Bella Says..

This morning in bed..

Bella sneezed…

Then she said “hamdulilah” (yes, she missed the al- but its ok..)

Daddy: Very good Bella. You said Alhamdullilah..

*mommy feel super proud!*

Daddy: What do you say when you want to eat?

(We’re expecting a Bismillah answer from her..)

Bella: Yummy. Yummy..


31 thoughts on “Bella Says..

  1. my daughter age almost 1 yr 1 month, kalau nk mkn dia ckp “nak ammm”, yg plg best kalau nk bf asik ckp nak tek,nak tek…cepat sgt pandai ckp tp trsgtla aktif even girl

  2. Alhamdulillah …ha ha …ank sulong i dulu sebut yummy2 masa tadika cina but now adiknya tadika islam siap bc doa .. ayat seribu dinar , ayat kursi lg speechless betul.Bermula dgn didikan yg baik.

  3. so son one year old klu tgk mknn mesti cakap ‘nak..nak..’ sambil goncang2 badan tanda tak kan tgk budak2?they are very cute in every single action except tantrum!!he3

  4. Maa syaa allah..alhamdulillah..
    Anak saya ms 1tahun 10buln pndai ckp alhamdulillah, seronok sgt.
    Skrg tgh ajar anggota badan dlm bhs arab, 8 anggota dh..he2 bella msti lg cept tgkp..

  5. hahaa.. doc, what is your main language at home? English or Melayu? and Bella still kid but already speak English that’s great. can you tell me how to speak English fluently? i’m salute for you and ur husband, sangat terhormat, actually i only brave to comment your blog, but if i meet with you, memang malu la nak tegur, segan. i’m ur huge fan.
    Much love

  6. He!He!He! That’s ok Bella….you are still in learning process……alhamdullilah !!!

  7. nak like bella byk2 la…like like like like like like like sejuta kali & muahh! opps..hehe

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