My Lucky Day!!

I have been a Nike person all this while. All my sport attires are from Nike. Unlike my husband.. he’s definitely an Adidas person. But today, I’m a convert!! Hahaha.. I’ve converted from Nike to Adidas!!

Wanna know why… πŸ˜‰ Here’s the story..

This afternoon, I went to The Curve to go to Nike Women there.. Since I’ve been doing some training on my own, I need to buy new socks. That’s all I want!! (That’s what I always tell myself before going into a boutique/shop.. hahaha) Little that I know now there’s no more Nike Women. The shop has been replaced by Adidas Women!! OK, as long as it’s for women.. I don’t mind.. After all, I was just looking for socks.

So, I got this…

Then I saw their sports attire.. It’s all in bright, happy colours.. they have bright yellow, bright pink, bright purple.. OMG!! How can I resist..

So I ended up with these too…

Biaser lar.. pompuan..

Then the salesgirl told me, “Akak, akak dah beli lebih RM300 ni, buleh ambik lucky draw. Akak pilih je mana2 card kat board ni *while pointing at a board in front of the counter* ada amount 50 ringgit sampai 500 ringgit Adidas voucher. Akak buleh pilih satu jer card “

Me: ” OK, ambik jer kan…”

Salesgirl: “Ambik je kak.. RM500 belum ada org menang lagi.. RM300 pun ada lagi..”

Me: OK.. *I took one of the card on the board* saya nak yg ni..

So the salesgirl opened the card that I chose.. “Akak menang RM500!!”

Me: Ah.. Awak jgn main2 dik..

So, she showed me the amount on the card. Sorry I forgot to snap it because I was too excited πŸ˜€

Yes!!! I won RM500 voucher for FREE!!

*chicken dance*

After that, I happily walked away with this..

Adidas Women Adizero F50 Runner 3 in yellow!! Woot! Woot!!

Hahaha.. I am one happy Adidas woman y’all!!!


85 thoughts on “My Lucky Day!!

  1. fuhh,lucky betul! Dr, voucher tu guna terus k, boleh guna lain hari?? kalau saya dapat saya bawak tido kasut ni..hahahahahah

  2. Waaa bestnye. Plan beli stokin je. Biasele pompuan. Suke suke πŸ˜‰ tahniah. Sungguh bertuah Dr. Rm500, tu mcm2 blh dpt.

  3. chettt ! jealous betul .. hahaha .. well .. adidas the best kan . meriah colour kasut .. untuk running kan ? so make sure running lah … elok diamalkan .. hahaha .. good luck . what a lucky day . πŸ™‚

  4. Kakna next time better dukung je Tasha 2,jgn bg dok dlm stroller.mane tau buleh dpt voucher lgkn..hehehe..;)

  5. Alhamdulillah you r the lucky woman πŸ™‚ I hvnt bought any sport shoes so far, the last I had was reebok, I workout bare feet now.

  6. fuhh..bestnye..saya kalau lucky draw ni selalunye tak pernah dapat.. nasib baik stokin beli gak.. πŸ™‚

  7. wowo untungnye la akibatnye menyokong suami (follow brand suami kira sokongla kan??hehhee)..kan dah bertuah badan tuh..hik3

  8. salam doc..
    u know what, u have influenced me utk minat bright colors tau.. Since i knew the lime green color from u jugak! Seryess

  9. alhamdulillah. untung dr. bagus jugak kan pegi kedai and beli tak ikut list asal. kalau betul la dr beli stokin je, xdapat dah voucher tu kan? boleh guna point ni next time if membeli tak ikut list..hehe

  10. Lucky you…BTW dh tgk Romantika ulangan..Bella nmpak aktif sgt tak duduk diam..Tasha pulak payah nk tgk dia celik mata hehehehe..What a wonderful family Doc..8 more to go eh…??? πŸ™‚

  11. It’s good that you have switched from Nike. They are known to exploit child labour and give poor wages to their factory workers (not matching the profits they make selling the products)

  12. I’m a huge adidas sportswear fan! And now, I envy you! =P..hehehe..ure one hell of a lucky lady! Happy working out!

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