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Barely Supermommy is about me ruling my own kingdom! Im now mommy of four.. life is pretty hectic. S a.k.a hubsy is my husband (obviously!) Our first born child, Sophea Isabella (a.k.a. B), Sophea Natasha (a.k.a. T), Sheikh Adam and Sheikh Noah (a.k.a the twins / the boys / A&N) ๐Ÿ˜This is me, coping with mommyhood, career, study and at the same time struggling to maintain my life, friendship and sanity!!

bareยทly  /หˆbe(ษ™)rlฤ“/ (adverb)

Only just; almost not: “she nodded, barely able to speak”; “a barely perceptible pause”.

suยทperยทmommy \หˆsรผ-pษ™r-หŒmรคmmi\ (noun)
an exemplary mother; also: a woman who performs the traditional duties of housekeeping and child-rearing while also having a full-time job X

147 thoughts on “About Me

      1. assalammualaikum dr halinaโ€ฆsaye suke sangat bace blog dr..best.!!!.sangat interestingโ€ฆ.suke tengok muke bella yg cute. DR is my role model..

    1. assalammualaikum dr halina…saye suke sangat bace blog dr..best.!!!.sangat interesting….suke tengok muke bella yg cute. DR is my role model… i luv u..FYI saye baru 14 tahun..hehehhe

  1. eventhough i blum kawen, but i like to follow blog2 mengenai parenthood ke, mommyhood ke..mmg interesting sgt2,,boleh tambah ilmu pengetahuan n berforum..=) good job dr halina =)

  2. tringin sgt nk jumpe doktor and suami…
    and nk dr.sheikh kongsi pengalaman mase g ISS (face 2 face)
    w’pon bentu tu da lme, tp sy nk sgt..
    ape2 pon selamat tok baby Bella…:-)

  3. Hye, Doc.
    What a nice blog. Sedap dibaca. I love it ๐Ÿ˜€
    This blog can make me smile. A good one Doc. Keep it up ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. wah dr.sudah majuuu..hihi saye nak wat blog pun malas sebb x minat kot..huhu~ by the way i like your blog..ade yg kelakar n sweet..>.<

  5. I’ve just recently started to blog too. Ketinggalan zaman ekk! Would love to follow your blog. I’m a mom myself, with 4 beautiful children. I can imagine when u say that ur trying to keep your sanity! Cheers, Doc!!

  6. I can understand when you say to maintain your sanity. I’m a mum of 4 myself. Just started to blog recently as well. Look forward to your future posts. I just enjoy reading about motherhood. Cheers, Doc! As salam.

  7. dr halina! saya minat sgt ngn dr halina. i’m only sixteen years old but i hope when i grow up i can be a succesful doctor just like you ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. my love for u kakna n ur family……<3…wish 2 be like u and dr.sheikh one day but i'm afraid to be a doctor and i don't know exactly the reason why……:)

  9. Dr. More entry..more and more.. enjoying reading your life journey. and the most wonderful thing I guess is become a mommy to Baby Bella. Grrrr.. Gerammmmmmmm ๐Ÿ™‚ hehehe

  10. doc, your blog is really awesome.
    like to read your entries..
    hopefully, u can write a lot of exciting entries.. and share your life with your lovers.

  11. Salam Doc,

    i love reading your blog!
    but cannot follow since i’m using blogspot..
    nvm, will add your address.. so I’ll not miss any update^^

  12. salam..sronok sgt bce dr punye blog nih..vry informative…
    sy nk suggestkn kat dr, boleh x kalau dr bg scara detail detik2 pkenalan shingga ke jinjang pelamin dgn dr. sheikh muszaphar..n i’m sure all of malaysians would like 2 know..
    i’m very curious 2 know..it must b very fantastic love story…hope u don’t mind..tq..
    sorry,kalau tsilap bicara…

    1. Thanks Wirda. Im just a person trying to make my parents proud, keep my family happy, achieve my own ambition and make lots of friends. We are all the same ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. No need to thanks Dr. Inspiration yg Dr tunjukkan dah helping me a lot to achieve my ambition too.;). Thanks to you.:D Hope you don’t mind, if I’m sharing the knowledge that I got from you with everyone on my blog. Keeping up with the writings, sure u help lots of people needed out there.Keep in touch and happy Saturday for you and your family(sweet adorable Bella). May Allah blessed your family ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Dr.Halina,you are superb mommy…nice to read ur story and ur experienced besarkan Bella….so cute ur picture with B…hopefully dia mmbesar dgn sihat n someday she will be proud of you bila dia bca blog mama dier….semoga Allah merahmati Hdup Dr Halina skeluarga….=)

  15. Salam Dr.Halina…..love to read all your journal…..n exspecially all about ur lovely Baby Bella…. โค

  16. Doc ! u ar..the best person n most recent …u can be my inspirac ! u ar..the best ! (^-^) hihi .. x0xo /

  17. Hello Dr, may i knoe where u send B for her swimming classes? Been looking around for am instructor. Hope to hear from You soon. Thanks.

  18. doc, I am a big fan of yours (surely many people are) hahaa. but I was just wondering if you could tell us more about your experience as a doctor. really love to hear that from you. you’re an inspiration to me because you seem to be enjoying your life as a doctor no matter how people might say it is difficult. I admire your confidence and optimism. hehehe:) and of course, I do like your mommyhood story. I hope Sofea Isabella would turn out great as you are ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Of coursr im still working!! Except im on maternity leave now.. I gave birth 2 months ago, remember?!! Hehe..

  19. Lovely to come across your blog when looking for a recipe using ground beef and butternut. I only wish I could understand more Bahasa! Are you in Malaysia or Indonesia? I’m from the UK, but travelled a bit in Indonesia when I was younger.

  20. Hi Dr..i really like ur blog. Menarik sgt. FYI, i am a mother with 8 month-old son. So ur posts are very informative for us..keep it up!

  21. tiba2 terjumpa blog ni…..baca…..n trus jatuh hati…hehehe……byk info yg dikongsi…sgt bermanfaat u sy……. rasa mcm bru berkenalan dgn sorang kawan baru..hehe…
    tq… bye….

  22. Hi Doc. sekali sekala ambil lah video clip baby bella pula! Nak juga tengok keletah dia. Pasti lagi cute kan.

  23. Salam, Dr. Halina.

    Enjoyed reading your blog. Very informative yet relax & santai membacanya ! Keep on updating ya. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Kak Marlina.

  24. i cn sy that im new follower here..:)..
    nice DR..awesome..dgn penulisan yg santai mcm ni,,,seronok nk bc,,^^v..lg2 ikut perkembangan si kecil Bella… a Little Mermaid.. it so much fun..:)..keep it up Dr…
    always support u!.. super hot Mom!.,:)

  25. Salam…my new hobby..read your blog before go to bed..sgt best,.love u Doc Halina ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. goshhh..the best part was bout the milk- im the one who havin difficulties suppressing milk plus my inverted nip the culprits..i read as if tomoro never come..lega rasanya at least i know im not the only one in the shoes..kudos Doc!

  27. hi dr, Halina…..
    i like 2 read your blog…..like 2 know about your story specialy about how u treat your baby B….actualy i am psychology student and i learn a little bit about children development…..with your blog i can learn more about become a good mother later…..seriusly by reading your blog i can’t wait 2 become a mother…..and i will follow your style if u don’t mind…..=D

    #my request is…..can u upload baby B picture with vampire pacifier that u bought from maternity and children expo mid valley……i wanna see it…..because that is for camera purposes rite….thnx dr.Halina…..=D

  28. Salam doc. I like ur experience with ur lil B’s….for ur info i’m a mother of 4 kiddos..3 ultraman & 1 barbie:)

  29. Assalamualaikum… doctor… sy baru berusia 17 thn… this year, I’m sitting for SPM examination. Boleh x dr bg tips sikit mcm mana nk study dgn lebih baik lg? Especially sciences subject (chemistry, biology and physics) and also… tips mcm mana nk jd seorg doktor yg berjaya… Harap doktor sudi berkongsi pandangan dn cerita… (email to me…)

  30. salam..Dr. love ur blog..mcm2 info dpt kat ctu.saya baru kawen n try to hv baby.insyaallah kalau da rezeki..suka sgt baca blog doc.the way u handle ur super cute daughter.sure little B akan jadi super genius like mummy n daddy dia. share la byk lg info.. i like it.sgt berguna..xoxo.

  31. salam Dr. i just love to read your blog. i am a mother too and am so happy to hear that u r expecting for B’s sister/brother. all the best!

  32. Dear doc,I ‘m in my middle forties and I love reading your blog.it’s sweet ,simple and classy.May Allah bless you n your family.Take care.

  33. saya baru saje join blog dr….saya baru dapat cahaya mata pertama….saya nak bertanya dari segi permakanan baby…apa makanan terbaik utk mereka bila menjangkau usia 6 bulan

  34. hai dr… 1-i just nk tny my bby skrg 11months tp she antibodi not strong. .n i dh ambk bby vitamin appeton infant drop..she stiil bf n mix with fm start from bby dulu. …y question is ok or not if i coimtinue vitamin. ..2- my bby sleep dlm rocker and i worried klu sleep partern nh stilk berterusan. ..pls answer dr…

  35. assalamualaikum…dr halina… i love this blog…. for ur information, i’m is the one of the DRSMS biggest fans….. hehe.. semenjak saya jumpa Dr SM di Minggu Saham Amanah Malaysia tahun 2011…kalau Dr nak tau, saya merupakan salah seorang pelajar sekolah yang dijemput untuk memeriahkan lagi majlis tu. yg b’langsung di stadium indera mulia,ipoh perak.. hmm,sejak dri pertemuan itulah…hati saya mula t’pikat dgn kesungguhan .dan keazaman beliau yg berusaha m’capai cita2 beliau yg mahu m’jdi angkasawan sejak beliau b’umur 10 tahun lg…. mulai saat itu,saya mula b’jinak2 m’cari maklumat tentang beliau di internet…. he’s my idol now….! sejak drpada itulah…saya mula mengenali dgn dr halina….. dulu saya anggap dr ni s’orang yg sombong n x mesra…tapi ternyata sangkaan saya meleset sama sekali…. you’re so hospitable n kind… Dr x pernah mghampakan peminat n sentiasa bg respon setiap soalan yg diajukan….. and about this blog…. ur blog is so interesting and it’s so inspirational to me…. walaupun sibuk sbg s’orang doktor,tapi x pernah mgabaikan keluarganya…. family is the top priority! last but not least, ur daughters… bella n tasha so cute! smge keluarga kalian dirahmati ALLAH n bahagia hingga ke akhir hayat……. luv u dr halina…. ๐Ÿ™‚ XOXO

  36. Hi and salaam ๐Ÿ™‚

    Saya kadang2 skip post dr,bila perasan cerita pasal history bertudung it touches me a lot.Dan bila dr minta berbuat baik again and again it touhes me.Sebab begitulah paradigm yang terpaksa dihadapi oleh non hijabist bila nak revert kepada hijabist.Its a long way,dr but hamdulillah u r the chosen among the chosen.

    Saya selalu rasa dr adalah typical me.Nak happy family,nak cita2 jadi realiti,nak banggakan family and the list goes on,tapi yang outstandingnya dr adalah pengabdian dan penghijrahan dr mengubah landskap kehidupan orang lain juga.

    Dah 3 tahun tak balik Malayisa,teringin nak bekerja satu department dengan dr tapi saya minat sangat ortho,inshaaAllah dr akan sehebat Dr Harlina Siraj mungkin lebih hebat lagi.

    Way to go,aja!

  37. Salam Doc, came across ur blog when one of my friends link it to her fb page. tried to read once and automatically attached!!! been reading and reading and reading all the previous entry till i noticed theres nothing left for me to read. yes! thats how much ur writing affected and attracted me. ur writing is so humble, sincere and sempoi. trust me i even sengih alone while reading thru ur post. yup! hehe. u inspired many others by sharing your motherhood journey and experiences. loving it! hoping for more (i mean moreeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D) exciting post here. yeay! ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. hi,dr halina.I felt extremely excited because today and now i have a chance to read your blog (something that you updated)
    For your knowledge,i’m not a worker,but i’m still a student in secondary school.This year i must face to PMR examination.I felt truly nervous.
    Dr,i want ask you on how to success in PMR examination.To be honest,can you tell tips – tips to achieve my target 9A in PMR examination.Please share me your secret to success.I want to emulate dr halina as my idol.In addition,i want to follow your footsteps in my daily life.I want to achieve my own ambition in the next future as a DOCTOR !!!!

  39. Dr,what is ur opinion on vaccine application to a baby?recently they are many discussion pro and cons bout it which spread like a fire,some ppl refuse to take it,they claim it is harmful to their baby and because it is from porcine

  40. suka sangat. serious suka sangat sangat. dr! please keep update us..with ur pictures, tasha and bella *super awesome!!*…,satu je tak cukup. hari2 saya check kalau2 dr ada update lepas balik keje..heheeee..

  41. Gud job dr.harlina,boleh tak dr bagi tips penjagaan anak2 yang masih kecil terutamanya penjagaan telinga…nak bersihkan dalam tu…selalu saja ada weaks..tq ye dr.

  42. As salaam Dr. I absolutely love your blog and your ramblings about your journey in motherhood and life. Inspire and aspire. Looking forward to more and more in future..keep it up! *thumbs up sign*

  43. Salam dr,
    Im a Malaysian med student from egypt and planning to hve a speciality in anaesthesiology. But Im confused on what path shoul I take. Could you share with me about you and you husband’s experience on becoming a specialist?
    Looking forward to your help dr! Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Salam Doc,
    Congrats on such beautiful and charming girls! It’s such a pleasure to follow you and your fashion /make up craze ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Am writing to you now as I believe you can help make a difference in someone’s life.

    I know of this Lady who is considered living in kg, though near Shah Alam.

    I suspected and apparently earlier biopsy indicated that she has breast cancer.

    Given that she has no access to wifi, internet, much less computer, there is limited info that she has. That contributed to her fear of going to hospital, after listening to well meaning people who are unfortunately facing similar constraints.

    This lady used to provide massage services from house to house to support the family, and helped her husband.

    We were introduced a few years back and I found her to be very honest and someone with good heart and soul.

    I visited her last nite upon knowing her condition, she is overwhelmed by negative stories, tried to encourage her to go to hospital immediately as her breast has started bleeding.

    Doc, this morning I thought of u, she looks up to u n Dato.

    Would u be so kind to talk to her over the phone or if u want , I can also take u to visit her, to encourage her to go to hospital, and feed her with proper info? I tried, but since I am neither a doc nor have an experience in this, it didnt sound credible to her hahahah.

    She has young children, very independent lady but now facing difficulty to even move.

    What seems natural for us, is not so apparent to her and many others who do not have access to technology as easy as most of us do.

    Would appreciate your kind reply and whether you can help out.

    My hp is 019 385 3989

    Tq Doc, May you be in baraqah, always

  45. hello doc, im ainil i truly have some request on ur next writing. can you share with us ur tips of loosing weight. pliss i really really wanna know. =) tq doc!

  46. Assalammualaikum Dr.Halina saya pelajar jurusan broadcasting & film daripada Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University College (KLMUC) saya ingin membuat temu janji dengan puan tentang kaedah bersalin dalam air yang puan pernah buat. Saya berharap sangat dapat kerjasama baik dari pihak puan untuk akademik kami dan markah untuk final project kami. Sebarang pertanyaan puan bole hubungi saya melalui email ataupun nombor telefon tersebut 0169715708

  47. salam dr halina!!! saya suka gila dengan doc. tu jek nak cakap haha.
    hopefully u will smile when u read this. love u!!!!

  48. salam dr.halina. boleh dapatkan email address dr.halina.saye nk beri gift headband utk Tasha n Bella.tq dr.halina.

  49. As salam DR. Halina..just nak confirmkan mengenai produk skin white kawaii collagen. Betul ke u consume collagen tu? Cuz tgk kat fb mentioned sal u tuk promote product ni. Brapa lame doc consume & nmpk perubahan? Thank you

  50. Dr..can request ahh? Pls update your experience as a doctor ๐Ÿ™‚ please teringin sgt nak tahu jd anaest nih best ke tak salu dgr org cite sal pakar bedah,ortho n peads je..bole ye *kedip mata* tq!

  51. Pretty part of content. I just stumbled upon your weblog and
    in accession capital to claim that I acquire actually enjoyed
    account your weblog posts. Anyway I’ll be subscribing for your augment or even I success
    you get right of entry to persistently fast.

  52. nak sangat jumpa dr halina and her a wonderful, gentle-hearted, superbusy husband…..

  53. Salam Dr Halina,

    I am Hijas Fizzri from Essence Burson Marsteller. We are in the midst of organizing a PR campaign for Softlan called ‘Thank you Mom’ Campaign. โ€™Thank you Momโ€™ Campaign is an annual campaign sharing appreciation and recognising the multiple roles that mothers take on in the modern world. In one of the event held in the campaign, we are interested to have you as the event’s icon & judge. Herewith, may we have your contact number to further discuss the matter?

    Hope to hear a favourable reply from you.

    Thank you very much.

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  54. Hi Supermommy :),

    Since you are concerned about motherhood, I wanted to present you Tongtai, which is a safe and eco-friendly brand, selling baby clothes and accessories in Malaysia. We believe that safe. natural and soft material is essential, even more for a child. Certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, we are concerned about our children creating our future :).

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  55. Salam Dr Halina. Saya nak tanya allergic pisang ada ke ? And what should i do when i ate banana saya jadi itchy, diarrhea and also nausea? I highly appreciate if u could reply my comment

  56. Salam akak . Sy nak tanya , secret skin white neyy untuk apa ? Dan sesuai untuk peringkat umur berapa ye ? Terima kasih ๐Ÿ˜Š

  57. Salam Dr, i enjoy reading your blog. Lots of useful and good input here. Anyway, i need to ask you something about cooking oil.i see u use olive oil for all bella’ s foods. How about sunflower oil n corn oil doc? Are they good too? Trying to be healthy but saving money too. Olive oil mahal sangat la.hihihi. hope u can answer this despite of your hectic schedule. Thank you Dr.

  58. Dr,saya nak tahu laa pandangan dr saya guna skin white kawaii college dalam botol.ape beza dengan kotak ia sama? Soalan kedua boleh ke tidak dalam masa yang sama saya minum tea detox kinohimitsu then minum kawai college?

    1. Assalam Dr. saya nak tanya about supplement yang Dr consume 2… untuk penyakit saya dapat kurgkan ke x …wanna ask you something ..please reply me.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. Dr, kat Malaysia, Bobble ada jual kat mana? I’ve been looking for replacement filter tapi tak jumpa. Helppp ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  60. Hi Dr Halina, my name is Shakila May from Zenith Media and I would like to invite you and your children to join in the upcoming Kids’ Lab 2015 under my clients BASF (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. I would like to officially send you an email but I do not have your email address. Perhaps if you could kindly provide me your email address, I could send you the invitation. Thank you so much for your time. Looking forward to your revert soon.

  61. salams doctor, came across your blog today and was glued to reading it…love the fact how you find happiness in your daily routine of work and being a mum ๐Ÿ™‚
    can i get your email add please so i can write to you personally – or drop me a line on my email add…hope to hear from you๐Ÿ˜€

  62. Assalamualaikum wbt and good evening Dr Halina. Alhamdulillah , finally I managed to read all your entries, I mean ALLLL..takde tinggal satu pun..hehe…within 2 days. You are so inspiring, so adoreable. Thank you so much because made my day much more positive to face mommyhood life and working plus study at the same time. Trying to cope with my super hectic day to raise my son and alhamdulillah jump blog Dr. So inspiring..may Allah help you and love you more each day everyday ๐Ÿ˜‰ amiin

  63. Salam dr..

    Love to read your blog.. since im new mom, lots of info i can get here.. thanks..
    May you write about baby cradle? And what is the best way to sleep baby. now my baby is 4m.. previously,im not using cradle just lay him on bed then he sleep.but now be quite fussy. Im currently using baby swing..is it safe for baby’s brain? Hope u can share the way to sleep your baby.. if possible can u reply to my email..?thanks dr..

  64. Salam Dr,

    Suka sangat baca blog Dr ni, boleh tau tak Dr ade pakai apps kat phone ke utk update yg lebih cepat ? Dr pakai apps ape ? dulu rajin gak tulis blog cuma skang dah malas sket bile kene pindah2 gambar dr phone ke pc. Bila baca blog Dr ni, rase nak menulis balik ๐Ÿ™‚

  65. Hi Dr Halina, I am from Parkson Edutainment World Sdn Bhd. We have three business entities:

    1. Royale Unicorn Education – International Pre-School
    2. Little Kingdom – Educational Theme park
    3. Talking Tom House – Theme restaurant

    We would like to invite you over for a meeting with my managing director, Mr Adam Swee on Friday, 4th November 2016 at 2pm in Little Kingdom (Level 3 , Parkson Maju Junction Shopping Mall) to discuss a project we are working on, in hopes of collaborating with you.

    Kindly let me know if you are available. Should you be unable to attend, please do let me know so that we can reschedule the meeting. I can be reached at 016-4220744

    Chew Yee

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