Behind a Successful Woman…

Still in raya mode..?

Me no.. First day of raya, we decided to stay in and sleep..

Hahahah.. seriously. Sleep. That’s all. Meaningful.

Day 2 raya, I was already back at work..

Today, day 3 raya…

I’m oncall tomorrow, so today I have to vacuum, mop, laundry, ironing and the list goes on and on and on..

Have you heard the old saying…

Behind a successful man, there’s a woman..

But do you know..

Behind a successful woman, there’s a (reliable) maid!!

Trust me!


My beloved Kak Yah is probably having fun enjoying beautiful scenery in Ireland.. I heard she went shopping at Kildare Village.. Have fun Kak Yah!!

Yes I mean it!

And.. on top of these house chores.. Bella and Tasha keeps following me around, they are like my tails.. Talking tails!! Haha.. The girls really drives me crazy but I love them to bits!! They probably think I’m mad because I hug, tickle and kiss them after all the screaming scene.. Sometimes, even I myself think I’m mad.. Hehe..

OK, gotta go back to work. TTYL


15 thoughts on “Behind a Successful Woman…

  1. Can I be your part time maid/nanny…used to do it for pakistan/malay family when studying before…hehehe…i am serious about it…

  2. hahahahaa. I am a crazy mom as well. One moment I amscreaming and the next I’m hugging my daughter and kissing her. How our emotion keep on changing in a drop of a hat. Like a bipolar person LOL.

  3. may happiness in da house remain forever…
    kiss your lil talking tails princesses….

    can’t wait for your next post…

  4. Hahaa, u are lucky u dont have to always do the house chores..unlike most of us. Anyway theres this MaidEasy service now, might help u with all that…good luck “maiding”

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