Bella, the elder sister..

Bella LOVES her sister sooo much!!

Too much sometimes!

She keeps wanting to kiss Tasha over and over again..

She will go.. “Mmmmmuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuah!”

The “-ah” only comes out when her lips meet Tasha’s skin. Mommy and daddy can’t cheat. We definitely can’t pull Tasha away before she kisses her!


Sometimes, she becomes very protective over her little sister. She will say “Nnnnooooo!” to strangers who wanted to carry Tasha.

Just be prepared to hear Bella scream when you want to touch her little sister!!

And sometimes, she thinks she’s big enough to carry Tasha around..

This one will definitely give mommy heart attack!!

92 thoughts on “Bella, the elder sister..

  1. Doc..chumel nyerr.. Bella such a good sister indeed..moga mereka membesar dgn rahmat kasih syg drNya…ameenn πŸ™‚

  2. Hi dr halina…pls share some tips with us how bella stop son almost 2 yrs but still bf n very difficult to stop him

  3. Nice photos..The second pic is funny..nmpak bella sgt excited bwk baby.. Mane2 mommy pun boleh dpt heart attack kalau mcm tu..hehe..both sgt comel~~~~~

  4. Just asking did you behave like Bella too when you’re at her age?… because you are the eldest sister too in your family!! hehehhe and it seems like you are a very protective and caring sister in your siblings right? *wink* πŸ™‚

  5. So cute!!but my girl plk da 2 thn lbih….xheran bila adik dia org lain nk amik… long as dia xkena amik…hahhahah…..penakut kt org ckit…

  6. good girl..same goes to my elder son when he got to know that he has a little brother.Now his little brother is 10months and just show his abg jadi manja when the little know how to take away his brother’s things.So cute when both of them gaduh2 manja.

  7. Hiks..actually im soo bella.were excted havin new friend to share our toys..
    My jobs back then is changing their poo poo diapers hihi (so xbhye sgt kui3)

  8. awww…so sweet of Bella… yup2 the intention to carry Tasha cause she thinks that she’s big enough surely give mommy a heart attack… however, Bella could carry with the condition of mommy supervision then… ^_^

    hugs n kisses for Bella and Tasha…

  9. my Imtinan pon geram ngan baby,,,comel Bella, gambar dukung tu nampak dia mmg bersemangat nak angkat adiknya ,so cute

  10. Hi Dr. Halina, first of all I want to say I enjoy reading your blog, educational but in a quirky kind of way. Congratulations on the birth of your second daughter Tasha, she is adorable and Bella is growing to be an absolutely gorgeous young lady. Congrats to the happy family πŸ™‚

  11. Budak budak memang cam tu Dr… lebih excitednya bila dapat adik……. kena hati-hati Dr, , tengok2 kan B tu hehe… jangan sampai terlepas pandang

  12. Hello Supermommy,

    Do you know how to tell the difference between Tasha’s cries? For example, is she experiencing anger, pain, or fear?

    New research indicates that you can tell the difference by observing specific features on the babies face:

    “Anger, fear and pain

    When a baby cries, facial muscle activity is characterised by lots of tension in the forehead, eyebrows or lips, opening of the mouth and raised cheeks. The researchers observed different patterns between the three negative emotions.

    As ChΓ³liz notices, when angry the majority of babies keep their eyes half-closed, either looking in apparently no direction or in a fixed and prominent manner. Their mouth is either open or half-open and the intensity of their cry increases progressively.

    In the case of fear, the eyes remain open almost all the time. Furthermore, at times the infants have a penetrating look and move their head backwards. Their cry seems to be explosive after a gradual increase in tension.

    Lastly, pain manifests as constantly closed eyes and when the eyes do open it is only for a few moments and a distant look is held. In addition, there is a high level of tension in the eye area and the forehead remains frowned. The cry begins at maximum intensity, starting suddenly and immediately after the stimulus.”

    Interesting, isn’t it? Let me know if it works on Tasha.

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