Table For 2

The other day, we had a shoot for a programme called “Table For 2” with Chef Anis Nabilah..

It’s about fine dining in Malaysia. So, the producer asked us to choose which restaurant we wanted to try. Being the adventurous one, my husband chose to eat at a Japanese restaurant, Iketeru at KL Hilton. And me being a good wife, ikut je lar..

It was an awesome experience for me.. It’s not the usual sushi and sashimi.. If you wanna know what they serve, you must watch the show!! I’ll let you know when it’s gonna be on TV!! 😉

And that cute, young lady in between us is Chef Anis!! OMG!! She is super adorable! Very young, vibrant and the way she speaks.. I believe she’s made for TV!! (unlike me..! Haha..) And of course, at that young, tender age, she’s already a famous chef!

Inspired by Chef Anis.. So, I have decided to equip Bella with cooking skills!! Haha… The next day, I rushed to Toys’R’Us..

and bought PlayDoh!!! Hahahahaha….

Next on my list, the kitchen counter with cooking set!! 😀


21 thoughts on “Table For 2

  1. Salam dr. Sy boleh consider as ur silent reader..hehe..bought a cooking set for bella was awesome n extremely niece sebaya ngn bella also have all those set..its really good to develop their imaginary and pretend play and their skill set at that niece siap pretend main delivery the way..i am occupational therapist who work with becomes a occupational hazard for me when i see children play n start to analyze it..hahah..but bella is so adorable.. 🙂

  2. 🙂 dr halina ngan datuk sheikh muszaphar…sma cantik sma padan. suka tgk. sweeeeettt ja. hehe… smoga perkahwinan dr halina ngan datuk sheikh muszaphar kekal hingga ke jannah. amin 🙂

  3. Better u suruh bella tgk mase u memasak…lg efektif seriously……then u suruh dia tolong2 sikit….dia pn da besar….mekap pn da pandai…. xsabar nk ade daughter jgk…yay……..

  4. Salam Dr Halina. Happy belated third anniversary. Semoga anda berdua kekal bahagia hingga ke Jannah. Amin -silent reader-

  5. Great! I also bought a 2 in 1 mini kitchen and dressing table for my daughter’s birthday tomorrow. Let them do simulation for a growing process. Bwahaha.. P/s: Sebenarnya mama dia kecik2 dulu teringin nak ada toys macam tu tapi tak kesampaian. Huuhuu..

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  7. you can get the kitchen counter with cooking set at IKEA. They’re truly made for children. I wish these kind of things exists when i was young. Btw, I really enjoy reading your blog Dr.

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