24 thoughts on “Just Sharing..

  1. Takyah tunggu motherhood la doc. Single ni pun sama rasa cam vacation bila pegi grocery.. Hehehe ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Salam Dr,
    Saya ni silent reader blog Dr (well not anymore.hehe). I need honest answer from Dr about body curve by Cosry sbb rasa mcm pernah trnmpk kt mn tah Dr beli body curve utk dipakai masa brpantang. So Dr adkh ia brkesan n bagus? I plan nak guna jugak body curve aftr i dlvr d 2nd child but so kalau bole nk yg worth for my money oso. Almaklum Dr sy kn kumpul duit utk beli ni.hehe. Hope Dr blh bantu. Thnx a lot.

    Hugs n kisses for Bella n Tasya.


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