Barely Supermommy Update!!

Hi all!! OMG January 2015 is almost over! Believe it or not!! And Hi again.. I’m back! After two exams in December and last week. I’m back here. Writing. Missing all of you!! I hope 2015 is treating you well.
After almost 3 months of disappearing, I have a lot to tell. OK, maybe not all.. Only the important once 😉
First, we start with Little Big Sister, Bella.. She’s 3 and a half now. And she just started Kumon. Haha.. Yes, we are that kiasu. Our plan is to grab as much opportunity as we can in her first seven years of life because the brain develops the most during these first seven years. These years are crucial. So, we send her Kumon and Mandarin class after school. Alhamdullilah, she loves it! She loves it so much wanting to go to class everyday, last week, she cried wanting to go to Kumon class. OMG! Haha..
*P/S : we have no share with Kumon company!
You know how Kumon gives worksheet to do everyday at home. I get the concept. Learning is a continuous process. So, me and husband both taking turns to teach her. The worksheet is fun and functional, it has pictures and puzzles and dot-to-dot games. Bella thinks its a game. Haha.. But no more outing at night for us unless B finishes her worksheet :p
She’s also back to swimming, getting better with her kicking. Don’t get me started on Tasha, always trying to jump in the pool. Occasionally gives mommy mini heart attack. Alhamdulillah she is so active!!
Tasha just celebrated her second birthday on January 19. She is two! MasyaAllah how times flies. I still remember how small she was, born underweight, stayed in NICU for two weeks. Look at her now! Climbing and jumping everywhere!! Her personality really reflects her name “Natasha” which means strong. I’m so grateful to Allah for blessing her with good health. She started schooling as well. She goes to same school with Bella.
Check out Tasha’s eyes in the photo above! So funny and big!! Hahah..
Her first day at school, her daddy sent both of them. At the gate, she ran into the school and did not turn back!! Not even a hand wave. I’m quite sure she has been eyeing Bella’s school for quite sometimes… Hahaha..
I’m not sure whether her daddy feel sad or proud at that time 😀
Remember my husband put up on his FB about B and T wanting kittens? We wanted to rent kittens for them, just for the school holiday! Hahahha.. The response was amazing. But we decided to start with baby chics first!! So we bought three baby chics for pasar in Jalan Pudu and brought them home. B and T went crazy about the baby chics! The moment they woke up, first question was..”Where’s my baby chics?”
The baby chics lasted for 5 days in our house, then we gave them away because they poo poo too much 😀
Me, aka mommy, was super busy with exams. My kind-hearted husband brought the girls away to PD for half a week just to give me time alone at home to study. Yes, I studied, that lasted for 3 days, then I drove to PD to stay with them. Haha.. I’m such a clingy mommy!
S, aka my husband, was so supportive, he took care of the girls.. and bake cake for me for my birthday. He made it with my two girls. Well… I admit it wasn’t the best cake ever but the effort is priceless. Made with love! Even I think my job as his assistant is more tiring than him baking the cake 😀 He will go.. “Can you get me the spatula”, “Where’s the butter”, “Alamak bowl pecah”, “Can you heat the oven”, “Kacau kan ni buleh?” and at the same time I have to make sure my girls doesn’t dip their hand into the mixer.
Few weeks ago, he had photoshoot with the girls for S26 (the milk, just in case if you didn’t know :p) Mommy wasn’t allowed to come because I’m such a distractor!! Hahahha… The girls will go “Mommy, look at me! Look at me!” all the time and they are not gonna finish the photoshoot session. Haha..
Then S, sent me this…
OMG I freaked out!! Why are they touching my girls face!! But knowing Bella who loves to play with my make up, she would have enjoyed that. Hahaha…
Have you seen the S26’s video of FB. Check it out here. When I look at Bella in this video, I feel like she is so small, like little kid and now.. Can you just pls stop growing girls…

26 thoughts on “Barely Supermommy Update!!

  1. Salam Dr Halina,
    I’m waiting for your updates so long. Finally I got some updates about B and T. They are big girl now. Proud of you Mommy B and T. Keep updating please!! Now, Tasha is 2. Can’t wait for your baby number 3. Haha!!

  2. Wahhh… Ni betul2 cover 3 bulan punya cerita… Panjang lebar… Good job dr halina… Worth waiting for all of us… Your big fans!

  3. Hi dr halina…i am really looking forwars for you updates…i am a mother of 3 girls…and by reading and updates myself with your blog…it really helps me a lot in relationship with my girls…keep your good n interesting writing….love to hear about ur B,T n S..hehehhe..tke care …

  4. Hi Dr. Halina. Great to see your updates. Was looking forward and finally… its here heh. Was laughing away when you claimed that you are one of the ‘kiasu’ parents. Well, I think all parents are Kiasu and Kiasi; whether they realise it or not. Anyway, one day you should try Sakamoto Methods for your B & T Maths aside from Kumon. All the best to your endeavours!

  5. Assalamualaikum doc! Glad to read your blog. And yes, i’m waiting for your updates almost everyday. Keep asking where are doc halina? Where is she? Hahaha. Luckily, i got instagram 🙂 may Allah ease your life :*

    Kirim salam sayang peluk cium to B and T. Hihihi

  6. Salam. Excited sy nk thu cerita dr halina seterusnya.. B and t comel.. Sy support blog dr halina… I like u… Haha

  7. Hi, dr.halina.. ni mmg betul2 super mommy.. habis je exam, terus join anak2 kt PD ea.. hehhe.. sy gigih tau tggu dr update blog ni.. bila tgok email hampa sbb xde noty pasal entry baru.. nasib baik dr.S selalu update psl B & T kt fb.. tu la, sy yg org luar ni pun rasa cpt sgt kn diorg ni membesar.. siap jd model lg tu.. btw, good luck for ur exam.. moga lulus dgn cemerlang 😃

  8. Dah lama saya tak bukak blog doc sekali kalau bukak cerita yang missed mesti sy baca…actually i’m a new mommy before jadi mommy lagi saya selalu follow blog doc sebagai inspirasi if one day i will be a mom but now its be a reality….:)

  9. You have great great great life. So perfect, anak2 dan suami yg membahagiakn dr halina, punya kerjaya berjaya, dpt capai impian dan cita2.Bertuah sungguh dr. Saya mmg suka baca blog doc. Kdg2 bila rasa down saya akan bca blog doc. Blog doc jd inspirasi kehidupn saya sehari2. Rasabahagia lihat doc bahagia.. mohon Allah limpahkan sedikit bahagia utk saya spt doc. (Menyesal xblaja tuk jd doktor, kalaulah boleh putarkan balik masa)

    1. Alhamdulilah. Thank you to Allah for all that He has given me. Choose to be happy. It’s your choice. Tak payah jadi doctor pun probably lagi happy! Hahaha.. more time with family..! 😉

  10. tentu seronok dan rasa bahagia bila sang suami memahami kehendak dan keperluan isteri yang sentiasa sibuk bekerja,menguruskan r.tangga dan di tambah lagi dengan kesibukkannya belajar…..Tahniah Doktor kerana tabah!

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