Feeding a Baby..

TV ad is sooo misleading.. Who said feeding an infant is easy?!! Look what I’ve to go through…

It’s a battlefield…

Laaagi mau pegang camera.. Haishh…

33 thoughts on “Feeding a Baby..

  1. But it is fun Doc , the most precious time in life is feeding them will full of love- am i rite Doc?

  2. ouchh…make me remember my cousin….
    masa cuti semester salu jaga cousin..dari dia kecik…kalo d kampus…asyik tnya aunt apa ank dia yg kecik tu buat…salu jer aunt sent pic…al-maklum dia cousin yg paling kecik dlm family daaa…yg lain dah besar…her name marissa…
    masa tu dia belum pandai bjln sgt…when feeding her..baru jer bawa mangkuk makanan dia..and i call her “marissa..jum makan” and she answer me “no..no…no”

  3. Haha! Memang susah. Last2 kalau susah sangat, kitorang tak suap pon biar dia pegang sendiri. Tapi memang disaster la waktu makan.

  4. kak,she is so cute, dah pandai minum sendiri eh…. memang macam battlefield – but u will miss this moment bila depa dah besar nanti πŸ˜‰

  5. saya pon alami perkara yg sama!
    tp puas hati bile tgk dia habis makan, kan?
    selamat berperang doc.

  6. Aww baby B is soo cute. Makes me wonder will i survive when I have one for myself. πŸ™‚ Hehe.. Any doc was wondering.. I’m planning ton have a baby soon so would love to if you could suggest some good books to read for pregnancy mommies..

  7. Syioknye bace blog Dr! Hihi I’m just 17, but really wonder about mummy world. Love to see babies too, they’re wonderful :’) hope u enjoy your great moments with adorable baby bella! ;D

  8. ske lew bace blog dr Halina..hehe
    dr, if x keberatan, blh x dr cite plak cmne dr mule2 berkenalan dr sheikh..:P

  9. little B is chubby…hehehehe..soooooooo cute !!! her eyes likes dr sheikh and her face likes dr halina… =D

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