The Malaysia Book of Records: Largest Number of Mothers Breastfeeding Simultaneously

Hi all!!

I haven’t been writing for soooo long. Yup, lazy blogger you can call me πŸ˜‰ Ramadhan had been quite a busy month, I’m back at work, oncall, then the kakak that stays with us balik kampung for raya.. Too many things to handle. Wife, mommy, daughter, doctor, sister, maid.. all I have to cover! Aren’t we? Haha.. So, whenever I have a time to myself, I just doze off to lalaland… πŸ˜€

Anyway, I really wanted to share this with you breastfeeding mommies out there..

All expecting parents, new parents and anyone & everyone who supports breastfeeding should come & join for some fun and be part of this history!

Venue: Grand Ballroom, Grand Season Hotel, Jalan Pahang
Date : 24th August 2013
Time: 9am – 6pm (registration for Malaysia Book of Records begins at 12pm at the designated booth)
*Simultaneous breastfeeding record-breaking segment will be at 4.30pm for 5 minutes.

Entrance Fee : RM 20/person
(Inclusive of Light Lunch, Certificate of Participation & Entrance only. Some Activities may be charged separately)
*Children below 12 go in for free

Click here for more details..

Jom datang!!

19 thoughts on “The Malaysia Book of Records: Largest Number of Mothers Breastfeeding Simultaneously

  1. long time no news from Dr..great to hear from u DR..syg skali kita duk jauh dari KL, kalau tak mesti pergi punya..:-( btw, looki’n forward for ur story of Hari Raya with ur family..miss to see Bella & lil tash’sa photo during Syawal..

  2. doc, im interested…boleh ke dtg ni, is it open for anyone???do i need to call for registration or sometin??

  3. Thanks, Dr Halina for posting the event for us! ❀

    Ummi Rayyan: It is open for everyone. Exclusively pumping moms, moms who have weaned off and even moms who used to breastfeed. AS LONG AS YOU ATTEMPT TO RE-LATCH YOUR BABY ON THAT DAY under the nursing cover. To register, please go to Any question, you can reach me at

    See you there, mamas!

    ps: Doc, hope to see your for our event next year. πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Ayuni !
      I’ll be there .. Already registered yesterday. Will come with my hubby our 3 month old princess..
      Cant wait to break the record. Yeah !!

  4. Dear Dr Halina.
    .Salam, obviously you don’t have a do you keep yr house spotless with all the madness .I have three girls ,the latest 8 months..please share..tq so much….

    1. I have a maid, Darleen. She’s the kakak that stays with us.. but she went balik kampung for hari raya. So, I had to be the wife, mother maid and all during that time, left me no time for blogging.. Hahaha.. It was tough but do-able… Hubby helped me a lot with the children while I do all the housework…

      1. Alhamdulilah.. I think we have the same type(hehehe) of it…. thank you so much for replying..I pray for your eternal happiness ameen….I really admire you…God bless……

  5. Salam Doc,
    did you give Bella any food supplement? if yes what kind of supplement… thanks for sharing.. πŸ™‚

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