The Bags Under My Eyes..

Yesterday, my hubsy put up a picture of me and B together at my friend’s wedding on his FB page..

And I can’t help but notice some of the comments were about my eye bags… Hahaha.. Yes, I don’t get enough sleep. Not many of us have the privilege to sleep 8 hours everyday. In my case, 4 hours uninterrupted sleep is considered luxury! Haha..

So, whoever is able to sleep for 8 hours everyday, enjoy! Whoever doesn’t… Haha.. Nasib lah! πŸ˜‰

As far as I’m concerned..

*nak sedapkan hati*


25 thoughts on “The Bags Under My Eyes..

  1. dr, what are you doing until u sacrifies your sleep?hehe… as i notice in your post before, u told that you do reading.. are u continuing your study? saje lar nk mnyibuk. But dont worry, as long as u maintain cunnnn…

  2. Very positive! Hahaha me too, struggling between finals and thesis. Dpt tdo 3-4 jam punn da ckup. Xpe dr! kite ‘Wonder Girls’ mmg cmtuu kiki

  3. Its normal for people to find flaws on a flawless person. No worries ok.. Have a good weekend. XOXO for B and T.

  4. Urgh!! I pun sama jugak with dark circles nyer lagi..eye bags nyer. Tp pelik jugak xde product skincare yg bole hilangkan eyebags or dark circle seriously!

    1. Sy ada solution utk eyebags or dark circle…if interested sis bley whatsapp sy 0142893120….just sharing..=)

  5. Assalam..

    How r u..hopefully everythin gonna be fine..just read ur latest entry on eyes funny of u, doc!

    Btw, i would like to share to u my friend’s experiences on how she took care of ‘COACH’ under her eyes..

    She have tried consuming collagen powder from Shaklee..after using a box of cp (consist of 15 sachets), she noticed the eye bags has dissapeared..rambut beruban makin kurang (she’s just 30yo but beruban), wrinkle halus also really works for all those kinds of aging signal.

    So, in ur case, insufficient sleep could be the main reason..but then, if that one couldn’t be avoided, u may try this to overcome it.

    So far, shaklee said, based on his clinical testing, using collagen powder, u feel 25years healthier n looks 25years younger.

    Just let me know, whenever u like to give it a try.

    Regards, Amirah SID 989457 0179091921

  6. Mine were shrinked by green tea. Sebab tak sempat nak tido dgn tea bag. Sebelum minum yang kat cawan, ambik 1 sudu then dip fingertip (asal basah sikit). Lastly, apply on the so-called bags. Tapi kena rajin buat lah baru jadi.
    They’ve never been within my concern (asalkan kerja siap) until somebody tegur I look like a panda with it. ahahha adoooii.

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  8. LOL me too. I don’t remember the last time I’ve had 4hours of uninterrupted sleep. One bag is not enough, we have to carry around three bags πŸ˜‰

  9. Hahahaha…Dr kelakor…true indeed! but u still look radiant Dr no worries! Selamat berbuka πŸ™‚

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