Let’s Vote!!

Tomorrow is a big day for our country.

The most exciting General Election Day is finally here..

As a Malaysian, it is our responsibility to VOTE! Make our voice heard!!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re voting for the party or the candidate.. whether they can do their work.. or one is good looking than the other.. whatever your reason is.. VOTE!


I’m excited to see what are the outcomes!

Whatever it is, we must do it in peace people!! No tunjuk perasaan.. no gaduh-gaduh!!

After all, we are still Malaysians!


26 thoughts on “Let’s Vote!!

  1. Doc!! Pic tu sgt menusuk kalbu n menikam sanubari! Hahaha…boleh plak se’tema’ ek! Anyway…votes wisely malaysian!! πŸ™‚

  2. I am surprised doc! Especially since the GOVERNMENT made his dream of becoming an astronaut (err, actually SPACE TOURIST is more like it) possible. At the very least you should be smart enough to be impartial to your readers!

    1. Actually, program astronout itu tujuan utamanya adalah untuk mengetengahkan kemampuan kita dimata dunia untuk menjadi negara maju. Itu adalah salah satu agenda utamanya. sayang sekali ramai yg tidak faham dan menganggapnya sia-sia. sama seperti Litar sepang dan terowong SMART. Memang bukan semua org boleh berlumba di Sepang, tapi bila ada tournament International, ia adalah promosi kepaada jenama malaysia

    2. i don’t think dr.harlina was not being impartial. From what i read (and faham), the images reflected both the opposition and govt, and projected through images of food (for sense of humour). Janji dichapati tu, for govt’s slogan ‘janji ditepati’, and ini karilah for opposition’s ‘ini kalilah’. She indirectly mentioned about both sides kann… cuba baca banyak2 kali, and faham betul2.. haiyoo don’t be so serious la… hehe.. cheers XD

  3. ada sorang cg ni tyme pegi sekolah dia cakap kalau nak tanggung dosa free 5 years vote la party yang tak islamik…kalau kita mati dalam 5 tahun tu agak2 sempat tak nak bertaubat?hmmm…so pilihlah yang terbaik ek?my teacher sorang lagi ni pulak selalu cakap kalau kita nak hidup aman please do vote the word ‘p’…tak paham tyme tuh and now baru la paham what is ‘p’…
    papepon,pilihlah yang terbaik ek?yang boleh jamin kita masuk syurga..InsyaAllah…

      1. sy da dpt 2 aamina for my daughters….include postage for 1pc rm175 from UK

  4. Now we already know the results of new elections and we should accept with our open heart….
    btw Dr. Halina I just sent a message to u via facebook,..hope u can reply the message to me πŸ˜‰

  5. Hahaha..td ada kwn sy bgtau Dato SMS tu sokong parti roket..
    haaa??sy terkejut! rupenye die buat lawak sbb dia angkasawan…buat kaget jekk!!

  6. i’m 23 and last sunday was the first time i vote. hehe.. excited sgt! lagi2 tempat i vote tu mmg kerusi panas.p44 permatang pauh. btw, doc, if possible la kan.. emmm… nak request boleh? Perhaps after this, boleh tak you buat entry about your skincare regime? i went home last election, and baru sempat tengok romantika.. (haih ketinggalan sangat..) and my mom and i was like…”Cantiknya kulit dr.harlina. dia pakai apa ea?? ” heee..XD

  7. would it be ok for u to pm me ur add via fb..i need to send pressies from my online business..:-)

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