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Here is the article regarding vaccination by Dr Zahilah Filzah, a pediatrician of Sg Buloh Hospital as promised. I hope you’ll take time to read this article. She wrote a very precise, nice article about vaccination and I really hope we can convey this message to all mommies out there. If you have any question, please write on the comment section. Dr Zahilah or me myself will try to answer your question. I know some people are very ‘hardcore’ and can be emotional about this vaccination issue. Please don’t bang each other. We are adult and all of us has our own opinion. Don’t judge others who does or doesn’t want to give their child vaccination. We as medical providers, our job is to educate the public based on our knowledge as a doctor and Muslims.

Enjoy. And think!!


Dear BarelySupermommy readers,

      I reckon that some of you may have your own stand on this matter- vaccination. While some of you may disagree, I believe majority of us still believe in vaccination as an effective preventive measure to combat certain infectious diseases. However, the last few months or so, someone may have spoken to you or you may have read on Facebook – that vaccination is not what it seemed. That it is not safe , causes autism, not ‘halal’ and that vaccines are only for profits. You googled. There were many articles on the pros but there were quite a lot on the cons as well. You read the disadvantages of vaccination and then everything seem to weigh on you. You cant help it but started to wonder if they were all true.

      I believe that most misconceptions and controversies regarding vaccination stems from the fact that people underestimate the disease and overestimate the side effects. While I agree that Adverse Event Following Immunization (AEFI) do sometimes occur , most are mild (e.g fever and soreness) and disappears rather quickly. I am sure most mothers out there would agree, having had your children vaccinated before. On the contrary, I believe not many of you have seen the diseases at their worst. Measles, for example, may be fever and red spots to most but are you aware that it can spread to the brain and cause death? Pertussis, may begin with the usual fever and cough but as it progress to the second stage of the disease, babies may have prolonged cough, turn blue and stop breathing. Polio was almost eradicated but sadly, on the rise in certain third world countries where the vaccination rate is low. Meningitis, or inflammation of the brain lining caused by Haemophilus Influenza may render a child debilitated and even cause death. Whether you like it or not , the truth is vaccination has tremendously reduce the burden of infectious diseases and has prevented deaths in millions of children all around the world.

      Let’s discuss a little bit about the history of vaccines and how it works before discussing the issues because I feel that we would be able to appreciate what we have today if we knew how it all began. Have you ever heard of smallpox? Some of you may have not heard of it because the disease is no longer around. But do you know that the deadly disease was one of the most devastating diseases in the history of mankind and has in fact killed more than 500 millions people for many centuries? 500 millions! But thanks to Edward Jenner, whose work contributed to the development of vaccines, smallpox was eradicated and we don’t have to live to see our loves one dying from the disease.

      How does vaccines work? Simply put, imagine a child who develops chicken pox for example, they will rarely contract the disease again . Why? Because the immune system has memory, so that the next time the child is exposed to the virus, the body remembers and destroys the virus even before it causes sickness. And vaccines works the same way, only artificially. Vaccines contains weakened or killed form of the germs, when introduced into the body triggers an immune response without causing the disease. So that the next time the children are exposed to the virus or bacteria, their antibodies would be able to recognize it and combats it.

      I remember 3 years ago, a child was admitted to the ward for lung infection. Upon asking the immunisation history, we found out that the child was not vaccinated. In fact, none of his siblings were. I started to counsel the parents but I was quickly dismissed. They felt strongly against vaccination and did not want to discuss any further. Kata mereka ‘ anak anak yang lain semua okay je, tak pernah sakit pun walaupun tak divaksin’. I wanted to tell them about ‘herd immunity’ but then dropped the idea.

      What is ‘herd immunity’? In other words, it’s called ‘community’ immunity. It occurs when majority of the population is vaccinated, and the immunity that is achieved by the community would be able to protect those who could not be vaccinated (due to medical reason , HIV, immunosuppresed children). I think that this has not been sufficiently emphasized- that when you get your child vaccinated , you not only protect your child from the infectious diseases but also other kids who are unfortunate enough to have low immunity to be vaccinated. I cant emphasize enough that you are doing a good deed if you get your child vaccinated. But when the rate of vaccination falls, the herd immunity is lost, and I guess you can figure out what comes next.

      Having understood the basics, let’s move on to one of the most common misconception about vaccination, in particularly with the MMR vaccines. Does it cause autism? The answer is no, it does not. The scare started in 1998, when a medical journal, The Lancet published a study by Mr. Andrew Wakefield, MD (previously hold the title Dr) that stated that the combined MMR vaccine was linked to autism. However, not long after that, The Lancet itself withdrew the article and Wakefield lost his medical licence. Investigations proved that Wakefield’s research was fraud, unfounded and biased and that there were conflict of interest. His article has led to a drop in vaccination in UK and since then, many studies were done to look into whether there were any association between the MMR and autism, but none were found. Despite that, it’s sad to know that even after 2 decades, some people still believe that it does. Sigh…

The other concern is regarding the use of Thiomersal in the vaccines. Thiomersal is a mercury-based preservative that helps prevent bacterial growth in vaccines and helps maintain the effectiveness of the vaccines. Thiomersal contains ethylmercury, which basically means that it is eliminated from the body quickly and does not reach toxic level in the blood, unlike methymercury. The level of Thiomersal in the vaccines are so small , even fish contains more of it I believe. The amount of Thiomersal in the vaccine have not been shown to cause harm or health risk.

       Vaccines are not ‘halal’? Hmmm… I must say that it is unfair to say that those who decided to vaccinate their children do not care of halal and haram. The Malaysian Immunization Programme is decreed permissible by JAKIM. In fact, our prominent Islamic Scholar , Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi stated that the lawfulness of vaccination in Islamic perspective is as clear as sunlight. It is the duty of every Muslim to ward off harm as much as possible, and while we all believe in natural ways to boost immunity e.g breastfeeding , taking honey ( not for those less than 1 year), Habatussauda’, olive oil, that does not mean that we Muslims should deny ourselves of modern medicine that has stood the test of time. I have always believe in complementary medicine.

      I am not sure if I have covered all of your concerns but I hope this helps. You may or may not be convinced and that’s okay , as I believe conviction needs to come from one self. If you are doubtful, read further from reliable source, discuss with people who really knows and perform Istikharah. If you strongly object vaccination, my only request is that you do not pose your views on others. I am writing this merely for those who has concern and doubts, yet has not dismissed vaccination.

      I strongly feel that we need to have these issues tackled at national level and it is the responsibility of the Ministry of Health to allay parental concerns regarding vaccination. The community needs to be educated and myths and misconceptions regarding vaccination should not be allowed to spread, or we would to have to suffer the consequences in the future.


I know the article is a bit long to read especially during fasting month 😉 Anyway, personally I think that was a nicely written article, very easy to understand for all mommies out there.. Hope this article answers your questions. Please write on the comment section… Thank you!!


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    1. Dear Dr harlina,
      salam ramadhan 1stly..saya ingin bertanya tntg maslh kulit..bagaimn nk hilgkn liang pori yang makin membesar di muka..boleh Dr suggestkn ubat or krim yang boleh saya guna,or mask untuk kulit muka nmpak lembap dan sekata..Question 2,member saya mntk tnyakn pd DR,boleh Dr suggest kn Klinik or pakar kulit ,nk hilangkn kesan parut jerawat di muka..

      1. Apple, cuba try Shaklee. ESP+vit e+bcomplex. elok utk kecntikan kulit. ESP elok nk bina blk sel protin dlm bdn. klu nk mcuba dgn hrga jimat, boley whtsapp sy. 0102079200 (sy bkn shj mjual tetapi consume jugak)

  1. To Dr Halina n my dear Dr Filzah ( Kak Filzah) tq so much… Minta izin share Kat my FB wall ye..

  2. Skrng google je trus dpt maklumat. But sadly satu article bca trus amek bolat2. Better refer yg pkar mcm u all so that parents will clearly ustand this issue. Bca slow2 nk pham btol2 🙂

  3. Doktor,
    Saya mahu bertanya pendapat doktor mengenai selective dan delayed vaccination. Saya ada baca dalam buku Dr Sears, The Vaccine Book, Dr Sears pun support selective vaccination. Tp lists of selected vaccines yang diberi nampak macam sesuai dengan negara US. Bagaimana pula dengan Malaysia?Kalau saya mahu opt utk delayed vaccination, pada umur berapakah yang sesuai utk saya mula vaccine anak saya?Terima Kasih doktor..

  4. salam Dr,
    the article was great but i got some curiosity, i took extra vaccination for my son. are the extra vaccination needed?

    1. sheela,

      its an optional..if ur son had an extra vaccination,its good for him..such as pneumococcal(to prevent meningtis,pneumonia,middle ear infection),Rotavirus(to protect child from Rotavirus disease)… 🙂

      1. Salam Dr, saya nk tanya. My baby pernah amik vaksin additional pneumococcal masa dia umur 2bln setgh. The next day tu die demam and batuk. Demam satu hari je tp batuk kahak lama lebih dr seminggu. Doc kata ade bunyi wheezing so kene buat neb and sedut kahak. Sejak dr tu, sy phobia nk bg baby amik next dose vaksin pneumococcal. Now my baby dh 11months n sy sy rasa nk amik balik vaksin tu sbb byk kes lung infection. My question is, adakah demam batuk tu side effect akibat vaksin pneumococcal or adakah anak sy alergik dengan vaksin tu?

  5. thank you doc.
    sheela: same with me, i also plan to take the pneumoccocal (correct my spelling if im wrong), for my son. does it needed?

  6. thanks for this really good info Doctor…hope parents out there (obsess to not vaccinate children) open their eyes and take it as a positive information…….:)

  7. Dr. Halina and Dr. Zahilah. tq very much.moga Allah swt membalas jasa dr berdua yg sudi berkongsi such a valuable n nicely written information for mommies.

  8. As a young mother which maybe lack of knowledge,i believe this article will help me a lot & others too..setiap org ad pendapat & pndangan mereka sendiri..bagi sy sendri,sy pilih utk give vaccinations to my daughter because i was given vaccinations too..kita hanya merancang yang terbaik utk anak2 kita..selebihnye kita berdoa & tawakkal pada Allah swt..wallahualam… 🙂

  9. Thank you Dr Halina & Dr Zahilah Filzah.. I’ve had my doubts and worries cause some people are so vocal in expressing their disapproval of vaccination and it makes me feel bad and worried about my son.. After reading this, I’m convince.. Insya Allah I’m making the right decision for my son.. Thank you again!

  10. salam Dr halina & DrZa,

    Thumbs up to both of you!!! DrZa, that’s a very good writing..informative and yet easy to understand. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Dr halina, selamat berpuasa. ^_^ how about vaccinations in another country. kandungan vaccine adalah sama seluruh dunia, atau bergantung kepada sample population,pengeluar vaccine di negara tersebut? Dari mana kita dapat bekalan2 vaccine di negara kita? .. tq doktor. article mmg panjang tapi worth reading it! …. hugss kisses to cute sisters…

  12. Salam Dr. Halina n Dr. Zahilah. Thanks for the useful article. My husband and I were confident in vaccines for children. We have 3 children and all of them were vaccinated since they were babies. Alhamdulillah, we never failed to get them vaccinated and never missed the appointment or delayed their recommended vaccination schedule. Anak yg sulung dah berumur 13 thn sekarang and I still keep their Baby Books till now ! I believe research from around the world shows that immunisation is the safest way to protect our child’s health. 🙂

  13. Thank you for this doctors. As much as I am a pro vaccine mommy (compulsory & optional semua I bedal), I was very much curious on why on earth are they against it. At what point they become haram? Can somebody please enlighten me?

    1. i think most mommies pertikaikan isu haram when tgk ada yg contain dna khinzir.. the act memvaksinkan anak tu xharam.. kandungan vaksin tu yg meragukan..bila ragu jatuh hukum haram kan? pun still atas pagar tp still vaksinkan anak..

    2. hi pu3natul…
      saya bukan nye against vaccine. but i’m among yg still researching about it.
      if you read at the link here, MMR contain human diploid cells from aborted fetal tissue
      rota pula ada rhesus monkey fetal diploid cells, and bovine fetal serum

      manakala yg lain nye ada chemical & heavy material

    3. dear pu3natul.. i was in the same shoes as yours before. always wondering why some are against vaccines. my son’s paed said they were listening too much of the myths and misconceptions and some others are the ‘arqam’-type of people. one day i got lucky to come across a few parents who doesnt want vaccines. after spending some time with them, i begin to understand a few things. firstly, while some doctors always highlight the worst case of measles, tb etc, we as parents were never told about possible side effects that are quite extreme in some kids. imagine bringing ur kid for the usual jab and when they get home they start to scream for 3 hours and no one can console ur kid. as a parent, it is horrific! secondly, some rejects vaccines because they doubt the vaccine ingredients’ halal status. they stick to the Qur’anic verse that if u are doubtful about something (syubhah) then it is better for you to leave it. well, some vaccines like rotavirus are decreed as non-halal by jakim. you can search for it in the e-fatwa website. third, some parents choose to live naturally. let the body build its own immunity towards diseases by living healthily, ensure good sanitation and hygiene, eating real food instead of processed food, and resort to complementary medicine.

      after searching myself, i believe that every parent has their own strong reasons for whatever they choose for the kids. and whether you vaccinate your child or not, every parents should educate themselves about the diseases and learn to recognize it and control it. parents should also be aware of the “garis panduan farmakovigilans” that were published by the MoH itself to know what adverse effects that might occur and how to report it if it occurs. You can google for it.

      while some kids die from the diseases that should have been prevented by vaccines, some babies actually die from the vaccines itself. so we as parents should know the risks we are taking from either decision. after all, if the kids suffer from complications arising from vaccines or not vaccinating, the parents are the one who will be facing it. not anyone else. so make an informed decision 🙂

      1. I love your comment. when reading about this issue, seems like one party Is trying to Condemn The Other party And Missed On Addressing The Real Issue. Medical People Should Validate Concerns Of Parents Who Are Against Vaccination and Not Merely Condemn Their Decisions Just Because They Think They Know Better Than Those Parents. I Do Believe In Education n to Have Gone Through Vaccination Procedure, Very Few Parents Were Educated About Vaccines And Very Few Were Informed About The vaccination Their Taking Esp For their Children. It is Also Sad To See doctors/nurses Does Not Bother To educate Parents About Vaccines That They Were Told To Take For Their Child or Deny Parents Right To Know About The Vaccines they Are Taking Especially Regarding The Adverse Effects N How To Deal With It If It Arise. When Those Parents Resort To Not Taking The Vaccines After Acquiring Knowledge From The Sources They Know, They Were Simply Blamed By The Medical People For Being Stubborn N Stupid Etc. Even Some Of them That I Know that Were Against Vaccinations Are Among The doctor Itself. I Am Not Against Vaccines. I Know Doctors N Nurses Already Have A Lot In Their Plate but I Believed That educating the Public Regarding Issue Like This Is One Of Their Social Responsibility Because They Are Learned. All In All I Believed That Parents should make An Informed Desicions N Try To Seek Reliable Sources. I Also Hope That Medical People Will Be More Assessible To The public especially When Informations Are Just A Tap Away From Them.

  14. tq doc ..terjawab semua kekusutan dan kebingungan saya nie..yes..isu halal dan haram..sgt hebat di perkatakan..kita ibu muda nie..ikut bulat2 je..jd lalng pun ye x tau mne yg btol or x..;p

  15. thank you for the explaination dr..same question with sheela and we need the pnemococcal jab for our kids?

    1. azayana,its optional.I pun ad tanya Peads psal this is good to ur kids,but its expensive..if im not mistaken,it will cost u bout RM200 mcm tu.. thats y dalam buku imunisasi yg recommended by govt tu xde..same goes to Rotavirus jab jugak… 🙂

      1. betul tu..saya telah completed pneumococcal vaksin utk kedua-dua anak saya..yang sulung saya ambil bila umur dia dah 11 bulan slps dia kene demam panas dan dpt advice dr paed saya. untuk anak sulung saya kene ambil 3 jab dan harga setiap jab adalah total vaksin termasuk kos doktor dalam rm1,000 juga..utk anak kedua saya mulakan bila umur dia cecah 2 bln dan saya perlu ambil 4 cost dalam rm1,300 termasuk consultation doktor..pada saya biarlah mahal tp saya percaya it’s worth..

      2. Sila baca betul2 artikel tu, jangan nampak keyword haram je terus melatah buat konklusi.
        “5. Penggunaan Vaksin Biothrax dan Rotateq tidak diperlukan memandangkan Malaysia bukan dalam keadaan dharurat dan telah ada vaksin halal untuk kegunaan umat Islam di Malaysia.”
        Biothrax dan Rotateq tu ialah nama produk, bukan nama kandungan. Kedua2 produk ni mmg telah jelas ada unsur babi dan haram jika tak darurat. Faham tak beza nama produk dengan nama kandungan?

        “6. Setakat ini umat Islam di Malaysia mempunyai pilihan untuk menggunakan vaksin yang disahkan halal kerana pakar-pakar dalam bidang sains farmasi di Malaysia mampu menghasilkannya.”
        Ada vaksin utk rotavirus dan antharx yang disahkan halal, selain daripada 2 jenama diatas. Pergi je hospital kerajaan kalau ragu2 halal ke tak.

    2. my daughter got pneumonia walaupun dah complete jab. i was confused why dah la mahal kan until one doctor is honest enough to highlight to me that the strains virus yg diprotect are not from our community. so tak berkesan pun utk kita. better up your kids immunity naturally.

      1. Hurm..Here is my opinion. I hope it can benefit others. Pneumococcal vaccine is used for protection against Pneumococci or Staphylococcus Pneumoniae (full name) which is bacteria in origin. This organism can caused bacterial pneumonia but we have to bear in mind that not only this solely organism can cause pneumonia. Other organisms like Listeria monocytogenes, or gram-negative rods (eg, Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae) are other common causes of bacterial pneumonia. The most commonly isolated virus-respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) can cause viral pneumonia. And believes me, these organisms scattered and lingered around us like 24/7.

        However, we can to take other measure in preventing pneumonia and it starts with us and our family. Simple hand washing and using clean handkerchief after sneezing, applying mask for other sick child may help in preventing pneumonia as we all know, it spreads speedily and easily. Healthy foods like vegetables and fruits help in boosting their metabolism. Food recommended by our beloved prophet s.a.w like raisins, tamar and milk can also be given. What happened to lots of parents nowadays, they often oversee they own faultiness. They feed their children with fast foods and obey to their child interest when they resent their veges and fruits. (points for other mommies too..)

        I agree, lots of parents are in doubt regarding this vaccination thingy. Of course they have to weigh the pros and cons. So I respect every decision they made. Besides, this vaccine only optional so yeah, mommies have the right to choose.

        And one more thing….the doctor mentioned about viral strains?? As I mentioned before this, pneumococci are bacteria…and they present in our community, just we cannot see them because they are minute in size.

  16. nicely written, doc! i feel so much confident now to vaccinate my baby..and i do agree that if other parents still do not want to vaccinate their children, it is unfair to force other ppl to do the is ur own choice..every parents want the best for their child

      1. dont u think that is why those 2 vaccines only available in private clinic n hospital? sbb dh declare haram. and it is sure costly too. tapi x umum kan to public pun. personal interest conflicts. luah mati mak, telan mati bapak.

      2. baca betul2 OK jgn membabi buta 🙂

        Sila baca betul2 artikel tu, jangan nampak keyword haram je terus melatah buat konklusi.
        “5. Penggunaan Vaksin Biothrax dan Rotateq tidak diperlukan memandangkan Malaysia bukan dalam keadaan dharurat dan telah ada vaksin halal untuk kegunaan umat Islam di Malaysia.”
        Biothrax dan Rotateq tu ialah nama produk, bukan nama kandungan. Kedua2 produk ni mmg telah jelas ada unsur babi dan haram jika tak darurat. Faham tak beza nama produk dengan nama kandungan?

        “6. Setakat ini umat Islam di Malaysia mempunyai pilihan untuk menggunakan vaksin yang disahkan halal kerana pakar-pakar dalam bidang sains farmasi di Malaysia mampu menghasilkannya.”
        Ada vaksin utk rotavirus dan antharx yang disahkan halal, selain daripada 2 jenama diatas. Pergi je hospital kerajaan kalau ragu2 halal ke tak.

      3. sue, cuba bagitau apa itu rotateq dan rotavirus? Apa persamaan dan perbezaan antara 2 keyword ni?

      4. sue,
        please read carefully.
        kenal pasti apa itu ‘rotavirus’, ‘biothrax’, ‘rotateq’. ada banyak istilah yang diguna pakai di sini.

      5. Sila baca betul2 artikel tu, jangan nampak keyword haram je terus melatah buat konklusi.
        “5. Penggunaan Vaksin Biothrax dan Rotateq tidak diperlukan memandangkan Malaysia bukan dalam keadaan dharurat dan telah ada vaksin halal untuk kegunaan umat Islam di Malaysia.”
        Biothrax dan Rotateq tu ialah nama produk, bukan nama kandungan. Kedua2 produk ni mmg telah jelas ada unsur babi dan haram jika tak darurat. Faham tak beza nama produk dengan nama kandungan?

        “6. Setakat ini umat Islam di Malaysia mempunyai pilihan untuk menggunakan vaksin yang disahkan halal kerana pakar-pakar dalam bidang sains farmasi di Malaysia mampu menghasilkannya.”
        Ada vaksin utk rotavirus dan antharx yang disahkan halal, selain daripada 2 jenama diatas. Pergi je hospital kerajaan kalau ragu2 halal ke tak.

  17. Terima kasih mengenai penjelasan ini.Saya pernah terdengar mengenai vaksin MMR dgn autism.Saya sendiri menpunyai anak Autism.Pada saya itu semua adalah kehendak Allah.Semuanya dtg daripada-Nya.Setiap apa yg jadi tentu ada hikmah di sebaliknya.Kita sebagai org dewasa patut berfikir sama ada betul atau tidak.

  18. Thank you so much to both Dr. Harlina & Dr. Zahilah.. i too have my doubts regarding this vaccination thingy.. after reading your article here i’m more convinced to continue vaccination for my first daughter.. InsyAllah.. semoga Allah melindungi keluargaku dari dunia hingga ke akhirat.. Aaaminnn..

  19. Dr Harlina, the article are so informative. What about if we have missed the vaccination and now anak k.lin sudah berumur 13 tahun. I feel so worry please advise…

  20. Good article! 🙂
    Saya bukanla pro or con percaya semua ibu mahukan yg terbaik..cuma I wonder, slps anak sy cucuk mmr..she got rashes..dileher dan merebak didada n a bit dibelakang..Alhamdulillah..rashes die tak teruk cuma on off..kejap ade kejap takde..berlarutan sejak die cucuk vaccine. .before that memang die tak pernah ada rashes mcm risau..rashes tu gatal n die asyik garu..Dr..boleh Dr..terangkan ubat ape yg perlu sy beri or perlu ke sy tukar susu dr susu lmbu ke susu soya? Or ape saje yg boleh hilangkan terus..

    1. Hi Nurul,
      Kalauak silap saya rashes adalah salah satu dari aefi selepas mmr. Mula mula, puan boleh cuba detox your baby. Dalam masa yg sama, tolong filekan report aefi dgn berpandukan gpf. Cuba join group eczema malaysia. Tak silap diorg gunakan krim mogoo

    2. my daughter pn sama. lepas cucuk yang 1st month tu trus muka, leher and telinga dia naik rashes. dan skg die kena selsema, batuk dan kahak lebih dari seminggu.sebelum ni kulit dia bersih je..abang dia pulak sampai sekrang batuk and selsema dia on and off..dalam sebulan tu seminggu je die sihat. serabut jugak tgk anak2 sakit. kesian tgk diorang nak tidur pun tak lena..taktau apa yang patut saya buat untuk sembuhkan diorang ni..

    3. salam nurull, for future vaccination before u amik vccinate ur baby kindly fill up form the impact vaccine pd your baby. ibu bapa byk tk tau psl form ni exist sbnrnye. tp i think borang tu msti ada kt kk/kd or gov hosp. after few days of vaccination if happen anything like this you an refer to hosp. thank you.

  21. dear docs, just want to ask a question about prevenar vaccines n rotataq.. is it halal? my first child already took all the vaccines but my second child didn’t finish the vaccines.. it is because I’ve read an article that have porcine (non-halal) in it.. is it true? coz i really want my second child to complete the vaccines.. the immunity was so strong n i can compare it between my first n second child.. please advise me..

    1. Ya. Dalam rotavirus ada dna babi sbb medium culture mereka gunakan ada babi. Boleh check juga artikel yg dikeluarkan oleh CAP

      1. CAP stands for? nak juga search..wpun doc paed dah emailkan pada saya fatwa yg mengatakan prevenar or pneumococal itu halal but fatwa itu dikeluarkan drpad majlis islam sedunia.. tp saya masih ragu2 kerana didalamnya mmg diakui ada porcine tetapi telah disucikan jadi ia boleh digunakan.. sbb setahu saya babi wpun disucikan mcm mane still haram..

  22. kalau tanya doctors memang la jwpn akn pro vaksin. saya pun ada bertanya my fren yg doktor. cuba masuk dlm group fb yang anti-vaksin, kita tgk pandangan2 diorg n pengalaman diorg. sura kita akn berada dlm dilema kan? saya start alert psl ni lps je cucuk ank umo 3bln. biras yg raised up sbb anknya yg 2nd dah stop injet lps umo 6 bln. katanya ganti dgn mknn sunnah untuk kuatkan antibodi mcm madu dicampur ke dlm susu. apa komen doktor kalo baby under 1 years old minum susu yg dicampur sedikit madu?

    1. agreed. my daughter, got fever almost every month after her 6mo jab. And we decided to continue homeopathy and another natural remedies instead of vaccine. Alhamdulillah, she is now very healthy than before. No fever since last 5 months. Got flu and cough, but we refuse to give her medicine. We choose another alternative. Alhamdulillah.

    2. Baby under 1 year tidak boleh diberikan madu setahu sy,puan boleh refer mengenai keburukan madu from internet pada baby.

    3. Puan TNor,

      With due respect for those yang tak mahu vaccine baby mereka. Pada saya group FB itu kebanyakkan agak keliru dengan beberapa fakta. Can further check their credibility in term of knowledge on this vaccine issue in this link:

      I rather rely on expert rather than the group that Pn Tnor mentioned. They even can’t calculate how many formaldehyde in vaccine and even can’t define the purpose of MALT and GALT in digest system.

      We should know all the info from internet is not really reliable nowadays, unless you have discipline on that area.i.e historian search for history topic,islamic sholar search for islamic study…..because they have a tool(dicipline) to sceen all the information and data.

      Fasaluu ahlazzikr ( bertanya kepada orang yang ahlinya).

    4. Laa..mmg la tanya doktr, takkan tanya kau kot. Serius, ni bukan benda main2 boleh tanya jiran ke kawan ataupun gp fb yg kita xtau latar belakang pendidikan n pengalaman dia.. Bila sakit, jumpa dktr jugak, ke jumpa kwn2 yg konon berpengalaman tu. Tolong laa, mommies semua, hati2 bila terima pandangan atau pendapat dr org tak bertauliah. Walaupun kita boleh baca sendiri, tp kita bkn ada akses pd bahan bahan bacaan utama yg terbukti mcm doktr2 ni. Lgpun apa salah gabung cara sunnah dan moden mcm doktr ckp.. Yg x paham, tanya pulak komen doktr pasal madu!! Naper tak tanya je group anti-vax kalau diorg berpengalaman sgt? !! Harap maklum!

      1. amat menyedihkan group itu terang-terang tulis tidak bertanggungjawap dgn sebarang perkara yg berlaku kpd anak dan parent yg ikut nasihat group itu.

    5. doktor2 ni bukan robot…they are human being just like us, they also have their own families and children….they know the benefits of vaccines, that’s why they support is and also GAVE IT TO THEIR CHILDREN, not only because of their job.

      madu tak boleh bagi pada anak bawah setahun sebab madu boleh mengandungi spora bakteria (sebab madu semulajadinya hasil dari lebah, bukan dihasilkan manusia di kilang) yang boleh menyebabkan botulism pada bayi (boleh sebabkan kematian), sbb sistem penghadaman bayi umur bawah setahun tak matang lagi, maksudnya probiotik dalam usus bayi tak optimum untuk nak lawan bakteria yang sebabkan botulism ni. kalau guna madu dalam masakan pun tak digalakkan bagi pada bayi ni, sbb spores ni susah mati walaupun lepas masak.

  23. Salam Dr Halina & Dr Zahilah Filzah,
    Thank you for sharing the knowledge with us. Easy to understand.
    I vaccinated my first daughter at govt clinic. As usual, every time check-up there was a long queue, but I know that is a common situation at govt clinic. My friend recommend me to go to Private Clinic, but my doubt is, whether is the vaccination at private clinic (our panel clinic is India clinic) is same with the one that is given at Govt clinic?
    Second thing, I just deliver baby last March, he is 3 months old ++ & I refuse to vaccinate him since I read many articles about this before delivery. After reading this, I think I will discuss again with my hubby. My concern is, whether is it too late to go to clinic to take the 1st month of vaccine after BCG? Or.. we just proceed with the next vaccine?
    Thanks in advance. 🙂
    Salam Ramadhan.

    1. Salam, alhamdulillah and thank you for re-considering vaccination. You can go to the clinic and they will give the jabs according to catch-up vaccination schedule.

  24. it was believes to be haram because most vaccines is made using pork gelatin as it is widely available. if dah kluar fatwa kata halal its up to us nak percaya atau tak. peace.

      1. memang fatwa kata halal. penah dgr percanggahan fatwa? contoh bab rokok. negeri 1 ni kata rokok boleh, negeri 1 ni kata haram pulak. jadinya. its up to us la to accept or not. peace.

  25. Assalamualaikum…what a great shared!!MashaaAllah…big tanx 2 Dr.halina n Dr.Za…hope this superb article will open all negative minded out there.Mohon share Doctors:)


    Salam ramadhan.

  26. I was about to ask the same question…soalan sama dgn liza…about vaccine for rotavirus…my son pun ambil 1st dose shj…

  27. Tq Dr! I hv very strong feeling that vaccinations are important… This article has gave me confident that my decision is right, inshaAllah, alhamdulillah

  28. gud 1 drs(doctors)!!may i share dis via FB,ma fwen didnt vaccinated her baby since she hv a doubt on it,now i’m goin to let her know d truth.tq dr n fwen 😉

  29. semua anak saya complete vaksin with my big bro (a doc).inject kat umah je. so far alhamdulillah..sihat belaka. saya rase dalam perkara ni terpulang kepada ibu bapa masing yang menentukan kesihatan anak mereka nak baik atau buruk. Pada saya, orang medical lebih arif tentang hal ni.TQ

  30. Article yang ditunggu2 since u announce about this..
    We believe in vaccine all this time, but there soo much story about it, just want to clear my mind.. walaupun anak dah besar pun..

  31. ma hubby told me(he studied biomedic) d reason why most vaccine are coming from swine because their body is d most equal with human in terms of body composition,we cant extract the vaccine from human rite,plus they are mammal too 😉

  32. Salam,
    It is really a good article and worth to read. Asking your permission to share this on my wall.
    Anyhow, to mommies that read and share this article ‘berlapang dada’ lah when you read and discuss this in a very good manner. Do not bash anyone that contradict with your opinion. 🙂
    Happy Ramadhan.

  33. doctor,
    what type / name of additional vaccine that you give to your children? and I support the idea of ​​necessary vaccines for our children as now too many infectious diseases. whether the same injection given to our children in government and private clinics? X

  34. ALHAMDULILLAH , thanks for giving us a useful info.
    Can Dr. Gives us some list of vacccination that child really needs due to nowadays lifestyle .

  35. I’m not a mommy but I still a student 🙂 btw, this article really really open my eyes about vaccination. so, there’s nothing to worry anymore about this issue.
    thanks Dr Zahilah Filzah and Dr Halina 😀

  36. Alhamdulillah..Very informative. Hats off to Dr Zahilah and Dr Halina. Waiting for this article after you announce it. I have 3 kids and i still believe in vaccination

  37. asssalam dr, how about if. already missed delayed vacc since the baby was 5months old? now ibaby s 9 months.. boleh ke vaccinate lg n the baby already having measles…still we. have to vaccinate the baby wif mmr vacc?

  38. Tq Doc Halina and Doc Za for this entry….please after this make entry regarding pnuemococcal, coz i pun baru alert regarding this isu after read this story ( ) , kalau saya ingin mengambil this vaccine for my kids, it is possible coz his age already 5 year (coz i takut ade limit umur utk ambil this vaccine) … i already search the artikel regarding this vaccine but sad coz almost all article did not mentioned the age for taking this vaccine.

    1. I pun nk tau psl pneumococcal ni.. my son is already 1yr10m…still boleh ambikke vaksin ni?

  39. salam ramadhan doc n family 😉
    i just want to know, is there any chance or risk that the vaccines can cause/develop any kind of allergies to the child? (either the healthy one or the one diagnosed with any health condition)
    could you please elaborate some more on the side effects and how the parents can deal with them?
    thanks doc. may we all have a blessed ramadhan this year 🙂

  40. Assalamualaikum and happy Ramadan. Tq for the information about the vaccine you shared. I just want to know a little bit more about the vaccine given to the form 1 girls students for preventing from cervix cancer. Last year one of my student refuse to take the vaccine given. When i asked her, she told me that her father didn’t allow her to take the vaccine because the vaccine been rejected from the G8 countries. Her father is a medical doctor. I’m a little bit worry because my daughter is going to take it next year. Could you please explain a little bit about the vaccine Dr. Tq and wassalam.

    1. I’ve seen this ads about the vaccine provided to teenage girls for preventing cervix cancer (overseas), but I never knew that its being offered in Malaysia. It was given to the girls here as they were exposed and usually committed into sex act at their early teenager, so to prevent the disease they ask the girls to take the jab as cervical cancer can also be caused by regular exchange of partners and active sex.

  41. salam ramadhan..thank you for this great article..i hope it can be in Malay as well,will benefit a lot i guess,tq

  42. Salam dr..
    Saya nak tanya. Injection rotavirus(macam tula bunyi dia,kalau salah tlg betul kan.hikhikhik) tu wajib ke utk baby? Saya tengah pikir anak saya perlu ke utk ambil sebab da masuk 6bulan.huuu

  43. Salam Ramadhan Dr. Halina & Dr. Zahilah…Thanks for the info. Just wondering Docs & wish for your kind opinion, is it safe if a child with seizures to take the vaccinations?

  44. boleh je nak amik vaccine pneumococcal & rota virus if anak kita dh trlepas amik.. i’d asked my son doctor. die cakap boleh je nak amik ble2.

  45. Thank you so much for this article Dr Halina & Dr Zahilah. Tahun ni rasanya issue ni sangat banyak diperkatakan. Banyak cons di google. Saya mohon share di FB & blog saya ye. Ramai-ramai kita share the pros pulak 🙂 Semoga ramai yang dapat manfaat from this article, InshaaAllah. Salam Ramadhan.

  46. Sometimes they use DNA babi to clone that virus..the vaccine not just come from virus, nowadays, they use only DNA virus, not whole body of virus..haram because of pig..

  47. salam doc..just the right information at the right time..i will be going to take my 2nd baby for vaccination for 2 month next week..guess no ragu2 anymore..hehe..mohon share d fb ye dr..terima kasih

  48. Salam, sedikit ilmu untuk dikongsi bersama. Ada beberapa jenis vaksin di mana sememangnya unsur babi berada di dalam vaksin tersebut sebagai stabiliser. Stabiliser ini diperlukan untuk mengekalkan keberkesanan antigen dan lain2 komponen vaksin supaya sentiasa stabil dalam tempoh penyimpanan. Tidak semestinya stabilizer ini dari sumber babi, ia boleh juga terdiri dari laktosa,sukrosa, msg, glysine, albumin manusia, albumin lembu, gelatin (yang boleh bersumberkan babi atau lembu.)dan banyak lagi
    Vaksin hendaklah dikulturkan di dalam sel hidup (perumah) untuk ia boleh membahagi, sel hidup ini boleh terdiri dari telur ayam, yis, human fetal tissue (dipanggil diploid cell lines), fetal bovine serum. Hasilan akhir dari penkulturan ini tidak mengandungi unsur dari perumah setelah melalui beberapa proses tertentu kerana perumah hanya diperlukan untuk membiak (kerana sel hidup perlu dihidupkan dalam sel hidup untuk dibiakkan). Hinggakan jika sesuatu vaksin itu dikulturkan di dalam sel telur dan hasilan vaksin ini akhirnya disuntik kepada individu yang alah kepada telur (termasuklah kepada individu yang mengalami anaphylactic shock jika terkena/termakan telur) ia tetap selamat.

    Di sinilah juga timbul kontroversi di mana pengambilan vaksin menggalakkan pengguguran janin. Adakah ini tepat? Adakah ibu2 yang membuang bayi itu membuang bayinya untuk tujuan penkulturan vaksin?
    Contoh vaksin yang dikulturkan dalam sel janin manusia adalah vaksin untuk Rubella.
    Jawapan dari segi saintifiknya adalah, rubella adalah penyakit yang menyerang manusia, jadi antigen/virus hendaklah dikulturkan dari sel manusia supaya ia boleh ditiru, ia pernah cuba dikulturkan dalam sel haiwan tetapi tidak berjaya. Adalah penting untuk memahami bahawa strain vaksin virus rubella berasal dari janin dijangkiti rubella pada tahun 1965. Jadi sel2 janin yang terlibat dahulu telah disimpan dengan baik untuk tujuan penkulturan ini hingga ke hari ini. Maka tidak timbul isu pengguguran janin untuk tujuan penkulturan vaksin.

    Mengenai vaksin untuk rotavirus, Rotarix dan Rotateq adalah vaksin untuk rotavirus yang kedua duanya bersumberkan porcine. Dan ia digunakan untuk mencegah cirit birit di kalangan kanak2. Terserah kepada ibu bapa mahu mevaksinkan anak2 mereka untuk mencegah cirit birit ini atau tidak. Adakah ia mengancam nyawa atau tidak? Jika terasa boleh mencegah dengan cara sendiri dan boleh merawatnya dengan cara biasa maka tak perlulah mevaksinkan anak dengan vaksin yang diketahui mempunyai unsur babi ini.

    1. “Hinggakan jika sesuatu vaksin itu dikulturkan di dalam sel telur dan hasilan vaksin ini akhirnya disuntik kepada individu yang alah kepada telur (termasuklah kepada individu yang mengalami anaphylactic shock jika terkena/termakan telur) ia tetap selamat.”

      Maaf, tapi kenapa ibubapa yang mempunyai anak yang bakal disuntik dengan MMR ketika usia setahun disarankan untuk memberi anak makan telur sebelum suntikan untuk mengetahui sama ada anak alah atau tidak. Jika anak alah, anak akan dipantau semasa suntikan atau suntikan MMR ditangguhkan. Kenapa telur?

  49. Saya ada call e-fatwa berkenaan vaksin.

    Jawapan yg saya dapat vaksin yg utk baby harus dari segi hukum. Ia tidak dapat diberi status halal. Kerana cara pemprosesannya.

    Kenapa ia harus? kerana tiada alternative lain utk mencegah selain vaksin.

    Maka vaksin dibolehkan.

    Fatwa ini dikeluarkan pada tahun 1989. Rujuk link ini

    Saya bertanya ia pada tahun 1989 adakah masih boleh diguna pakai.

    Jawapannya Ya.

    Tetapi pada pandangan saya. Sekarang ada alternative seperti homoeopathy.

    Apakah hukumnya masih sama? Apa pandangan doctor mengenai perkara ini. Apa pula pandangan doctor mengenai homoeopathy sebagai alternative utk anak menggantikan vaksin sebagai imunisasi.

    Terima kasih.

    1. Apa cara pemprosesan or bahan haram di dalam MMR,tetanus,polio,dipteria vaccine ya?Please enlighten us 🙂

    2. perlu ada randomized clinical trial yg menguji ubat homeopathy, kemudian ujian statistik yg membandingkan keputusan vaksin vs homeopathy. jika homeopathy terbukti berkesan barulah kita boleh kata, Ya! Ada alternative utk vaksin.

    3. homeopathy? adakah homeopathy ada menyediakan vaksin? can it coz herd immunity? i thought hoemopathy is just a supplement?

  50. Tetapi adakah kanser serviks sesuatu yang tidak mengancam nyawa? Adakah pencegahannya dan rawatannya semudah mencegah dan merawat bayi yang terkena rota virus? National Cancer Registry 2007 melaporkan bahawa kanser serviks adalah kanser ketiga paling kerap dihidapi oleh wanita Malaysia selepas kanser payudara dan kanser kolon dan insidennya semakin bertambah dengan pertambahan usia. Adakah rawatan untuk merawat pesakit kanser serviks ini murah dan mudah seperti merawat cirit birit?

    Etika professional kesihatan tidak membenarkan seseorang pesakit mati akibat tidak dirawat. Maka biarlah sakit macam mana sekali pun rawatan tetap wajib diberikan. Rawatan kanser (tidak kira kanser jenis apa sekalipun) adalah tersangat mahal, dengan penemuan demi penemuan ubat2 baru bagi merawat kanser adalah mustahil untuk tidak menerima pakai teknologi baru ini jika terbukti dapat memanjangkan jangka hayat pesakit.

    Sumber kewangan untuk mana2 negara termasuk Negara maju sekalipun ada batasannya. Apatah lagi Negara kita Malaysia. Kita mempunyai keterbatasan tersendiri. Dengan system kesihatan yang sedaya upaya diberikan secara percuma untuk semua individu, pengagihan bajet adalah sangat penting. Ketahuilah bahawa kita sekarang sedang berkongsi satu “kek” yang tidak sebesar mana. Jika satu potong kek telah diberikan kepada satu kelompok pesakit, potongan itu tidak boleh diberikan kepada kelompok pesakit yang lain. Sememangnya tidak adil untuk memberi sepotong hirisan yang besar untuk kelompok pesakit kanser manakala sehiris kecil untuk kelompok pesakit lain bukan? Oleh itu kena pandai dan adil dalam meletakkan bajet. Kita kena meletakkan diri dalam semua jenis kategori pesakit. Setiap pesakit berhak mendapat rawatan. Tidakkah kita rasa berdosa kerana kedegilan kita tidak membenarkan anak2 kita divaksinasi, satu agihan wang yang besar terpaksa diperuntukan untuk merawat anak2 kita yang nauzubillah jika disahkan terkena penyakit2 ini dikemudian hari? Dan seterusnya bajet yang sepatutnya boleh digunakan untuk memberi rawatan kepada kelompok yang lebih ramai terpaksa dihadkan kerana kita?

    Dengan penemuan vaksin HPV untuk mencegah kanser serviks, daripada kajian farmakoekonomik mendapati bahawa adalah lebih kos efektif memberikan vaksinasi untuk mencegah kanser ini berbanding untuk merawatnya dan bajet yang dapat dijimatkan itu dapatlah diagihkan ke kelompok pesakit yang lain.

    Berkenaan penggunaan sel janin manusia untuk pembangunan kosmetik atau untuk kecantikan adalah haram tanpa keraguan kerana ia bukan untuk menyelamatkan nyawa.

    Semoga kita dapat sama2 berlapang dada menerima pandangan dan maklumat yang ingin disampaikan.

    1. berkenaan vaksin HPV ni, saya ada terbaca:
      Teen suffers health problems after receiving HPV vaccine
      saya tak setuju dgn vaksin HPV ni… kerana vaccine terbaik mncegah HPV infection and related sexually transmited diseases(STDs) ; ikut ajaran agama masing2, no seks rambang / no sex at all sblm berkahwin.senang je

    2. Saya suka dgn pandangan aimi yang melihat dari perspektif yg lain. Apa pun, maufakat itu perlu untuk kesejahteraan kita bersama.

  51. A friend of mine, is pregnant currently and will be expecting in 6 months pernah discuss benda ni dgn I. she asked my opinion on vaccination as I already have 2 kids. I’m ok with vaccination but dia ada ckp there are some pages/groups yg against vaccination sebab some of the members of the group yg anak diorg dibagi vaccine and ada yg sampai tak boleh jalan la. sampai terencat la so I’m very curious too. betul ke memudaratkan sampai macam tu? anak-anak saya ok je.

  52. Salam docs,
    Just to ask..i vacvinated myZahra since lahir then at around 3 months after her jab she suddenly develops a very bad cradle cap and it even sampai belakang telinga..its flacky n so sure gatal jugak cz zahra akan gosok2 kepala die bile baringkan kt bantal.. her pead simply dismiss it as mild eczema (no family history of eczema or asthma – just my dad have COPD) and he prescribe her a medicated syampoo…then after her mmr her skin la teruk sampai gatal tp jadi mcm
    kulit ayam tu..berbintik2…
    Thats y i stop…my question…isn it then related to the jab that she took??

    1. Vaccination causes collateral damage to your intestinal gut flora. It causes an overgrowth of candida or yeast. Try and find out what is in the vaccines and what causes overgrowth of yeast. Are there antibiotics, preservatives? These are the causes of overgrowth of candida. Very bad cradle cap is a sign of that. Before you know it the overgrowth of yeast causes your child’s body to constantly produce IgE antibodies. Before you know it, the child will develop an allergy to something…maybe dustmite on her mattress when she has already been sleeping on it for say a year and it was fine. Overgrowth of yeast will also cause Leaky Gut Syndrome. Because the roots dig deep into the intestines causing small “leaks” – a proper gut will help to rid of toxins, pathogens but when you have leaky gut, it goes into your blood. 70% mereka yang mempunyai eczema mempunyai candida albicans overgrowth di dalam sistem gastrousus (gastrointestinal tract) and a family history of inflammation makes it a good recipe to make your child’s immune system goes into hyperdrive and haywire.

      Source :
      Reitamo S, Luger TA, Steinhoff M (2008). Textbook of Atopic Dermatitis, (Chapters 3-5 and 7-9)
      Informa healthcare, ISBN 978-1-84184-246-2.

  53. Thank you so much dr. very informative and easy to understand. I really hope that doctor or paed’s association can bring this matter to the Ministry of health. I dont want our ‘herd immunity’ to be lost.

  54. Thank you for the info. Very informative. I do however, have a question if you are able to get to answering this. My son is 2y/o and we gave him all the neccessary injections (excluding extras), and I do find that many of the immunisations are given a bit too close to each other. I wonder how the children’s immune system/ body can take this and whether there are side effects to this. As babies, they would enter this world and their immune system will be automatically bombarded with allergens and would be quite stressed out. Looking at the immunisations that the kids have to take the first 1 year is crazy though. Some of the immunisation is 3 in 1 – and some immunisation comes 1-2 months after the other. I cannot imagine putting a healthy adult through this, not to mention kids.

    I believe immunisation is important, but we did not follow the standard schedule and tried to drag out the immunisation as long as we can- so that his system can recover before the next immunisation. But I am sure many parents out there will give the doses as recommended by doctors.

  55. As salam Dr Halina, Sya Puan Nurul Majeedah dari Brunei Darussalam.Sya selalu mengikuti perkembangan Dr melalui blog Dr Barely Supermommy. Sya ada masalah mengenai anak perempuan sya yang berumur 3 thun 5 bulan, berat badan dia 22kg..mmang chubby lh..mslahnya dri awal thun 2013 anak sya mengalami batuk yg berterusan.dah kna admit kat hospital 2 mlm kna bgi Neubliser stiap 2 jam lpastu 4 jam dan 6 jam sekali, augmentin antibiotik, ubt asthma sal doktor ckp anak sya asthma.kuar hospital, tpi msh batuk lagi smpai lh masa ne..prnah sekali tu sya bwa kehospital lgi, doktor bgi antibiotik & vintolin (minta maaf Dr kalau salah spelling) tpi batuk dia msh jugak lgi…dh byk cara sya buat utk mengubati batuk anak sya tpi msh gagal lgi. sya nak minta nasihat doktor apa yg perlu sya lakukan. dah cuba pkai verslin oil dan mcm2 dh.. sya amat berharap Dr dpt membantu sya.hanya Allah Ta’ala yg dpt membalas budi baik Dr..Doa sya semoga Dr makin dmurahkan rezeki, sihat walfiat bersama keluarga…Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin….. Yang Ikhlas,Majeedah.. p/s : Hrp Dr dpt membantu sya menyelesaikan masalah sya..Sekian Terima kasihDate: Thu, 11 Jul 2013 00:25:23 +0000 To:

    1. Salam Majeedah,

      Saya sarankan agar u dapat berikan madu secara konsisten kepada anak. Selain itu, boleh gunakan alternatif lain selain pergi ke klinik, contohnya cuba perubatan homeopathy. Anak saya juga dulu batuk tak henti for almost two weeks. I give him a spoon of honey in the morning for two consecutive weeks. Alhamdullilah, selepas tu sembuh…..

      1. Ya, saya juga setuju dengan pandangan falindah itu,dengan chemical yang telah dicairkan dengan faktor satu bahagian dalam satu trillion,saya kira chemical itu selamat( did’t I just mentioned chemical? oh no!!!)

        Majeedaha jgn risau kalau majeedah google mesti ada jumpa chemical yang di dilute di dalam air atau alcohol percayalah di Nusantara adalah halal.nanti saya check JAKIM ya;guna ejen pencarian google.

  56. salam dr, just nak tanya selain vaccine utk rotavirus berunsurkan porcine, is there any other vaccine that also using the porcine/babi….tq

  57. Thank you Dr Harlina for this. I just realised I did not take any Rubella immunisation when i was in school because of this questions of its halalness on my parents side (i was in private school). But before I got married 5 years ago I did a test on Rubella and found that I was immune after all. That might be the herd immunity at work. Thanks everyone for immunising me haha!

    Visit my blog :

    Kurus Cara Shaklee di bulan Ramadhan, macamana?

  58. TQ so much docs..apa yg di ceritakan di sini sama dengan ape yg doctor anak saya beritahu saya.sekarang sy dah jadi lebih yakin.TQ so much again.semoga anak2 kita dilindungi Allah selalu.amin

  59. salam Dr.,
    saya bukan follower blog ini. tp ada kawan share ni di fb. terima kasih kerana memberi penjelasan berkenaan vaksin….
    saya juga seorg ibu, dan pastinye semua ibu2 ingin memberikan yg terbaik untuk anak nye….
    soalan saya:
    “concern is regarding the use of Thiomersal in the vaccines. Thiomersal is a mercury-based preservative that helps prevent bacterial growth in vaccines and helps maintain the effectiveness of the vaccines. Thiomersal contains ethylmercury, which basically means that it is eliminated from the body quickly and does not reach toxic level in the blood, unlike methymercury. The level of Thiomersal in the vaccines are so small , even fish contains more of it I believe. The amount of Thiomersal in the vaccine have not been shown to cause harm or health risk.”
    saya tau ikan ada lebih banyak mercury dari vaksin sbb itu kita delay pengambilan nye sehingga anak 10bulan. baby lebih2 lagi yg baru lahir, tentunya sistem badan belum sempurna, boleh ke hati dan buah pinggang nya terus berupaya untuk membuang toxin dan bahan bendasing? jadi macamana pula bila kita suntuk thiomersal ni dalam badan baby…? dapat ke dia nyahkan toxin tu dgn sendirinye dgn cepat?

    saya bukan lah, anti-vaksin. anak saya baru 7 bulan, dan dia ambil semua dalam garis panduan kkm tu. tapi yg saya terkilan, kenapa kami ibu bapa tidak diterangkan tentang AEFI dan GPF? sehingga ibu2 terpaksa memcari sendiri tentang itu? kkm sepatutnye menerangkan dgn telus kepada ibu bapa, supaya jika anak kami mengalami AEFI kami tahu apa yg berlaku.

    terima kasih

    1. Assalamualaikum Pn Ijaniza,
      Saya setuju pendapat Puan itu,mungkin KKM/staff nurse boleh menerangkan lebih details what-to-do-if,so parents boleh follow garis panduan yang betul.Satu penambahbaikan bersifat proactive saya kira.Ttg GPF, I would like to offer good info but this one only for batch number and how KKM trace is:

      InsyaAllah dari segi dokumensi kita tidak perlu ragu-ragu.

      Tentang Thiomersal pula:

      Click to access thiomersal-fact-sheet.pdf

      Moga bermanfaat hendaknya.

    2. Assalamualaikum Pn Ijaniza,
      Saya setuju pendapat Puan itu,mungkin KKM/staff nurse boleh menerangkan lebih details what-to-do-if,so parents boleh follow garis panduan yang betul.Satu penambahbaikan bersifat proactive saya kira.Ttg GPF, I would like to offer good info but this one only for batch number and how KKM trace is:

      InsyaAllah dari segi dokumensi kita tidak perlu ragu-ragu.

      Tentang Thiomersal pula:

      Click to access thiomersal-fact-sheet.pdf

      Moga bermanfaat hendaknya.

      1. salam Shah,
        terima kasih kerana menjawab persoalan saya. amat menghargainya…
        tetapi saya terkilan setelah membaca artikel pertama tu… kerana JM langsung tidak menyoal selidik sebelum membuat vaksin, apatah lagi nak check suhu badan anak. penambahbaikan perlu untuk meningkatkan lagi mutu perkhidmatan KKM. prosedur tu ada (sudah baik) cuma perlaksanaan nye tiada.

      2. Puan Ijaniza,
        1.Mungkin Puan boleh menulis surat kepada KK atau pejabat daerah kesihatan berkenaan ketidakpatuhan procedure mengenai vaksin ini(seperti yang puan terangkan di atas)- IAllah melalui pengalaman saya ketua2 pengarah KK atau Hospital amat “alergik” dengan surat-surat komplain ini ( kalau boleh sertakan dengan nama petugas itu sekali)

        2.Dan jika puan tidak kisah,boleh saya tahu Klinik Kerajaan/Klinik Desa/Hospital Kerajaan yang mana tidak mematuhi procedur yang ditetapkan itu?

        3.Dan jika puan tidak keberatan,boleh juga tanya soalan2 atau merujuk perkara berkaitan vaksin di sini dan bandingkan jawapan dengan group yang puan sertai itu.
        Ini linknya!/VaccineGoodAndUglyBits

      3. Shah,
        terima kasih…
        1) Insya Allah saya akan tulis surat kepada pihak hospital.
        2) Klinik Desa Sg Seputeh , dan Klinik Sg Bayor (Selama, Perak)
        3) OK, saya akan lihat fb group itu.


      1. Just curious,adakah puan Ijan vaksin anak puan?Jika tidak,jika saya recommend dr yang akan menerangkan ttg vaksin dan ikut segala jenis procedure adakah pn ijan sanggup vaksin anak puan?

      2. shah,
        ya buat masa skrg saya masih lagi vaksin anak saya (anak sudah berumur 8 bln).
        tetapi yg buat saya terkilan, pihak nurse/ jururawat masyarakat langsung tidak bertanya apa2 tentang kesihatan anak saya atau alahan sebelum mengvaksin, apatah lagi ingin mengambil suhu badan… saya langsung tidak beritahu vaksin apa atau tidak tunjukkan botol vaksin. juga tidak beritahu sebarang kesan / AEFI dari vaksin…
        saya belajar lebih banyak tentang vaksin dari group di fb yg dikutuk ramai tu. group tu lebih banyak mengajar saya tentang apa yang seorang ibu pertu tahu apabila anak nya di vaksin…. saya telah berada di group itu lebih kurang 6 bln dan banyak belajar dari sana.
        pada mulanya saya membuat kesimpulan yang prosedur KKM kurang memuaskan. tetapi rupanya perlaksanaan nya yang tidak dilakukan oleh staff klinik.

      3. Puan Ijaniza,
        1.Mungkin Puan boleh menulis surat kepada KK atau pejabat daerah kesihatan berkenaan ketidakpatuhan procedure mengenai vaksin ini(seperti yang puan terangkan di atas)- IAllah melalui pengalaman saya ketua2 pengarah KK atau Hospital amat “alergik” dengan surat-surat komplain ini ( kalau boleh sertakan dengan nama petugas itu sekali)

        2.Dan jika puan tidak kisah,boleh saya tahu Klinik Kerajaan/Klinik Desa/Hospital Kerajaan yang mana tidak mematuhi procedur yang ditetapkan itu?

        3.Dan jika puan tidak keberatan,boleh juga tanya soalan2 atau merujuk perkara berkaitan vaksin di sini dan bandingkan jawapan dengan group yang puan sertai itu.
        Ini linknya!/VaccineGoodAndUglyBits

  60. my son pun ambik pneumococcal vaccine sbb highly recommended by paed especially utk kanak2 below 2 years yg tinggal kat nursery. alhamdulilah tak de plk side effect kecuali demam, tu pun doctor dh warning last dose mmg akan demam.

  61. Tq very much.very informative and helpful especially for the parents who are in some cases act or decide against what’s right in order to care and provide the best for our children. insyaAllah…we decide to the best of our knowledge and Allah will care for the rest.ameen

  62. Assalam dr. I found the article really interesting and would like to suggest if you could list down all the necessary vaccines that should be taken by our children.. what is offered by the government and what should be taken from the private healthcare provider. Thank you in advance.

  63. Walaupun panjang, tetap di baca demi anak tersayang. Thank you anda yang post benda ni. Saya akan sebarkan di FB. =)

  64. Just get your damn vaccine, there’s no conspiracy!
    Watch as Dr Oz refuses to to have his children vaccinated while recommending that you & your children have there yearly dose.

    1. Salam,

      Jika anda pergi ke youtube anda type “Dr.Oz and vaccine” anda akan jumpa keseluruhannya cut and paste interview dr.OZ yang tak mahu vaksinkan anak-anaknya.Interview ini dari CNN.Boleh lihat kesluruhan rakamannya di sini:
      1.Vaksin ini hanya membincangkan mengenai wabak FLU
      2.Dr.Oz dipanggil untuk menyakinkan orang yang ada risiko tinggi untuk dapat wabak FLU divaksin ( pregnant women,anak2 kecil dll)
      3.Nada dia begini “Saya akan dapatkan vaksin, tapi bila saya balik ke rumah isteri saya cakap dia tidak benarkan anak-anak saya divaksin,kerana isteri saya cakap saya adalah Mr.OZ,” anda(merujuk kepada isterinya) seperti kebanyakkan warga amerika syarikat yang takut dengan vaksin”, balas Dr.Oz.

  65. Thanx doc. Btw, honestly,I dont trust in any vaccine and i wont jab my 3rd baby because my 2nd still got pertussis even after 2 doses of DTP. So, why i have to jab the baby, if the possibility to get the disease is still there? I do take habbatussauda n VCO in order to boost the immune system now, then i breastfeed the baby. Alhamdulillah. My 3rd recovered from the fever faster than the 2nd without PCM. As for me, natural way is better for the baby.

    1. sedikit pengalaman. sensei (panggilan utk doktor di jepun) pun cakap benda yg sama.. vaksin tidak lah bermakna anak akan TIDAK sakit kerana sesuatu. tetapi ia memberi perlindungan dan kekuatan pada badan utk lawan i.e lebih mudah sembuh.
      mcm kes saya anak kena pnuemonia. community pneumonia. berjangkit dari kawan2 kat nursery nya. pneumoccocal jabs mmg kami ambil. lengkap semua dose.
      tp, kerana dia ada protection (vaccined) lah dia recover FASTER, compare to his little sister (ya pneumonia ni mudah berjangkit.) yang masa tu belum di vaksin kan.
      my boy kena middle stage pneumonia. recovered in 3 days. sedangkan adiknya cuma early stage (tak demam. cuma berhingus) tapi took almost 1 week to recover..!
      amalan pemakanan yg baik adalah betul dan bagus utk di amalkan. kita berusaha mana yg bole. 😉

  66. Goodluck lah to all new generation parents. Padahal kau orang pun semua mak ayah anta vaccinized jugak dulu. Dasar ASDFGHJKL.

    1. Setuju…yg dok menentang tu pun dah complete vaccine..esok2 kalau anak sakit sila bawak lari masuk hutan..nanti berjangkit kat org lain 🙂

  67. saya vaksin anak saya sampai setahun. then x ambil yg optional sbb lately question psl vaccine selepas jumpa page FB yg antivax. soalan saya, kenapa zaman sekarang kita perlu vaksin. adakah nabi muhammad ada cara vaksin lain yg saya x tahu? kenapa Nabi sihat walaupun x vaksin mcm zaman sekarang? saya tanya pasal Nabi sbb approach meeka yg anti vax adalah amalkan makanan sunnah. harap dapat bg info. Sesungguhnya Allah yg Maha Berkuasa atas segala sesuatu & Dia yg Maha Mengetahui. Wallahualam.

    1. Sy just terfikir, nape org suka bandingkan zaman dahulu dan skrg, bg sy xperlu kut nk samakan zaman skrg dgn zaman nabi, yes! nabi kite amik makanan-makanan yang original dr tumbuhan2 utk dia jadikan ketahanan bdn bagi mereka, tp kite kene fikir zaman skrg, zaman moden, zaman cerdik pandai manusia, xsma dgn dahulu…terlalu banyak bahan2 chemical yang terdedah dan kualiti udara juga beza antara dahulu dan skrg. selain itu juga bahan2 makanan di zaman skrg tak sm dgn zmn dahulu, Disebabkan itulah te dinasihat kan amik vaccine, bukan jaminan tidak akn dpt penyakit, tp sbgai kekuatan antibodi te sms melawan penyakit….tp its up to you… xsemestinyer kalau te amik vaccine te xboleh amalkan sunnah nabi tue, te boleh amik both its your choice k… maaf kalau sy ade tersilap bahasa atau terkasar…

      1. yes.. i agree with Eila. Skg mcm2 yg jadi di keliling kite. bakteria n virus semakin aktif..and certain antibiotic xble bunuh bakteria or virus. that’s why vaccine tu ade.. utk kuatkan lagi sistem immune. maaf kalo kata2 saya mengguris hati sesetgh pihak..

      2. Salam.

        Terima kasih Dr. Har kerana ambil peduli isu vaksin yang semakin menjadi persoalan dan perdebatan antara ibu bapa dan pengamal perubatan sekarang.
        Setiap orang mempunyai pendirian masing-masing seperti Dr Zahilah Filzah yang menyatakan kebaikan vaksin mengatasi keburukannya.
        Saya berpendapat macam ni lah. Allah pencipta manusia dan penyakit, maka Allah ciptakan juga penawar untuk penyakit tersebut. Allah telah mewahyukan kepada Nabi saw bagaimana caranya, iaitu dengan mengamalkan makanan Sunnah : honey, habbatusauda, minyak zaitun / buah tin, buah delima, kurma etc. Jadi tidak menjadi kesalahan kepada ibu bapa yang percaya 100% dengan makanan sunnah dan menolak vaksin kerana terdapat khasiat dan penawar didalamnya seperti yang telah dinyatakan didalam Al-Quran. Dan saya percaya ramai ibu bapa sekarang yang boleh menilai baik buruk vaksin dalam kesihatan anak-anak mereka. Seperti ada ibu bapa yang percaya penuh pada vaksin sambil tidak mengamalkan makanan sunnah. Jadi mengapa hanya menyalahkan ibu bapa yang tidak mengambil vaksin sahaja?

        Minta maaf saya nk tegur kenyataan Eila Admeila, adakah puan menyatakan bahawa zaman nabi tiada yang cerdik pandai seperti zaman sekarang? Kenyataan puan seperti riak dengan zaman moden walhal tokoh-tokoh ilmuan dan perubatan Islam adalah lahir daripada zaman dahulu seperti Ibn Sina etc dan mereka menjadikan al-Quran sebagai rujukan.
        Perubatan Islam seperti amalan pemakanan sunnah adalah sangat sesuai sejak daripada zaman dahulu hingga zaman sekarang. Saya mencadangkan puan agar membaca buku ‘Rasulullah is My Doctor’ , dan menjadikan Rasulullah contoh dalam segenap hal termasuk dalam aspek kesihatan. Saya kira orang zaman sekarang yang makin mundur berbanding orang zaman dahulu.

        Kerana vaksin adalah suatu pilihan dan bukan kewajiban, maka hormatilah pendirian ibu bapa yang unvacc sama seperti menghormati pendirian ibu bapa yang pro vac anak masing-masing.

        Akhir sekali, percayalah bahawa hanya Allah sebagai penyembuh penyakit. Segala macam ubat-ubatan adalah sebagai asbab untuk kesembuhan tersebut

        Terima kasih.

      3. Yes I agree with you. Let’s agree to disagree. No matter apa pun pilihan kita, hormati keputusan masing2 and let’s take responsibility of our own actions. Enough with this bashing, please.

      4. yes..very true indeed.. not just in the scope of vaccination, it applies to all…we cannot compare this era with that era and we cannot generalize the benefit of “makanan sunnah” in all aspect of disease….this is as per told by yusuf al qardawi…..and why not combining the sunnah food with modern medicine.. please dont say that modern medicine is not from islamic scholars..if it is not from islamic scholars itself from whom they came?? who gave the “ilham” to the non-muslim..think 🙂 yes all the cure are from ALLAH and we have to find it..and somehow we have to reflect on ourselves..maybe these diseases occur because of our past sins…after all it is everyone choice aslmkm 🙂

      5. have mentioned about chemicals..terdedah chemical…do you know that ingredients of vaccine juga adalah chemical? so what’s your says?

      6. I think Puan Eila Admeila tidak menggunakan google:
        let’s I help puan Falindah to elobarate more:
        1.Merkuri ( I should said thiomersal but it’s will less dramatic)
        2.Formaldehyde digunakan untuk mengawet mayat ( even our body produce our ownself formaldehyde)
        2.Aluminium-this is heavy metal and dangerous (even it’s as ingredient in salt)

      7. To Nurul:- Astarfirulallah alazim….xbaiknyer anda menuduh saya seperti itu (berkata riak), xpela sy maafkan, bc la komen sy dr sudut positive bukan dr sudut mencari kesalahan sy, sy xpernah pun mentioned di zaman nabi tiada cerdik pandai, aper yg sy maksudkan di zaman moden yg penuh “cerdik pandai” nie ialah manusianyer yg suka mencipta sesuatu sehingga mengakibatkan penyakit berbahaya kpd org lain, tahukah puan penyakit2 yg skrg muncul pun disebabkan manusia skrg yg mencipta, mrk mencipta untuk kajian mrk, dan yg menjadi mangsa adalah golongan2 kite nie…. dan sy xpernah pun ckp mknan sunnah nabi tidak bagus, malah sy mentioned suruh mengambil kedua2 nyer, dan pilihan d tgn ibu bapa,,,jika anda tidak setuju, xperlu mengambilnyer… bg sy mencegah lebih baik dr nyesal pd ms akn dtg….tp ketentuan dr NYA, DIA yg berhak…kite hanya mampu berusaha, dan Dia tdk suka pd org yg menyerah semata2 tanpa berusaha… dan usaha puan tue bagus utk mengambil dan mengikut sunnah nabi, sy doa kan semoga diberi kesihatannya pd ank2 puan…

        to Meme-antivaccin :- oh terima kasih atas suggestion puan tue… maaf sekiranyer sy menegur yg puan tidak sepatutnyer berpandukan kpd google semata2, kerana tidak semua bahan bacaan di google itu sah….so elok kiranyer puan pegi ke book store dan beli la buku2 yg sepatutnye utk dikaji….

        to falindah:- im not a right person to discuss what is chemical in ingredients of vaccine, so stop blame me if you not understand what i means in my comment.

      8. Let’s me response to Ubatan zaman Nabi dan buku Rasul saw is my doctor general.

        From time to time people will discover new medicine and method to improve our life, this is sunnahtullah. All those things are from Allah:

        “There is no disease that Allah has created, except that He also has created its treatment.” (Bukhari)

        Dalam pada itu setiap ubat yang bermanfaat adalah diiktiraf oleh Islam, tidak terbatas kepada apa yang disebutkan dalam hadis sahaja ( jgn pula orang ambik per ser plak yang “vaksin bukan ubat”  )

        Continue reading: Apakah itu Perubatan Islam? By Dr Asri(ex mufti,Islamic scholar and Phd in Al-Quran& Sunnah Study and 5 Ijazah Sanad Hadith)

        p/s: Boleh ikuti siri kuliah mingguan beliau di IQ di penang.

      9. Salam Eila.Admeila, saya nak minta maaf kerana perkataan saya yang keterlaluan dalam bacaan puan. Saya hanya manusia biasa yang sangat lemah dan selalu membuat kesilapan. Ditambah dengan ruang ‘maya’ yang sangat terhad dengan penggunaan bahasa yang saya kira akan menjadi salah faham dan tafsir oleh pembaca2. dan terima kasih kerana telah memaafkan saya. Beginilah, saya kira banyak info yang kita boleh dapat bersama2 dalam perbincangan ini, tidak hanyak setakat Dr. Google, malah pendapat2 puan-puan dan doktor-doktor disini juga sangat boleh diambil kira. Saya bukan pakar dalam bidang perubatan, tetapi sedaya upaya saya cuba untuk memenuhkan ilmu di dada, termasuklah ilmu perubatan moden dan as-sunnah. Apa yang saya bimbangkan adalah kesan-kesan daripada pengambilan ubatan moden ini berbanding kebaikannya berdasarkan pengalaman ibu bapa yang anak mereka telah mengalami adverse effect (AEFI) ( saya refer kepada vaccinated child ). Saya kira kes mereka adalah benar dan bukanlah rekaan semata-mata. Sebab itu saya lebih suka untuk mengamalkan pemakanan sunnah kerana khasiat dan keberkatannya. Saya cuma ingin menekankan bahawa keyakinan kita pada Allah adalah yang lebih utama berbanding ubatan-ubatan tersebut.

        Terima kasih.

      10. Salam Puan Nurul,

        Izinkan saya respon beberapa perkara mengenai AEFI dan Perubatan Sunnah/Islam

        1.Just my experience, anak saya mengalami asthma dan enzima yang teruk sewaktu usia 1 tahun( 2 kali bermalam di ward).Nak dijadikan cerita ini semua terjadi selepas suntikan MMR.Adakah ini salah MMR?
        2.Kes2 AEFI itu adakah benar-benar belaku?bagaimana mereka tahu bahawa AEFI itu disebabkan oleh vaksin?!/photo.php?fbid=433380626777736&set=a.416534171795715.1073741826.416476451801487&type=1&theater
        3.AEFI ditemui dan didefinasikan oleh para doktor dan saintis, maka seeloklah kita kembali dan merujuk kepada mereka tentang AEFI ini.Ada 4 perkara mengenai AEFI yang kita tidak ambil tahu:a.AEFI terjadi disebabkan oleh inheran daripada sesetengan vaksin itu.
        b.AEFI terjadi kerana kesilapan dalam pengedalian,dan administrasi vaksin tersebut.
        c.Kesan suntikan (takut atau kesakitan daripada suntikan itu)
        d.Sebab kejadian tidak dikenal pasti.

        4.Anak saya mendapat astma dan enzima daripada saya dan isteri ( jika puan ada sinus@rhinitis,asthma dan enzima kebarangkalian yang besar anak puan juga akan dapat salah satu penyakit ini)

        Kesimpulan : Rujuk kepada doctor mengenai AEFI ini,bukan pengalaman/testimoni lain yang kita baca dari internet yang belum tentu benar.
        Kesimpulan : Don’t underestimate disease and don’t overestimate adverse effect.

        Perubatan Islam
        1. Eloklah kita kembali kepada Ulama untuk mentafsirkan apa itu perubatan Islam atau makanan sunnah, amatlah tidak amanah jika kita membaca satu atau dua hadis maka kita terus membuat kesimpulan
        2. Dalam pada itu setiap ubat yang bermanfaat adalah diiktiraf oleh Islam, tidak terbatas kepada apa yang disebutkan dalam hadis sahaja .
        3. Boleh rujuk artikel Dr Asri( Phd in Al-Quran & Sunnah, 5 ijazah sanad tentang ini.

        Kesimpulan : di zaman mehnah dan serta mencabar ini testimoni adalah perkara yang sangat-sangat bersifat manipulatif. Rujuklah kepada ahlinya.

        p/s: Mohon tegur jika ada sebarang kesilapan.

      11. Salam Puan Nurul,

        Izinkan saya respon beberapa perkara mengenai AEFI dan Perubatan Sunnah/Islam

        1.Just my experience, anak saya mengalami asthma dan enzima yang teruk sewaktu usia 1 tahun( 2 kali bermalam di ward).Nak dijadikan cerita ini semua terjadi selepas suntikan MMR.Adakah ini salah MMR?
        2.Kes2 AEFI itu adakah benar-benar belaku?bagaimana mereka tahu bahawa AEFI itu disebabkan oleh vaksin?!/photo.php?fbid=433380626777736&set=a.416534171795715.1073741826.416476451801487&type=1&theater
        3.AEFI ditemui dan didefinasikan oleh para doktor dan saintis, maka seeloklah kita kembali dan merujuk kepada mereka tentang AEFI ini.Ada 4 perkara mengenai AEFI yang kita tidak ambil tahu:a.AEFI terjadi disebabkan oleh inheran daripada sesetengan vaksin itu.
        b.AEFI terjadi kerana kesilapan dalam pengedalian,dan administrasi vaksin tersebut.
        c.Kesan suntikan (takut atau kesakitan daripada suntikan itu)
        d.Sebab kejadian tidak dikenal pasti.

        4.Anak saya mendapat astma dan enzima daripada saya dan isteri ( jika puan ada sinus@rhinitis,asthma dan enzima kebarangkalian yang besar anak puan juga akan dapat salah satu penyakit ini)

        Kesimpulan : Rujuk kepada doctor mengenai AEFI ini,bukan pengalaman/testimoni lain yang kita baca dari internet yang belum tentu benar.
        Kesimpulan : Don’t underestimate disease and don’t overestimate adverse effect.

        Perubatan Islam
        1. Eloklah kita kembali kepada Ulama untuk mentafsirkan apa itu perubatan Islam atau makanan sunnah, amatlah tidak amanah jika kita membaca satu atau dua hadis maka kita terus membuat kesimpulan
        2. Dalam pada itu setiap ubat yang bermanfaat adalah diiktiraf oleh Islam, tidak terbatas kepada apa yang disebutkan dalam hadis sahaja .
        3. Boleh rujuk artikel Dr Asri( Phd in Al-Quran & Sunnah, 5 ijazah sanad tentang ini.

        Kesimpulan : di zaman mehnah dan serta mencabar ini testimoni adalah perkara yang sangat-sangat bersifat manipulatif. Rujuklah kepada ahlinya.

        p/s: Mohon tegur jika ada sebarang kesilapan.

  68. anak kedua saya dilahirkan di jepun. di sini baby tidak diinject BCG until they are 4-6month. diberi range masa utk ibu bapa datang mendapatkan suntikan yg diberi.
    setiap kali suntikan, akan di laksanakan oleh doktor. sebelum suntikan, kami akan diberi borang utk diisi some q&a berkenaan keadaan anak, suhu badan dan lain2. kena sign borang kebenaran utk setiap injection.
    doktor akan tunjukkan label vaksin yg akan di inject. (so vaksin yg digunakan adalah betul).
    doktor juga akan tunjukkan tarikh expired vaksin tersebut. ada sticker akan ditampal dalam buku rekod imunisasi utk rujukan (lot ubat, tarikh expired, pengeluar, etc).
    dan akan menjawab sebarang persoalan sekiranya ada sebelum injection.
    setiap injection yg byk, akan dijarakkan at least seminggu sebelum next injection. tiada istilah 3-in-1, 6-in-1 atau masalah demam selepas injection.
    kerana itu anak saya tidak pernah demam kerana injection. badan dapat menerima dengan baik setiap dose, dan jarak masa.

    kedengaran seperti banyak paperwork (all the documents yg kena isi dsb nya) tp percayalah saya rasa ini lebih baik, dan alangkah baiknya jika sedikit sebanyak langkah sebegini dapat kita praktikkan di malaysia.
    anyway, tqvm artikel yg sangat bagus. good one, at the right time. 😉

      1. Just curious,
        Adakah jika kesemua itu dilakukan, dan penerangan diberikan adakah puan Ijanizan akan menvaksin anak puan tanpa ragu?

      2. shah,
        bukan saya mengatakan vaksin tu tidak elok… pada saya sistem (sama ada masa/umur untuk divaksin, jenis, single/multi dos dll) di Malaysia perlu juga dikaji semula.
        kalau dulu kita jarang mendengar tentang AEFI dari kesan vaksin, kenapa sekarang semakin kerap? ada apa yg saya tahu jadual vaksin sekarang telah diguna pakai dari tahun 2008. Mmr start di Malaysia 2002, Dtap start 2008/09. suntikan multi dos ini yg selalunye ibu2 beritahu ada kesan sampingan (sama ada yg mild mahu pun yg serious).
        jadi pada saya mungkin jadual yg terkini ini boleh di nilai semula oleh kkm. pihak kkm juga hendak lah pandang serius akan kesan buruk dari vaksin ini terhadap anak2 kami.

  69. Its all in the mind…believe tt all will go well
    .avoid worry and negative thoughts ..insyaallah..usaha doa tawakal..

  70. There is always two sides of a coin. Here is the other side. Educate before you vaccinate mommies


    Dr. Palevsky says:

    “When I went through medical school, I was taught that vaccines were completely safe and completely effective, and I had no reason to believe otherwise. All the information that I was taught was pretty standard in all the medical schools and the teachings and scientific literature throughout the country. I had no reason to disbelieve it.

    Over the years, I kept practicing medicine and using vaccines and thinking that my approach to vaccines was completely on board with everything else I was taught.

    But more and more, I kept seeing that my experience of the world, my experience in using and reading about vaccines, and hearing what parents were saying about vaccines were very different from what I was taught in medical school and my residency training.

    … and it became clearer to me as I read the research, listened to more and more parents, and found other practitioners who also shared the same concern that vaccines had not been completely proven safe or even completely effective, based on the literature that we have today.

    … It didn’t appear that the scientific studies that we were given were actually appropriately designed to prove and test the safety and efficacy.

    It also came to my attention that there were ingredients in there that were not properly tested, that the comparison groups were not appropriately set up, and that conclusions made about vaccine safety and efficacy just did not fit the scientific standards that I was trained to uphold in my medical school training.”

    Were Vaccines Really the ‘Savior’ Against Past Diseases?

    Conventional medicine teaches that the polio and the smallpox epidemics went away because of the vaccines, and that most of the diseases that we faced in the 20th century in the United States were brought down because of the power, strength and the implementation of the vaccine policy.

    Meanwhile, there are a significant number of studies in the medical literature that actually show there were many other reasons that these infectious diseases went away.

    For example, one article published in 2000 in the Pediatrics Journal describes how, before the World War II, the majority of the infectious diseases the US was faced with – such as diphtheria, tetanus, polio, pertussis, measles, influenza, parapertussis, tuberculosis and scarlet fever – were all reduced before World War II and BEFORE there were antibiotics and vaccinations available to treat or to vaccinate against these diseases.

    The reasons for the reductions in incidence rates and mortality of these diseases were predominantly due to the implementation of public health strategies, including:

    * Clean water
    * Better living conditions
    * Improved sanitation
    * Improved nutrition

    There are many such examples.

    Have the Proper Safety Studies Actually Been Done?

    So, why is there such a vast difference among intelligent, scientifically oriented, committed and objective scientists and physicians about the safety and efficacy of vaccines?

    Dr. Palevsky says:

    “I think that if you ask most of my colleagues where they get their information, they will say that they read it from the American Academy of Pediatrics, from the AMA, from the CDC, and in their journals.

    But I would like to challenge most of my colleagues to look through the studies themselves to actually see if the proper scientific studies were done using a proper study group and a proper control group.

    Were the ingredients in vaccines properly studied?

    Is there a difference between being exposed to a virus, bacteria, heavy metal or toxin through the air, food, your intestines and your skin, versus when it’s injected into your body?

    Have we really looked at what happens to vaccine materials once injected into a child? Is an antibody sufficient to provide protection for a child against disease?

    More and more studies are coming out to show that:

    * The proper studies haven’t been done
    * Antibodies are not the final way in which your body is protected
    * There is a difference between how children process material through air and food versus through injection
    * There are particles in vaccines that do accumulate in your body and cause impairments in your immune system
    * There are particles in the vaccines that get into your brain, and
    * There are foreign DNA particles that get into your body

    For many health professionals it is a shock to discover that there is such a lack of information on the safety and efficacy, and a mounting degree of information that actually raises suspicions about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, and whether or not they have been properly studied.”

    How a Conventionally Trained Physician Accepts that Vaccines Can Cause Harm

    Says Palevsky,

    “It is heartbreaking, because I see many of these kids who were developmentally normal, who were doing well, who were speaking, then whose voices and eye contacts were lost, who went into seizures, who developed asthma and allergies, and they had nowhere to go because they’re doctors told them that they don’t know what they’re talking about. These kids are real.

    The literature is showing that there are changes in the immune system of children who are vaccinated, especially if we vaccinate them before one year of age or even at one day of age.

    The literature is there. It’s good scientific literature, and it shows that more and more of these kids who are suffering from chronic illness are suffering from impairments of their immune system.

    Whether vaccines are causative or contributory, the literature is showing that there is a role that vaccines are playing in creating the groundwork for these children’s immune systems to start to show signs of impairment and destruction.

    … When I look at the studies that the American Academy of Pediatrics and the CDC put out, saying that there’s no correlation between vaccination and autism or vaccinations and asthma, I have to say that the studies just don’t hold up to the scientific standards.

    You can’t have 25 children in a study and then report that this proves that no children who get autism have any correlation to being injured by vaccines. This is what the media does: they take these conclusions, put it right out in front of the newspapers and say, “Vaccines don’t cause autism.”

    When you really look at the studies – and there’s not a proper control group and there’s only 25 people – you can’t make a grand, generalized statement about a general population because you’ve studied 25 children.”

    The NVIC Set to Create Groundbreaking Vaccine Safety Research

    The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) just raised $100,000 and continues to look for donations and sponsors to allow proper safety studies to be done by independent researchers, who aren’t going to influence the outcomes.

    One study that looked at the health outcomes of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children does exist.

    Published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology in April 2005, that looked at the health outcomes of children who are fully vaccinated, who are partially vaccinated, and who are not vaccinated at all.

    All the investigators asked the parents to do was to report atopic illness. Atopic illness means allergies, asthma, eczema, hay fever. The investigators were blinded, meaning they didn’t know which category the participants belonged to.

    When they assessed the data, they found that the largest number of reports by parents of children with atopic illness were in the kids who were fully vaccinated. The second highest reports were in the families who are partially vaccinated. And the lowest number of reports was in the children who were unvaccinated…

    The investigators performed a statistical analysis to see if the data was based on chance or on real statistical differences, and found there were statistically significant differences between these groups. They couldn’t understand how this was possible, because the generally accepted consensus is that vaccines are completely safe, and completely effective.

    Based on this initial finding, we clearly need to do follow-up studies to ask the same question over and over again; repeat this kind of investigation with different populations across different parts of the country, to unearth the truth!

    Dr. Palevsky says:

    “Certainly, the issue has been raised about the special interests, the money that’s tied, the policies, how much money the vaccine manufacturers stand to make, the doctors who make decisions on vaccines, and how much money they stand to make. But we need the science and not this conspiracy theory…

    If we just stay with the science, and really start to address the need for the science, and look at the fact that there is a lack of science, we will definitely see that more needs to be done.

    We have not done due diligence.”

    Are Some Vaccines Safer Than Others?

    Many may be surprised by Dr. Palevsky’s answer:

    “… in my research of the vaccines, and of the basic microbiology and virology that we’re trained to know in our medical training, I cannot understand how a vaccine with a virus can be safe.”

    What most people don’t know is that a virus is not “alive,” per se.

    It is simply a piece or strand of either RNA or DNA. And even of itself, a virus can’t “do” anything.

    In addition it is so tiny that it can only be seen under an electron microscope. It is much smaller than bacteria, which can only be seen in the regular microscope. So viruses cannot be isolated when you make a viral vaccine. All that can be isolated is the tissue, whether it’s human tissue or animal tissue that is believed to have been infected by that specific virus that you’re trying to isolate.

    So when a viral culture or a set of cultures are made including the specific virus, you’re going to have the DNA of people or animals who were already infected. Those cells are then taken and grown on animal cells, whether it’s monkey kidney cells or chicken embryo cells.

    When mixed together, these cells will splice and recombine, which means that DNA from animal cells are going to mix with DNA from the known infected cells with the virus.

    So by definition, a viral vaccine contains foreign animal and, even possibly, foreign human DNA. That’s why if you have an egg allergy, you shouldn’t get certain vaccines because it is known that there’s going to be egg protein in the vaccine.

    So the question is, how safe is it to inject viral material that is embedded into the DNA of foreign DNA cells?

    What studies have been done to actually test whether foreign DNA is getting into your body; whether it stays in your DNA; whether it gets into your brain; and whether there are foreign animal viruses that are inherently present in animal DNA to begin with?

    Pushing for Informed Consent

    So, does that mean you should never vaccinate against anything?

    Dr. Palevsky says:

    “That’s something that needs to be left up to the individual parent. I am truly a proponent of informed consent, and I’m truly supportive of families who have done their homework and who have been able to make the choice.

    What is the possible risk of the illness? What is the possible health outcome if your child gets one of those illnesses?

    And how much do you know about those risks versus how much do you know about the risks of the vaccines and the health outcomes of what may happen when children are vaccinated against single, or even multiple, vaccines?

    And when parents are given both sides, it is up to them to make that informed choice.

    It is no longer my role to tell them that they must do this vaccine but not that vaccine, because each parent has to make an informed choice based on their understanding of how diseases occur or don’t occur, what science we have available, and whether they feel comfortable with the devil that they know (the science and the outcomes of disease) versus the devil that they don’t know (science and the outcomes of the vaccine).”

    What about the Swine Flu Vaccine?

    He says:

    “Now if you read the packaging first of the swine flu vaccine, it specifically states that the swine flu or the H1N1 flu vaccine was manufactured in the same manufacturing process as the flu vaccine. Therefore since we believe that the flu vaccine has been sufficiently tested to be safe, we can then conclude that the H1N1 vaccine is safe.

    But the public should know that even though our authorities are standing there and saying that the H1N1 vaccine is safe, the proper studies have not been done.

    … And it’s unfair to say to parents or to the public that if you come down with a flu-like illness, it must be H1N1. In studies that have been done, people who did get the flu had their noses swabbed, and they were found to have H1N1.

    What’s missing in these data is a population of healthy people who have not had any flu symptoms – to actually see if their noses contained H1N1 – because if someone is sick and has the presence of an H1N1 virus in the nose, it doesn’t mean that the H1N1 is causing the illness.

    You really have to take an appropriate control group to see if people are colonized with that virus even when they’re not sick.

    So we don’t have that data; we really don’t know. I don’t think we can say with good scientific certainty that people who are getting sick from the flu and who are being diagnosed with H1N1 are actually having H1N1 as the cause.”

    Other Ways to Protect Yourself Against the Flu

    Again, there’s clear evidence in the medical literature that shows proper hygiene, proper sleep, proper diet, proper supplementation with things like vitamin D (making sure that you get your vitamin D level done first), and perhaps vitamin C, can actually prevent you from getting the flu.

    Many insist that vaccinated individuals “protect” the unvaccinated against the flu virus – in essence, reaping the benefit of the protection they refuse for themselves, while at the same time putting others in danger.

    But how does that make sense?

    Says Dr. Palevsky:

    “How does vaccinating against the flu virus stop you from carrying the flu virus in your nasal passages?”

    And yet, this is what many believe.

    The Concept of Herd Immunity and the Myth that Unvaccinated Children put Others at Risk

    One of the primary arguments that is being used to justify this insane behavior is “herd immunity.”

    The fact is that vaccination does NOT stop you from carrying bacteria or viruses in your nose, in your throat, in your intestines, in your airway, on your skin, or in your body.

    But many do not understand the significance of this fact, and have been made to believe that if you’re vaccinated, you won’t carry viruses, and therefore, others will be protected because you’re vaccinated.

    As it turns out, this belief is NOT based on scientific fact.

    Dr. Palevsky explains:

    “This whole concept of herd immunity is very interesting, because we were taught that herd immunity occurs because a certain percentage of a population gets an active illness. Therefore by a certain percentage of getting the active illness, they impart a protection onto the remaining part of the population that has not gotten the illness yet.

    And so the herd that is getting the illness is shedding the illness and protecting those who have not gotten it.

    In vaccine science, we are extrapolating or concluding that if we vaccinate a certain percentage of people, we are imparting protection on those who have not been vaccinated. And that has NOT been shown to be true, because the true herd immunity in theory is based on an ACTIVE DISEASE, and we know that despite what we’re taught, vaccination does not mimic the natural disease.

    So we cannot use the same model of herd immunity in a natural disease in the vaccination policy. But unfortunately, we do use it even though it cannot be used because it doesn’t have scientific backing.

    What’s most interesting to me is that the entire concept of herd immunity fails to acknowledge that there is a life cycle of the viruses and the bacteria all on their own, and that what turns them on and off may have nothing to do with the percentage of people who have been infected.

    All you have to do is look at the SARS outbreak. That virus that we were supposed to fear didn’t infect 70 or 80 percent of the population, which would then impart herd immunity on the 20 or 30 percent that didn’t get the disease.

    This is because the virus itself had a life cycle of its own. And so it came and went without any percentage of the population being protected. There wasn’t herd immunity, and yet the virus died out on its own.

    We fail to include that viruses have a life cycle, and that they are in relationship to other organisms and to us. Something activates them and something actually stops them, and it has nothing necessarily to do with the percentage of people who would have the illness or who have been vaccinated.

    … It is preposterous to think that a child who is vaccinated no longer carries the bacteria or the viruses that they have been vaccinated against. If, in fact, children are vaccinated, then why are parents and public health authorities afraid that non-vaccinated children are somehow carrying something that their children are not, when they should feel comfortable that their children are vaccinated?

    You can’t have it both ways.

    You can’t vaccinate believing that your children are protected and then feel that your children are not protected because somehow, some non-vaccinated child is carrying some secret organism that no one else is carrying.

    It just doesn’t make any sense.”

    The Difference between Natural Immunity and Vaccine-lnduced Immunity

    It’s important to understand that the natural illness has greater influence on the health of your body. Says Dr. Palevsky:

    “In medical school, the mentors that I had saw children in their practices in the 40s, 50s and all the way up to the 80s getting these flu-like illnesses who were properly treated with rest, fluids and proper supplementation.

    Those kids had developmental growth spurts after the illnesses were over.

    There is something to say for these viral illnesses that impart a certain boosting of the immune system of your children. And if we’re not letting them have these illnesses, what are we doing to their immune systems? Aren’t we actually hampering their overall health?”

    You need to understand that there’s a significant difference between natural immunity and vaccination immunity.

    When children are born, they develop natural immunity to hundreds, thousands, millions, and even trillions of microorganisms that they breathe in, eat, and touch through their skin. Their immune systems at the lining of their airways, at the lining of their intestines, and on their skin are actively protecting their body from the outside world.

    Those immune systems that are intricately and specifically located in the linings are very important to create memory and protection to the organisms that they continue to breathe, eat, and touch.

    That immune system response then has a domino effect on creating other memory and immune responses that give your body antibodies and protection.

    That’s a very important step for how the immune system matures in our children. From the linings, the immune system receives information, sends out signals to all other parts of the immune system, and creates an immune response, memory, and antibodies.

    On the other hand, when you inject materials into your body, you are bypassing that crucial first step called the primary line of defense.

    With vaccination you are just creating an antibody. That does NOT impart long-term immunity because it does not create the kind of memory that occurs when you breathe it in, eat it, or are exposed through the skin, and then go through the course of the natural disease.

    Some people will argue that this is why we have nasal spray vaccines.

    However, again, you’re making the assumption that you have not already been exposed to the virus at some point, and you’re also making the assumption that exposure automatically leads to infection.

    Exposure does not necessarily lead to infection. A lot of it has to do with the overall status of your immune system.

    The Dangers of Combining Vaccines

    One issue that is frequently ignored is the potential harm from the synergy of combinations of vaccines, which have never been studied.

    No one knows whether there’s interaction between the bacteria and the viruses in the vaccines administered as part of the childhood vaccination schedule, or if there is interaction in the trace thimerosal (which is still in some of the multi-vials of certain vaccines), or the large amount of aluminum that is in many of them.

    Dr. Palevsky says:

    “There is a scientist named Boyd Haley, who has actually looked into some of the vaccine ingredients and (1) what happens to nerve cells when you inject them in the lab to specific vaccine ingredients, and (2) what happens to the nerve cells when you keep adding another vaccine ingredient.

    He specifically showed that in the presence of thimerosal, there’s a lot of damage to nerve cells. When you add aluminum to the thimerosal, you need less thimerosal to create the damage to the immune and nerve cells in the presence of aluminum.

    Then when you add neomycin – an antibiotic in some of the vaccines – it potentiates the potency of nerve cell damage with aluminum and mercury together.

    And when you culture the nerve cells and testosterone, versus estrogen, and you expose them to some of the vaccine ingredients like thimerosal, you actually see that the nerve cells that are exposed to testosterone are more damaged in greater amounts than the nerve cells that are bathed in estrogen.

    That raises some concern because we do see that children with neurodevelopmental disorders are 4:1, boys to girls.

    So you have to question whether testosterone actually makes children more vulnerable to exposure to toxins like mercury, aluminum or their combination?

    None of these studies have been done in humans. People say, “We can’t do those studies.” And I say, “Why not?” They say, “It’s unethical.”

    I say, “Well, if it’s unethical to do those studies on vaccine ingredients and combining them together, then it’s unethical to give the vaccines in general.”

    So we’re missing a lot of important data that we won’t believe, and we’re also missing a lot of important data that we won’t accumulate because most of the studies that are done are by the manufacturers of the vaccines themselves.”



    1. Ummu mujahed-
      Before you quote Dr. Palevsky as leading peadiatrician, you need to know what is his credentials and conflicting interest. He is a holistic peadiatrician with and his field involves usage of homeopathy, chiropractic not conventional medicine. If my kids end up with life threathening case of infectious disease – i am not going to seek him despite him being a leading peadiatrician.

      I quote another leading peadiatrician.
      Dr. R. “Mort” Wasserman, an attending pediatrician at Vermont Children’s Hospital at Fletcher Allen Health Care and a professor of pediatrics at the University of Vermont College of Medicine.
      I am a UVM College of Medicine faculty general pediatrician, over age 60, with a degree in public health. Although I am primarily a researcher now, in my years of active practice I cared for many children whose parents were reluctant or refused to immunize them and am sensitive to parents’ concerns about immunizations. I regularly engaged those parents in discussions on the issue and some changed their minds. I appreciate the chance to change others’ minds.

      Knowledge can be gained from personal experience and/or from examining the data. As far as experience goes, my vaccine-related experiences began with a kindergarten classmate dying of polio. Two other ex-schoolmates suffered lifelong disability from that disease. Also in the experience department, I have provided care to children who died of pertussis (whooping cough) and bacterial meningitis and to others who survived meningitis but have severe lifelong disabilities. Pertussis, bacterial meningitis, and many other vaccine-preventable diseases are much less frequent or quite rare because of vaccines.

      Most Vermont parents who are concerned about vaccines lack personal experience with these diseases. They have not stayed up, night after night, with a child coughing from pertussis or sat next to the hospital bed of a child with bacterial pneumonia. They take the absence of vaccine-preventable disease for granted. A few are also angry about the greedy pharmaceutical companies. They value personal choice. I also am no fan of the pharmaceutical companies and I also value personal choice.

      I have provided care to children who died of pertussis (whooping cough) and bacterial meningitis and to others who survived meningitis but have severe lifelong disabilities. Pertussis, bacterial meningitis, and many other vaccine-preventable diseases are much less frequent or quite rare because of vaccines.
      However, I also have a public health perspective driven not only by personal experience, but by data. The laws about vaccines are directed at protecting the public’s health, and the data are quite clear. Children get very sick from, hospitalized because of, and (sadly) occasionally die from vaccine-preventable diseases. The impressions of every Vermont pediatrician over the age of 50 who has seen multiple child deaths and permanently disabilities resulting from these diseases are supported by substantial research. As to vaccine complications, the data also are very clear. Children very rarely get sick from, hospitalized because of, or die because they received a vaccine. The supposed autism-measles vaccine connection has now been thoroughly discredited by multiple groups.

      Are vaccines completely effective? No. Is vaccine policy based only partly on science, and partly on convenience of administration? Yes. But do vaccines drive up Vermont health care costs? Absolutely not – every cost-benefit analysis shows substantial cost savings. Do Vermont doctors profit mightily from administering vaccines? No. They typically obtain vaccines from the Vermont Department of Health and charge only a modest administration fee.

      This public policy debate is about the protection of our children. When parents don’t immunize their children, they place other people’s children at risk, including: (1) children too young to be immunized against some of the diseases in question (generally infants younger than 6 months of age); (2) those whose immunization series has begun but who have had too few doses to establish immunity or who have not had the needed booster doses; (3) those who have been completely immunized but for whom the immunization series does not afford complete protection (varies from vaccine to vaccine, but approximately 10 percent for most vaccines); and, of course (4) those whose parents have chosen not to have them immunized. That risk persists because insufficient immunization levels in the general population fail to confer the “herd immunity” that prevents the overall spread of disease.

      – See more at:
      I bet dr zahilah like other peadiatricians have treated and have children dying/ill from vaccine preventable diseases. And they would rather prevent it to happen . I trust this group of doctors.

    2. agak bodoh lah sebenarnya pergi quote panjang2 doctor lain punya essay on another doctor’s essay. amende laaaaa hahaha

    3. Salam Puan/Tuan Jones,

      Saya tidak pasti sama ada puan/tuan membaca artikel dari Lawrence Palevsky(MD) yang juga pengamal holistic medicine ini secara keseluruhan.Jadi izinkan saya memetik sebahagian ( sebab malas nak counter argument semuanya)

      You can’t have 25 children in a study and then report that this proves that no children who get autism have any correlation to being injured by vaccines. This is what the media does: they take these conclusions, put it right out in front of the newspapers and say, “Vaccines don’t cause autism.”

      a)Adalah amat mustahil untuk kita membuat keputusan berdasarkan sample saiz 25 sahaja.Jika ada ada sedikit pengetahuan mengenai statistic, sample saze 25 tidak dapat diterima langsung jika dibandingkan dengan kadar populasi.
      ECOLOGY study telah dilakukan di 3 negara = tiada kaitan austime dgn MMR.
      COHORT study telah dijalankan >1200 sample, di England sample adalah >12,000 rekod kesihatan mereka diikuti dan mereka telah ambil kesemua vaksin.Keputusan= tiada kaitan

      b)MMR diberi single jab( satu-satu, sorry tahun tak ingat dan malas nak GOOGLE)di jepun kadar autism masih meningkat.

      c)Malah thiomersal telah dikeluarkan dari MMR,malah kebanyakkan vaksin, austism masih meningkat.

      The reasons for the reductions in incidence rates and mortality of these diseases were predominantly due to the implementation of public health strategies, including:

      * Clean water
      * Better living conditions
      * Improved sanitation
      * Improved nutrition

      a)Tidak dinafikan clean water,pembentungan najis&sisa yang baik menyumbang.Tetapi vaksin memainkan peranan yang sangat besar.Anda tidak boleh membuat perbandingan antara saat (world war)WW 1 and WW 2, perbandingan ini sangat lemah.

      b)Tahukah anda di Austalia vaksin B (Hib) diperkenalkan 1992 ( kadar drop >94 %) pada tahun 2003 diperkenalkan pula meningococcal C ( kadar drop>39%).Sedangkan secara marginal living condition tahun 1993 and 2003 tidak byk berubah( disclaim:statistic ini sangat lemah untuk dijadikan bukti dan data empirikal)

  71. I thought Dr Zahilah wrote beautifully. She has a flair for writing!

    Haraz is fully vaccinated because I believe like most medications there are always side effects but the chances of it happening to you is very slim. There is never a 100% quarantee but it’s better to be vaccinated than sorry.


  72. Reblogged this on A new chapter of my life… and commented:
    Dr Zahilah Filzah wrote an eloquent article on vaccinations. Kudos.

    On autism – mmr link – it has been exposed as a fraud – the doctor researcher cooperating with a lawyer seeking money in damage lawsuits and offering mercury chelating therapy to parent for supposed detox for mercury containing vaccinations. He has been deregistered as well as stripped off his medical license.

    There is no conspiracy to kill/maim your children through vaccination – you all were also vaccinated – sihat jer kan? My grand mom used to tell stories of kids dying of fever and small pox during her childhood days. You dont see it anymore now thanks to vaccines and modern medicine.

  73. Salam Docs,
    Thanks for the valuable and nicely written article…I vaccinated all my 4 children..Prevention is better than cure…kannn… Selamat Berpuasa!

  74. Salam All,

    Nicely written Dr 🙂
    As for the rota vac, it is haram. Our paed even show us the letter from KKM which he got, I guess thats y it is optional

  75. salam dr harlina.. u may also want to read a post about vaccination written by ‘kereta mayat’ in his blog, … though it was not written beautifully (hihi) as Dr Zahilah’s, but it is also worth reading… thank you for posting Dr Zahilah’s article, it is indeed very informative and enlightening..

  76. To adress most of common concerns regarding vaccines, i like to highlight these articles

    For mommies that like to read – please read actual medical evidence in studies – this all latest studies conducted and published in peer reviewed highly regulated transparent journal. No conspiracy theory here
    The paper can be read the links provided – in full text.

    Association Between Thimerosal-Containing Vaccine and Autism

    They trace 467 450 danish kids comparing children vaccinated with a thimerosal-containing vaccine with children vaccinated with a thimerosal-free formulation of the same vaccine

    The risk of autism and other autistic-spectrum disorders did not differ significantly between children vaccinated with thimerosal-containing vaccine and children vaccinated with thimerosal-free vaccine

    In this lancet study (a major peer reviewed medical journal)
    40 full-term infants aged 6 months and younger were given vaccines that contained thiomersal (diptheria-tetanus-acellular pertussis vaccine, hepatitis B vaccine, and in some children Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccine). 21 control infants received thiomersal-free vaccines. samples of blood, urine, and stools 3—28 days after vaccination were obtained. Total mercury (organic and inorganic) in the samples was measured by cold vapour atomic absorption.

    Administration of vaccines containing thiomersal does not seem to raise blood concentrations of mercury above safe values in infants. Ethylmercury eliminated from blood rapidly via the stools after parenteral administration of thiomersal in vaccines.

    This study newly published in Journal of peadiatrics address parental concern whether vaccination antigens associated with autism or not or whether high exposure through antigens causes autism. There is no founded correlation.

    Also in Japan where there is a fall in MMR vaccination rates – there is no change in incidence of autism in the same population

  77. yeah, i like dr kurt’s writing 🙂 very crystal clear.

    “With kids, they don’t produce any anybodies until after age 6 months. So why give a vaccine to anyone under the age of 6 months if they can’t produce antibodies. Even if the whole vaccine theory really worked, it would be absolutely pointless to inject a baby of 6 months or less with a vaccine . With a child’s immune system being very immature until age 2, the overload of 36 vaccines by the age of 18 months seems about as logical as drinking from a fire hydrant.”

    So Japan is right after all by delaying the vaccination schedule to 4-6 months at least.Vaccine given before that is a waste lah kan?Sebab baby tak ada antibodies.Antibodies yg ada pun sepatutnya dari susuibu.Betul lah dalam AlQuran suruh lengkapkan penyusuan susuibu sehingga 2 tahun.

    1. Ambik dari Pediatric Chiropractic la pulak…adus..macam-macam dengan google skg ni :(.
      Japan start vaccine dari umur ‘3bulan’ and it’s totally not related with Pediatric Chiropractic Dr.Kurt.

      p/s I : Everybody want to follow Japan, I worry you have to take additional jab “Japanese Encephalitis” for your baby 😦

      p/s ii : with google you can search anything that you want.

      1. in case u’re at sarawak.Just curios,if pn ija living at sarawak,would u take it? 🙂

      2. shah,
        as i mention before, my boy complete vaccine until 6mo. now he only 8mo.
        kalau PERLU vaksin JE InsyaAllah kami akan ambil juga.

        pada mulanya saya respect shah kerana beri penerangan yg agak jelas juga (pada saya) tentang isu berbangkit. tetapi makin lama saya rasa nak jadi serangan peribadi pula… pada saya, tidak perlu lah personal attack or scare tactic. jika En shah yakin 100% dgn vaksin, try to convince me (and others) to believe it too. ibu2 mcm saya bukan tak percaya pada vaksin tapi saya percaya educate before vaccine.

      3. Pn Ijanizan moga dirahmati,

        Maafkan saya jika soalan saya dibaca dengan intonasi yang menyerang peribadi(percayalah bukan niat saya), saya bertanya dengan tujuan jika puan Ijanizan ada keraguan tentang JE vaksin kemungkinan orang di sini yang mengetahui boleh meyakinkan pihak Puan untuk ambil, sebab itu saya tanya jika puan duduk di Sarawak atau tidak.

        Saya percaya Dr Zalilah hanya memberi penerangan secara umum tentang persoalan vaksin,saya percaya tujuannya adalah untuk umum dan untuk pendetailan mungkin Puan( dan yang lain-lain) boleh merujuk merujuk paed atau immunologist yang berdekatan.

        Soalan saya itu ditanya bertujuan juga untuk mengetahui adakah puan masih ragu-ragu untuk menyuntik vaksin pada anak puan?Jika ya, mungkin saya boleh rekomenkan pakar immunologist dan paed(juga Presiden Allergy &Immunology Malaysia) supaya dia boleh memantau dan menerangkan mengenai sesuatu vaksin yang disuntik kepada anak puan jika anak puan ada masalah allergy dsb ( namun kerana bukan hospital kerajaan maka perlulah dibayar)

        Jika hanya untuk mengetahui secara am( dan bukan untuk tindakan susulan),maka saya sarankan puan link ini.Puan boleh Tanyakan sebarang soalan di dinding fb mahupun private message, saya percaya mereka boleh dibawa berbincang(disamping boleh menambah ilmu pengetahuan)!/VaccineGoodAndUglyBits

    2. Response to Puan Fatin,

      Saya tidak pasti bagaiman Puan Fatin memahami tulisan Pediatric Chiropractic itu:

      “With kids, they don’t produce any anybodies until after age 6 months. So why give a vaccine to anyone under the age of 6 months if they can’t produce antibodies. Even if the whole vaccine theory really worked, it would be absolutely pointless to inject a baby of 6 months or less with a vaccine . With a child’s immune system being very immature until age 2, the overload of 36 vaccines by the age of 18 months seems about as logical as drinking from a fire hydrant.”

      Sedikit pengetahuan yang saya tahu.

      Baby telah ada kapasiti untuk bertindak balas terhadap antigen asing sebelum mereka dilahirkan lagi. B dan sel T yang hadir seawal 14 minggu kehamilan lagi.

      Contoh mudah yang kita boleh lihat bagaimana kehadiran antibodi di dalam bayi adalah apabila baby demam itu menifestasi badan baby melawan penyakit.Saya tidak dapat bayangkan baby tidak mempunyai SEBARANG antibodi sebelum usia 6 bulan.

      Untuk rujukan lebih lanjut tentang neonatal ini sila rujuk sumber berikut.

  78. Salam..I was a provax, but i have stop vaccinate now, and i didn’t even read about Dr Andrew Wakefield by the time i decide not to vaccinate.So I have 2 views from both side of the coin in myself.I took about 5-6 months weighing whether i do the right thing for me and my child. I have made my choice, and so should others.Do not follow other people blindly, do not rely on one source only when you decide, i do strongly agree about doing istikharah to help you decide.After that, either you chose to vaccinate or not, the decision is yours only to decide.Not others.I repeat.NOT OTHERS.

    It is all about choice, informed choice. Dr Zahilah article contain scare tactics in the end ” The community needs to be educated and myths and misconceptions regarding vaccination should not be allowed to spread, or we would to have to suffer the consequences in the future.”What consequences is that supposed to mean?Read below and care to judge whether I’m writing about myths, or facts?I just choose to write about AEFI.Not halalness issue, conspiracy theories or vaccine content(thimerosal, aluminum etc).

    Yes , the community need to be educated, about pros and cons of vaccine.Vaccines is treated like a sacred cows( lembu suci/benda suci) until it’s efficiency cannot be questioned.At all.

    In US, they have National Vaccine Information Centre(NVIC)They have awarded about USD 2 billion to vaccine injured victims.If vaccine is safe, how come there is victims of vaccines?

    In Rotateq vaccine, the insert mentioned about vaccine shedding.Quite scary because babies who have just been vaccinated will have virus shedding from their stools and can infect unvaccinated person!

    “( item 5.5) ……Transmission of vaccine virus strains from vaccinees to non-vaccinated contacts has been observed post-marketing.
    The potential riskof transmission of vaccine virus should be weighed against the risk of acquiring and
    transmitting natural rotavirus.”

    Click to access rotateq_pi.pdf

    This is no misconception or myth, this IS WRITTEN IN THE INSERT!(yes i know rotateq declared haram already, i just use this as example)

    MMR vaccine (MMRII by merck & Priorix by Glaxosmithkline)
    The vaccine are contraindicated in babies who are sensitive to eggs and neomycin.But, the nurses don’t bother to ask before vaccinate.Well, after vaccinate you will know for sure.

    “Persons with a history of anaphylactic, anaphylactoid,or other immediate reactions (eg., hives, swelling of the mouth and throat, difficulty breathing, hypotension, or shock) subsequent to egg ingestion may be at anenhanced risk of immediate-type hypersensitivity reactions after receiving vaccines containing traces ofchick embryo antigen. The potentialrisk to benefit ratio should be carefully evaluated before considering vaccination in such cases. Such individuals may be vaccinated with extreme caution, having adequatetreatment on hand should a reaction occur .”Excerpt from MMRII insert.

    “The measles and mumps components of the vaccine are produced in chick embryo cell culture and
    may therefore contain traces of egg protein. Persons with a history of anaphylactic, anaphylactoid,5 or other immediate reactions (e.g., hives, swelling of the mouth and throat, difficulty breathing,hypotension, or shock) subsequent to egg ingestion should not be vaccinated with PRIORIX.source:

    Most doctors will say parents are too paranoid of AEFI.This is just rashes and eczema.Hello, allergies and anaphylaxis is 2 different thing.Allergy, u’ll be uncomfortable for life but u’ll live.Anaphylactic shock, can lead to swelling, hives, dificulty breathing, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration and can even lead to death.And there are more AEFIs than just fever,rashes, swelling or eczema.I will just list a few below(i have translate some)

    atypical measles
    syncope (pengsan/pitam)
    diabetes mellitus
    regional lymphadenopathy(bengkak kelenjar limfa)
    Anaphylaxis and anaphylactoid reactions
    angioneurotic edema
    bronchial spasms
    arthritis(joint pain)
    myalgia(muscle pain)
    encephalitis(radang otak)
    encephalopathy(kecacatan otak)
    subacute sclerosing panencephalitis
    Guillian Barre Syndrome
    febrile convulsions
    ataxia(tidak boleh berjalan)
    ocular palsies
    aseptic meningitis
    sore throat
    Stevens-Johnson syndrome
    erythema multiforme
    nerve deafness
    otitis media
    optic neuritis
    retrobulbar neuritis
    Orchitis(radang testis)

    That are just from one vaccine which i refer from , i am not inventing this, yea.There’s a lot written in other vaccine inserts, too.

    It’s like, i want to avoid 3 disease (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) but the risk i can get the whole lot of above diseases?So I choose not to vaccinate. 🙂

    And, about the Garis Panduan Farmakovigilans dan Keselamatan Vaksin,

    Click to access Garispanduan_Farmakovigilans.pdf

    it is so nicely written, in Malay, and easy to understand, 30 pages only.Why did nurses or doctors never mention AEFIs before giving vaccination to children?Some scares me when i ask, they did not event know what is this garis panduan is all about!Some will say, AEFI is just demam and ruam.o_O.Oh yea, in case you vaccinate, and babies got any AEFI, please report to the KK(klinik kesihatan) using this form (which I come to know by Google/Yahoo), not from the mouth of the doctor or nurses themselves.

    Education and knowledge is for all, please do not hide infos just because you worry that people will not wanting to vaccinate.I have friends who are provax, but i respect their choice as they respect mine.So i guess unvax and provax can live together peacefully, isn’t it?Educate before you vaccinate and make an informed choice.Salam Ramadhan, peace.

  79. dear mamachacha, vaccine MMR dibiakkan dalam telur ayam(chick embryo).Vaksin ni nak disuntik ke dalam badan anak puan.kalau anak puan alergi telur, kena pantau semasa nak inject vaksin MMR, in case jadi kes anaphylaxis /anaphylactic shock( kejutan alergi yang teruk) – menyebabkan sesak nafas, muntah2, cirit birit, bengkak seluruh badan.Kalau suntik juga, takut kesan vaksin tu memudaratkan anak puan.jadi either delay, atau stop terus tak payah vaccine(bergantung kepada keputusan ibu bapa).Anaphylaxis tak sama dgn allergy(alahan biasa).Puan boleh google apa itu allergy dan anaphylaxis.

  80. Zaman sekarang ni, kadang2 demam beberapa hari pun dah boleh mati. Yes, memang kita tak boleh question sebab mati itu hak Allah. Tapi jangan sampaikan dek kerana bodoh sombong kita, benda-benda macam ni jadi. Bodoh sombong macam mana nak tau? Bodoh sombong bila kita ni tak belajar pun apa yang doctor-doctor tu belajar, lepas tu kita bercakap macam kita ni lagi pandai drpd mereka. Sangat memalukan!

    Kalau taknak vaccinate, takde mana-mana doctor pun nak marah. Dorang tak rugi se sen pun. Tapi nanti kalau anak dah terkena (nauzubillah), sangat terlambat untuk kita menyesal.

    1. wrong place woman. People are getting clarification from the educated one not from ‘manipulative info ‘ from the internet or certain group from FB, What is it again? Our Healthy Unvaccinated Babies apa ke jadah. Dont interfere. I definitely would not want my kid to be friend with kids who does not vaccine as an act of selfishness without considering the immunity herd. Sudah-sudahlah tu. Our government has spend millions even billions for the research about vaccine and to the certain moms who believes information from internet rather than doctors, seriously something wrong with you guys.

      Sorry for the harsh word but im getting fade up with this issue already. Make the right choice, mak bapak korang pun vaccine korang jugak, are there something wrong with you guys?

      1. salam,
        saya bukan dari mana2 bahagian. tapi saya mohon puan share (link) research paper yg kerajaan buat tentang vaksin. saya rasa sebagai ibu saya berhak untuk membacanya.
        terima kasih

      2. wah nampak sangat dah pandang hina dekat orang-orang yang tak vaksinkan anak-anaknya puan. saya pun tak mahu anak saya berkawan dengan anak-anak yang vaksin ni, banyak sangat dah virus masuk dalam badan anak-anak kome. habis jangkit anak-anak saya kang.

        jangan ingat provaccine mum saja tak mahu anaknya berkawan dengan anak tak vaksin. ok.

      3. yeah, pinggan tak retak nasi pun tak dingin.

        Perhaps kerajaan keluarkan satu certificate kat baby/kanak2 yg divaksin sbb kami taknak anak kami bercampur dengan anak2 yang divaksin sebab bahaya sbb macam2 virus masuk dlm vaksin ini(as per said by Tuan/Puan ahfar)

        kalau kerajaan Australian dan wales ban anak2 yang tak divaksin dari memasuki taska/nursery,saya harap kerajaan Malaysia ban kanak2 yang divaksin dari memasuki taksa./nursery.

  81. Pro vaccine mum, bila masa kjaan spend millions on vaccine research? Negara kita produce ke? My father is the living proof who never get vaccinated in his life. And he is very healthy, strong like a young man at age of 60.

    1. See what i mean, this people are like everywhere. every single details akan dipertikaikan and di debate kan. Please go to your respected site which you guys can whine and moan about how bad vaccine this all day long and please don’t violate others that has different opinion than you. (or those yang baru nak belajar about vaccine). Let me conclude this as it fit well with you guys:

      ‘Aku boleh berdebat dengan 10 orang yang berilmu tetapi aku tidak boleh berhujah dengan seorang yang jahil’ -Imam Shafiee


  82. Before someone else post link this and that, quote Dr this and that( some of it quote from Pediatric Chiropractic or whatever) youtube cut and paste let’s us to be reminded :

    We should know all the info from internet is not really reliable nowadays, unless you have discipline on that area.i.e historian search for history topic,islamic sholar search for islamic study,engineer search for engineering topic,art..…..because they(people expert at their area) have a tool(dicipline) to screen all the information and data.

    Fasaluu ahlazzikr ( bertanya kepada orang yang ahlinya).

  83. As expected, paeds will be BIASED on vaccination issue. Yg ibu2 ni boleh percaya bulat2. Wahai mommies sekalian, kalau paeds x support, depa tiada job laa. Itu pun x boleh fikir ka. Kalau nak bina antibodi baby, bagi susu ibu laa. Sampai 2 tahun macam yg Allah suruh. Bukannya masukkan virus dlm badan baby. Ini zaman dajjal. Yg salah nampak mcm benar dan yg benar nampak mcm salah. Hari ini hari Jumaat. Bacalah surah Kahfi every Fri to protect us from dajjal. Back to sunnah, Mommies. Esok kat Akhirat, Allah akan tanya semua ini.

    1. Bodohnya lah kau ni. Hahahaha! Belajar sampai form 3 je agaknya. Kesiannn. Kalau anak2 kita tak amik vaccine, takde nye PAEDS hilang kerja. They will still have to work sbb setiap hari ada je anak2 yang demam sakit and macam-macam. Kau ingat kerja doctor tu bagi vaccine je ke wahai si bodoh?

      1. Aik? Dah bagi vaccine pun, setiap hari masih ramai anak yg demam sakit and macam-macam ? Apa cer ?

      2. Saya adalah pro vac, jadi Anak-anak Saya semua full vac termasuk optional. Yang 1st sihat hingga umur 1 tahun, tp selepas ambil jab pneumococcal ketika 1yrs++, 2-3 Bln sekali mesti warded due to pneumonia, broncopneumonia & acute bronchiolitis. Sedangkan dia bukan duduk di taska, di rumah tidak brcampur dengan kanak-kanak lain. 3yrs later, adiknya lahir, peads cadangkan ambil pneumococcal lebih awal, 2mths ++. Untuk elakan jadi seperti kakaknya. Malangnya selepas 2nd dost, adiknya turut keluar masuk hospital seperti kakaknya. Cuma tidak sekerap kakaknya maybe sb dia masih fully breastfeed. Memandangkan keluarga sebelah Saya & hubby tiada sejarah astma & aczime, pead bagitau ianya temporary astma. Banyak perkara yang saya argue dengan pead tapi jawapannya semua tu elok to develop their immune system. So Saya dinasihatkan pasang aircord with ionizer instead of using fan Dlm bilik Anak, jgn gunakan carpet, mandi guna air panas, makesure rumah bersih & tidak berhabuk, ambil multivitamin & jaga pemakanan. Sebagai ibubapa kami buat semua yg pead nasihati termasuk membeli Nabulizer machine sendiri. Tapi keadaan masih berlanjutan hingga yang sulung 5yrs++ & yang kedua 2yrs++.
        Keadaan makin meruncing bila kami berpindah ke tempat baru, berhampiran kawasan industri, dalam masa 2bln yang sulung 3 Kali warded manakala yang 2nd 2 Kali. Dalam tempoh itu bole dikira berapa hari mereka sihat. Setiap Kali warded bill mencecah RM3000-RM6000++, tak termasuk out patient bill lagi RM150-RM500++ per consultation. Memang buat duit. Bayangkan berapa yang telah dibelanjakan sepanjang tempoh anak-anak kami warded bertahun-tahun tu….. Nasib baik Ada insurance.
        Dalam kebuntuan, Akhirnya Saya bertemu group “haluan kiri” di FB. Setelah mengikuti group tersebut, saya mula menggali apa sahaja ilmu & isu berkaitan vaksin melalui bacaan lain. Barulah Saya sedar saya telah lakukan kesilapan. Atas kesedaran itu, Saya mulakan dengan mendetox Anak2 saya disamping mula mengamalkan makanan sunnah secara consistant, sejak itu hingga kini hampir 8 bulan, hanya sekali sahaja mereka demam & batuk. Walaupun suhu masing-masing 39.2 & 40.2 alhamdulillah meraka sihat dalam tempoh 24hrs & 30hrs tanpa sebarang drug/chemical hanya natural remedies. Kalau dulu demam & batuk mesti berhari-hari serta berulang-ulang hingga warded. Alhamdulillah, sekarang jauh berubah. Saya tidak perlu risau lg untuk guna carpet, bagi mereka berendam di swimming pool, makan ice cream bila-bila masa & sebagainya. Melihat mereka sihat untuk tempoh yang panjang adalah satu rahmat buat kami sekeluarga. Saya tiada medical background untuk jelaskan apa sebenar terjadi. Tapi apa yang berlaku meletakan saya disatu pandangan yang berbeza. Walalhualam.

      3. Betul tu puan Mawar,

        Anak saya juga keluar masuk hospital, paed bagi ubat dan nasihat macam(harga ubat dan consultant jangan kiralah) sehingga ada seorang doktor ini bagi nasihat mengenai apa sebenarnya vaksin itu.

        Setelah mengamalkan makanan yang sehat dan natural hanya ambil masa seminggu sahaja mereka telah sehat kembali, kalau demam pun sgt sekejap boleh recover dalam ½ hari dah ok dah.

        Ini adalah Mother instinct saya,setiap ibu pasti memilikinya.

        P/S: Seperti biasa nama hospital,paed dan doktor yang bagitau pasal negetif side of vax itu dirahsiakan.

    2. Eh tapi aku setuju lah sangat2 pasal breastfeeding tu. Tapi zaman sekarang ni ramai sangat ibu2 muda yang sayangkan badan. Sampai taknak bagi anak susu tetek sampai umur 2 tahun. Cukup sampai 2 bulan je dah berhenti.

    3. narrow minded. Peads can earn good salary not because they’re meds la.. U are accusing all the peads who try to help.. that’s y kita skarang adalam ‘zaman dajjal’.. as we have peopla like you bashing others without reasons.. dr lagi (p.s. i’m not a doctor’

    4. hamboi…cam rezeki paeds tu kat tngan anti-vaccine je lar kan…rezeki tu kat tangan ALLAH ok!!
      anyway dlm islam pn suruh kita usaha dlu then br is ok kalo xnk va…pegi jaga ank tu baik2 dr xjaga mulut kt cni..haih..penat bace komen org yg x open minded gni..

    5. ye betul,setuju dengan anti-vaccine,
      nanti saya google berapa banyak kanak2 yang demam di Malaysia ini siap dengan statistik dia( kalau ada demam disebabkan vaksin lagi bagus,lg kukuh bukti dia).

    6. Educate yourself before you vaccinate….memang tak boleh blah ayat ni, memang ayat trademark those anti-vac ek, asyik berulang2 macam dah jadi motto…

      YES, I’ve educate myself before I vaccinate my children and I was also vaccinated…Salah ke? And this is also an informed choice for most of the other mommies too…If you opt not to vaccinate, it is TOTALLY UP TO YOU. But, please stop spreading these irresponsible rumours/statements/whatever that might frightened other mommies to vaccinate, just like what I’ve been through before….OK!

      And BTW, all these doctors/paeds ni robot ke agaknya, atau takde keluarga, anak2 kot…Dorang ni alien kot kat bumi ni…Hello, they also parents like us!

      Menyusu sampai 2 tahun je, cukup ke? Bukan penyakit berjangkit ni bila2 masa dan umur pun bole jadi? Kita hidup zaman sekarang ni byk penyakit berjangkit.

      Cth paling mudah, tak semua orang ada alergik kacang. Tau tak alergik kacang pun boleh sebabkan mati? Nak tau ada alergik kacang ke tak, dah makan baru tau ada alergik, kan. So, lepas tu jangan la makan kacang sebab dah tau tak sesuai dengan sistem badan. The same goes to vaccines, if it really doesn’t suits you, stop. But, please don’t frighten others WHO CAN BENEFIT FROM THE VACCINES. This is TOTALLY UNFAIR TO US, OK! Esok2 kat akhirat, Allah akan tanya semua ni.

      1. Assalamualaikum…sakit dari Allah…penyembuhnya juga adalah Allah…dadah hanya inhibit not curing….people die in infectious disease due to the drugs given…not due to the germs…and drugs is’s in your food..your soap…your shampoo..your cosmetics…in form of synthetic chemicals…why are we easily fooled that those synthetic chemicals is safe for us…when you get symptoms, why we tends to blame kacang..sayur..why we don’t blame cakes, biscuits that have those drugs in it…
        see…we tend to blame the nature (Allah’s creation) and get screwed with all the misunderstandings…

      2. Wa’alaikumsalam…ye pandai pun sakit dari Allah dan penyembuhnya dari Allah…so, when something gone wrong with any kind of medicine/drugs/treatment/surgery or whatever…why you tend to put someone/something to blame on? Everything happened for a reason, bad or good we have to accept it as it is all happened by Allah’s will, and He knows what is best to HIS servants…..jadi, kalau sakit pun ada sebabnya, kalau sihat pun ada sebabnya. So janganlah suka sangat kalau Allah tak duga dengan penyakit, dan ingat pada Allah hanya bila sedih selepas diduga dengan penyakit. Kalau dah suntik vaksin pun masih kena penyakit berjangkit, don’t blame the vaccines as not effective, sebab you kena ingat, suntikan vaksin adalah sebagai usaha untuk kita elakkan penyakit berjangkit, dan selebihnya kita tawakal kerana Allah yang tentukan semuanya. Samalah macam makan makanan sunnah pun usaha juga, kan. So, akhirnya you nak salahkan siapa sebenarnya ni, sebab mmg dah jelas lah bukan manusia yang tentukan nasib manusia, dan bukan ubat yang tentukan manusia ni boleh sihat ke tak?

        Drugs manusia cipta, fine…but then who gave the “ilham” on the first place? Pusing2 pun akhirnya kita balik semula ke point asal: Allah is the one who creates all this, dan DIA yang tentukan siapa sakit siapa tak sakit. Hanya DIA yang tahu kenapa. So, stop blaming the vaccines, OK! Macam naik kereta pakai seatbelt, you know it won’t change anything, kalau accident pun still you can be injured. But the internal/external damage perhaps won’t be that severe if you opted to buckle your seatbelt. Kalau pakai seatbelt pun, tiba2 kereta terbakar lepas accident, seatbelt dah rosak tak boleh bukak…so, nak salahkan seatbelt jugak ke? Kalau Allah dah tentukan ajal masa tu, jadi kena terima. That’s why we needs to have faith in Allah to keep us sane…Kalau sikit2 nak blame sana sini kalau jadi benda buruk, memanglah hidup tak tenang macam tu.

        You tell me what things/food in these world that haven’t got any synthetic chemicals? If only u can back to basic in preparing all the foods yourself, wash your clothes only with water, then maybe you can 100% sure you’re not gonna get any of these synthetic chemicals, so go ahead. All processed food have synthetic chemicals. Nak jus buah ke, susu segar ke, ha amik buat sendiri. And don’t forget that the pollutants and toxins in the atmosphere also can trigger those who have genetic vulnerability to autism ye, so always keep yourself at home so that you might not be infected by thousands of germs/toxins from the environment. Tau pun kan mustahil la nak berperap je kat rumah…even kalau tak kerja duduk rumah jaga anak pun kena keluar rumah juga pegi shopping bercampur dengan orang…

      3. Nampaknya anda masih tidak tahu kewujudan kumpulan manusia yg besar esp di Amerika yg dah kembali having a life without synthetic chemical..FYI siapa kata tak boleh buat industri kalau tiada synthetic chemical? U tahu tak dalam plants ada banyak organic chemical (which means exclusively created by Allh Taala) yang boleh produce much2 better effect compare to man made yang penuh dengan kelemahan..Cuma masalahnya seluruh manusia telah di divert pemikirannya kepada sesuatu yg mudah yg telah being supplied by the system…you tahu L’occitane product?100% plant chemical…we need to brief ourself regarding organic chemistry dan synthetic chemistry first…anyway ini adalah soal akidah juga..for example you know that iron is needed for Hemoglobin synthesis..tapi u tahu tak that iron that being given to pregnant lady around Malaysia is the synthetic one? The molecule is different and it is not meant to be accepted and used for Hb synthesis…so what the KKM should do is actually make a tablet that rich in iron from plant source which is planned by God to be consumed by human..if u think the Zionist are smart so that we have to use their way…we should be smarter because we believe in Allah , the creator of the universe..we believe that human can never ever create anything that Allah has created not even a single, tiny virus but they lied to you by producing the virus themselves through recombinant DNA and make a fake study to make u really believe that the vaccine does the job…anyway as a good muslim do you think that solat, sabar, iman, good behaviour does not have any role in immunity? It has a role …a big it increase oxytocin released from the post pituitary and please read yourself about the oxytocin wet they even make synthetic oxytocin as sublingual prep. to maintain calmness and happiness…but we have Islam that all the teaching boost up our oxytocin…
        Peace!!!Luv u all because of Allah..we don’t quarrel to see who’s gonna win..but we quarrel for seeking the truth..and the truth is always bitter..but we need to have some patient and mujahadah ..

      4. Dr.abdullah saya perasan suka menggunakan perkataan yang jargon ;).

        Walaubagaimanapun let’s go back to basic chemical/science. Saya yakin “iron” yang dimaksudkan oleh Dr.Abdullah adalah Fe.
        1.Boleh saya tahu apa beza Fe(Iron) synthetic dan yang natural.
        2.Bagaimana (apa proses kimia) yang dapat mencipta atom/molecule Fe?

  84. Drug companies make tens of billions of dollars from drugs given to treat side effects and life time illnesses caused by vaccines.

    Vaccines are the backbone of the medical system. Without vaccines, healthcare costs would go down because we would have a healthier overall society. We have exchanged chicken pox for autism, flu for asthma, ear infections for diabetes. The list goes on and on. In the zeal to eliminate a short list of relatively benign microbes, we have traded temporary illnesses for pervasive, life long diseases, disorders, dysfunctions and disabilities.

    1. Coudn’t agree more with ahfar,maybe i should top-up little more based on my research with google ( disclaimer I’ve degree holder ya not form3)

      Zionis Protocol 10, Part 19.

      “But you yourselves perfectly well know that to produce the possibility of the expression of such wishes by all the nations it is indispensable to trouble in all countries the people’s relations with their governments so as to utterly exhaust humanity with dissension, hatred, struggle, envy and even by the use of torture, by starvation, BY THE INOCULATION OF DISEASES, by want, so that the goyim see no other issue than to take refuge in our complete sovereignty in money and in all else. But if we give the nations of the world a breathing space the moment we long for is hardly likely ever to arrive.”


      Big pharmacy conspiracy and zionis conspiracy!!!

      Bangunlah umat Islam Malaysia gunakan google sebaik yang mungkin,buat research sendiri

  85. Coudn’t agree more with Ahfar. On top of all that scary diseases, human exchange those curable diseases (chicken pox etc) with the SCARIEST & INCURABLE disease = CANCER! Memanglah baby x dpt cancer when vaccinated, but cancer cell will develop in the long term due to the weakened immune system. Yang untung siapa? Sendiri mau ingatlah.

    Zaman dulu, tiada pun vaccine (virus) ni, manusia besar-besar, gagah dan panjang umur. Zaman vaccine ni, manusia kecil-kecil, lemah dan macam2 penyakit like tumour and cancer. Mothers, you are responsible for these.

    1. There is NO VACCINE yet againts cancer wahai makcik. NO VACCINE YET, i repeat. Dan cancer terjadi sebab genetic mutation. Genetic mutations are caused by RADIATIONS and including other factorssss. Bila sebut radiations, saya harap awak tahu radiation tu apa makcik. Senang nak buat makcik paham, radiation datang daripada handphone dan macam2 gadget yg makcik ada skrg ni. Orang dolu2 mana ada handphone makcik. Itu sebab dulu incidence of cancer tak tinggi macam harini.

      Cancer bukan disebabkan oleh vaccine ye makcik hehehe

      1. Cancer is from genetic mutation? Sound like Darwin’s evolution theory pulak. Its partly true but cerita x habis. You ingat cell badan mutate sendiri eh? Body kita x de protection system ? Bdn kita is like a civilized country, u know. Lengkap dgn askar2nya. The T and B cells, who r the body’s military intelligence system, seeking out their targets and sending defenses to lock onto them and are like the soldiers, destroying the invaders (like viruses). Before the viruses attack normal cells to mutate to cancer cells, they have to face those armies IF AND ONLY IF the army is strong enough! If the body’s defense system is weak (due to the virus attack of vaccination ets), memang serah badan je lah pada virus utk attack normal cells. Finally, they mutates and cancer cell develops.

  86. sebagai ibu bapa, anda rasa anda akan Tanya setiap rakan anak anda sama ada dia orang ada ambil vaksin ke tidak. kemudian buat tapisan, ini tak boleh berkawan dan ini anak boleh berkawan. please be rational ok. Dan berfikirlah secara matang dan tidak emosi.

  87. MasyaAllah. It has become a war zone! Reading comments from some of u has made me confuse than ever! My 1st son was vaccinated as what prescribed by kkm. It was no issue back then. Tak ada group antivaccine or provaccine.

    But now i’ve just given birth to my premature twins. Their immune systems are not fully developed n doctors(muslims) recommended rotavirus n pnemucocal for both of them.

    I think i will need to think thru abt this before making any decisions.

    Lets pray d best for our children n community n PLEASE, stop bashing each other.

  88. I won’t listen to someone like you doc. I do my own reading, i ask my own questions to numbers of people/experts and then i decide. I will not decide based on what written by a doctor who happened to be famous just because she’s the wife of Malaysian first so-called astronaut.Thank you and PEACE!

    1. Wow.. just as if Dr. Harlina jadi Dr. SBB kawin dgn Dr. SM.. jgn la mcm tuh.. saye pun xkan ambik advise from you mcm tuh je sbb I xtau pun you keje ape.. but please respect others profession. She work hard nak jadi Dr. and semua tahu it’s not easy..
      Sbb tuh dulu when i read pasal anti vac nih at 1st mmg nak jadikan knowledge tp at the end I give up.. sbb ade komen like this.. ermm

    2. yes, it is because you just want to hear want you want to has nothing to do with who she is…

    3. Jelessss la tu Dr. Halina ni married to Astronaut.. Kau married to some guy yg cabuk je kan.. Sebab tu pikiran kau cabuk ‘dapat title Dr. Sebab kawen dgn astronaut’.. Sungguh cabuk pikiran kau tu…
      Sume org ade pendapat masing2, and pliz hormat pendapat org lain.. Lantak kau la, kau nk buat research sndiri ke ape. Dari gaya kau, angkuh sgt kau bercakap. Nanti bile kau or anak kau sakit, kau buat research dlu. Jgn terus gi jmpe doc kan. Teruskan buat research. Ok

    4. inafilza, bulan-bulan mulia ni saya harap awak cakap dengan lebih sopan..dr halina x suruh pun awak ikut cakap dia..cakap jangan ikut emosi tp guna akal..article yang dr halina post ni sbg pendapat sape nk dengar,dengar dan sesiapa yang tidak setuju tak payah ikut..

    5. Inafilza….ni la satu penyakit tak ada ubat….PENYAKIT HATI….hahaha…thats sounds jelessssssss…..gelak tak abis baca comment yg out of topic nih…tak ada sapa suruh pun u baca blog Dr Halina ni kut….

      1. asal tmpat comments ni dh jadi kelakar sume mak bapak mcm perangai anak2 yg bergaduh je…hihihi…kelakar weh……

    6. Ms/Mrs inafilza, for ur information this article wrote by Dr Halina besties Dr Zahilah. As Dr Halina said “Don’t judge others who does or doesn’t want to give their child vaccination. We as medical providers, our job is to educate the public based on our knowledge as a doctor and Muslims”.
      She don’t even mention for u or other mommies out there to decide based on this article. Please careful with ur words and do respect people which have their own initiative to provide us this article for free. Thank you.

    7. In this case I really support inafilza, she’s totally right. We have to do our own research. Personally based on my own experience, now I am on-going to finish geology, law and metafizik at the sametimes with google. Next I want to complete my vaccine research to entitle me as legal anti-vaccinologist.

      1. Dear Meme-antivaccine,
        Go ahead , do what you want . Good for you. The thing is , this is not your place , just as Our Healthy Unvaccinated Baby (OHUB) is not ours. It’s funny that you are even here, dont bother . We are here to find out what the doctors feel abt vaccinations and sincerely ask further questions because we want to know. You are here obviously for something else. This article has been shared by many on their blogs and FBs, I heard, that it irritates you people , right ? Is that why the anti-vaccine people are here ?

    8. Sis Inafilza..She is helping us lots.. She never take guaranteed with the title she got. She shares her knowledge with us. Pls keep your word, it is not good to say to anyone either.
      It is fine if you dont want to vaccinate your kid. It is up to you. But pls respect to others.

    9. sorry ya. u ni tk selidik background dr halina dulu ya b4 bash kt sini? shame on you. very typical person. buat malu jer komen dgn selamba kt sini.

    10. then, i really have to doubt ur reading skills since this article clearly stated that its written by dr filzah..not dr halina…

    11. Dear inafilza and the rest of refuse-vaccination mommies, if u dont want to vaccinate your children or follow what dr halina and her bestie wrote, it is fine. I believe all of u are an adult who can carry the responsibility to whatever actions that u took. And yes it is true if ur children get sick, you are the one who will take care of them. So let it be, u dont want to vaccinate, u bear the risk, we want to vaccinate, we will bear the risk. What is not right here is googling does not mean doing research. It is called surfing. If I google about hukum fiqah and I understand from what I read, does that make me an ustazah who studied at tahfiz, universiti al azhar etc? Does that allow me to produce fatwa and jatuhkan hukum etc. Am i elligible to do so. No, right? Because I did not go to proper, formal religious school or college or university. I dont have proper teaching. How can I talk about things that I get from google?…

      Same goes to all refuse-vaccination mommies. Googling about adverse effect of vaccination does not make you a microbiologist, an immunologist who can declare that vaccination is totally dangerous. And again, u can continue with all strike about no-vaccination but dont spread things that u did not master at.

      And the doctors not the life saviour. We assist people to be in optimum healthy state. ALLAH does the saving and cure.

  89. salam dr harlina, u lupa highlight yang kat inserts vaccine tertulis certain people with certain condition x boleh ambik. kena lah highlight. kesian parents yang percaya bulat2 vaksin ni baik untuk anak mereka. vaksin ada pro n cons seperti kebanyakan benda dalam kehidupan kita. biar mereka memilih ikut kesesuaian. not one size fits all you know. Allah jadikan kita manusia unik. wallahualam..

    1. Betul tu puan wani.

      Ada Dr kat KK tu consult parent ni ttg kebaikan dan keburukan vaksin.Kemudian dapat surat amaran daripada orang atasan.

      Nama Dr dan Klinik dirahsiakan as usual.

  90. This is an article by Dr. Wilson, the only medical doctor I know who believe nutrition rather than drugs prescription. He doesn’t believe vaccine too, mommies! No one should be vaccinated like he said. The article is quoted with references, research studies & big sample evidences, FAR FAR FAR more reliable than Dr Za’s, who just have 1 case of her patient. Plus, she relies on halal certificate from Jakim, which brings DOUBT such that this body has never make a lab test plus restoran cina pun dpt status halal from them.

    by Lawrence Wilson, MD
    ©August 2011, The Center For Development.

    Vaccination began 200 years ago as an experimental life-saving medical tool. While it originally had some merit, today it has become perhaps the leading cause of death and disability among our children.
    This article covers many aspects of the vaccine debate. It addresses vaccine history, effectiveness of vaccines, and the side effects of vaccines. It also discusses other problems of vaccines and some alternatives to vaccination. It also covers how to opt out of vaccination.


    Dr. Edward Jenner is credited with the first successful vaccine about 210 years ago. Smallpox was among the worst diseases of the day. Medicine had little to offer in the way of a cure or preventive.
    Dr. Jenner injected pus into healthy human beings taken from cattle who had cowpox, a form of smallpox that affects only cattle. By this means, he was able to protect some of those who were vaccinated against smallpox. The word vaccine derives from the word vaca, meaning cow in Spanish.
    As word spread of the new vaccine idea, the world was astonished, just as we would be today if someone suddenly had a cure for cancer. As a result, vaccination was accepted as a valid medical advance.
    Smallpox, typhoid fever, diphtheria and polio have declined in the world. What we are not told, however, is that vaccination had little to do with it. If one examines the statistics carefully, the major advances had to do with better hygiene and much better nutrition of the population in the 20th century.
    Meanwhile, new vaccines were developed for other conditions such as measles, hepatitis and many other conditions, even though these are not usually life-threatening diseases. Unfortunately, the vaccines have side effects. Like so many medical drugs and procedures, vaccination is now creating much more horrible problems for thousands of people, especially children.


    From the start, there were problems with vaccines. These included adverse effects such as fevers, and occasionally death from the very disease the vaccine was designed to protect against. However, the benefits of vaccines outweighed the problems and the shots helped eradicate certain diseases.
    This background is brief, but very important to understand the vaccine situation now. Today, vaccination is a “protected industry”. That is, no one has seriously questioned its premises in spite of horrendous problems that we will discuss. Our federal government protects the vaccine industry by handling its liability problems.
    According to the government’s own Vaccine Injury Compensation Program or VICP website, the cost as of January 8, 2008 is $1,749,743,610.45, (about $1.75 billion). This works out to about $100 million every year and it is growing fast.
    Regardless of your feelings or beliefs about vaccination, the mere fact that a major government budget item is paying damage awards due for vaccine injuries means there exists a severe problem with this industry. Let us examine it in detail. Before doing so, however, here is a very recent medical article that shows how medical research distorts the value of vaccination.

    2008 STUDY SHOWS NO BENEFIT FOR HEALTHY ADULTS OF FLU SHOTS (American Journal of Respiratory Critical Care Med 2008;178:527-533)

    In this recent study involving 704 people, it first appears that flu shots reduced death from respiratory illness a full 50%. However, the researchers decided to check an important factor.
    They corrected the data for what is called the “healthy user effect”. This is an extremely important factor in some vaccinations that has not been taken into effect in previous studies.
    The healthy user effect refers to the fact that some patients take generally better care of themselves. They eat well, avoid smoking and drinking, take nutritional supplements and so forth.
    When this group was excluded from the vaccine study, it turned out that the difference in the death rate from the flu between the vaccinated and unvaccinated groups was 0. In other words, if you take care of yourself, flu shots, according to this smaller study, had no benefit whatsoever.

    Who should be vaccinated? The answer is no one.

    Now let us examine the history of vaccination in America, its nation of origin and still the most vaccinated in the world.


    The world of Dr. Jenner (1749-1823) was quite different from ours:

    * Doctors did not wash their hands when they touched patients or even when they delivered babies.
    * Most deaths were due to infectious diseases. Cancer, heart disease and diabetes were relatively rare.
    * Children died by the thousands in America and Europe from infectious diseases due to bad water, poor food, inadequate shelter and poor hygiene and sanitation. Rats, mice, ticks and other vermin carried cholera, typhoid and many other diseases everywhere, spreading germs and filth.
    * There were few antibacterial or antiviral medicines. Those that did exist were extremely toxic, such as arsenic and mercury (Calomel).


    Filthy conditions still exist in some parts of the world, as do the infectious diseases that go with them. In these places vaccination may still make good sense.
    However, America and the developed world have cleaned up the water, the food, and even the air. It used to contain fecal matter such as horse manure, hoards of flies, mosquitoes and more. Today, instead of germs in the air we have toxic chemicals and metals, a new situation with different consequences.
    Personal hygiene and sanitation are taken for granted in most advanced nations, and many occupational and public health laws protect us from deadly contagious illnesses.
    Medicine has advanced tremendously, with modern antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal and other agents that can halt many infections quickly and safely.
    The epidemic illnesses are ‘degenerative’, such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and dementias.


    Vaccination can still protect people from some infectious diseases. However, adverse effects of vaccines are increasing. Possible reasons for this are:
    1) The differing conditions explained above.
    2) Many more vaccines. Fifty years ago there were some 8-10 vaccines. Today, over 40 are recommended in some states.
    3) Combinations of vaccines are decidedly deadlier.
    4) Other reasons might include more awareness of vaccine-related injuries and more attorneys willing to assist clients in this area.
    For all these reasons, it is time to review the benefits versus the problems of vaccination as a public health method.


    Vaccine advocates claim that the reduction in certain diseases is mainly due to vaccination. However, careful studies, such as that by J.B. and S.M. McKinlay, show that the vaccine-related diseases such as tuberculosis, diphtheria, smallpox and others were declining before vaccination came along. Improved hygiene, better sanitation and better nutrition of the people are the likely factors in their decline. This has been shown to be the case in many nations since then.
    The McKinley study indicated that vaccines accounted for only about 4% of the decline of several important diseases. However, it can appear that vaccines were of more benefit because they came along about the same time that hygiene, sanitation and nutrition improved.
    It is also well-known that vaccines do not protect 100% against a disease, and they offer only temporary or partial immunity.


    Vaccines side effects are well-known. The following was taken from vaccine package inserts and other vaccine company information. Your doctor is supposed to tell you about them. How many of the following were you told about?

    * HPV or Gardasil: Death reports are beginning to accumulate as this new vaccine is given to more and more teenage girls and even boys, although they cannot get the same condition of cervical cancer, which the vaccine is supposed to prevent, so this is patently insane except to try to prevent transmission of the sexually-transmitted HPV virus. However, the vaccine only covers some strains of the virus, so it is not even fully effective, if it works at all.
    Other “side effects” have so far included: Bells Palsy, Guillan-Barre syndrome, seizures, blood clotting and heart problems, miscarriages and fetal abnormalities amongst pregnant women who received the vaccine.
    Thousands have experienced syncope, rashes, facial paralysis, seizures and other effects, especially when this vaccine is combined with any of about 18 others in young girls or boys.
    * Polio Vaccine Side Effects: Contracting polio from the vaccine, spreading the disease to others and Guillian-Barre syndrome. (Guillain-Barre syndrdome is a severe fever and nerve disease that did not exist prior to vaccination.)
    * The “Safe” DaPT (formerly DPT-diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus): This is one of the worst, with many instances of high fevers, shock, convulsions and death.
    * Smallpox: Gangrene, smallpox, encephalitis, liver, spleen, pancreas and kidney disorders, herpes and polio.
    * HiB (Influenza): When given with the DPT, persistent crying, seizures, hives, asthma and kidney failure.
    * MMR (measles, mumps, German measles): Contracting measles, seizures, Guillain-Barre syndrome, arthritis, autism, nerve deafness and death.
    * Hepatitis B: Shock, arthritis, Guillain-Barre, bronchospasm, multiple sclerosis, herpes, and possible sudden infant death.
    * Chickenpox: Seizures, fevers, death and contracting chickenpox (in 27% of cases), which can cause birth defects if it spreads to pregnant women.
    * Flu Shots. These can cause the flu in people who are healthy. I know of a person who died as a result of getting the flu right after receiving her “flu shot” vaccine.
    My comment is this is one of silliest vaccines. There is no way to tell which of the hundreds of strains of influenza will be dominant in a particular year. Companies that make the shots literally guess which strains of flu to put in the vaccine. They also still contain some mercury, so the patients are poisoned with this as well. I suggest avoiding these always.
    Adverse effects of the 30 or so other “mandated” vaccines would fill another 10 pages, but the point is clear. Vaccines are not safe at all. The references contain more information.


    Most vaccine problems are never reported. Until 1991, no centralized method existed to even report vaccine adverse effects.
    According to the FDA, only about 10% of vaccine side effects are reported. However, other studies reveal that only 1 to 4% of adverse effects are ever reported.
    For example, in 1998, the National Vaccine Information Center did a survey of New York pediatric offices and found out that “only one in 40 doctors reports a death or an injury following vaccination.” That is only a 2.5% reporting rate! If we extrapolate this percentage of underreporting, one finds that at least 20 million adverse effects have occurred since 1991.
    Unfortunately, pediatricians and other doctors have an incentive not to report vaccine problems. Vaccination is the bread and butter of much of the pediatric profession.


    A Drug Company Subsidy. For years, the federal government has “limited the liability” of drug companies that produce vaccines. This was kept quiet in the past, but is no longer a secret.
    I was shocked to visit the website of the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program or VICP. The US government (this means you and me) has paid out over $1.7 billion in vaccine damages to 3466 victims, as of January 2008.
    In fact, most claims were dismissed, probably due to the “10-day rule”. This is the insane idea that any injury that you do not report to your doctor within 10 days doesn’t count as vaccine-related. It is ridiculous because most severe vaccine injuries can take weeks, months or years to develop.
    The VICP Mission. The VICP website states that its mission is to reduce lawsuits aimed at vaccine companies in order to “stabilize” vaccine supplies and promote vaccine research and development. In other words, drug companies are not responsible for the deaths and disability they cause.
    Without this government support, many fewer vaccines, if any, would be on the market due to liability concerns.
    The Right To Sue For Damages. I do not always like the tactics used by lawyers. However, the right to sue and recover damages is a fundamental legal principle. It protects all of us from all types of shoddy and dangerous products. Every medical device, drug, and procedure that I am aware of is subject to legal liability except vaccination.
    Meanwhile, our government quietly has been paying the bill to the tune of about $100 million every year out of taxpayer money. Not only has the cost been rising. As explained below, it is likely to increase much more.
    Autism Damage. The VICP website states that the $1,749,743,610.45. in damage awards includes just one case of autism, and that occurred in 2008. This is probably because autism may take weeks or several years to develop after vaccination, so it does not count in court as a vaccine injury.
    However, autism did not even exist as a medical diagnosis before widespread vaccination was in place in America and around the world. Many shocked parents will attest that their child developed normally until after a vaccination.
    I expect the damage awards for the hundreds of thousands of autism cases to increase drastically in the years to come. Interestingly, a study of Amish people found that there were only three cases of autism in the group. Amish people do not vaccinate their children. The three cases, it turned out, were all children who had been brought into the Amish community from outside, and had been vaccinated.
    Vaccine damage awards are already a major government budget item. Other staggering costs for parents, insurers and the states include the lifelong treatment of all the autistic children and those with other vaccine-related developmental problems. Clearly there are serious problems with vaccines.


    Extremely toxic chemicals are always added to all vaccines. They include mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, acetone, lead, cadmium and others. Most often, they are not listed on the package insert. However, they are needed as sanitizers, stabilizers and preservatives.
    They must be added to reduce contamination of the vaccine with other viruses, bacteria, parasites, fecal matter and other items found in the culture medium on which the vaccine germs are grown.
    These additives are themselves deadly, especially for very young children. However, they are highly toxic for everyone. For instance, they are all neurotoxic. This means they impair and can destroy brain function, especially in young, quickly-growing children and infants. Some are toxic for the immune system, for the digestive system and for other body systems as well.
    Mercury is probably the worst single offender in the vaccine tragedy now occurring all over the world where vaccination is practiced. Well-known symptoms of mercury toxicity in young children include autism, ADHD, gut damage, visual disturbances, and delayed myelination of the nerves. Other problems include thyroid disease, delayed development, learning disorders and even death.
    Mercury has been well-studied, despite lies to the contrary by our health agencies such as The Institute For Medicine, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers For Disease Control (CDC).


    Bernard Rimland, PhD, is director of the Autism Research Institute and founder of the Autism Society of America. He wrote:

    “The FDA, CDC and various medical associations have failed miserably in their duty to protect our children (from the horrors of vaccination, editors note). Rather than acknowledge their role in creating the immense, catastrophic rise in autism, they have resorted to denial and obstruction. They stand to lose their credibility and billions of dollars in liability suits that will soon reach our courts. The truth must and will emerge.”

    The gravest symptom of mercury, according to many studies, is a worldwide epidemic of a “new” disease, autism. It was totally unknown before about 1940, before mass vaccination began. In the 1980s, the incidence was about 1 in 10,000 children. Today it is diagnosed in 1 in 150 children, about 80% of which are boys. In fact, the incidence is much higher in vaccinated boys, according to a 2007 study of 17,674 children in California and Oregon.
    Treatment for mercury toxicity is not always successful, so autism and several other conditions possibly related to it such as ADHD, developmental delays and learning problems are extremely costly and in many instances hard to treat.

    Thimerisol-Free Vaccines. Some vaccines are now available without thimerisol or mercury-free. However, many doctors and hospitals do not stock them.
    Also, this is often a lie. For example, those who have requested thimerisol-free vaccines are told incorrectly that they are receving them, when, in fact, they are not. Thimerisol-free can mean the vaccine just contains less mercury. Even most flu shots still contain 25 mcg of mercury as thimerisol.
    Also, if thimerisol mercury is not present in your vaccine, something has replaced it that may not be listed on the label and could be as toxic or moreso than thimerisol.

    For all the documentation on the link between mercury as thimerisol and autism, please read Evidence of Harm-The Story of Thimerisol by David Kirby.


    Aluminum is commonly used to stabilize vaccines. It is associated with dementia and other brain problems. Lead and cadmium found in some vaccines and other pharmaceutical preparations cause severe tissue damage to the liver, kidneys and other organs and systems of the body. Acetone, another vaccine component, also used as nail polish remover, damages the liver, kidneys and most other organs of the body.
    Cumulative Poisons. Health authorities tell us the amount of mercury, aluminum and other toxins in vaccines is small. Let us review the numbers.
    The recommended exposure to mercury for a newborn is 1-4 micrograms or mcg. It is estimated that today’s child receives up to 212 mcg of mercury from his recommended vaccines! Similar huge exposures occur to aluminum, cadmium, lead and other toxic chemicals and metals.
    Add to this that most children born today already have excessive levels of these toxins in their bodies. This is due to vaccines given to the mother, along with environmental exposures that range from silver amalgam dental fillings that are half mercury to eating too much fish. Many pharmaceutical drugs also contain the same preservatives and chemicals as vaccines. Childhood is also a time of extreme vulnerability to toxic chemicals of any kind because the nervous system and other body systems are growing fast.


    The greatest incidence of AIDS happens to be in the most intense regions of smallpox vaccination in Africa, Brazil and Haiti. Scientists believe this may have occurred because African monkeys were imported to the United States and elsewhere to produce certain vaccines.
    These shots may have accidentally transmitted the SV40 monkey virus to the people. This is a close relative of the AIDS virus. Let us explain why this could have happened. Vaccines are grown on dog and monkey kidneys, horse and calf serums (including pus), rabbits’ brains, even animal urine . This can introduce the DNA of other species directly into the blood of young human children. This is akin to genetic engineering, but with no controls and unknown long-term consequences. This could be the origin of AIDS and many other strange new diseases today.
    Beware, there are no long-term studies done on today’s vaccines before they are introduced and recommended by our public health authorities. Read that sentence over and over before you go for your next flu shot or vaccine for your child.
    Mixing animal organs and tissues directly with a child’s blood also introduces a wide variety of random viruses, bacteria, parasites and other material that is contained in these body fluids and tissues. It is impossible to purify tissues completely. Even if it is done correctly, one can never know when contamination has occurred.
    Gulf War Syndrome. This has taken the vitality and even the lives of many of our best young men and women. Is it about vaccines? You decide. Our troops received about 15 “experimental” vaccines. Even those who were never deployed to the Middle East developed gulf war syndrome.
    Troops from France, however, did not receive the experimental vaccines. They did not develop Gulf War syndrome, even though they fought against Saddam Hussein’s army with its possible use of chemical and biological weapons.
    This would tend to rule out chemical weapons, depleted uranium or food-borne illness as causes of Gulf War Syndrome. In spite of these facts, the American military vaccine program continues today.


    In 2005, Julie Gerberding, director the Centers For Disease Control, stated that studying the health of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children would be “something that could be done”. Yet no such studies have been begun by our government, in spite of begging and pleading by several groups of concerned citizens.
    In October, 2007, however, Generation Rescue, a private group, spent their own money to conduct a survey of 17,674 children in California and Oregon from ages 4-17. 911 unvaccinated children were found. The study showed that the incidence of ADHD among the older unvaccinated boys was less than one fourth that of the vaccinated boys. The incidence of autism among boys who were not vaccinated was less than half that of boys who were vaccinated.
    This is extremely damming evidence, and quite easily verified by more studies, but so far the government refuses to do the studies.
    The California-Oregon study was conducted based on an earlier smaller study of Amish people in 2005. The Amish do not allow their children to be vaccinated. This study revealed only three cases of autism.
    Upon further investigation, all three of these children had been vaccinated. Two were adopted into the community after vaccination. The third was a boy whose mother joined the Amish community after he was vaccinated . In other words, no autism at all was found among the Amish!
    Privately funds an unvaccinated children are desperately needed for more studies of this kind. Anyone who has an unvaccinated a child may inquire about participating in such a study by contacting Mary Tocco at


    The cause of Sudden Infant Death, or SIDS, is not known. It is increasing, however, wherever vaccination is practiced. A revealing study was conducted in Australia in the 1970s. Due to safety concerns, vaccination was made voluntary in Australia. Almost immediately half the population stopped vaccinating.
    The same year, the incidence of Sudden Infant Death also decreased in Australia by about 50%. Obviously, this is an area in need of greater research to confirm or disprove a link between SIDS and vaccination.


    Vaccination Is Not Immunization. When vaccines are effective, they do not confer complete or “natural” immunity. This is well-known, but hardly ever explained to parents and others.
    In fact, vaccines only confer an artificial, partial or temporary immunity. The only way to obtain full immunity from an infectious illness is if one actually goes through the illness and recovers fully.
    Vaccine-based “immunity”, by way of contrast, diminishes in its protective effect after one or more years, assuming it was effective at all. As stated in an earlier section of this article, one does not know if one’s vaccination was or is ever effective or not. There is no easy way to tell.
    The Need For Boosters. Natural immunity occurs due to contracting a case of mumps or chickenpox. You are in no danger of another episode later in life.
    Vaccines, however, reduce in effectiveness after a number of years. So you can get the disease unless you keep getting vaccinated repeatedly, hoping each time that the vaccine works well. This is costly and exposes one repeatedly to all the problems associated with vaccines.
    More Serious Diseases Later In Life. Since one does not obtain full immunity to disease from a vaccine and may forget even one booster shot, many people get mumps, chickenpox or rubella (German measles) later in life. This is far worse than having it as a child and is associated with deafness, birth defects and even death. Other side effects later in life might include multiple sclerosis, adult ADHD, and much more.

    Spreading Diseases. Sadly, vaccination can spread disease in three ways:

    1) People get the disease they are being vaccinated against. Most cases of polio, whooping cough, diphtheria and even tuberculosis are in people who have been vaccinated.
    2) People who are vaccinated get a mild case of the disease and spread it to someone else by contagion.
    3) Vaccines can spread germs and even cause new types of diseases when they are made by sloppiness during their manufacture. Viral cultures must be reproduced or grown on eggs, animals and other media. Occasionally slip-ups, contamination and other problems occur that are potentially very dangerous, such as the AIDS possibility discussed above.
    4) Vaccination spreads all disease by weakening people’s immune systems. This is a very serious problem in itself.

    “Killed” Vaccines. This is not so much a problem in itself as much as it is a deliberate lie to make vaccines more acceptable to the public. Vaccines never contain just killed micro-organisms. If they did, they would be ineffective. Instead, they contain very weakened or attenuated organisms. So the term “killed” vaccines is definitely incorrect.

    Combinations of vaccines. Administering several vaccines at once, of combination vaccines like the DPT is an even greater recipe for disaster. Reports from the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (see references) indicate that the most deaths have occurred with combination vaccines. These include the DPT, DaPT and the MMR.
    Also, combination of individual vaccines are often given at a single doctor’s visit to save time and trouble. This is also an very unwise and insane practice, according to government statistics.
    Healthy People Are Much Less Susceptible to All Illness. This should be obvious but bears repeating. There is no substitute for eating well, resting adequately and living healthfully. Any other approach to your health is risky at best. Vaccines are known to weaken the body and thus worsen general health.
    Most Infectious Diseases Are Benign. This includes such “killer” diseases like polio, which is completely benign in over 95% of cases. Many people have had it and don’t ever know it. It appears as a flu-like syndrome that passes without a problem if treated correctly. Most cases of polio since the 1980s are in vaccinated children.
    Another illness that occurs mostly in vaccinated children in whooping cough. It, too, can be handled with conventional medical and natural methods without the need for vaccination in almost all cases.
    Measles, mumps and chickenpox are also totally benign in most cases. In fact, it is far better to contract it harmlessly as a child than to be vaccinated and run the risk that the vaccine loses its effect after 10 or 20 years. When that happens, on may contract the disease as an adult, when these illnesses are far more severe than in childhood.
    The same is true of hepatitis, infant diarrhea, diphtheria, tetanus, flu shots, human papilla virus, herpes, and the other diseases for which vaccinations are suggested.
    In summary, the side effects of the vaccines tend to be far worse than the illnesses they are designed to protect against. Also, there are no guarantees the vaccines are even effective. In one vaccine package insert, I read that in 42% of cases, the vaccine did not “take”, meaning it was not effective,
    All Diseases Are Treatable. Doctors may say that some diseases, such as polio, are “untreatable” and thus vaccination is needed. This is absolutely untrue, as is some other information available about infectious diseases. “Untreatable” means only that the doctor doesn’t know how to treat it.
    Most all infections, bacterial and viral, can be handled safely and quickly by modern emergency medicine. This was not the case, however, 50 years ago when many vaccines were developed.,
    Natural approaches can enhance treatment, and at times is far better than any drugs or other medical therapies, especially if used at the first sign of illness. The basics of natural treatment for infections include:

    1) Plenty of rest. Keep your child home from school or, if you are the one who is ill, stay home from work. This alone helps the body fight the infection more than any other single measure.

    2) Natural Remedies. Colloidal silver, herbs such as Echinacea, and golden seal, vitamins A and C, bee propolis, and other natural remedies can be used immediately. They must be given in sufficient amounts for the age and weight of the person. Chiropractic, colon therapy, energy balancing and many other natural therapies can also greatly assist the body to fight any infection. Once again, natural methods of treatment can and should be applied immediately and aggressively. This is true even if one will visit a doctor and take an antibiotic or antiviral medicine. An older natural healing book, Back To Eden by Jethro Kloss is one resource for old-fashioned ways to cope with infectious diseases in a gentle, safe manner. Newer natural remedies include colloidal silver and especially vitamins A and C in high doses. According to the book, Curing The Incurable, Vitamin C, Infections and Toxins by Thomas E. Levy, vitamin C in high doses will stop most all infections. Exercise caution with vitamin C drips, however. This is not something to do lightly and I hardly ever recommend it because other methods are much safer, less expensive and even better. For example, I much prefer to use sauna therapy for deep, chronic infections and obtain excellent results. The point is, there are plenty of ways besides conventional medicine to cope with infections without resorting to vaccination with all its problems we have elaborated above.

    3) Drink lots of water and eat lightly. Preferably drink distilled or spring water. Do not eat too much of anything when feverish. Favor soups and liquids. Do not eat any junk food, as it just makes fighting the infection that much harder. For much more information about treating infections naturally, read Boosting The Immune System.


    Anyone in America who does not wish to be vaccinated can still opt out – either on philosophical or on religious grounds. You need not submit yourself or your children to the horror that is vaccination today. Here is a link to find Vaccine Refusal Forms. The references below also list websites that offer vaccine refusal forms for every state. Some schools have them as well. Do not allow yourself and your child to be bullied.
    If you still choose to have yourself or your child vaccinated and problems arise, report them quickly to a physician and insist that he report them to the Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System or VAERS.
    Filing A Vaccine Injury Claim. If you wish to file a claim for vaccine injury, our benevolent government will pay your legal cost, even if you do not win your case. Most cases are dismissed, probably because of the 10-day rule. But at least there is some legal recourse. A website in the references specifically deals with legal defense for those injured by vaccines.


    If you choose to vaccinate, here are some important and perhaps life-saving suggestions:

    1) Never vaccinate unless the person is very healthy. If your child is sniffling or has an upset stomach on the day of the doctor’s appointment, call and reschedule when the child is totally well.

    2) Never, ever give a child more than once vaccine at a time. Combinations are far more lethal, according to all statistical studies of vaccination.

    3) Always request mercury and thimerisol-free vaccines and ask to see the package insert to verify this. Do not trust the doctor or nurse on this one. Many doctors are simply not informed on this topic. Also, check what was used as the replacement for thimerisol. It could be just as bad as thimerisol or worse. Remember, something must be used to reduce vaccine contaminants.


    One may ask, What if I do not eat well and must work a lot as well? Then should I get vaccinated and vaccinate my children? The answer is a definite no, in my view. Instead, take better care of yourself and your children, because the resources to nourish yourselves better, detoxify the body, and heal the body naturally are readily available.

    You may also ask, What about vaccines for the starving children in Africa, pars of Asia and other undeveloped nations? They cannot afford good food, healthful water to drink and clean homes. The answer is that while vaccines may save a few lives, this must be weighed against the problems vaccines cause. Studies show that many poor children have infections, and this means vaccination is probably even more dangerous among them. So many die anyway that good studies of vaccine-related injuries among them are difficult. The money for vaccines would be far better spent on bringing them better food, better water, better homes and vitamin and mineral supplements.

    Many years ago I lived in Mexico and worked there as a medical student and intern. I found it sad that most of the children who developed polio were the ones who were vaccinated. I cannot think of any times I would recommend vaccination.


    Vaccines distract us from raising healthy children naturally. This topic is large. Much more information about raising healthy children is available in several other articles on this website. Here is basic information if you wish to have healthy children:

    Prenatal Care. This should begin long before having children. The only adequate prenatal care, in my experience of 30 years, is to embark on a nutritional balancing program of the type I design. Preferably do this a year or more before you want to have children. Both mothers and fathers, too, could use this, although it is most critical for a ll young women who ever hope to have children. Nothing less will do, although eating many more cooked, not raw vegetables, (and not fruits) and caring for the body much better are always helpful.

    Taking a “pre-natal vitamin” when a woman is pregnant is far too little too late. This style of prenatal care is laughable. By this time, most of the baby’s nervous system is already quite far along in development, although the baby is still very tiny.

    It takes months to years to build up the body’s nutritional state, especially after the ravages of the teenage years. Most teens eat terribly, do not sleep enough and may engage in often stupid and dangerous behavior like premarital sex and other activities.

    Our governments and most health educators encourage teens to eat poorly by allowing the sale of all manner of junk foods in school cafeterias and in the supermarkets. Sadly, this is how we prepare our young women, in particular, to have healthful children. It is no wonder so many mothers and their children have physical and emotional problems.

    Farmers and ranchers all know that one must prepare the adult animals well, with superior nutrition, to produce healthy offspring. Dog breeders know this, too. In some “primitive” cultures girls begin preparing for pregnancy when they reach puberty. The only ones that seem to be in the dark are our medical and other government health “authorities”.

    Breastfeeding is another obvious way to improve the health of children. This tends to run in fads in medicine. Right now it is “in”, although mothers are told that a few months of breast feeding is adequate. It is not. One should breastfeed for two to three years for optimum immune system development.

    La Leche League International is one of the best resources on our planet because it helps many mothers to keep breastfeeding when they develop difficulties and have no one else to consult. This is a very worthwhile organization to support.

    Children’s Diets. This should be an obvious way to keep children healthy, rather than vaccinate them repeatedly. Most children’s diets are so bad I wonder how the children survive as they do.

    In particular, children require plenty of quality fats and oils and, in particular, DHA, one of the essential fatty acids found in cod liver oil, an old remedy for children that works wonders for infections, both as a preventive and as treatment. It comes in flavors, and even in capsules if needed, so the taste is no longer an issue.

    Vegetables are important as well, as is some fruit for vitamin C. Meats are important for many nutrients, and whole grains are okay in moderation only. Soda pop, fruit juices, water and beverages tainted with fluorides and chlorine, refined sugars and white flour products, in contrast, ruin children’s health.

    Lifestyle. Children also need plenty of rest, especially the teenagers, and a lot of peace and quiet. They need human interaction and not just computer games. They need to stay away from cell phones as much as possible as well. These simple measures, diet and lifestyle, are critical at all ages, but especially for today’s children.


    Books and Periodicals:
    1. Australian Vaccination Network, Informed Voice Magazine.
    2. Butler, H., Just A Little Prick. (496 pages, excellent but hard to find).
    3. Coulter, H., 1999, Vaccination, Social Violence, and Criminality: The Medical Assault on the American Brain. Also by Dr. Coulter: A Shot In The Dark.
    4. DeLatte, Y., 1990, Vaccinations, The Untold Truth. (superb research).
    5. Deodati, C., Immunization: History, Ethics, Law and Health.
    6. Dye, M., Vaccinations: Deception & Tragedy.
    7. Halvorsen, R., The Truth About Vaccines: How We Are Used as Guinea Pigs Without Knowing It.
    8. Kirby, D., Evidence Of Harm. (excellent book on the mercury/thimerisol controversy)
    9. Koch, W.F., 1961,The Survival Factor in Neoplastic and Viral Disease. Excellent discussion of vaccines and antibiotics.
    10. Matsumoto, G., Vaccine-A: The Covert Government Experiment That’s Killing Our Soldiers–And Why GI’s Are Only The First Victims.
    11. McBean, E., 1993, The Poisoned Needle.
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    18. Schreibner, V., PhD., (studies on vaccines and Sudden Infant Death).
    19. Tocco, Mary, “Are Vaccines Safe”, excellent presentation video, available from or 231-642-7984.
    20. Tuite, James, (studies of Gulf War Syndrome).
    21. Wakefield, Andrew (studies on autism caused by vaccines, specifically related to gut problems).


    Private Groups:
    1. (excellent site operated by Neil Miller)
    2. (National Vaccine Information Center)
    2., (American)
    3. (American)
    4. (vaccine legal defense)
    5. (excellent Canadian site)
    6. (excellent for new developments)
    7. (offers for sale an excellent presentation on DVD).

    1. (The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program)
    2. (The Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System)

    Millbank Memorial Fund Quarterly, Summer 1977, pp. 405-428 (regarding effectiveness of vaccines in eliminating diseases).

    1. Setakat copy paste aku pun pandai. Xde pe yg patut dibanggakan dgn ayat copy paste kau ni. Kau xnk vaccine anak kau, diam. Hormati org lain yg nak vaccine anak dia. Jgn nk pengaruh kepale otak org lain dgn ayat copy paste kau ni. Xde sape nk baca pun. Buang taik mate je.. Kalau nk memekak pasal anti vaccine, kau gi memekak kt group kau sana. Adios

      1. educate yourself first dont being so selfish…when bad things happen to you then you yourself would regret..believe in me

      2. kami ejen pencarian “vaccine is bad”.Kalau tak suka sila jgn baca ya.

      1. Actually I am also not sure what i read, but i just found sentence “vaccine is bad ” in that article.So I conclude vaccine is bad.Pls enjoy to read and do believe it ya.

  91. for myself,perubatan moden + perubatan tradisional..dua2 guna jugak..kiter beruasaha,Allah menyembuhakan…

  92. Teruknya lah a few people here. Sampai ada yang mengutuk Dr.Halina. Walhal doctor tak cakap pun dia pro or against vaccine. What’s worst, she DID NOT write the article. Kepada sesiapa yg dah terang2 kutuk doctor, mintak maaflah cepat2. Dah lah bulan puasa skrg ni. Langsung tak ingat Allah kan? Jgn tak tau, dosa sesama manusia kena settle di dunia. Selagi tak minta maaf dekat orang yang korang kutuk and caci tu, sampai akhirat nanti korang heret. Astagfirullah al-azim. Apapun, tahniah Dr.Halina. You’re very professional. And bertambah2 pahala awak secara tak langsung. Sabar ye doctor. Allah tahu niat doctor 🙂

    1. Aah. Doc halina femes sbb blog dia. Appreciate la dia kongsi tips mommyhood sblm ni. Jgn la nk mengata mcm tu skali. Tu bkn peace namanya . Doc2 ni cuma nak tolong kita lebh paham. Kalau x suka, xyah la baca.

    1. Actually I am also not sure what i read, but i just found sentence “vaccine is bad ” in that article.So I conclude vaccine is bad.Pls enjoy to read and beleive it ya.

      1. Ermmm..nampaknya meme-antivaccine sendiri tak faham sangat apa yg dibaca, dan terus jump to conclusion “vaccine is bad”.Membaca benda yg kita tak arif ni mmg sukar. Apa kata kalau Puan rujuk kepada org yg pakar dalam bidang vaccine ni dulu sebelum buat conclusion. Tapi bertanya kepada org yg patut, kalau tidak nnt khuatir sesat pula..Dan kumpul semua data, dalam keadaan tenang fikir2kanlah. Oklah meme-vaccine selamat berpuasa ye..bye

  93. Sukaaaa sangat! Dah faham laa lebih sket vaccination. Mungkin ada lg ilmu yg doc tak share lagi sbb nanti panjg plk
    artikel ni. I feels just nice. Korang takyah gadoh2. Doc zahila pun kata kalau tak yakin, baca lg dan semayg istiharah. Dia pun galak mknan sunnah. Ape la korang yg antivac ni. Pls la jgn cut paste.semak

  94. mintak sesiapa yang nk komen mengenai topik ni tulis la dengan penuh berhemah, saya berharap yang kutuk doktor tu insafla dengan apa yang ditulis, alangkah sedihnya hati Dr Halina baca komen yang negatif sepatutnya kita berterima kasih atas maklumat yang dikongsikan oleh Dr bukanya menghina. Dr, saya bagi pihak ibu-ibu diluar mengucapkan terima kasih atas maklumat yang diberikan jgn sesekali berkecil hati dengan komen2 negatif diatas. Teruskan memberi maklumat yang bermanfaat kepada para ibu diluar,kami sentiasa menyokong Dr. Salam Ramadhan

  95. Salam. Saya pernah menyampaikan beberapa maklumat di fb>ohub, malangnya maklumat2 yg saya cuba sampaikan dipadam kerana apa yg saya cuba sampaikan tidak ‘favor’ kepada apa yg m hendak dengar. They just listen to what they want to hear.
    Saya rasa pasti Dr. Halina(tuan rumah) juga tidak suka/sedih membaca komen2 puan yg menghina beliau dan keluarga, menghina profession doktor perubatan.
    Sekiranya terjadi di mana puan/ahliterpaksa mendapatkan rawatan pada doktor2 yg telah puan2 hina itu, tidakkah terasa malu? Vaksin tidak menjanjikan seseorang itu bebas daripada sebarang penyakit, tetapi ia adalah salah satu daripada usaha kita dalam memberi pencegahan terhadap nyakit. Tiada masalah untuk mengamalka makanan sunnah dan juga perubatan moden kerana kedua-duanya memberi manfaat kepada kita semua.
    Marilah kita berlapang dada menerima pendapat/pandangan yg tidak memihak kepada pendapat kita. Sedangkan Para ulama juga mempunyai pandangan yg berbeza antara mereka , tetapi mereka masih menghormati antara satu sama lain.

    1. Yup. Tapi jangan berat sebelah laa. Kjaan Malaysia patut sediakan juga Vaccine Injury Compensation Budget to pay to vaccine damage victims like what US govt do, which may cost billions of RM. Ada berani?

      1. Kau tau tak duit sape yang nak kena pau untuk bayar vaccine damage ni? Bukan duit kerajaan, beb. Ni, duit pembayar cukai, iaitu duit seluruh rakyat Malaysia maa…Jangan ingat org kaya je bayar cukai, pakcik makcik kat kampung pun bayar cukai tau, tu cukai tanah, cukai pintu, etc…Dah la sekarang ni pun kerajaan dan banyak habis duit belanja macam2, rakyat dah mengamuk tak halalkan…ni nak bayar compensation utk injury yang takde bukti causation langsung (correlation bukan causation, ek)…kau ingat kitorang yang bayar cukai ni nak halalkan juga ke? Ada berani?

  96. 5 org anak sy semua amik vaksin kk n private…n my children sy htr nursery…alhamdullilah dah besar now. yg kecik 1thn lebih. As a mum kita kena byk berdoa slps berusaha utk kesihatan anak2. stimes sy amik jugak homopathy..apapun doa a mama makbul insyaAllah. Semua dengan izin Allah.

  97. Haha kelakar betul melayan makcik anti vaccine ni. lagi banyak makcik reply komen saye, lagi laa saye tau makcik ni sebenarnya tak tahu apa2 pun. walaubagaimanapun, saya disini mendoakan kesihatan dan kesejahteraan makcik dan anak2 makcik. mintak maaf kalau ade tersalah kata. saya juga berdoa agar Allah kembalikan makcik di jalan yang benar. maksud saya di jalan yang benar, bukanlah jalan vaccine. hahaha. tapi jalan orang-orang yg lebih beriman. hehe. sbb makcik kurang ajar & sedikit bodoh sombong. maafkan saya kerana jujur. assalamualaikum :))))

  98. salam ramadahan.
    Saya suka baca comment2 pasal vaccine di blog Dr halina. Mula2 masing2 berdebat secara rasional, tapi makin lama, sy tengok makin “panas” . Ibu2..mak2..mommies, marilah kita ingat, sedarlah sekarang kita di bulan ramadhan yg mulia. Tak elok berkelakuan seperti kanak berhingus bergaduh dan kata mengata. Berdebat bagus, tapi sila jaga batasan perkataan. Sy sedih melihat ada yg mengeluarkan perkataan yg tidak enak dibaca dan ada pula yg sampai kurang senang dgn dr halina, sebagainya… Ok, mungkin tahap ilmu pengetahuan kita semua berbeza, tapi adap susila kita haruslah dijaga dan hormatilah org lain. Jangan sampai kita nak menegakkan pendirian sendiri sampai menghina org lain. Itu kurang bagus..dan tidak bijak namanya.Kalau kita hendak org dengar apa kita kata…kita hendaklah tunjukkan kelakuan yg baik dahulu…Fikir2 kan lah…

  99. Assalamualaikum,
    wah wah..’panas’ sunggoh komen2 mummy kat sini.
    Well pilihan di tangan masing2 either u make a research/reading or what so ever. Bagi sesape pilih nak vaccine, go ahead. To groups yg tak nak vacccine it’s your choice too… ape ape pilihan pun i believed risiko memasing tanggung ye dak? Apehal nak kondem2 orang punye pilihan. If u nak educate pepel pls jgn burok2 kan yang lain. Tp kalo salah pilihan die, kenapa mesti di kata2? Bukan kah sume tu berlaku dengan IZIN ALLAH. Jangan SOMBONG dgn ilmu ibarat setitik air di lautan. Jangan terlampau obses sangat unvaccine/vaccine. Ini hanya salah satu ikhtiar.

    1. setuju sgt dengan mama sudah agak issue ni akan jadi perang hangat kt cni..apa2 pn semua parents nk yg terbaik utk anak mereka..pilihan di tangan masing2..
      vaccinate or not..both ada risk..kalo Allah nk dtgkan sakit tu..takkan kira budak tu amik vaccine atau tak..kun fayakun..dedua ada risiko nk kena..& apa saja yg terjadi tu hikmahnya tetap ada..
      apa2 pn utk smua..sudah2lah bergaduh kt cni..smpi ke tahap kutuk mengutuk..rasanya itu dah melampau..kalo yer pn nk pertahankan yg pilihan kita yg terbaik..tak perlu laa smpi nk kutuk org yg pilihannya tak sama dgn kita…nmpk sgt kebodohannya di situ..
      n sy sgt2 setuju dgn ayat last mamabosan..JGN SOMBONG DGN ILMU IBARAT SETITIK AIR LAUTAN yg kita ada tu..segala apa yg kita ada skrg..ilmu, kesihatan, rezeki semuanya hak mutlak ALLAH..Dia saja yg berhak mmberi & menarik balik semua tu bila2 saja Dia mahu..

  100. Salam dr.halina, sorry kalau soalan saya out of topic but i do need more info bout this. Baby saya dah 4 bulan dan full formula milk. baru2 ni dia asyik batuk2 n gatal2. doc kata dia kena eczema n going to astma. so ive decided to bf her back but the problem is air susu langsung x keluar. i dh try stimulate tp masih x kluar. doc ada suruh saya consult dgn o&g doc kalau nk amik pill hormon utk hasilkan susu tp the procedure agak sukar sbb nk buat appnmnt ngan o&g doc sumer tu. soalannya…do u have any idea how i can generate/stimulate my breast milk in a nature way so that i dont have to take any medicine.

    for this vacciness topic…could u possibly list out all vaccine needed and when should they take it. my children are both 3years and 4 months old.

    Thank you doc

    1. Yatie, saya bukan doktor. Tapi berkaitan dengan breastmilk, pernah terfikir untuk mendapatkan ibu susuan?

      1. ada jugak terfikir tp rasanya lagi puas kalau dpt bf sendiri…mesti ada cara dan jalannya kan…tolong doakan saya dan anak2 ye puan…thanks..

    2. puan yatie: sy ade mendengar pengalaman2 dari rakan2 yg mempunyai bayi kecil pd ini, da rata2nyer mengatakan mereka mengambil horlicks utk penambahan susu, mungkin puan boleh mencubanyer,,,,dan juga sy ade baca banyak testimoni psl produk shaklee, yg boleh produce kan susu,,,,tue hanya suggestion dr sy, tp jgn tnyer sy psl shaklee, sbb sy tidak menjualnyer…mgkn anda boleh cari agent2 di facebook dan mendapatkan penerangan dari mereka…

    3. Salam Pn. Yatie, join group ni di facebook.. info bole diperolehi..In Shaa Allah, Allah memberkati usaha puan nk breastfeed kn semula son is 3 months, really happy dpt breastfeed kn die smpi skrg..xcampur formula..harap dpt full breastfeed smpi die umur 2 thn..same2 la kite berdoa ye..

  101. Sesunguhnya saya merasa muak dengan segelintir manusia yang hanya mendapatkan ilmu hanya dengan meng’google’. Sekiranya puan2 tidak berpuas hati dengan pendapat/ilmu yang cuba disampaikan, tiada sesiapa yang memaksa puan2 untuk singgah di ‘page’ ini. Sebagaimana kedatangan segelintir manusia ke pergi ke ‘page’ puan2 untuk menyampaikan ilmu tidak dialu2kan malahan dipadam dan dimaki post nya itu, saya rasa singgahan puan2 di ‘page’ ini juga tidak dialu2kan.
    Berhentilah bertindak mengikut emosi, ramai lagi ibu2 yang masih boleh berfikir dengan waras ingin mencari maklumat. Sekiranya puan2 bukannya seorang yang arif di dalam bidang ini (iaitu hanya bertindak mengikut emosi) jangan kelirukan ibu2 lain dengan maklumat2 yang tidak ‘evidence based’ dan jurnal2 yang diragui kesahihannya. Sekiranya semua maklumat/ilmu hanya boleh diperolehi daripada ‘google’, saya rasa semua orang sudah layak bergelar doktor perubatan sekarang dan bekerja di hospital/klinik untuk menyelamatkan nyawa pesakit.

  102. Patutla dalam 3 tahun kebelakangan nie ramai kanak2/bayi mati sebab jangkitan tuberculosis..ego parents yang rasa diri terlebih pandai..kesian anak2..

  103. Salam….kepada semua ibu2 Malaysia di Bulan Ramadhan yang mulia ni…..
    Kita harus melihat sesuatu perkara dengan hati dan minda yang terbuka….bukan mempertahankan apa yang kita percaya sahaja…nilai sedalam-dalamnya dan buat pilihan yang bijak untuk kebaikan anak-anak anda…

    Mmg kerajaan telah belanja berjuta-juta ringgit untuk sediakan vaccination plan buat kita….kena ingat yer….duit kerajaan tu duit kita juga…. 🙂
    Andainya anda memilih untuk tidak mahu ambil vaccine…terpulang….tiada Polis yang datang untuk tangkap tuan-puan sekalian….takdejuga orang yang akan beri bonus tambahan pada ibu bapa yang memilih utk vaccine anak masing-masing….

    Apa yang kita buatsekarang akan tentukan masa depan anak-anak…..menjadi tanggungjawab kita menentukannya dan kesan yang anak-anak terima juga adalah kerana keputusan yang kita buat…Dr. Harlina hanya kongsi maklumat….tanggungjawab dia sbg doctor untuk sebarkan…tp dia tak paksa kita untuk vaccinate anak kita pun….itu hak masing-masing la….tak luak pun kalau taknk ikut…

    Cuma…..kalau kita memang belajar Medicine…..tunggang terbalik kt University bertahun-tahun nk lulus exam untuk layak graduate sebagai Doktor…..maka layaklah & rashionallah kita nk pertikai Doktor lain….tp kalau kita setakat ‘Doktor Google”…..hrmmmmm……tak dapek den nk nolong eahh…. ;-p

    Selamat berpuasa…..semoga Allah merahmati Umatku dan Bangsaku semua….wp ada antara anak-anak kami yang mengambil cara berbeza membesarkan anak-anak….semoga janganlah ibu dan bapa juga bermusuh hanya kerana anak-anak kami nanti memilih pasangan mereka….seorang di vaccine….seorang tidak….jagalah keturunan, bangsa dan umat Islam dibumi kami yang tercinta ini….supaya tidak terus bergaduh dan terpupus hanya kerana penyakit berjangkit atau sebagainya……aminn… 🙂

    1. btul tue aper puan katakan, ramai2 pengomen2 kat cini hanya berpangkat doktor google, malah bangga mengatakan org ini slh, org ini btul.,,,,hanya kerana dia berbekalkan/mendapat secebis ilmu yg tidak di ketahui sahihnyer dari mr google itu… kata org, jika ingin berlajar perlu la berguru, jika tidak pasti akan sesat,,,,

  104. Assalamualaikum semua..
    Saya nak kongsi pengalaman saya dengan semua mommies. Saya mempunyai anak yang kini berusia 2 tahun. Semasa mengandungkan dia, saya banyak mencari maklumat utk beri yg terbaik utk anak saya. Dan salah satunya tentang VAKSIN. Ya,saya akui saya berbelah bagi dan 50-50 masa tu sebab terlalu bnyak info yg cerita tntang kebaikan dan keburukan VAKSIN. Tetapi dalam keraguan tu, saya tak pernah missed suntikan VAKSIN terhadap anak saya. Sebab saya baiklah saya vaksinkan sebelum terlambat. Kemudian, pada beberapa bulan lepas, anak saya dijangkiti sejenis virus yang hampir meragut nyawa dia. Di sini saya harus berterima kasih kepada vaksin kerana semasa dia kritikal di Red Zone, doktor ada bertanya,”Puan vaksinkan dia tak?complete tak?” saya jawab ya. Then doktor explain dia perlu bertanya sebab nak detect apa yang tak kena dengan anak saya dan jawapan saya tadi mempercepatkan rawatan sebab means dia sekarang tengah bergelut dengan something yang lain dari penyakit yang dah divaksin. So doctor cepat detect dan cepat tahu apa ubat yang sesuai dengan dia. 3jam doktor berusaha dan Allah selamatkan anak saya. Alhamdulillah. Semasa appointment di klinik pakar, doctor terangkan secara terperinci tentang vaksin dan saya amat bersyukur sebab dalam serba salah tu saya tetap vaksinkan anak saya. Doktor juga menunjukkan statistik penyakit berjangkit yang amat kurang kat Malaysia ni sebab kebanyakkan org vaksin anak masing2. Pada yang tidak vaksin anak, anda mungkin kena fikir semula, mungkin anak anda sihat kerana pembawaan penyakit ni kurang sebab tiada jangkitan kepada budak yang divaksin. Mungkin kesannya terasa bila budak yang tak divaksin bergaul dengan pembawa penyakit berjangkit, dan masa tu dah terlambat untuk menyesal.

    Just sharing. Tak suka berbalah/mengutuk tapi suka berbincang secara baik 😉 Amau gaduh2 k..we r mommies! contoh kepada anak2. be nice ok mommies.

    1. Mamamunie..awak dah salah faham…sistem imun ciptaan Allah ni mmg dah sangat hebat..tapi yang merencat sistem ini pada mula2 kira2 200 tahun lepas adalah setelah pengenalan bahan kimia sintetik ke dalam kegunaah narian manusia..maka bile sistem imun ini direncat sedikit demi sedikit , maka kuman yg dahulu tidak mengapakan orang , tapi kini sudah boleh mendatangkan gejala…sebagai contoh puan lihat denggi..berapa ramai orang yang dah ada Ig G terhadap virus denggi walaupun rasanya tak pernah demam teruk..tapi sesetengah orang, demam denggi punyalah teruk, sampai membawa maut…jadi teknik pencegahan sebenarnya adalah dengan menjaga pemakana n kita dan jauhkan dari bahan kimia sintetik…dalam keadaa

  105. Rather than reading all the arguments pasal whether to take vaccines or not, the components are dangerous or not, saya lebih berminat untuk melihat statistik bagi AEFI terhadap kanak2 utk long term dan short term. Adakah 1 drpd 10, 100, 1000, atau 10000? Dan effectnya boleh dirawat atau tidak dan berbaloi atau tidak untuk dihadapi berbanding penyakit2 yg sepatutnya dilawan oleh vaksin itu? Selain itu apakah jenis vaksin yg betul2 perlu diambil dimalaysia dan jugak punca asal penyebaran penyakit? Adakah relevan dengan cuaca, makanan, persekitaran, dan sebagainya dan juga adakah masih logik untuk penyakit2 itu tersebar dengan keadaan sekarang? Susah nak buat keputusan kalau setakat dengar pendapat sahaja. Ofcourse yg sokong akan bermati2an mempertahankan vaksin tanpa sedaya upaya mendedahkan akibat yg buruk walaupun sedikit. Manakala yg x sokong akan bermati2an berhujah walaupun kes yg dihujah cuma 1 dalam 10000. Tapi semuanya without fact n figures. Jadi siapa2 yg ada link atau sumber berkenaan my concern ni, diharap boleh kongsikan. Tq.

    1. Salam Puan Siti,

      Sblm itu,ada perkara yang kita terlepas pandang ttg AEFI :
      1.AEFI terjadi disebabkan oleh inheran daripada sesetengan vaksin itu.
      2.AEFI terjadi kerana kesilapan dalam pengedalian,dan administrasi vaksin tersebut.
      3.Kesan suntikan (takut atau kesakitan daripada suntikan itu)
      4.Sebab kejadian tidak dikenal pasti.

      and untuk sumber rujukan boleh juga lihat di sini.Mereka membincangkan kandungan,dokumentasi,jenis-jenis vaksin dan menjemput para ibu berkongsi kesan adverse jika ada( and I am not sure what progress)!/VaccineGoodAndUglyBits?fref=ts

      p/s: you can ask them also about any doubt regarding vaksin.

      I just found this page and my personal view, this page quite balance and can discuss about the pro and con.

  106. Assalamualaikum Dr. Halina & Dr. Zahilah. Selamat berpuasa. Moga sentiasa dirahmati Allah. Saya ada beberapa persoalan berkaitan vaksin.

    1. Bagaimana vaksin dihasilkan? Elok juga jika dapat disertakan sekali dengan gambarajah.
    2. Kenapa ada vaksin yang jarak dos tambahannya (booster) jauh (beberapa tahun – contoh MMR) & ada yang dekat (contoh DTP, Hep B).
    3. Kenapa tiada vaksin untuk penyakit denggi dan virus HIV?
    4. Boleh tak jelaskan dengan lebih lanjut berkaitan “herd Immunity”? Saya tidak faham kenapa sesetengah orang tidak boleh disuntik vaksin (due to medical reason , HIV, immunosuppresed children) dan kenapa komuniti yang telah disuntik vaksin ni boleh melindungi orang yang tidak disuntik vaksin?
    5. Bagaimana doktor mengenalpasti kesan sampingan selepas suntikan (AEFI) adalah disebabkan vaksin atau kebetulan?

    Sekian terima kasih.

    p/s: Saya rasa mungkin doktor perlu membuat post baru berkaitan vaksin untuk menjawab persoalan2 yang diutarakan oleh peminat2 isu vaksin ni.

    p/s2: Saya bukanlah anti @ pro vaksin. Saya ikut je jadual imunisasi KKM.

    1. Askm Puan Ummi,
      Mungkin info ini sedikit membantu soalan-soalan berkaitan di atas.

      Simplified version how to make vaccine(Gambarajah)!/photo.php?fbid=420570118058787&set=a.416534171795715.1073741826.416476451801487&type=1&theater

      How vaccine work layman explanation (video)

      Simple explanation of Herd Immunity(video)

      Vaccine for HIV.
      A lot of factor like virus is highly mutable and variable. As far I know this is a big challenge to invent vaccine for HIV.

      Just to share adverse event and adverse drug reaction(Gambarajah)!/photo.php?fbid=433380626777736&set=a.416534171795715.1073741826.416476451801487&type=1&theater

    2. Salam Puan Ummi,
      Mungkin info ini sedikit membantu soalan-soalan berkaitan di atas.

      Simplified version how to make vaccine(Gambarajah)!/photo.php?fbid=420570118058787&set=a.416534171795715.1073741826.416476451801487&type=1&theater

      How vaccine work layman explanation (video)

      Simple explanation of Herd Immunity(video)

      Vaccine for HIV.
      A lot of factor like virus is highly mutable and variable. As far I know this is a big challenge to invent vaccine for HIV.

      Just to share adverse event and adverse drug reaction(Gambarajah)!/photo.php?fbid=433380626777736&set=a.416534171795715.1073741826.416476451801487&type=1&theater

    3. Nak tlg jwb psal vaccine dengue…saya Dr Sofwan dr unit kawalan penyakit bawaan vector JKN Selangor – sub Dengue. Sampai hri ni mmg tak wujud lg vaccine dengue. Di seluruh dunia, sepanjang hayat manusia akn terkena 4 kali jenis jangkitan Dengue Virus iaitu Den 1, Den 2, Den 3 dan Den 4. Kenapa dengue ni susah sgt nak dihapuskan kerana virus tersebut bukan sahaja hidup di dalam nyamuk dewasa tetapi ia juga mampu hidup pd telur-telur nyamuk tersebut. Sebab tu kerajaan galakkan luangkn 10 minit untuk cari tmpt bertakung dan musnahkn jentik2. Nyamuk dewasa yg dijangkiti virus ini jika ia bertelur, ia akn bertelur di antara 100 sehingg 200 telur nyamuk yg mana 70 – 80% dijangkiti virus tersebut. Tiada maknanya bunuh nyamuk dewasa tetapi jentik2 masih hidup dan tidak dimusnahkn.

  107. salam, saya jadi keliru bila terbaca buku Rasulluah is my doktor penulisan Jerry D Garry… adakah semudah itu buku itu ada di pasaran sedangkan ianya menentang vaksin ini? selain itu buku Deadly Mist. hum konfius…..

    1. Puan semuanya adalah agenda yahudi.TV dirumah kita itu juga agenda yahudi, tengok berapa banyak orang yang lalai sebab tengok tv.Lihatlah wang kertas dolar ada mata satu dan segitiga bermuda( ini semua dajjal).

      sila lihat Protocol 10, Part 19…. INOCULATION OF DISEASES, apa benda tu?

      -FB juga dicipta oleh yahudi.
      -Ubat-ubat semua yang kita ada sekarang semuanya dari US- ni agenda US nak kawal population dunia ni.
      -kereta yang kita pakai pun dari US,mujur ada toyoto dan proton.
      -Berapa banyak anak-anak muda kita pakai jeans levis?
      -yahoo,google tu semua ciptaan US.Tapi kalau guna google cari keburukan vaksin ok la.
      -Berapa byk student kita yang kita hantar belajar kat US?

      Pikirkanlah puan.Jangan pecaya fakta saintifik bulat-bulat ja. Google sendiri,buat research sendiri, saya lebih percaya google dari belajar kat universiti.

      1. haha…ok ni lawak…so kecik2 xyah g tadika..trus pndai baca google tu ape…nk jd doctor xyah g UNIVERSITI…untungnya lar kalo GOOGLE leh dpt kn semua ijazah…kayalar google developer ni…eh..yahudi gak kn google ni..ops.

      2. Lebih prcaya kn google dr belajar kt universiti?? Fb yahudi itu ini yahudi. Google tu muslim ke? Hahah lawak la ko ni. Serius!

      3. google = yahudi, tapi untuk cari keburukan vaksin ok? “google sendiri buat research” ohh very, on which side are you??? kindly switch off your laptop if it goes like that…

  108. slm
    dr. halina,..sorila sbb ni dh lari topik. feb 2012 sya slmt mlhirkan seorg putra. sya trpaksa Cesarean, masa bukaan 3cm dr. sahkan bby dah berak dalam rahim masa jam 5p.m.jadi sya trpaksa di cesarean pada jam 6p.m. saya nak tya apa yang menyebabkan baby berak dan berapa tempoh yg saya boleh decide sebelum di cesarean? dan bolehkah saya bersalin normal slepas ini dan berapa jarak masa yang perlu diambil?

    harap dr. leh membantu

  109. meme-anti vaccine
    Lawak laa u. So kami harus percaya orang tak gi universiti tapi kena percaya orang duduk depan komputer google?. So kami tak patut percaya researcher medical tapi percaya research dari google yg di buat oleh orang mcm u yang rasa semua agenda yahudi. Sebab tu laa Orang Islam tak maju. Tak salah pun ilmu barat asal tak bertentangan dengan Islam, malah nanti di akhir zaman Islam akan naik di barat . sekarang ni pun 20,000 setiap tahun masuk islam di US. Ilmu barat ke cina ke ,semua kepunyaan Allah . Saya nk tanya, bila u atau anak atau ibu bapa sakit , u google dan research sendiri dulu ke? u yg rawat mereka ke? kalau setakat batuk selsema , mungkin boleh tapi jangan la nanti diuji dengan penyakit yg memerlukan kepakaran doktor. Ya Allah , tolongla jgn riak dan narrow minded. Sedangkan Sheikh Yusof Qaradawi pun membenarkan vaksinasi untuk kepentingan umat islam sejagat u pula meracuni orang lain dengan mengatakan ianya agenda Yahudi. Saya tak kenal u dan u tiada credential dan u sendiri tak percaya pasal pergi universiti dan belajar, macam mana kami semua nak terima pandangan u. Tolong tinggalkan blog ini, mintak sangat sangat . Malah semua anti vaccine di sini , please leave. Rasanya kerana perbalahan yg tak berasas ni, sampai sekarang doctor halina dan doctor za mendiamkan diri. Kami yg ikhlas nak tahu terasa rugi disebabkan sikap org anti vaccine. Sorry , saya tahu ini bulan Ramadhan tapi saya kesal dengan anti vaccine group. saya percaya lebih ramai yg takkan ikut kumpulan ni haya kerana sikap mereka sendiri.

  110. salam Ramadan. thanks for this post, useful and informative. rasa cm baca komik lawak antarabangsa baca komen antivac kt sini. but in d end senyap je kan, but, really, thanks untuk senyap. what we need here is information, bkn nye negatif aura anda semua. ciptaan manusia semuanya ada pros n cons. its all to u mommies, nk vac ke x. im waiting untuk dr.harl explain those question regarding the vaccine untuk dapatkan lagi pencerahan. please dont stop posting all the good informations dr. harl. keep it up!

  111. Anti vaccine,
    ur dad is still very young.. My dad diberi vaksin and he is now 81 yrs old.. Masih sihat boleh drive, boleh memasak, pegi fishing.. 😉

    1. Malaysia only starts vaccine program in 1950s. Those who were born in 1930s, in this case your dad, do not received the program. Unless your father was born and raised in the US or UK?

    2. Ayah awak masih sihat dengan izin Allah iaitu dengan cara pemakananny ayang boleh detox the damage done by vaccine…masalh dengan komuniti kita hari ini dari kecil, formula feeding, then x mkan sayur..pastukeluar pulak iklan susu sustagen yg reassure parents kalau anak x makan sayur pun takpe..what i learnt from my research, the low IQ children mmg takkan makan sayur kalau formula feeding diberi…budak2 yg high IQ masih akan makan sayur bila dipujuk oleh ibu mereka..jadi saya mmg kesian dengan masyarakat kelas bawah ni..mereka mmg yg paling terkesan..

  112. Salam ramadhan. 
    Sorry for this msg. I feel regret to comment earlier on this topic, now my inbox was full by the negative words by 
    “non qualified Dr. I though I’ll gain lots of info regarding this topic but end up it’s being a hot place & un moral chat. 
    I really don’t understand y some of us being so emotional about this topic. We are discussing the best for out kids n upcoming generation. The writing by Dr doen’t force us to take the vaccine. And it’s not Dr harlina opinion . it’s up to us. We decide the best for our kids depends on our lifestyle. If we r traveling around the world maybe we need the vaccine, if not maybe it’s save if we just in our save area . I feel so ashamed of those trying very hard to make their opinion accept by others. Calm down, relax.. This is only the place of sharing and caring. I would like to advice Dr better to remove this post due to the problem & it’s a debate place  not in the right way. 
    For mother who throwing a bad words, I don’t know how raise up ur kids. Mcm mana acuan, begitulah kuihnya. So it’s means that ur parents teach u that way n now u r being so naïf , and now ur next generation will be the same as u. Think b4 do anything. Anak2 adalah cermin Ibu Bapa. 
    Action speaks   lauder  than words. !

    1. Liyana,
      I’m sorry , that’s not a good advice. This is a good article and should not be removed. A lot of us are gaining knowledge. What should be ‘deleted ‘ ? Those uncivilised group who datang attack article ni sebab tercabar. 2 of my friends changed their minds after reading this and the comments by readers also helped, sebab the anti-vaccine group wrote so irrationally that they do not want to follow them. Haha, in a way , anti-vaccine ppl telah membantu lebih ramai buat decision untuk vaccine kan anak mereka. Haha. Misi tak berjaya antivaccine!!!!

  113. Dr.Halina,please DONT delete this post because i found this very informative.For those who are anti vaccine which officially disagree with this post,please move on,dont give your kids vaccine,medicine or all your claim harmful,i wonder when your kids get sick are you going to see a real doctor or just refer to doctor google,dont try to outsmart doctor,if you have their brain,you wont barking like a mad.

  114. Anak saya 5 bulan baru kena cucuk..
    Sekarang demam..betul ke kalau demam xleh bg ubat pape..? Kena banyakkan susu je bg baby minum? Dr. Blh tlg jelaskan x? Tq

    1. setahu saya, jika pegi cucuk, Dr akan sertakan sekali ubat demam, then Dr nasihat kan ambil ubat demam tersebut bg mengelakkan dr terkena demam, itu pengalaman saya sepanjang pegi amik injection utk ank sy, tp sy pegi private, sy xtau kalau klinik gomen pula samaada sertakan atau tidak,

  115. as much as u want people to respect your decision for your child, u have to respect others decision too..

  116. Salam. Terima kasih atas perkongsian artikel yang bermanfaat.
    baru2 ini kawan saya ade berkongsi video ini. harap sangat Dr.Harlina dapat komen tentang video ni. tq^_^

    1. TQ for d video. Watch at minute 4:45. Her son’s body was full of astounding body rashes after hours of MMR.

  117. To meme-antivaccine and gang….besok if anak u sakit.u google je macam mana nak sembuhkan anak u okeh……and pakai otak la sikit…masa anak u kecik boleh la u monitor everything about them, makan apa jangan kawan dgn budak yg dah vaccine etc. etc…
    what if your kids dah besar go to boarding school, go to university work in other country? Pakai otak la wehhhh…..jangan besok, when they grew up, they bame and you…for your selfishness as parents yang tak provide the security they deserved as kids.

  118. Salam dr. Macam mana pula dgn isu yg mengatakan vaksin ni kandungannya dari organ2 fetus yg digugurkan? Boleh komen tak pasal isu ni..tq!

  119. funny! i’ve been telling my phd students not to quote from dr google and yet over here, ppl have been relying on google to make big decisions concerning life. i could just write some unfounded theory on the net about how a single drop of vaccine could destroy the world in milliseconds and i bet you, some may even believe it!!!

  120. To Dr Za

    Thank u for d article but I find it to be rather disappointing. As a medical doc or to be precise a paed, u should be neutral and not being biased. You cannot hide the fact of every vaccine includes a package insert that tells the doctor (and the parent lucky enough to see one) all about the vaccine, including its description, ingredients, purpose, WARNINGS (under what circumstances one should NOT have the vaccine) and side effects.

    Take for example the MMR vaccine insert. Under the description of ingredients, the MMR is made in a medium using chick embryo cell culture. That means the disease is cultivated in eggs. Another potentially allergenic ingredient is gelatin. Anyone with an egg or gelatin allergy will want to avoid having this injected into their blood stream. However, the package insert clearly states that women should only receive the MMR vaccine 3 month prior to actually becoming pregnant.

    It also states “Postpubertal females should b informed of the frequent occurrence of generally self-limited arthralgia and/or arthritis beginning 2 to 4 weeks after vaccination.” Here, individuals are warned if they are allergic or sensitive to any of the vaccine ingredients, if they are pregnant, if they have any immunosuppressive diseases or a family history of such conditions, or any condition effecting the lymph or bone marrow. Under the Warnings section, we are told that anyone currently with or who has a family history of convulsions, cerebral injury, or “any other condition in which stress due to fever should be avoided.”

    Again, I hope doctors are always neutral on this issue because u cannot hide the fact that every technique has its own pro and cons. They have complications too. Please dont deny the sudden death cases due to vaccination. I am not surprised that the medical establishment isn’t being upfront and honest with their patients. Plus our country doesnt have bodies to defend the victims of health procedures among rakyat marhaen.

    Vaccine Injury is real. If not why the US govt set up The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program to pay to vaccine damage victims? Pls see here

    Malaysia is not up to that standard. And yet they still force us? If any damage occurs, who will be responsible? The govt? KKM? Doctors?

    1. Saya rasa Dr Zahilah sudah mention mengenai AEFI itu sepintas lalu.

      Sedikit penambahan mengenai AEFI

      1.Just my experience, anak saya mengalami asthma dan enzima yang teruk sewaktu usia 1 tahun( 2 kali bermalam di ward).Nak dijadikan cerita ini semua terjadi selepas suntikan MMR.Adakah ini salah MMR?
      2.Kes2 AEFI itu adakah benar-benar belaku?bagaimana mereka tahu bahawa AEFI itu disebabkan oleh vaksin?!/photo.php?fbid=433380626777736&set=a.416534171795715.1073741826.416476451801487&type=1&theater

      3.AEFI ditemui dan didefinasikan oleh para doktor dan saintis, maka seeloklah kita kembali dan merujuk kepada mereka tentang AEFI ini.Ada 4 perkara mengenai AEFI yang kita tidak ambil tahu:
      a.AEFI terjadi disebabkan oleh inheran daripada sesetengan vaksin itu.
      b.AEFI terjadi kerana kesilapan dalam pengedalian,dan administrasi vaksin tersebut.
      c.Kesan suntikan (takut atau kesakitan daripada suntikan itu)
      d.Sebab kejadian tidak dikenal pasti.

      Sebab itu langkah berjaga diambil oleh pengamal kesihatan sebelum memberikan vaksin ini.!/notes/vaccine-good-and-ugly-bits/rekod-vaksin-klinik-kesihatan/425692314213234

      Kesimpulan : Don’t underestimate disease and don’t overestimate adverse effect. Walaubagaimanapun jika ada AEFI silalah rujuk dan buat laporan.

      P/S: Insert ini bukanlah sacred sangat,boleh mintak nak tengok kat nurse atau doktor.

      1. TQ Shah. After making reports, what is next? Will our govt give compensation to the victims? We are talking about the medical procedures victims as a whole. There are hundreds or thousands cases out there due to wrong medications, surgery complications and doctors errors. Do they get help or being ignored just because they r poor? Are doctors good in prognosis ? They r human like us or God ?

      2. o “TQ Shah. After making reports, what is next? Will our govt give compensation to the victims? We are talking about the medical procedures victims as a whole. There are hundreds or thousands cases out there due to wrong medications, surgery complications and doctors errors. Do they get help or being ignored just because they r poor? Are doctors good in prognosis ? They r human like us or God ?”Anti-Vaccine.

        comment :Hundred or thousand? I think this is speculative figure isn’t?Perhaps you can show me the report of thousand.

    2. Good Job anti vaccine,
      I think our knowledge much more better than Doctor ( in case kalau benda ini pun dia tak tahu la),i doubt Dr.kat KK tahu benda ni.

      Masalah ibu-ibu sekarang diorang ikut sahaja apa doktor bagitau tanpa nak buat research sendiri tu yang masalah.

      1. Dear Mem-antivaccine and the team, IF ONE DAY your children get sick, PLEASE DO NOT REFER TO ANY DOCTORS and BRING THEM TO HOSPITAL and BEG the DOCTORS TO HELP to cure your children!

        susah nk educate org klu dh pyh sgt nk menerima advise org lain (doctor ni jadi doctor bkn sbb they GOOGLE and finally graduated with title Doctor ye!)

        Please respect others klu nk org respect your decision NOT TO VACCINE your chlidren.

        Salam Ramadhan.

      2. The advantage of having a nickname and not revealing who u are kan? Kalau sakit la anak you satu hari nanti, Dr Zahilah or any doctors yang you kutuk tu tak tahu pun you siapa. Tapi malu lah pada Allah . Sikap ‘arrogant’ you tu tahu kan sikap siapa? Hanya kerana bongkak iblis diusir dari syurga. Mari la kita muhasabah diri. Saya sarankan anti vaccine dan meme vaccine tinggalkan blog ini. Kami semua tak nak u kat sini pun kalau hanya nak buat dosa. Buat la blog sendiri. Kalau saya jadi president antivaccine group, saya malu dengan korang sbb menyebabkan lagi ramai taknak join group u.

      3. “I think our knowledge much more better than Doctor”—-> thumbs up la ayat riak macam ni 😀

  121. salam Dr Halina, saya ada satu soalan dan dah lama saya tertanya2.. kenapa baby bwh umur 1tahun tidak boleh mengabil madu? bukankah madu adalah makanan terbaik? saya bimbang selepas mengetahui baby bwh 1 tahun xboleh ambil madu coz saya dah terbagi anak(7 bulan ) saya madu. apa kesannya dr? apa perlu saya buat? adakah madu yg saya telah beri akan mengganggu kesihatan anak saya? saya minta pandangan dr sgt2.

  122. Dear everyone. Bagi saya discussion perlu ini diterima dengan hati terbuka. Bagi siapa yang tidak setuju bayi divaksinasi, maka tidak perlu mempengaruhi orang lain untuk turut sama dengan tindakan tersebut. Vaksinasi di Malaysia adalah program di bawah kementerian Malaysia. Saya rasa memang ada keperluan vaksinasi seperti yang disarankan oleh KKM. Untuk pengetahuan semua, apa yang Dr Pavelsky sebut mungkin ada kebenarannya kerana dia berada di negara yang mempunyai jaringan kesihatan dan kebersihan yang bagus, kebanyakan penduduk di negara barat pandai buang sampah di dalam tong sampah, tak tinggalkan longgokan sampah selepas berkelah kat air terjun, tak buang pampers ke dalam longkang.
    Asasnya Malaysia mempunyai kemudahan seperti kelas pertama, tapi mentaliti tahap kelas ketiga. Adakah negara kita Malaysia hanyalah Malaysia. Malaysia sekarang ialah Melayu, Cina, India DAN Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Tanah Besar China, India, Arab dan sebagainya. Adakah jaminan bahawa kita tak bersua dengan mereka setiap hari. Bagi mereka yang duduk rumah 2 tingkat atau lebih, dan mempunyai orang gaji lebih daripada 5 org, yang mana “Mem” besar tak perlu jumpa matahari, sudah tentu tidak akan bersua dengan mamat2 atau minah2 dari negara asing yang seperti dinyatakan. Kalau org tu org Malaysia, mungkin lebih 50% diyakini pernah mengikuti program immunisasi daripada kecil. Kalau org asing?
    Perlukah saya cerita kalau ada sale, macam Sogo Sale, Jusco Sale, Ramadhan Sale terutamanya yang mengabdikan diri di Jalan Masjid India sebab happening, hasil pemerhatian saya selama bertahun-tahun emak ayah mana yang tak bawa/angkut anak-anak dalam stroller yg berkembar dan berdouble deck, boleh jamin pada saya yang mereka tak akan terdedah pada sekelompok manusia yang kita tidak ketahui tahap kesihatan/immunity mereka. Jual baju kurung/baju melayu kat Jalan Masjid India tu org Bangla tau tak?
    Percampuran bangsa asing di dalam masyarakat kita perlu diambil kira. Tuan and puan perlu sedar ada beberapa tempat di Malaysia di mana jumlah pendatang yg tidak diketahui statusnya menyamai jumlah penduduk di sesebuah kawasan. Sekiranya tulisan tuan puan yang anti-vaccine ini berjaya mempengaruhi mereka, di mana risiko anak-anak mereka lagi tinggi kerana bercampur dgn org asing, tuan puan baru sahaja membuka lembaran bencana kepada keluarga2 begini.
    Org asing datang Malaysia pun sebab mengakui jaminan kehidupan di sini lebih baik iaitu termasuklah sistem kesihatan.

    -dont forget people surrounding us-

  123. Just watched the video. Siapa kata budaya org barat, sama dengan kebanyakan budaya masyarakat Melayu? Mereka makan makanan haram, sentuh babi dan anjing, minum arak, sering mengikuti parti-parti liar dan sebagainya. Seorang tu claim anak2 dia sakit lepas vaksin. Saya tertarik nak tahu, apakah amalah harian si ibu ni yang anak-anak dia sering sakit. Puan-puan jgn terpedaya sgt dgn video macam ni. Kalau saya, saya akan tanya ibu tu, ada pelihara anjing di rumah tak? anjing tu berbulu tak? berapa lama pelihara anjing tu? Cuba periksa kesihatan anjing tu. Pernah dengar istilah Dose Response Relation…
    Org barat mana pernah mandi wajib. Kenapalah nak tayangkan video yg lari sgt dengan budaya kita.
    Puan nak tahu tak. Saya ada seorang pesakit yang mengaku tak pernah ada sejarah allergic. Dia dah pergi klinik tu klinik ni, dan dia semakin hairan. Akhirnya saya tanya soalan ni, apa pelihara kucing? Ada sofa kat rumah? Nak tahu apa yg berlaku? Isteri beliau hanya sapu bulu kucing yg nampak. Bawah sofa? Tak pernah periksa. Saya berani bertaruh, sebab dah lama sgt pelihara kucing, beliau x sedar bulu bawah sofa yg tak pernah disapu akhir berkumpul dan berlonggok dan akhirnya dia allergic sbb immunity badan dia x mampu nak lawan sumber allergic yg banyak.
    Saya nasihatkan org awam, jgn mudah ambil conclusion daripada internet/youtube.

  124. Dear anti-vaccine and meme-vaccine,
    I believe all doctors in KK knows because it is the policy to refer all cases of children with egg allergy to tertiary hospital like where I work for MMR vaccination.We get 2-3 cases in a week or two. These children are given injection of MMR under close observation . No problems, Alhamdulillah .
    Having said that, I do not deny that AEFI is real but most are mild and resolves rather quickly.

    Im sorry that my article disappoint you .
    Salam Ramadhan to both of you. God bless. 🙂

  125. i think its frustrating when doctors keep saying AEFI are mild and resolves quickly when the fact is there are a lot of bad cases where some of them are permanent and forces some parents to take unpaid leaves and pay a HUGE amount of money because their kid is sick due to the vaccination.. think about these parents, think how much they suffer after TRUSTING their doctor saying, hey vaccinations are completely safe.. when they struggle day-to-day taking care of their sick children.. its unfair… just because your kid didnt suffer its not OK to say its mild and not dangerous at all..

    and to the other parents yang suka nak judge parents yg anti-vaccine – ask first what is their reason.. klu anak u sakit because of the vaccine .. i bet u’ll have a strong feeling towards vaccination also..

    1. Salam Pn/Tuan Jgn Marah,
      1.May I know what the AEFI that parents suffer and what the vaccine taken?
      2. Did they make a report/complaint?
      3. If yes, what the result of report/diagnosis, is AEFI due to vaccine or accidently occur after vaccine?

  126. sebab tu kita kena bijak mghadapi keadaan macam tu. sekurg2 nye doctor boley tackle the case and give the treatment accordingly because sdh lengkap imunisation taken dari baby.
    klu anak tk penah vaccine, lps tu expect doctor cpt2 tlg cure the disease, mmg la tk logik kn.after all, u sndiri tknk vccine anak at 1st place. yes, mmg ade impact of vaccination, but bare in mind we do have the declaration form that need to fill up if your baby have impact of it.

    be wise, ibu bapa fully vaccinated, tp anak dibiarkn je whout vaccination. kenapa mesti tidak adil?

    Thank you.

    1. if your kid is sick , how “BIJAK” can u be in handling the situation? when it comes to your own kids, you get emotional. and in the middle of the worrying-sleepless nights, you are told “oh, puan, sila isi borang ni ya utk record” and whats the conclusion after that? nothing. you are left with taking EL every other day and get whisperers behind your back from your co-workers for taking too many leaves because of your childs condition..

      your kid didnt suffer. alhamdulillah. other kids that suffered and saying, oh its mild and resolves quickly when in reality it doesnt? itu tidak adil.

      thank you

      1. Dear jgn marah marah please,mmg kita sbgai ibubapa mmg akan hadapi situasi sleepless night sb anak meragam or sakit, we as parent mmg kehidupan dh totally berubah after ada anak.and mmg betul klu anak sakit kena mtk cuti EL (yg u asik complaint dr td psl ni), tp ini lah price to pay to be a mother/father. i believe in 1 thing. klu Allah uji kita, even anak dh fully vaccinated or not at all, the situation will be the same. anak jatuh sakit, and kita tetap kena jaga anak tu. kita tk boley jangka bila ujian tu akan dtg. mungkin bkn skrg, tapi later who knows? its not fair you put all the blame pd vaccination yg myebabkn baby u sakit. klu Allah mahu uji even you lgsg tk vaccinate anak mcmana mane? nak salahkn takdir?

      2. easier said than done kan… especially when it didnt happened to you.

  127. dun think bad bout doctor,they are trying hard to force parent to get their kids get vaccine to have a herd immunity,means to protect who those CANNOT be vaccinated.they are some kids who cannot get vaccine due to many illness problem but not from the vaccine,allergies or something.If we do not have a herd immunity,all the disease like swine flu will spread again.dun judge doctor wrongly,they are doing their job.

    1. how can you say dont judge doctor wrongly. their job also involves educating/informing the parents what are the possible effects of vaccination. not only the good of the vaccination, but also what might go wrong. let the parents decide. OR you expect the parents to educate themselves? read journals? since Mr Google is unrealiable most of the people here claim…

      talk about herd immunity. i think its hard for parents yg anak dah dpt AEFI nak think about other kids when their kid is suffering from it .. call it selfish but you think what u will do if ur kid suffered from AEFI? you will still continue vaccine for ur child?

      1. Dear Tn/Pn jgn marah please, i believe there is an attempt by mr/ms Shah in this trail trying to assist you if in fact you are in the position where your child is suffering from AEFI. in fact there are several other attempts to assist others as well. but i can see that you didn’t even answer his/her questions and tend to keep on venting your frustrations. are you here to seek help or just to amplify the “noise” within the trail. if your intent is the latter, this is just not the platform. file a complaint and let it be addressed accordingly, if it’s not, do it legally. same goes to the anti-vacs, qualified or not, handle it professionally. i pray that our brains could dominate our emotions. i know what it takes to earn a medical degree/masters and phd. if you do as well, you’d be more open minded and be able to acknowledge their expertise. else, is it the case of trying to look superior and genius (google or not) while hiding your own inferiority complex?

    1. I think bukan gaduh but some of it sound like ‘that’. May All clear and purify our intention. I really appreciate for those in medical line to educate public regarding this vaccine or anything else related to modern medicine( allopathy or whatsoever).

      I know it’s very difficult(=impossible) to medical officer/specialist do the explanation A to Z during your working day but let’s take proactive action to allocate sometime to write-down and piping your opinion and your knowledge in cyberspace with layman language as well injected with lil’ bit scientific word.

      p/s: But please balance between family and internet, remember at home you are not doctor, ahaks…

  128. Kalau ada org pertikaikn vaksin ni x halal, panadol tu pun bukannya ada logo halal. Kita telan juga.
    Homopati ada logo halal ke? Self proclaim drpd tumbuhan2, herb dsb. Ada logo halal?
    Something to think about.
    Because umat Islam pun incapable nak buat pd masa ni, maka harus digunakn sebab darurat.
    Lepas ni tanya ubat darah tinggi dan kencing manis…jenuh nk jawab…

  129. I understand the dilemma and worries. But, I do feel that these issues needs to be tackled wisely. I am not biased in my opinion though a few of you believe so. Airplanes do crash but studies show that they are safer than traveling by road vehicles. Whenever we read or hear news on plane crashes, we do still take the plane don’t we? Because there is no alternative for us to reach our destination overseas, or that other means e.g by sea may take us way too long and the safety is questionable. Yes , we do feel sorry for those who died in the plane crash but do you go all out to prevent other people from taking the plane? Do the CEO of whatever airplane company highlight the crashes? It involve lives after all right ? Because, the chances of plane crash happening is so small. It does happen but the majority of times , it does not . Just a very simple analogy. So, in any decision we make, weigh the benefits and risks. And , when we are at lost , pray to Allah for guidance. Yes, It’s that simple.

    Having said that , correct information is vital. Some of you read the insert and may be worried of the ‘less common’ adverse events and feel the need to highlight those facts. If it was a secret , it would not have been printed on the insert! But I choose to highlight the fact that the diseases are real because they are of concern, and cover some of the common worries about vaccines that most parents have. I haven’t covered all aspects of vaccinations, yes I know , it is supposed to be a simple, not ‘too long’ article.

    Again, vaccines are generally safe. Generally. We acknowledge AEFI and if anyone does have any adverse event , file a report. Someone mentioned about the MMR vaccine and egg allergy. We know that (and yes the KK doctors knows…duhhh 🙂 ) and took measures to make sure that the kids are safe when and after the injections are given, hence done in tertiary hospital. But the fact is, in most countries and in UK, close observation is no longer needed because further studies have shown that IT IS safe. The MMR vaccine is cultured on chick embryo, not the egg white or yolk. Therefore, those with egg allergy are safe to take MMR vaccines. I see them so often. I have not seen any problem with it so far ! Yes, perhaps some do have AEFI but if the number is small comparatively , why hide the bigger fact. The mild fever or rash , should not hinder you from protecting your children against diseases with a more serious complication , which again may or may not happen to your children but they exist and still pose threats as they have not been fully eradicated. Small pox had been eradicated, therefore it is not in the immunization schedule. If we are able to eradicate these diseases , soon they will be taken out of the immunisation schedule as well. But , sadly , it is on the rise. So please, weigh the risk and benefit.

    I do not wish to argue with some of you here, especially not in this holy month, but, I am against misinformation and misguidance. Seeing children die, parents crying and regretting, many times in my life due to action they took based on what other people say is what prompted me to say yes when Dr. Halina asked me to write on this topic. It is always a challenge when it come to preventive medicine, as decisions are made by parents when children are well. When a child gets really sick, do you question the chemicals in antibiotics, paracetamol, cough syrups? Do you question the fact that they dont have a HALAL logo? Do you say that doctors are biased because they dont tell you the side effects of the medicine your child needs while he/she is fighting for his /her life? All they say, ‘please do your best doctor’. And that what we are doing or trying to do,- our best. And, trying our best also means sharing facts. We take this as ‘amanah’. The rest is in Allah’s hand.

    This will probably never ends. Reading most of the comments here, I must say that I feel much relieved that majority believe in the importance of vaccinations.And yes, I agree that we doctors could do better in providing you information, explaining about adverse effects, brief you on what to expect and improve on awareness of how to deal w AEFI. It is a big topic and I hope that we can provide you more information in the future.I do want to reply many of the comments here because they are all pertinent questions but I ended up scrolling down and reading the comments every time I click on Halina’s blog and gosh , that took so much time. 😛

    I believe in educating and empowering parents because then my job gets easier ..haha. Really , is is almost impossible to spend time with parents talking about this when so many kids are waiting to be seen for treatment.

    So much for a Friday break 🙂

    I pray that all of your children , vaccinated and unvaccinated alike, to be protected by Allah at all times from the burden of diseases. May Allah guide us in every decision we make in our lives.

    P.S I appreciate the kind comments , thank you .


    1. Dr Zahilah,
      Terima kasih atas penerangan… bagi kenyataan Dr :
      “I believe in educating and empowering parents because then my job gets easier ..haha. Really , is is almost impossible to spend time with parents talking about this when so many kids are waiting to be seen for treatment.”,
      saya setuju masa untuk berdiskusi dgn doktor (esp di KK) sangat singkat. tetapi memberi pengetahuan untuk ibu bapa juga sangat penting… jadi saya cadangkan:
      1) ibubapa (1st time parent) diberikan GPF apabila membawa anak ke klinik untuk vaksinasi.
      2) setiap kali vaksin, ibu bapa diberi kertas/pamplet tentang:
      – info aefi (ade nama vaksin dan kesan pd anak)
      – info vaksin yg diterima/ penyakit yg diberi vaksin itu.


      1. Dear Ijanizan, that’s an excellent suggestion. Will need to bring this up to the public health doctors. Thanks 🙂

  130. Dear Ijanizan,
    Yes, I agree with you. That’s a really good suggestion . Will need to bring this up to the public health doctors. Thanks Ijanizan 🙂

  131. my baby developed eczema after his bcg injection….. till now his left sided(bcg area) the skin is not good & he keep scratching it…. became worst when i let the 1stmonth injection(hepatitis B) 2nd dose… u noe how terrible i am…. since i stop vaccination for my baby…. alhamdulillah…. he’s getting better…. i’m not blaming anyone…. But i’m trusting Allah…..the one and only our creation. amik bcg atautak kalau Allah nak turunkan penyakit tetap akan kena…. xmasa kecik masa besar….. now totally bf-homefood-makanan sunnah.Mohon padamu Ya Allah.. berilah kesihatan pada semua…Amin

    1. saya nak betulkan ayat awak.

      “Allah…..the one and only our creation”

      Allah is THE CREATOR. Not our creation. Sorry…

  132. Salam everyone,

    I’ve noticed that this topic has led to many debates and arguments among the readers of of barelysupermommy. What saddens me is the mentality that some of the readers of this blog/post have. I am not pro-vaccine, nor am i anti-vaccine. But i am pro common sense. Dr Zah and Dr Halina are simply playing their part to help educate the general public regarding this issue. It is unfair for some to argue that Dr Zah’s opinions are biased as these are the things she’s learnt through 6-7 years of medical school + her experience as a doctor. Believe me, not all of us are cut out to go through years of learning. As doctors they are constantly learning, and all they are trying to do is give back. Dr Zah mahupun Dr Halina tidak memaksa pun kalian semua untuk bersetuju dengan pendapat mereka, they are simply expressing their opinions, just like all the anti-vaccine moms have been doing through commenting. People are entitled to their own opinions, after all it is a free country, and people need to learn to respect that. There is no need to get emotional, and there is definitely no need to launch personal attacks against Dr Halina just to prove your point. It is silly and childish. In order to educate ourselves efficiently, we need to start with an open mind. Weigh in the pros and cons (hopefully not just through google) and decide carefully. At the end of the day, every parent want the same thing; the best for their child/children.

  133. baca sebahagian komen. skip yg atas. byk sgt. sy vax anak second till his first birthday and still tak g vax for second MMR. After first vax i noticed eczema anak semakin teruk. but now totally hilang mcm magic. sigh. however belum decide should this just be a longer gap between vax or memang terus tak vax.
    first in my opinion KKM nih tak educate people langsung about AEFI. saya g vax anak yg d mention adalah demam. aefi kalau x google sampai sekarang saya tak tau kot. macam mana ada org nak report AEFI kalau x tau kewujudannya (talking about people without internet facilities / knowledge ).
    kedua sy nak minta pandangan ttg homeopathy. boleh ka homeopathy menjadi alternatif kepada vax? sebab homeopathy ni tak da neurotoxins dan juga luas diguna pakai di luar negara.
    terima kasih.

    1. Betul tu Puan,

      Why not kita guna hemopathy, bahan kimianya dicarikan dengan nisbah satu bahagian dalam satu trilion atau 1/1000000000000 air(chemical tu dilute dalam air ke atau dalam alcohol nanti saya google), sudah pasti tiada sebarang side effect kepada tubuh.Bayangkan perubatan allopathy,satu kapsul ubat tu penuh dengan bahan-bahan yang kita tak tahu pun.

      Lagi satu diharapkan suatu hari nanti ada hospital hemopathy, senang tak payah dah hantar anak ke hospital biasa dah,nak mintak MC pun boleh. Sekarang ramai dah pakar-pakar hemopathy yang standing dengan Doktor biasa.Walaupun ubat dia mahal sikit tapi puas hati sebab doktor boleh layan patient lama-lama, tak macam KK/Hospital nak spend masa 15min dengan patient pun susah.

      p/s:Ada orang cakap doktor-doktor perubatan moden ni just bergantung dan hafal buku teks sahaja.Dan kebanyakkan buku-buku teks yang dipelajari ditaja oleh Big Pharma.:) saje je nak Tanya.

      1. p/s:Betul ke apa yang orang cakap tu?

        Kalau betul maka itulah sebab kami para ibu ni buat research sendiri.Saya harapkan kita semua buat research sendiri, make our choice for our kid and family .Gunakan google sebaik yang mungkin.
        Kalau salah pun,tak salahkan kita buat research sendiri? 


      2. kalau anda faham konsep homeopathy dan dilution yang digunakan dalam nosodes/vaksin homeopathy, basicly anda hanya bayar utk “air kosong” semata-mata a.k.a placebo effects.

        kandungan ubat allopathy kebanyakannya boleh kita cari dari sumber tertentu (paling senang google je kan), tapi saya nak tanya, anda YAKIN apa isi kandungan dalam vaksin/ubat homeopathy / jamu?????

        btw, Pengamal Perubatan Homeopathy tidak boleh menggunakan gelar “Dr” (ini menurut laman homeopathy malaysia), lagipun, kalau pengamal perubatan homeopathy boleh issue M.C, kalau macam tu bomoh ngan sensei pun boleh jugak nak kasi M.C. (emm..rasa2nya boss terima tak?)

  134. Thank u for the info Dr. Harlina & Dr. Zahilah!
    Hope u won t mind for me to share this article with all my friends in FB.

    1. good job hisham rauf,

      You prove that u know how to use youtube compare to medical doctor.I think now you become cancer expert.
      see people,u can become expert,u only need hardworking and internet connection.

  135. Selain dr rotateq yg telah dinyatakan haram oleh majlis fatwa. Ade lagi x rotavirus yg halal selain drpd rotarix yg x sohih status halal tu.. Sy tau 2 brand ni ja ade kat private.

  136. Salam Meme-antivaccine,

    I guess u have so much free time to do all research and googling aroung. During ur varsity years, never at once ur lecturer warned not to copy-paste directly from google, even from any journal ? I guess that’s not the question anymore, but being solely reasearch from google said medical students were just ‘memorizing’ is so much unfair. My husband’s family different background of medical student and Alhamdulillah they succeed after so much of sufferings in their study. So becareful of ur choosing of word..

  137. As a matter of fact, Doctors do need to memorize a lot of things, but with understanding. Memorizing things should not be considered shameful, as there are thousands of classification, staging, signs, symptoms, eponymous clinical names that requires memorizing.

    Doctors also do research, we occasionally use Google as well to look for journals, and just like everyone in this age, we receive an abundant of information. But what is the difference? Doctors are taught to validate the information, either it is a true information or a false information by scientific deduction, statistical testing, or experience alone. A housewife who researches may not know that what is told to her is false, especially when there is a big name quoted, like prof emeritus who in the real world may just be a flight attendant or a medical school drop-out. But a good doctor would usually be able to tell through the content. Even the great Wakefield who tried to make a profit out of a seemingly legitimate research was caught red-handed actually trying to commit fraud. Caught by a group of dedicated doctors.

    A housewife with no academic qualification, can NEVER be at par unless she enters medical school or enters clinical training. Can you learn and work as an oil refinery engineer with Googling? Can you repair your own television (Major Damage) with Googling? Can you repair a car with Googling? No, you must be trained. That is why in handling human lives, we must be more thoroughly trained. Even that at times, do not suffice.

    Of course an anti-vaccine supporter is fearless of the consequences because they have yet to see polio, congenital rubella, CA cervix, etc. happening to their loved ones. A doctor, most of the time have either experienced the difficulties in treating such cases, or have been taught of such cases. So, they fear for their patients.

    Actually if people think of it, not vaccinating actually profits doctors. People not immunized will develop advanced diseases, and treating them will be costly to patients, profiting doctors. A polio patient will be admitted for long periods, and will develop multiple complications, and each treatment will usually profit the doctor. Complications will also cause drug companies to develop more drugs, profit them also. So, why do you think doctors still try to advocate vaccination? Because they sincerely care, not for their ego, but for their patients.

    If Homeopathy and Allopathy cures cancers, then they should already be super rich. Millions die per year. A definite cure will surely profit them. But it doesn’t seem like that. Mostly just so-so, a few just ok, the rest come and go. Not even a single country use them as a mainstay treatment, incorporated into their health ministry budget. Why? Because they don’t work.

    But I am not surprised if anti vaccinators are actually homeopathy or allopathy vendors. Defaming vaccines so that they can sell their stuff.

    As doctors we have nothing to gain. We can just keep quiet, vaccinate our family members and ignore this trend of anti vaccinations and “alternative medicine”. More people will fall sick, private GPs will see more patients, private hospitals will receive more admissions, and government doctors will still come home after work or join private, drug companies will have more opportunity to develop more drugs, funeral services having more business. But we do not do that. Why? We fight something that actually benefits us economically. As my teachers always remind me, always ask why?

    Because a doctor’s knowledge is to serve the best interest of his patients, not himself.

    Whatever happens, doctors win. Because in the end, either we’ll be waiting in the clinic to give you vaccines or drugs, have more patients to learn from if more people fall sick, wait in the Hospital to treat you, figure out how you died through post mortem, or do a study since so many have fall sick and probably win a Nobel prize.

  138. Saya juga seorang doktor…let us think and try to see things like what Allah wants us to see. How come disease are so common nowadays?Is all those germs really dangerous? Can we doctors teach patient on how to boost immune system so that they can face any germ in their life rather than inventing vaccines day by day? How many germs are there in your surroundings?and they do mutate…think!!!Just learn how to boost your intelligent-body immunity….Believe me, we are not thaught on how to do this in medical school….so , you still don’t believe in the Zionist agenda?

    1. Dr. Abdullah, I hope you are a MEDICAL DOCTOR, not a homeopathic, ayurvedhic, or traditional and complimentary “doctor”. I am not sure what you meant by “seeing things like what Allah wants us to see”, but I am rather surprised your medical school did not explain on the questions you asked. Please allow me to try to answer them.
      1. How come diseases are so common nowadays:
      -People live longer, previously people die out of cholera or some infectious diseases, now the numbers reduced
      -Feasibility of transportation, travelling long and short distances. HIV was believed to be from Africa, a mutation of the Simian Immunodeficiency Virus, SARS transmission through people travelling, outbreaks, etc.
      -Introduction of new hazards: nuclear, ionizing radiation, complex hydrocarbon, mercury, etc.
      -Now we know how common. Previously due to restrictions in communications, statistical evicdence is scarce.
      -And perhaps a thousand other more reasons

      2. Are those germs really dangerous:
      -Depends on which bacteria, fungus, virus, or prion you’re talking about. I am surprised a doctor asks of this. This is basic microbiology, man.

      3. Can we doctors teach patient on how to boost the immune system rather than creating vaccines
      Yes, doctors are doing that. We advocate healthy eating, regular exercise, not to take antibiotics for mild infection, do not abuse drugs, do not have unprotected random sex, etc.

      But you cannot prevent polio in a baby through that. That is where the idea of vaccines is valid. They are meant to provide some degree of immunity to susceptible age groups: babies, elderlies, post splenectomy, the immunocompromised. How would you expect somebody who lost his spleen from an accident to protect himself from meningococcal meningitis? Eating carrots? Vaccines also do not target ALL diseases, they target diseases difficult to treat but preventable through vaccination, like hepatitis B, Polio, Rubella, Meningococcal, Pneumococcal, etc. Enlighten me on how YOU prevent meningococcal in elderly going to endemic areas? Wear an oxygen tank?

      4. How many germs are there? and they mutate.
      Many, of course. Yes they mutate. Some we can adapt on our own, some we treat with antibiotics, some we create vaccines. So what if they mutate? We’ll just have to keep on trying. That’s why doctors work in research areas and epidemiology.

      5. We were not taught to boost our body immunity?
      Are you joking? They didn’t teach you that? Which medical school is that? They didn’t teach you nutrition, risk factors to get infection, the high-risk groups? Doctors are taught that. Even nursing schools and paramedic colleges teach that.

      6. You don’t believe the zionist agenda?
      Personally, I think the Zionist agenda is to create distrust in all good things created by anybody, like vaccines, library, cars, technology, etc. so that they will be the only one to profit from using the good things in life compared to Muslims or non zionists, and to make people trust in bad things like spreading rumors, border-less sex, alcoholism, dirty politics, war, drug abuse and what not. People become paranoid of all things with proven benefits like modern medicine, vaccines and antibiotics, and make people trust scam like homeopathic or “complementary” drugs which until now is not proven to cure anything (as a standard clinical practice). Yes, I do believe the zionist agenda, but most importantly, I know what it is through common sense, and not some mythical tales told from aggrandizing neighbours.

  139. Hi ordo…great answer for a totally puzzled minds..this is what they exactly wants to be there in every Dr’s brain..
    Healthy eating?you really know about it?How come Dr still crazy for MD,Burger King?
    Do you know about free radicals and how it disrupt your cell membranes?You know what can even alter your DNA? every field there are certain things that they want you to know and certain things that they don’t want you to know.
    If you choose to read only your so-called reliable source of information, then you are done with it…
    Of course i’m a medical doctor…please wake up doctors!!!!!!Why are we standing in this field and being satisfied of not having cures for diabetic..hypertension…autoimmune dis…cancer…and we claimed that we are scientific?
    Try to read about GMO..monsanto..glyphosate roundup…you see..they feed us with poison..a slow acting one…even your wheat is n ot safe…sorry..i’m a little emo…but it is so sad fou us to sacrifice our time waking up at night to take care of the diseased one..and they are the one who create the disease…

    1. Haha. Are u a real medical doctor ‘Dr Abdullah’?. Sorry no offense. I just feel your answer sounds so like people who selling ‘supplements’ that can cure all kinds of disease or MLM doctor (doctors who are doing direct selling or MLM). I dont get clear picture of what you are trying to convey here. I believe if u are a true medical doctor perhaps u can give a better, precise and clear message of your thoughts just like Dr Filzah and ordo and few other drs who did commented on this thread. Provided with true and distinct evidence. Please enlighten us. Thank you.

    2. Actually what anti-rubbish has said has some truth in it.

      I have suspected all along, but that is the problem. Nowadays homeopaths, ayurvedhic, chiropractitioner and complementary medicine practitioners are using this dr title and obviously some uneducated fools would belive them.

      If a doctor understands DM, HPT, Autoimmune diseases, Malignancy, etc. he wouldn’t ask such questions. Real doctors are taught all this.

      Doctors craving McDonald’s? That’s your best argument? I was hoping we could exchange ideas on immunology, probable targeted therapy or even something basic. Obviously you lack the basics.

      Reliable source of info? Haha. Ganong, Jewitz, Bailey, Kumar and Clark must be good charlatans to convince people their ”lies”.

      Obviously you are not a doctor. If you are you should be ashamed of your level of knowledge and comprehension of basics, emotional or not.

      State who you are so that i can tone down the content of my writings to a lay-man’s level.

      1. Haha..ordo don’t be too harsh to ‘dr abdullah’. I believe he did not undergo horrible medical school exposure and terrible life in housemanship to sustain that kind of judgement and sadistic comment..hehe.. Anyway I could not agree more to what u said. True medical doctors would not say rubbish thingy. We were trained to be honest, knowledgeable and profesional. We do not tolerate lies, any conflict of interest or emotional and non intelectual discussion. No offense again to dr abdullah. Thanks. And wassalam 😉

      1. Good job mr.Hisham rauf,
        See people there are conspiracies, and the conspiracy is true.
        Once again you show to all this doctors how to use youtube wisely.Medical school need to offer 3-4 credits for youtube subject.

    3. Your words make no sense. I believe hadith (sahih) and Quran. The only one I do not believe is you, Abdullah.

      I will challenge you now. If you truly are a doctor, tell us now when and where you graduated from? Come on charlatan.

      I have been working in many hospitals in this country and others. If you manage to answer this question, I’m sure you won’t be able to answer the next one.

  140. Quote “dr”abdullah: “Do you know about free radicals and how it disrupt your cell membranes?”
    interesting that you mentioned this. as a medical doctor, you should know what is the real mechanism of “free radicals”. sounds like you are one of those supplements/vitamins seller promoting no-free-radicals-no-sickness. owh well, i bet you are so familiar with cancer-related cases after consuming long term high dose antioxidants.

    1. Perhaps he slept during the lecture regarding free radicals, oxygen dependent mechanisms of immune cells, etc. Singlet oxygen, supraoxide anions (another words for free radicals, attention layman or bogus doctors) are used by our own cells for antibacterial actions. Perhaps you would enlighten us how using NADPH these are formed, Abdullah? How on earth did you pass immunology and say all that?

      This is my point again. People may be fooled by such claims, those who think they can be better than doctors by googling and ”research”. People like Abdullah here may claim to be doctors and claim this and that, saying he as a doctor is against immunisation or modern medicine, and people will start to quote him and his pseudoscience.

      My advice to you Abdullah, if you really are a doctor, you should read your books, all of them. Perhaps a couple of rounds. If you’re not, stop instilling fear to the zionist agenda and actually acting like a zionist. Come clean.
      Have some dignity and pride of your own identity.

      1. I Am sure we all muslims here…the pseudoscience is science that is not in line with sunnatullah…the real science is in line with sunnatullah.Islamic teaching is already complete according to prophet Muhammad pbuh…maybe after ordo being so arrogant of expelling the facts that he claimed to be true science, he can now try to reads Quran and hadits regarding health. Then compare both systems. You do not need study to prove Quran and hadits is true,,They are just like the real truth from the creator of the universe. The mistake that we made is that we know the fake science first before we know the truth science..then we tend to say that the truth one is the fake one…this is the

  141. kenapa ayat ‘dr. Abdullah’ cm susah nk paham berbanding dr harlina,dr zahilah,ordo n doc2 yang laen eh??poning jer den nk bace ‘dr abdullah punya comment..y lain aku boley absorbed jer..huuu..sorry..poning sbb xtaw mane nk cari your point kot..xclear laa ayat you..

  142. Assalaamualaikum doc. Tqsm doc on ir really informative article! Recently, I’ve been added to a group in fb ‘Our Healthy Unvaccinated Baby’ (OHUB) n I’ve been reading a few articles n stories on why parents shouldn’t vaccinate their babies. It’s stuck in my mind and i’ve been very miserable ever since as my baby is 2mo and had to go for the 3serangkai. I went to the clinic to get the jabs feeling ‘guilty’ that i was doing my baby wrong. I discussed the issue with my husband n he wasn’t very happy with the OHUB group ‘findings’. I talked to my mum n mil n they both told me that it was ok to continue with provided vaccines. I read about articles on effects of vaccines that the group wrote n quoted n clearly the group have absolutely zero knowledge on what they were talking about. I’m very (u have no idea) happy after reading your article above. N feel greatly relieved that i didn’t after all did my baby any wrong. Tqsm doc. U shud translate your article to Malay so that other mommies cud read it too. Tq again doc! So sorry for the long ramble! Wassalam.xx

  143. Issue regarding to vaccine or not, is currently become a hot debate.I totally agree with the saying clean water, good sanitation system, eat good foods. Certain questions are still remain. Try to look this picture more globally, that means, involve countries, neighboring countries and then zoom too smaller scale. Have you ever heard the term of health inequality? Just put that statement into a larger scale. Some countries are not able to practice or implement proper healthcare systems probably due to poverty, war, poor economic performance, the keyword is, do they have enough resources to maintain adequate or good healthcare system in their society. People will go out from poverty by means of traveling to neighboring town, state, even to the nearby countries. Besides that, they bring along diseases and start to spread that diseases to other population. Global transmission in a larger scale. Between health and wealth, this people that is fundamentally poor, will do anything to survive and try to gain wealth with all means and think less of their illness that could harm others. So vaccination is an alternative so far (not absolute option) to combat this scenario. If healthcare system is equally distributed to all regions in this world, then I think theoretically possible not to vaccine but practically achievable with very minimal percentage.

    Dr Sofwan Albar.
    Studying Master in Public Health, HUKM.

  144. Hanya Allah yang tahu siapa berada di pihak yang benar…maka bagi siapa yg ingin menyatakan kebenaran hendaklah anda sampaikan dengan jalan sabar dan menunaikan solat…sebagai doktor saya pernah berada di pihak pro vaksin sepanjang karier saya selama 10 tahun,,,tetapi akhirnya secara pahit, saya telah menjumpai jawapan..dan saya tak rela dijadikan kuda tunggangan WHO sebagai salah seorang agen yang meramaikan pesakit di muka bumi ini kerana penyakit adalah sesuatu yg sangat menyedihkan dan memberi derita dan menghalang manusia ke arah ibadah yang sempurna..teruslah mencari wahai sahabat saudara ku sekalian…hanya masa yg akan menentukan hasil pencarian kalian..Janganlah sea

  145. Assalamualaikum, dear doc, sy nk injek baby for vaksin pneumococcal, but baby dh nk stahun lg brapa hari jerr lg, so bila baby dh stahun baby kena injek mmr dulu ke baru bole ambil vaksin pneumococcal ?? tq ya doc

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  156. kesimpulan yang saya buleh buat atas artikel ini..

    1-medical school just learn from barat-kebanyakan sekolah perubatan hanya berpandukan teori sarjana perubatan barat..kenapa kiter x belajar terus dari ilmuan islam ibnu sina punya buku2..contoh kesilapan teori barat..makcik saya baru bersalin melalui pembedahan,tidak ambil telur kerana dikhuatiri bernanah sebelah makcik saya pesakit sama bersalin bedah.. doktor bagi telur dlm menu makanan-hampir 1 seminggu terlantar di hospital..kesian. then,makcik saya cakap jgn mkn telur..alhamdulillah sembuh..(MO mmg xbole disalahkan sbb mereka xpercaya benda mcm tuh sbb mereka otak mereka telah dipenuhkan teori barat!!! ) dlm byk2 kes hospital,mereka gagal..sorry to say!!! amek darah,hari2 untuk ap?..saya setuju better lau dah teruk tuh bawa balik uma,n cuba perubatan islam..

    2-yess,vaksin agenda yahudi,..sorry to Dr Za,sian you percaya bulat2 laporan barat..benar ke apa yang ditulis..menipu n membohongi dunia adalah perkara biasa bagi milik barat/yahudi..studip lar if percaya..doktor yang menarik sesuatu teori tuh mungkin mendapat tekanan yahudi..mybe kajian yang dilakukan benar n terjadi..mengapa barat tidak pernah melakukan gabungan makanan y mane bole beri antibodi y paling baik..mustahil kan? kenapa mesti vaksin? fikir lar

    3-berbaliklah kembali sunnah bagi menjaga kesihatan-saya setuju mengunakan kurma,delima n makanan sunnah lain utk antibodi..


    1. Laarrr…buat apa kat sini . Kan google internet ni milik yahudi. Jangan laa guna, bahaya tau!

      Sorry la to u, tgk cara tulis pun dah tahu tak berapa bijak lagi nak rendahkan pakar pediatrik. Bila anak sakit, ubat la sendiri. Takyah bwk jumpa doktor. Heran, takde langsung rasa malu pada Allah merendahkan orang yg menyampaikan ilmu. Kalau baca betul2, doc pun suggest makanan sunnah tp tak bermakna tolak perubatan moden . Orang mcm awak ni dh byk saya jumpa, bab ni mmg kutuk2 doktor bila anak sakit gi jumpa doktor jugak , amik jugak panadol . Dah la , gi buat blog sendiri

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  191. Saya pilih untuk vaksin anak, betul ckp doktor..anak saya kena chicken pox..dia ada ambik suntikan chicken pox …bila kena tak seteruk budak yang tak ambik vaksin..takde kesan pun setiap badan dia…alhamdulillah…complete bg semua vaksin include pneumococcal

  192. Just found this great article..Tq so much Dr Halina…I’m not anti vaccine parents..had planned to vaccinate my 6 mo baby against rotavirus…sadly he was infected earlier..should he get the vaccination anymore?

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  194. salam doc. nak tanya boleh x vaksin pneumoccocal dos ke-3 diambil after baby umur 1year old? for information, 1st & 2nd dose diambil ikut masanya. tp skrg bby dah 13mos but yet to be vaccsined for his last dose. boleh lagi kah?

    1. panjang nak ok la.ilmu.lapangkan dada.mohon hidayah.semus komen bsgus.kita akan dapat reski masing2.semua kat sini ade akal n hati nurani.terserah.saye pun dengah pilihan saye.anda adalah spt yg anda fikir.

  195. assalamualaikum,
    Harap doc ada masa nak reply..vaksin pneumococol.. kalau dah lebih setahun masih boleh ambil ke?
    Lagi satu, kalau di govement hosp..kita boleh request utk dapatkan vaksin ni ke?

    Tqvm for ur time doc

  196. Salaam. Dr, anak saya yang berumur setahun sebulan kini terkena chickenpox dan sepatutnya vaccine utk chickenpox djadualkan pd bulan depan. Soalan saya, perlukah anak saya dvaksin utk chicpox juga? Soalan lain, mcm mna nak hilangkan kegatalannya dan sebarang nasihat utk treatment selepas terkena chickenpox (menghilangkn parut)? Dan berapa lama tempoh utk quarantine sebelum bercampur dengan kanak2 lain?

  197. Adakah anda memerlukan pinjaman? adakah anda terhutang budi dan ingin untuk menjadi hutang percuma, adakah anda memerlukan pinjaman perumahan, perniagaan percuma atau pinjaman peribadi? Kemudian anda berada di tempat yang betul. Adakah anda memerlukan pinjaman pada kadar faedah yang rendah yang berpatutan? Adakah anda berminat untuk membayar hutang anda tanpa tekanan? hubungi kami
    Borang Permohonan Pinjaman Diperlukan:
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    Pernahkah anda memohon pinjaman sebelum ?:

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