Can’t wait to have mine too!

  6. Doc thankyou banyak foto suke sgt2…..tp doc xpenat ke…slalu dengar org ckp jadi doc xde life.kalau hari cuti, mesti duduk rumah rehat puas2…

  7. Hi doc ..
    I can see B had so much fun. I brought my triplets couple months ago to bird park n they love it!
    Next destination perhaps u can bring them to butterfly park or Farm in the city at seri Kembangan .. I bet B will loveeee it!!!
    Much love to the kiddos…

  8. lepas ni pergi la Farm in the City kat seri kembangan, lagi best! boleh pegang n bg makan semua haiwan kt dalam tu..semua bersepah kt tepi kaki kita je taw..tapi takde la zirafah gajah semua,.hehe

  9. I think bella will such a very talkative sister but tasha looks like pemalu girl.hehehe.orrr maybe because she’s still a baby.hehe. Btw, tasha that chic not so kesian la,,but so lucky because B touch it.hahaa

  10. Doc, do u take spicy food during BF ? I am a fan of cili padi tp since i was BF i scared to take spicy food.. Is it ok for us to take spicy food while BF? Btw my son only 2month old..

  11. macam comel je, macam comel je! hahha..that was such a fun day, doc! do keep those writings coming in ya! sukeee sgt baca ur blog!

  12. Bella seems very enjoyed with animals and nature.
    maybe some day, when teacher ask her, ” what is your ambition Bella?” Then she might answered, ” I want to be Veterinar since my mom and dad already treat people who needed, then it is my turn to help the animals”

  13. Happy family..and i love to read about it. Fun outing day for all of you ..alhamdullilah..yeay! You are obsulately right! Shld do it more often. Salam to your mom Dr Harlina..from natasya and nabil’mummy…her x student in sek ren keb bukit jalil😊

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