From Paris with Love

No.. this post is not exactly from Paris.. We are back!! Hi all!!

Paris was lovely.. It was a bit tiring but worth it. 12 hour and 30 minutes flight went smoothly for us, alhamdulillah..

Both the girls didn’t cry except a few neighbour passengers complained B was too happy.. (read: noisy) because she kept singing to her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse songs and screaming of excitement watching Pocoyo.. Haih.. That’s better than crying, right?

Anyway, we had fun. I would like to share with you some of our Disneyland Paris experience. OK, maybe Bella and Tasha were not as excited as mommy.. Haha.. 

See.. both of them were sleeping!! We spent only about 5 hours there and they are already tired.. Poor babies. Hahaha..

That’s just part of it. It’s really huge and we didn’t have time to explore it all..

Queueing for our carousel ride..

Tasha waiting for us.. She’s too small for any of the rides..

That’s Bella and daddy in the spinning teacup!

That’s the aircraft used for the movie Armageddon..

The set for the movie Pearl Harbour..

And more of Walt Disney cars in their movies..

OK, this is a must visit in Paris.. The Eiffel Tower!! To be honest with you, during daytime, the Eiffel Tower only looks like besi buruk but when the night comes.. it’s just purely breathtaking and magnificent and romantic..! Love is in the air baby!!

We went all the way to the top!! And feel the lurrveeee… Haha..

This is another view from a square facing the Eiffel Tower..

Breathe love, baby!

Guess what else we found in Paris?!!


Ingatkan Bangkok je ada tuk-tuk!! Haha..

Till then, XOXO..

59 thoughts on “From Paris with Love

  1. wow… that’s lovely dr halina. I will be in Paris in one week time too. How was the weather? Was it cold & raining? Looks like bella & tasha did not feel the cold anyway. I

  2. Alhamdulillah, terima kasih banyak2 Dr sebab selalu kongsi macam2 dengan kami. (dan harapnya lebih2 lagi lepas ni). just wonder, betul ke orang kata masa kapal terbang nak mula fly tu, kena bagi minum air @ nyusukan baby supaya diorang boleh telan air liur untuk hilangkan berdengung kat telinga? Dr ada buat juga ke?

    Elebiu Dr 😉

    1. Bella has her stroller and Tasha in baby carrier. We move around by bus, train, walking, taxi, boat… hahha.. name it, sumer I dah buat! 😉

  3. dr npe tak amik gambar Eiffel tower on night tym…nk tgk perbezaannya…hahaha but really looking forward to be there one day,insyaallah…

  4. wow it was really nice Dr… and thanks for sharing, we feel that we also going there hehehheh (walaupun tgk pic jer)…. by the way Dr. why my fren said, paris is lil bit dirty, and she not excited go there for a week…. ermmmm….

  5. Saya pun nak tau tentang cara hilang kan berdengung dekat telinga, mostly for baby..saya alaminya bukan kali pertama sahaja banyak kali bila flight..itu simptom mabuk ke? (klu saya sndiri saya akn tutup telinga dengan tangan je tapi still rasa dengungannya tahan jela) mcm mne nk tanganinya utk dewasa and for baby (my daughter 16month tak berani bwk dia naik flight lagi) how??

    1. get your daughter to drink milk during take off and landing because swallowing helps to release the pressure in the ears.

  6. Am imagining B getting ‘too happy’ during the flight…..LOL…terbyg-byg how she used to sing dgn suaranya yg nyaring only this time dlm kapal terbang…haha

  7. wao! interesting! yaa.. i can see that dr more excited than Bella and Tasha. 😀
    mmg best! dpt pergi disneyland ngan eiffel towel with ur beloved hubby and kids 😀

  8. Doc, keek B’s singing to her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse songs pleaseeeeee…
    – Sincere from B’s real fan..^_^

  9. Guess u r very lucky dr!!!! I did not manage to go up to the top at the eiffel tower. It was going to rain back then n got lightning… 😭 The disneyland as well, i play the ride in the rain… Haha but it was enjoyable… It will be more interesting if i bumped into you… Well i x de rezeki nak jmpa dr kat ireland…

  10. Maaf dr,tak nmpk gmbr nya ms bc n3 ni sbb tu sy tnya hee…rupa nya tu-tuk tu mcm teksi motor berbumbung .. tq mr google ^^

  11. Salam Dr., wait till the kids are at school age.. It’s gonna be the best moments to bring them to Disneyland. You will see their eyes sparkling with joy!! Rasa nak nangess tgk anak2 gumbira.

    -mom of 5 kids-

  12. DR….saya nk Tanya kalu kita naik flight mesti telinga kita jugak dengung kn….adakah lebih baik minum air atau menelan air liur…

  13. Salam Dr,
    Sejujurnya sangat kagum dengan Dr. yang sangat suka travel walau dengan anak-anak yg masih kecil..
    Anak sy sebaya Bella, tp nak travel dalam negeri pun kdg2 rasa bimbang takut anak mengamuk la mcm2 lg sbb dia sgtla aktif, sudahnye tak berpeluangla nak jalan2 mkn angin sgt. Bila tgk Dr. rasa sgt inspired, dalam tahun ni byk betuk negara Dr. travel (sgt jeles hehehehe).. bestnyeee

    1. bagus utk anak2 jugak.. it makes them stronger physically and mentally and broaden their mind too..

  14. i thought tuk tuk in egypt n india pon ade..tpi kitorg still confius to call tuk tuk or tut tut..not really established the name~~heheh

  15. Doc, how u keep your skin looks okay?. Flight ke Paris kan ambik masa yang lama, sometimes skin can get a bit drier.

  16. Saya pon baru balik Paris dua hari lepas.. haha.. Paris sgt panas and hujan…Paris is too big utk terserempak dgn doc..haha..

  17. Assalam Dr., really addicted to your postings…:) btw, are u still breast feeding Tasha? How u manage bf her during ur tour? Was it troublesome to carry B’s milk’s supplys (milk, hot/luke warm water etc) during ur tour? Wondering as I never hv a chance yet to travel with my baby..:(

    1. mmg lar byk sket barang nak bawak, susu, extra baju, diapers.. i wouldnt call it troublesome.. it’s for our children kan.. nak bf kat overseas lagi senang.. no one knows us! haha..

  18. Salam Dr..nice to see u carry Tasha.jom la join Malaysian Babywearers dkt FB..lets spread the babywearing love..hee

    1. The trick is bring everything!!! Hahah.. You’ll never know whats gonna happen!! Memang macam circus 😀

  19. oh my…paris dah ada tuk tuk now? hahaha….i guess its easier to manouver with tuk tuk.
    Besides Eiffel, im always amazed with the Arc de Triomphe roundabout. There are easily more than 8 boulevards and no traffic light at all.
    Btw, i have full admiration for those yang travel with toddler and baby in a long haul flight. Mmg supermom..

  20. Not bad lah dripd spinning chair mase Dr SMS Di Moscow …. 🙂 😦 :*
    I like To Read Book About Dr SMS .. Espicially , Journey To Space … N Another One Book ‘Reaching For The Stars’

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