Mommy Survived!!

~Dear readers, this is the same entry like the one that some of you can’t open if you click directly from my blog. But somehow it is visible if you click from my FB page.. Pelik. Anyway, it’s originally written on Jan 16, 2012. Hope you can view this time.. X

It’s B’s first day at play school!!  😀 I woke up this morning with heavy heart.. B is a big girl. She’s going to away from me!! (drama sungguh!!) I carried my sleepyhead little angel quietly with the intention not to wake her up..

Then I realized if I were her, I wouldn’t want to wake up to unfamiliar faces, no mommy and daddy around. So, we woke her up, change her diaper and sleepsuit and talk to her. We told her that we gonna leave her at a new place. It’s called school where she’s gonna meet new baby friends, she can learn new things, play with more toys, explore the world with other babies.. Well, I assumed she understood what I was trying to tell her because she keeps nodding and smiling.. Hahahhah.. Then she kisses me (her kiss is when she open her mouth and put it on my cheek, then she pull back!!) Almost like a real kiss!! Sayu nyer hati ini…

We arrived at the place at 0815H, there were already 6 other babies and toddlers there and they look so happy crawling around. The youngest was 2 month old!! They watch me and my husband carried Bella into the house. They stare and stare and stare. Deep in my heart I was already worried my little B will get bullied by her seniors! Hahaha.. Very wild imagination indeed!! Then I passed Bella to her teacher. Her name is Reena. And Bella didn’t cry!! (Yay!!) I passed her a few more things for Bella during her stay like her milk, blanket, cloth diapers and more stuffs.. She introduced Bella to other babies & toddlers.. and they started to give Bella a friendly smile.. Haaaa.. lega! Not need to worry about bullying in school 😀 Hahahhah..

So, it’s time for us to go.. Daddy said goodbye to Bella, then it is mommy’s turn.. Air mata dah bergenang dah tp control sbb all the kids were looking at me!! Hahaha.. Malu lar kan!! Nanti they will ejek Bella.. “your mommy cries!! your mommy cries!! shame.. shame!!” again that is just my imaginary scene I have in my head 😉 After I said goodbye, I told her we will be back in 4 hour time, after her school finish. And she smile again.. I feel relieved that she didn’t cry but at the same time I feel sorry I had to leave her there despite my husband had told me a hundred times that it is for her own good. (Yeah I’m quite a drama queen!) I do understand the reason but I just feel like crying!!

But.. before I make a scene, my husband immediately called me out from the house.. He knows if I stayed longer, I would sob there. Hahahha…

In the car..

Me, “I want to eat roti canai”

Him, “Which mamak?”

Me, “Tak kesah, yg maner senang parking, I’m hungry”

Him, “OK”

and we back to our usual self  🙂 Prayed to God to protect Bella from any danger and harm. And may she cope well with her new environment and make new friends.. Be a good girl, little B.. Amin..

During school time, the teacher sent me 7 pictures of Bella. She definitely knows the meaning of reassurance 😉

We feel better after seeing these pictures. At least we know she is not crying and coping well. The last thing that we want is for Bella to feel traumatized being left there.

1230H, were already in front of her play school. I went inside and saw Bella happily watching nursery rhymes with all other kids. Somehow these kids are very well-discipline. They don’t run around and scream. I wonder why… Hahahha..

Teacher Reena gave the the summary about what she did for Bella for the past 4 hours, what time she had her milk, play, and short nap. Guess what else she told me??!! “Bella is quite fond of this little boy named Ryan!!” Hahahha.. I just left her for 4 hours and.. she likes boys??!!! OMG!! So I asked which one is Ryan.. and teacher Reena showed me this adorable little boy with curly hair… aaaaaaa… so cute.. I wanna hug him too!! Hahahahh…

So, that was Bella’s story, first day at school. She did well.. And mommy survived too!! Tomorrow I’m going to start back to work after a super-long leave!! I’m starting to think that I have separation anxiety syndrome too!! 😉

56 thoughts on “Mommy Survived!!

  1. rasanya smua mommy pun akan rasa benda yg sama..masa dapat 1st baby dulu saya belajar lagi..cuti bersalin. habis cuti kene masuk praktikal. cari tpt practical dekat2 dengan rumah mak n unversiti juga. minta mak tlg jagakan dia..msa tu baru nk masuk 6m. dengan mak sendiri pun saya tk percaya..LOL. ni kan pulak orang yg kita sendiri tk kenal. terukkan..?sebabnya..kita sepanjang masa dengan dia..sekali nak hntr bg org lain jaga..

  2. baru dpt baca thru ur link at twitter 🙂 i think most mommies mmg tu kot bcoz i had too..hehe..leaving baby for the 1st time is really hard n it’s heart-wrenching but thinking of a bright side,now he doesn’t afraid of strangers n blh cope well dgn any situation around him so baby B will be okay adapting herself to the surrounding

  3. Dr,
    it was certainly heart aching bile 1st time nak hantar anak pergi nursery, lagi2 bile tgk 1st pic tu.. owh sungguh xsampai hati…. but hey, you did it =p… anyway 3rd pic tu so cute…

  4. wow…Bella sangat gembira nampaknye dalam pic yang cikgu send.. dan dah ada kawan baru yang dia berkenan..hehe..lucky ryan..hehe

    insya allah, she will be fine and happy there, dear Dr..

    Jaga diri ye Bella..dan jgn nangis2 bagi mummy & daddy tak senang bekerja pula.
    (Kang mummy kena makan 2 keping roti canai lak..hehe)

    Selamat Bekerja Dr & Have A Nice Day..


  5. bella yg cute.. nursery/school pn nampak best…
    bella pn dpt kawan baru, Ryan lagi nama dia….comey betul 😀

    reading ur entry today remind me what happened 4 years back… 🙂

  6. Ololololoooo….
    sedih kan… feeling masa mula2 hantar tu taktau nak describe cemane kan… yg saya tau, saya menangis all the way.. sob. sob. sob. bila dah seminggu hantar sakinah to bby sitter, saya paling rindukan nak mandikan dia… huwaaaaa…. uhuk.uhuk.

    ** dr.Harlina, nak tanya… dr. dh start tak pakaikan B socks kan? nak tau jugak… bila masa sesuai untuk bukak socks tu yeh??

      1. urut kaki dia sket biler rasa sejuk.. saya letak minyak telon tu kat kaki gak supaya tak sejuk 🙂

  7. ur entry so nice to read. friday i will go 4 my work, 1st time to be far from my bb, ur story encourage me. i left her with my mak mertua. hope all will go well. cuma takut terlebih bg EBM dlm botol. is there any workplace that can bring the bb too. senang nak direct BF. huhuuu.. kan dr. 😉

  8. hehe.. tak bestkan bila tinggal our babies.. just imagine how i had to survive for 3 months in the states when i have to leave my babies.. apa pun we pray for the best for our babies..

    halina.. of coz a girl will attract more to a boy.. hihi.. my 5y old girl, first day at school dah kata ada boyfren.. goshh.. i siap warning takmo aaaaa girlfren boyfren.. takut laa kecik2 lagi dah pandai benda2 mcm ni.. i know which boy sebab dgn semangatnya die bye bye my girl.. funny..

    anyway, jadi ibu kena byk bersabar kan..

  9. Hi doc, lucky u to find a gud place 4 baby B. Kat ipoh ni, tak jumpa pulak yg conducive mcm tu.
    Nway, u look nice wearing tudung. Tutup sket je lagi, dah dpt cover semua. Gd luck 🙂

  10. congrats dr n baby’s a gud start..takpe dr..jadi mak ni kene ‘sampai hati’ for her/his sake..and of course kene amik kira soal security di sekitar taska/nursery tu..i know u’re already noticed this, rite?

    4jam bukan lah lama sgt..i tggl anak i lg lama..sepanjang hari :(..sejak aged 2 months tau (huwaaa…)tp lepas dia besar, mmg happy sgt..dia pandai mixed arounds dgn ramai org and very friendly too..

    kat rumah dia da pandai baca doa makan & ikut mommy + ayah solat..sorry to say, i sedih sgt dulu tak sempat ajar dia semua ni..semua nursery yg ajar and of course i akan tnya progress dia from time to time kat taska..

  11. Dr Halina hantar B to which playschool? Nampak best and well organized lah. I am looking for a nursery for my daughter as well:)

  12. me too.. when my first time leave my first baby.. he had cried.. but me more.. hhu.. then try call his baby sitter after 2 hours.. but he nicely at their home.. when pick up.. he smile at me.. the smile i cannot erase from my mind till now..

  13. salam dr..
    little B is sooooooooooooooooooo adorable!:D..insyaAllah she’s going to do great there. anyway dr,aci x i nk tumpang tny, apa nama taska yg dr anta B tu ekh?n then cmne dr search that kind of taska. dah lama searching tapi tak jupe2 la.sumenya mesti sekadar take care of the basic needs of the babies.tade interactive playing time with the baby.really hope dr leh tlg reply,tq so much dr!

    1. hmm.. unfortunately I cant reveal Bella’s taska 😉 anyway, you know what I did to find a good taska for her.. I searched and check out the list of all taska / tadika and montessori in KL / Selangor and call them one by one.. They have all the list for whole Malaysia!! Hahahha.. I asked them what I wanted and finally we found this Taska that she goes to.. Hope that helps..

      1. oh ya dr…. do not reveal B’s taska… for privacy n keselamatan!!
        N hope pengasuh pun tak kepoh2 yg baby angkasawan negara dok citu he he…
        Doa semoga anak2 yg dihantar ke taska.. sentiasa dilindungi dr sbrg bencana.

      2. tq so much sis!it helps a lot!hopefully ur LittLE B is going to enjoy her experience in the unreveaL taska!hahaha..n u r going to overcome the separation anxiety soon!hihihi..:D

  14. Bella rocks! And to mommy bella, be cool okeh. I think we as a mother are much much more having that separation anxiety syndrome what.Well what to do….

  15. Salam Dr Lina.. Lega dpt baca arini sbb semlm tak dpt bukak, thanks. Alhamdulillah Bella baik2 saja & enjoy di sekolah..sweet sgt..! lia rasa Bella tau & seakan faham yg dia anak kpd seseorang yg amat penting,terkenal & telah mgharumkan nama negara, Bella sudah ada genetik mama papa nya yg sgt humble & mustahil Bella pun seperti mama & papa nya juga,suka senyum,peramah & mudah bergaul.. ;D. Mcm ni baru senang hati Mommy B nk pi keje kan.. 😉 Cpt kan baby2 kita membesar, cpt betul masa berlalu, saat masa sakit nk bersalin pn tak dpt dilupakan,juga saat berpantang 100hari (saya la tu..) hihi.. Tp kan lia tgk Bella ni tak nmpk macam 6bulan lah, nmpk mcm dh bsr, mcm umur 1tahun jer! betuullll! Cepat besar anak dara Bella ni, hihi..

  16. Sronoknye baca blog dr.. since sy hantar baby kat taska right after pantang… bila baca kisah Bella.. sy senyum n lega.. sb ingat kt sorang je ada syndrom “terlalu sayang” nak tinggalkan baby he he…
    Get inspired gak baca blog dr ni… pagi2 masuk ofis mesti nak tgk kalu2 ada new post sronoookkk sgt!!
    Keep on writing k….!

  17. susahnya nak cari nursery kat area sana…normally nursery can accept baby as young as 2 mths. anyway, baby senang nak adapt dunia baru…compare to toddler. Nursery is good for baby coz they can socialize and dicipline themselves. Biasa le anak sulung, mmg susah nak detach..Bella’s mommy is a very good drama queen 🙂 jgn tunjuk kat Bella sudah…nanti dia tak nak tinggal kat nursery…scene dlm kereta tu sebijik mcm akak, lps htr anak, pikir mana nak mkn…mamak place is the first choice…peluk cium utk Bella and pls take a snap of Ryan…another guy in Bella’s life after her daddy..

  18. Dr…u took 6 months leave kan? Yg lagi 3 bln tu paid ke unpaid? Sori ye tanya. I was thinking of taking the other 3 months unpaid leave yg for bfeed baby tu….but was thinking apa kesan pada perkhidmatan kita ye? My head mmg x setuju selalu when nak mintak unpaid leave….she said will affect bonus n ada org kata gaji 4 that year pun x akan ada kenaikan. Anyway mmg susah nak tgglkan anak2 pada org. Myself yg anak ke8 ni pun risau nak tgglkan. padahal bibik dah 3 tahun keje….still susah nak percaya.

  19. alahai dr… comelnye both of you..baru je baca blog dr. and teros jatuh chenta ngan your little B..huhu..rase nak ajak bf kawen skang jugak sebab nak dapat little angel like salam peluk cium kat bella taw.. 🙂

  20. love to read your blog even i am still single & dont have any baby yet 🙂
    and this part is really make me touching indeed , but its inspired me a lot in the future 🙂
    keep writing since i’ve found this blog…everyday i will log into it without fail..just to read & share your experienced too 🙂
    may god bless both you n bella & your happy family 🙂

  21. Hi Dr, Assalammuaikum..hanya nak tanya,brp umur Bella masa Dr hantar g playschool? start thinking to sent my boy to school.He is now 8 mon…but me worry too much.huhuhu

  22. seronok baca coretan doktor pasal hantar anak kat nursery…dan saya sendiri pernah menjadi pengasuh di taska.Seronok melayan anak anak dengan berbagai kerenah….mereka comel cute dan manja.

  23. hi dr halina,i noe this post da lamaaa.2012! gosh haha,tapi boleh tak share with me this taska name?i’m searching for my 6 m.o son. i dont want them just feeding n putting him to sleep…..if you could help me i would really appreciate!! can you email me at

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