Missing B?

Hi all..

A lot of people requested for B’s video..

Here she is…

Dancing to Gracie Lou’s Nursery Rhymes.. Six Little Duck!


22 thoughts on “Missing B?

  1. Asyik bella…bella…bella… mana tasha. Dulu muka bella upload dari 1st month sampailah sekarang. Mana tasha punya gambar masa makan, swimming, duduk, merangkak…etc.???????????

  2. OMG Kak na! Lama tak stop by your blog, Bella is soo big already! I remember last time I saw her at miza’s wedding still little baby, now dah big sister. she is sooooo comel and so clever just like mummy and daddy. Tasha pun so cute! You are so blessed kak na! Very lucky 🙂


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