My December

December has always been a happy month for me.. First of all, Im a December baby (that was true about 33 years ago!!) and then, there’s so much sale going on right now!! Trust me, christmas sale gives you the best deal, packaging and gift sets!! Haha.. There’s no reason for you not to shop!! And the new year comes after December.. that means it’s time for a new year resolution (again!!) Hahahah..

I always have my religious new year solutions on Awal Muharram.. Like try not to delay my prayers, to be a better muslimah and muslim wife and know.. Spiritual stuffs..
But for this Gregorian new year, I have the same old resolutions. again and again.. (Somehow I never get tired of doing this!) Hahhaha.. To lose weight, tone up and exercise regularly for the sake of being healthy.. To take good care of my skin and well-being (this is where I start to spend on skin care, serum, supplement and what not!!) I just love doing that.. It’s like renewing your life all over again.
Career-wise, same old same old.. Not changing path. Need to study and sit for an exam soon..
Then comes the cooking part.. I want to learn how to make pastry this year!!! Sounds good right!! Let see if I have the time to spend for a pastry class!! (Maybe I should get a KitchenAid standing mixer!! Hahaha…)
See!! That’s why December is nice because you’re preparing a the next year. Trust me to shop like nobody’s business in December. Haha.. and as usual, the DHL and UPS guy always come while my husband is at home.. Why oh why…
So, this December.. Im turning 33! A lot of ‘maintenance’ work to do.. Seriously, I need to change my lifestyle. As a woman, your self-care is important. If you don’t love yourself, how can you love others. Juggling roles between  wife, mother and doctor is definitely taking toll in my life. Stress is always there, it’s taxing to my body and it sooner or later it will show. 
 Now, I’m working on a few things to make sure I don’t grow old so fast!! Hahahah..
Stay tune for my self-love stories..

43 thoughts on “My December

  1. Really enjoy reading ur blog ^_^ same wif me.. always love shopping but.. both of my princess was born at the end of november.. so my december is my “pantang” times uwaaaaa!!!!

  2. hapy birthday doc! haha, i’m 25 but with 2 kids, i’m worried about aging as hell as you do.. but it’s ok, no worries because first – u dont look like 33 and even if we look older than our age, let’s make sure we’re energetic, young and forever green inside. InsyaAllah. May all of us have a great years ahead..

  3. doc..ada satu citer,..nak jgk share kat doc..
    masa sy pgnt kali ke4 dan bila dpt tahun gender baby saya girl,sy bgtau husband,nak nama kan Halina,my hubby setuju,tp dia edit sikit ejaannya jd Helena,sbb nak macthkan dgn nama anak sy yg ke dua, my Helena dah 7bulan.
    my husband pun nak anak ramai,kalo boleh 12 org..skang baru 4org,semua girl..hehhe..
    doc..u’re my idol,harap my Helena pun akan ikut doc,cantik dan bijak…doakan ye.
    Happy birthday Dr.Halina.

  4. omg.i’m december baby too n i turned 32 y’day and i just tweeted,asking for opinions for share if u hv any to recommend.pleaseeeee!!!(btw,i’m juggling btw yr2,3kids,mom and wife!phew!)

  5. Hahaha…alasan nak buat pastry tu menarik…same like doc, where u buy ur awning tudung tu…cantik & terletak ar….

  6. ;’) happy bufday dear doct,my idoll 🙂 the greatness one coz your bufday on december !! hope became a superb mommy ,doctor,and wifes 😉

  7. “and as usual, the DHL and UPS guy always come while my husband is at home.. Why oh why…” HAHA! mee tooo… why they always come while my mother is at home!! The only green light for her to nag me~ haihhhhh~

  8. This is so inspiring doc! Me as a woman too and yes also a December babyjust turned 20 this December. I know i’m still young but i really want to have a good future depending on what I am doing now!Sso I also thinking of taking care of myself, live as a better human being you know, I gave my all for a puppy love relationship after 4 years we broke up haha. Thank god my studies went well. But when I read this it gives me inspiration! I thought breaking up gives me a new beginning but yes! a new year also can be a good beginning. So this new year gonna make me busy improving my life style too! maybe study harder, take care of my inner and outer beauty.

    btw doc, can you suggest any beauty supplement? there are like tonssss out there now but I do care of the ingredients if they might harm us bit by bit so is there any suggestion of choosing good supplement. thank you doc! been waiting for your update quite a long time haha

  9. Rasa macam baru je lagi dr. halina bagi equation untuk kira umur tu.. *hampir putus asa nk kira waktu tu(sbb sy x suka nombor)*
    sekejap je dh setahun kan..
    anywayyy, happy birthday!!

  10. Hi dr harlina..jz suggestion..boleh tak buat article regarding homebirth..since u r a doctor n well known,mesti rmai yg akan benefit from this entry like ur previous post “vaccination” tu..

      1. That’s why if u can share in doctor view..last time i had a friend who against vaccination..then u buat satu entry yg sgt bgs n i print that for her..then she then change her mind..of coz la after jupe n consult ramai pkr n ahli agama jugak..u r celebrity n also a doctor..if u share ilmu n knowledge,mesti la lg ramai yg benefit 🙂

  11. Hi Dr. Harlina. Happy birthday! You don’t look 33 tough. On a second thought, I just remembered that I’m going to turn 33 next year and it scares me that the 4 series is coming soon! Yikes! Yes, skin care, serum, supplement is a must for us the 3 series LOL Anyways, you still look as if you are in your mid 20s 🙂 Beauty as ever!

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